The First Foundation Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

"I heard you are licking each other! Is it true! One of the girls saw you two sluts! Trish, are you a lesbian. Do you prefer women? You know, women like you were allowed to live like men, they could even marry another woman, if they could find one. And they could adopt children without parents. But they would have to provide for them, and go hunting and even to war, like men. Is that what you want?"

"Auntie relax. I just like playing with Paida."

"Then make sure it stops here. And don't over do it! And don't scream so loud, you little bitches. And it stops here, alright?"

"Yes! Now leave me alone," Trish smacked her aunt's ass and darted back to the other girls, giggling. Trish was quite sure she and Paida were not the only girls stroking each other's pussies, but she wasn't sure if the other girls were licking cats too.

As the camps were nearing their end, the boys and girls were now allowed to meet, to practice traditional dances that they would perform at the big feast at the end.

That was when Trish met Dez again, after almost three weeks. She felt guilty as the two of them paired off to dance together, wondering if he would be mad that she had been having sex with Paida. But she and Paida had sworn each other to secrecy, and so Trish simply pushed it to the back of her head and started dancing with Dez, both of them going wild to the intoxicating rhythms of the traditional song and dance as they went through a mating dance.

Mdara Cobra held his last and final speech to the boys.

"What we have taught you is not for you to just run around sleeping with girls recklessly. You will catch diseases, or you might get caught fucking someone's wife and you will die for the pussy, leaving the sun and tasty food behind. Your first duty is to please and satisfy your woman. Now, being together with a woman is difficult. Men and women are like children. Children always want to dominate, for domination is power. Now, if your woman wants something you don't, but its not important for you, let her have her way and she will think you are tolerant and loving. Only stamp your foot on the ground when something is very important for you, then she will know you are not a pushover. If you let her have her way in everything, she will not respect you, for she will think you are a weak fool, and women despise weak fools. Those of the kind of women you will see disgracing their men in public and castrating them, insulting and disrespecting them openly. However, if you always insist on having your way, she will think you are a tyrant. Therefore she will seek to bring about your downfall and celebrate your demise. Find the middle way, for extremes are fatal."

The day of the feast finally arrived. The boys and girls came out in traditional dress. The boys wore lion and leopard skins on their heads and shoulders, and loin clothes around their hips. They carried leather shields, spears, clubs and tools. The girls wore colorful, feather head dresses, and a myriad of glittering beads and amulets around their necks, arms, waists and legs, as well as bracelets. They were topless, exposing their ripe, proud breasts. Tiny, skimpy, enticing loin cloths were tied around their curvy hips. The girls carried calabashes and gourds with traditional beer.

They got in formation and danced together, naughty, raunchy traditional dances that had the Christian moms blushing and the rest of the crowd clapping and shouting.

Then finally, they returned home, feeling like grown men and women..

Chapter 4

Dez was raring to try out his new found knowledge on her. However, though she had now also undergone training matters of sex at the girl's camp, Trish was reluctant to have sex with Dez. She was a virgin and a devout Christian. She kissed him and let him feel her tits and ass, and she would fuck his thigh and rub her pussy all over him, but when he tried to go for the honey pot between her legs, she always told him those three little words,

"No! Stop! Don't!"

She made sure they were never alone in some place where he could fuck her. When he tried to get her to give up the goods, she said he would have to come to church, and promise the Pastor that he would marry her. And when he married her, he could have it, all he wanted. Dez told her to get off that old fashioned, narrow minded virgin till you marry shit, but she wouldn't budge.

Dez was frustrated. He was a tall, muscular, handsome guy and many girls anted him. And he had to be stuck with a girl who didn't want to fuck, when most of his mates were fucking. Trish was a great girl. She was loyal, loving, trustworthy, cool, smart, strong and he really loved her and knew she loved him to death. But she was also very strong minded.

Dez went and fucked a couple of girls that were giving it up, just to test his skills at wooing and fucking girls, and they confirmed his suspicion, that like Shabba Ranks, he was, "Mad, bad and wicked in bed, Wicked, bad and mad in a bed..."

Dez and the other boys were very open and free about sex. They would discuss what they had done with the girls they had slept with, and compare which girl had talent, tightness and skill. The girls were the same too. If one girl slept with a guy and he was weak and unskilled, she would tell her friends and that guy would be hard pressed to find a girl to fuck. They would laugh and tell him they had heard that he had a little snake in the grass without a poisonous bite, and he should go and practice and come back in some years. Once, Dez tried to fuck a pretty girl. He had been bothering her for ages and she finally let him have a crack. She was so beautiful and Dez was so horny and he came very fast. First, she laughed in disbelief, for she just couldn't believe his cheek. Then that girl got angry, she said,

"What the hell! Is this why you were bothering me, for 15 minutes worth of play. Boy, you better use your fingers to make me cum and then get the hell out!"

Dez brought her off with his fingers. By then he was hard again and ready to fuck again. She finally gave him one more chance, and spread her thighs for him, telling him he better get his act together. He fucked her for an hour non stop, flipping her around, hitting it in all sorts of positions, keeping that shit interesting and keeping the lusty girl cuming.

She was so impressed that she thanked him using proverbs and washed his dick with hot water and a sponge and rubbed it with oil. He got hard again and she rode him. Unfortunately, her dad came back from the night shift and found his daughter screaming. Dez had to jump out of the window and flee from the burly miner, leaving his shoes and shirt behind, but he was a happy, young man. He even didn't mind the blow the dad managed to give him before he escaped, for a warrior distinguished himself by his battle scars. The girl told her friends that Dez was really wicked in bed, and Dez was in demand.

He perfected his seduction and love making skills on them but never got serious. He treated them good, fucked them wonderfully and left them crying for more.

He became famous or infamous, depending on how you looked at it. Girls looking for marriage called him a walking dick, those looking for fun called him a blessing. Word soon got around, like the song from Shabba Ranks, that went,

"I am mad, bad and wicked in bed! Through out the neighborhood the rumor it-a-spread, Girl-a-tell girl how me wicked in bed, Deadlier than Moses with his rod!"

Even a couple of young lady school teachers heard the rumor and they offered Dez private lessons in their houses. They said all they were doing was nurturing and developing a young, talented mind. But in reality, Dez was teaching them hard, wonderful lessons with his big, hard, jet black cock. One of them even bought him a jogging suit with the national colors, for she felt he had to represent the country at the Olympics, in the discipline of bedroom gymnastics.

Those girls were smart, they knew he was dating Trish, and so they didn't tell her. However, her best friend found out and she told her. Dez denied everything but he laughed. Trish bashed a girl he had fucked and she attacked him with her claws. Then she got her big brother to bash Dez. Dez was boxing, and though Trish's brother was a huge miner, they had a monumental battle and bashed each other bad. There was no clear winner.

It was normal for young men to slug it out with their fists, for these people were descended from warriors. Trish was kind of unhappy that her brother didn't win. But she didn't dump Dez, because she knew that a man didn't live by bread alone. Even her dad was married to three women, for it was their culture. A man could have as many women as he could provide for and fuck. Dez still maintained that he hadn't fucked other girls, but he asked her what she expected, since she wasn't giving up the goodies.

Chapter 5

The truth was that Trish had a terrifying horror of being deflowered. It had two causes. One was her sheer dread of the physical pain. She had once tried to deflower herself with an oiled, unripe banana but felt such a searing pain that she screamed and stopped it. She was convinced that Dez' cock, which he liked to push against her when they kissed and made out, was much bigger and harder and would rip her in two and kill her with pain.

The second and more important of Trish's fears was that once she started fucking Dez, she would go mad and become enslaved to the pleasures of sex. She was afraid she would lose control, to the very lively, very zealous sexual beast lurking within her; it would overpower her rational mind.

Trish wanted to fuck Dez and feel his dick deep inside her womanhood so much it was driving her crazy. Sometimes, even when they just chatted to each other, her pussy would drip so much, soaking her panties and her clit would itch as if ants were biting it, for she found him so manly, so virile and so attractive and sexy and desired him so much. This in turn fueled her fear, that if she did let Dez have, he would fuck her out of her mind and she would never get enough of it. She feared she would not be able to think of anything else, she would not even be down on her knees, she would be down on her back, begging him please. Trish therefore hesitated to fuck him.

Dez stopped fucking around, but he needed Trish to give it up.

Now, Dez saw that he couldn't get that pussy by using his charm on her for she was a smart girl. He couldn't talk her into it, for she was stubborn. And he couldn't take it by force because Trish was big and very strong physically, and she could bite and scratch as well. But she loved him very much and didn't want to lose him so he decided to scare her. You might call him devious, but he was a cunning young man who wanted to fuck his girl, not some understanding dork talking that "I will wait for you till you are ready darling stuff."

He used Trish's best friend, Paida, for his plan. Her started talking to Paida, complaining about Trish,

"She is a cool girl. Just be patient. Precious things come to those who wait."

"What's so precious about Trish? I used to know her when she was a little kid with snot on her nose. Who the hell does she think she is? Me, I want action."

"Dez, don't pester my friend, OK? Is it hard? Just dip it in cold water, OK? She will open her legs when she is ready. And then you can go digging as deep and as hard as you want, you horny guy!" Paida laughed heartily.

"Listen, a lot of girls want to fuck me. Am I a fool, to die of thirst when my feet are in sweet, clear waters?"

"Trish is special," Paida laughed, "her pussy is brand new from the box and not a reject, my dear."

"Listen, tell her if she doesn't wanna give up the goods, she has to at least give me you. We can bring her in in the second half, as a super substitute, when she is warmed up."

Paida laughed heartily, but he knew she would tell Trish what he said.

Paida of course, went and told her friend, straight away. Trish said,

"That ass hole! How can he press me like this if he loves me? He only wants to fuck me. Tell him to climb the mountain and catch and fuck an ape!"

"Trish, your boyfriend is handsome. Many girls want him. Do you want to lose him just because you are scared of dick like a little girl?"

"On whose side are you!" Trish sneered once.

"Look, men need to fuck. I am telling you as a friend, one day you will wake up and that guy will be gone, then you will run out and fuck the next fool you meet, who wont even be half as good as what you lost."

"So, you can see the future now huh? Why don't you grow dreadlocks and start charging money for your prophecies?"

"It happened to me! With my first guy! Listen, I have a suggestion. How about I fuck him for you until you are ready to fuck him. I will keep him warm for you!"

"What! You slut! Keep your hands off my man!"

"Look. Better me than someone you don't know. Coz that guy is fuckable. And you know its not good when men don't fuck. Their balls are filled with semen and they become aggressive, fighting and shit! I am just trying to promote peace. Lemme fuck him."

"He just wants to fuck me. He wont even come to church with me! That means he doesn't want people to know that we are dating."

"He loves you. But give him some, instead of giving it all to me..." Paida chuckled, for though she had a boyfriend and Trish was dating Dez, they sometimes still ate each other, when their parents thought they were just reading together in a room.

Chapter 6

"Go to church with her Desmond, and just pretend to pray and stuff, then you will get it," Paida told Dez the next time she saw him.

"Me in church! You know that song from Yellow Man, "Only fools go to church on Sunday?"

"Dez, you know the saying that goes, "No juicy, fat buck ever fell into the jaws of a lioness as it was sleeping." If you want something, you have to work for it. Just fool her, get her guard down, say, "Close your eyes and let us pray..." then put it fast. You have to be smart!" Paida laughed. "But don't put it in her in the church OK? Your girlfriend is very horny, but she is very scared. Now, I am giving you two weeks, if you don't show me her panties in two weeks time, I will slap you and tell the world you are gay!"

To Trish, Paida said that if she didn't fuck Dez in two weeks, she was fucking him. She then said she was joking, but Trish was on guard and wondering if she should scratch her and bash her friend just a little bit.

Dez didn't want to go to church for he was annoyed with the role the Europeans churches played in colonizing Africa. Whilst their white brothers were dispossessing the Africans, taking away their lands and gold and cattle and sending all the money to Europe, the Pastors were forcefully converting the blacks to Christianity, telling them only the meek shall enter the mighty Kingdom in the sky. If any Africans refused to attend church, they were forcefully evicted from their homes by the white Pastors along with the colonial Police, back then.

However, Trish was taking the church thing very seriously and so he decided to play the role.

He started attending church with her and Trish was happy. She would hold hands proudly with him. Dez even sang in the choir and he acted all zealous and in the congregation he became known as Brother Desmond!

His mom and everyone else was surprised. He joined religious discussion groups and then he became frustrated, for whenever he found some things which didn't rhyme, he was told not be carnal minded, but to just accept and believe. For example, he asked why the church insisted on one man marrying only one woman, when King David, a man who talked directly with Him, had more than five hundred wives and concubines. The explanation he got was, that was only something in type, representing The Son and his bride, the various congregations.

After a while, he was told to stop asking questions and just pray and the answers would come. This was simply too thin for Dez, so he concentrated himself on fucking Trish.

His opportunity came when they attended a Christian Youth Convention, out of town, where they were supposed to spend the days and nights singing songs and attending services.

Late on the first night, Dez eventually talked her into going for a walk with him. He took her out into the dark, warm African night, and they held hands as they strolled through a nearby forest. Trish was scared and held on tightly to him. He leaned against a tree and pulled her body to him.

"Dez, we are at a convention, don't do anything sinful please," Trish said. "I wont let you."

"I just want a little hug, come on..."

Once he got his hands on her, she was in trouble. Like the smart, cunning warrior he was, Dez saw his chance and he utilized it. He stroked her with his big, strong but gentle hands and she found her strong, lusty body turning to soft putty. She leaned into him, molding her soft, feminine body into his muscular frame. He worked her back and hips and his talent caused wonderful thrills to course through her body and her skin became all tingly and hot. She started breathing like she had just run a hundred meters.

Then Dez kissed her thick, lush, soft lips. At first, she pressed them together. But he stroked and massaged them with his hot, wet tongue as his hands explored and caressed her hips and ass, making her body feel so good, like it was immersed in a warm, prickly champagne bath. She wanted to tell him to stop his hands wandering around her ass property, but she only managed to moan and open her lips. Then he kissed her gently, sweetly and made her get all dizzy and her knees became so weak she would have tottered, but his strong arms held her and his tongue bore deep into her mouth. Gradually, he coaxed her tongue into a wet slippery dance and she found herself slurping and sucking on his thick lips.

Then he turned them around and eased her onto the big tree, gently pushing his powerful thigh between her legs and grinding it softly into her excited, prickly pussy. He started kissing her fiercely and she found herself moaning and kissing and hugging him back passionately. He stroked her belly and his fingers felt like butterfly wings, incensing her. Then, stealthily, like a thief in the night, he sneaked her top off her breasts and started stroking her thick, heavy, soft, ripe breasts so lovingly. She heard shrill alarm bells ringing, but ere she could stop him, his hands were inside her bra, exciting her nipples till they got so hard she thought they would explode. The alarm bells soon seemed so distant and irrelevant. Then he was kissing and nibbling his way down her chin, to her soft, supple neck, making her hiss and gasp. His thick, hungry lips closed over an engorged nipple and his tongue and teeth teased her so good she felt sharp bolts of lightning lancing straight to her excited clit that was already getting so itchy in her panties.

She started rolling her head against the tree, making sounds in her throat and her arms snaked around his head to hug him tightly to her bosom. Dez now grabbed her nice, thick butt cheeks, squeezed them, making her shudder mightily, and then he was working them up and down, round and round, back and forth, making her ride his powerful thigh with her hot, dripping pussy. She couldn't believe all the bodily pleasure she was now engulfed in. A searing wave of lust overpowered her, taking possession of her faculties, releasing the lusty, horny African woman years of church and conditioning had tried to suppress. Her lips pulled back in an animal snarl and lusty girl gave an anguished growl.

Then she was groaning, grunting, jerking and dry humping his thighs like a dog in heat. She pumped her powerful hips lustily, with ever growing speed and urgency until and she felt like a bush fire was raging in her loins. Then suddenly, she was cuming, hard! Her clit exploded in hot, tiny shreds and she threw her head back and saw a multitude of fiery stars in her head. Dez kept working her, sending her leaping from one shattering orgasm to the next. She finally just flopped back against the tree, dead to the world, as she wallowed in bliss.

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