tagNovels and NovellasThe First Foundation Pt. 03

The First Foundation Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Iris and Kata had a quarrel about Trish. Iris accused Kata of monopolizing her. They finally agreed to share her, as in she would give each one three evenings of her week, and had one for herself.

Whereas Kata moved with low lives, Iris moved with the rich and affluent, the fine, noble society. She would dress Trish up real nice and take her to eat at noble restaurants, teaching her decorum. They went to theatre and the opera, and attended galas and events. Sometimes they would run into Daniela there, who would give Iris a mean frown and cast Trish a murderous look. Then she would sweep over with her friends, all dressed in fine gowns and jewellery, and she would introduce Iris and Trish, saying Trish was the daughter of her husband's brother, for every one could see the resemblance between the two girls.

Trish liked being with Iris because Iris was proud of her. When her mom was not around, Iris would always tell people proudly that Trish was her sister. And she catered to her and pampered her. The only problem was that the things Iris liked were so stiff and boring for Trish.

One evening, Trish convinced Iris to go to an African disco with her for Trish missed African music. Iris was nervous, but finally agreed.

They walked into a crowded, loud disco. There was a mixed race crowd and African music was blaring. Many people were getting their groove on. Trish loved it but Iris was all stiff. They got cocktails and started boozing. At one point, Iris gasped to Trish,

"I didn't know there were so many white girls that liked black men."

For indeed, there were many white chicks getting cosy with brothers, dancing, chatting, or kissing and groping.

"Have you never fucked a black dude?"

"No!" she paused and then added, "I don't have much experience. I have only slept with two guys."

"What! At your age!" Trish chuckled incredulously.

"How many have you slept with?"

"Enough!" Trish giggled. "But not as many as Kata!"

"Oh, she is a pig! I bet she has done black guys!"

"You sound as if you think its wrong!"

"I have nothing against black guys. Its just that it wont work, you see. Different cultures and stuff. I know two girls who married black guys and they are divorced and all alone with their kids."

"Come on. White couples get divorced too."

"That is something else."

"Is that so. Maybe I should hook you up with a brother Iris. Some fine looking brother that will open you up, your mind I mean."

"No! They are not my type! And I got a boyfriend. We will be marrying next year..."

"But aren't you curious? Don't you ever wanna try a black dick?"


"Oh Iris!" Trish groaned, smiling naughtily.


"Nothing! Do you wanna dance?"

"No! I cant dance!"

Trish tried to coerce her onto the floor but Iris wouldn't dance. She was too shy and self conscious. Trish kept ordering cock tails and they got drunk. Then Trish saw her starting to eye the brothers with interest. Trish wanted to dance and so she sought the floor alone and shook that ass like a salt shaker. Brothers came at her, getting down. Iris stared, seeing her sister dance raunchily with guys she didn't know. It was almost like they were fucking on the floor. For a second, she wondered if it was bad influence from Kata, but she dismissed it, for she knew Kata could not move like that. She felt jealous, watching her black sister get down for the girl could move. Then she blushed, realizing Trish was making her feel aroused and excited..

Then black guys started shooting their game at Iris for they dug the beautiful, tall, pretty blond with a fine, big ass and tits. Trish laughed as she watched and realized that Iris didn't know how to deal with this. She was almost scared her sister would run away. Iris came and joined her on the floor to seek refuge. Trish embraced her and started grinding it on her and putting it on her. Iris went pale. Trish laughed and told her,

"Lemme show you how, big is."

She grabbed her ass and made it roll and pop. She poured more cocktails down Iris' throat and finally got her to relax enough to dance. Iris couldn't dance at all. Trish handed her to a big handsome brother and grabbed another for herself and the brothers started grinding their hips on them. Iris was by then drunk enough to grind back.

Trish lost sight of Iris and searched till she found her, cornered by the big brother. Iris was very nervous, but drunk and horny. The brother was trying to take advantage, of course. He was pressing his big dick into her and Iris looked paralysed, for she was not used to the direct approach. The brother whispered something in her ear and Trish laughed as she saw Iris gasp and blush. She went to rescue her. But the brother was one of those horny ones and he wanted to fuck Iris right that night. He told Trish to piss off, with her black ass.

Trish was shocked and then pissed. She told him, "Oh, so you are one of those brothers that wanna be white huh, and you star looking down on a sister, forgetting that you came out of a black pussy!"

"My mom is white!" he said proudly. "I am German."

"With an accent like that!"

"My dad was African! But I am a German citizen!"

"Then go down on your knees and suck black dick like your mom did, jerk! This girl is my sister! Look!" she pulled Iris close and pushed their faces together. He noticed the resemblance. "And I will make sure you never fuck her! I will talk so badly about you she wont even want to see your shadow."

Iris was looking confused. But the brother changed his style and started apologizing profusely and acting sweet.

"Sorry! I didn't really mean that. Actually, I don't feel German at all," he whispered to Trish. "I was only saying it because German women like that. But I am a true son of Africa! Please put in a good word my sister..."

"Go get us two double Vodka's and red bull, with ice and straws. Chop chop!"

The boy bought them drinks like crazy. Him and his man were close to them like butter on toast. But they were really too pushy, so Trish ditched them and picked two other brothers for her and Iris. Now, the other guys were pissed, for they were drunk and their dicks were hard as rocks. They tried to start a fight. The guys shouted and shoved each other, and then turned around to see Trish leading Iris to some other cool cats,

"Trish!" Iris exclaimed, "What are we doing?"

"I don't see any ring on these fingers. Just scout around for talent, dear sister. We are seeking cool cats that look good, dance well and spend. Lets have fun!"

"What if they think we must sleep with them!"

"What! Tell them this pussy is not for take away. It might be hot but its not a MacDonald's burger!"

Iris looked kind of surprised by all this.

They danced with many guys all night. The guys were in lust. Two of them walked them to a taxi, talking that "I need you" stuff, and trying to lure them home, saying, "Just for one drink!" Iris would have gone, for she thought they really just wanted to talk and drink. But Trish knew brothers. She got their numbers and said we will call. She stopped drunk Iris from giving the guy her number. "They don't call, we call," she told her.

On their way home, Iris was now all excited, saying brothers were real nice. And they could dance real nice.

"But they are so pushy!"

"So? They wanna fuck! I would rather have a man that wanna fuck and shows me so I can say yes or no!"

"They are good in bed, aren't they. I can just imagine. From the way they move!!! German guys move so stiffly in comparison!" Iris chuckled dirtily, drunkenly. Trish could hear lust in her voice.

Remembering her initial words, hours earlier, Trish almost thought she should have let her go with the brother and experience a nice, big, black cock and some good fucking. But she felt protective and didn't want her sister fucking just some horny guy she didn't know. However, she decided she would have to find Iris a nice, talented big dicked brother to fuck her right, one of these days.

She thought of Dez suddenly. And laughed, as she remembered the Oracles words.

"What is funny?" drunk Iris asked.

"Iris, you are going to have black babies."

"You are crazy! Ted and I will get married next year and start a family!"

"I even know the father! The Oracle told me. Just mark my words!"

"What oracle!"

A couple of days later, Iris told Trish not to call the guys up for her boyfriend wouldn't approve of her meeting black guys and had said they shouldn't go to such places again. Trish liked Iris' blond boyfriend even less. The stupid cunt hated black men, but wanted to fuck her black ass.

Chapter 2

Kata met Trish in town on a late afternoon, after she had finished her lessons. She told her they were going shopping for a party. And first, they would pick up some fuel. They dropped by some weird guy's place to pick up weed first. The dope man, a stoned, muscular Turk with jail and severe paranoia was happy to see Kata and ogled Trish. He sold Kata a fat bag of weed, a slab of hash, some multi coloured little tablets and something in an envelope. Kata passed him a folded sheaf of bills. He didn't check. Kata asked him about Jochen.

"He dropped by and paid off his debts. He was scared shit-less and walking funny, but had cash. Said some Nazi types in suits kidnapped him, bashed him, made him suck a pistol like a cock, and then they raped him, paid him and told him to leave some stupid cunt alone. I think he fucked with the wrong guys or he was just hallucinating. You still pissing your mom off with him?"

"No! He could give a nice spank but his dick was trash."

Kata winked at Trish. Then the Turk fired up a joint and told her about who was in jail, who was coming out, and who pulled this or that stunt, either criminal or stupid shit.

Then Trish and Kata jumped into another tube. They sat side by side. Trish asked,

"Kata, what do you intend to do with your life?"

"Oh, I will have my fun and when I am tired of it, I will find a rich guy to marry. I am tall and slim, and from the right circles. All I have to do is grow long blond hair, and then I will find some rich guy that I can dominate, and start a family. And I will continue my sleazy ways. Its all about appearances. All these rich people act all upright, but behind closed doors, they take drugs, booze like mom, have lovers, and whatever."

"Does your mom have a lover, you think?"

"No! She is too much of a prig..." Kata laughed harshly suddenly. "Yunno, one day, when I was sixteen, she comes into my room talking that shit about, "Hey, your clothes are too skimpy, you look like a whore!" So, I pull down my hot pants, spread my pussy and show her my hole and tell her, "Yeah, I am a whore, just like you mom. Now get down on your knees and come and lick my pussy.""

"What! Shi-i-i-i-i-t!!! Did she smack you!"

"No! She started to go down and then she caught herself!!! Seriously!" Kata laughed hard. "I think she is a fucking dyke. A masochistic dyke type. One of these days I am gonna smack her and make her eat my fucking ass, I swear!"

Trish could have told her this was true, but she didn't.

"You are such an insolent child! Kata, I ought to throw you over my knee and spank that ass!"

"You do that and you will have to eat me, coz spanking really turns me on."

"There you go again. My own sister, shooting game at me!" Trish laughed and smacked her thigh.

"Have you ever been spanked real nice? You should let me spank you and eat you out real nice, Trish. I will introduce you to the pleasure of pain..."

"No! Quiet Kata, you are shocking all these poor people!" Trish gasped, suddenly remembering they were sitting in the tube.

"Fuck them! I don't care what these losers think of me. I am a rich bitch!" This earned Kata several mean looks but she really didn't care. She continued, "Listen, there is this party at the week end. A techno party. You will love it. Lets go and pick up some outfits."

Kata took Trish to a World Of Sex boutique on the Reeperbahn. Trish choked when Kata led her to the section of women's clothing. When Kata finally managed to get her to try out outfits, Trish nearly fainted from shame.

"Come on. Just try it on. OK? Please. Trying wont kill you! Here... Come on Trish! Don't do an Iris on me!"

Kata got her to strip down to her thongs and try on several outfits, each skimpier and more outrageous than the last. Then she handed her a bright pink, neon stretch Lycra catsuit. She blushed as Kata helped her pull it on. Trish had never worn anything so daring, revealing or outrageous in her life. The skin tight bottoms were like cowboy breeches; the tops of the inner thighs were cut out, so was the entire crotch and most of the ass. It had a t-front, with a spider web bra that tied at the back and was held up by spaghetti shoulder straps. The bra's straps cut deep, but sexily into her thick tits and they had small patches in the centre to cover her nipples.

"Fuck! You look awesome. You should cut holes in those nipple patches, so you can pull them through."

"Don't be silly. I am not wearing this..."

"Here, pull on the panties."

"Wasn't I supposed to put them on first?"

"No! Of course not. They come on top, so you can take them and fuck and still keep the outfit on."

"how ingenious."

"Just try them on, I wanna see what it looks like."

Kata disappeared outside for a few seconds as Trish pulled on the matching thongs over the cat suit. They were tiny, barely able to cover her mons, and they had a zip going down the middle all the way to the thin ass strap. Kata returned and handed her a long sleeved fishnet top, in the same colour, that ended above the breasts and urged her to slip it on.

"What the hell type of a top is this that doesn't even reach the breasts."

"Its fashion. Put it on. Oh my gosh! You look awesome! Fuck! Trish! I am fucking wet. We are buying!"

"Dream on!"

Kata got her to put on a pair of matching calf high, heeled leather boots and a collar with spikes.

Trish looked at her reflection and blushed. "If I wore this at home, I would get raped after two steps, coz the men would think I was really desperate for a fuck!"

"German men are pussies. Don't be scared. Anyway, I can tell you like it too. You look like you are turning yourself on so you can fuck yourself. Oh my gosh! We need to find the matching lip stick and eye shadow and then you will be smashing. They are gonna love you Trish. They will get hard and drool in their panties. Can we pretend that you are my bitch at the party?"

"Fuck off!"

"All right, then I will go as your bitch! You can handcuff me to you or put me a leash!"

"fuck off! Help me take this off."

"Wait!" Kata sank on her knees before her and adjusted the thong, her eyes shining as she gazed at Trish's outlined pussy in a very non-sisterly manner. "Gosh! This is nice and tight! We will have to shave that pussy hair off though! All right, lemme take these off," Kata smoothly peeled the thongs off. Though she still had another pair on beneath, Trish felt naked, for Kata was stripping her with her eyes. This was confirmed as Kata suddenly leaned in and kissed her mons through her gusset.

"Mmmm! Trish, when are you gonna let me eat you again?"

"Hey! Kata! I told you it was a one off thing. We are sisters."

"Stop pretending. You are drooling. Look how damp your panties are," she slapped Trish's cunt and squeezed and then darted out of reach of a smack. "I will take the same outfit in black. We will be the same sex fantasy in different shades."

Despite Trish's protests she took the matching outfits and charged the purchases to their dad's credit card. She also bought something very embarrassing for Trish, two black rubber cocks that vibrated as well.

Trish wondered how in the hell Kata thought she would get her to wear that in public. Trish grabbed a same coloured PVC mini skirt and added it to the purchases.

"I will wear that on top. I am not showing anyone my bare ass."


Chapter 3

When they got home, the place was deserted for the others were at work and Daniela was out of town, at some place to clean her alcohol problem. Kata however said she went to such places 3 or four times a year and would be clean for only several weeks at the most.

Trish went into her room and lay down for she was feeling exhausted. Kata came to join her soon. She was wearing a micro mini skirt and a tank top and puffing on a big joint.

"You tired?" she asked, sitting at Trish's head.

"Yeah. I feel exhausted all the time. Its probably from my fantasy pregnancy."

"What fantasy pregnancy?"

"I wanted my boyfriend to knock me up when I came here. But it didn't happen. I get my periods like clockwork."

"Do you have photos of him. Show me."

Trish got her diary and showed Kata her family. Then she showed her Dez.

"Funny, usually black people all look alike for me. But since you came, that's changing. He looks good," she said, gazing at the photo of a young, handsome, muscular, smiling black guy. "And he seems so happy. Cute. He fucks good, doesn't he?"

"Hi hi hi! Why would you say so?"

"He has that look. Are black guys better than white guys in bed?"

"Haven't you fucked a black guy?"

"No. I act like a whore to piss off mom and dad. But I haven't had as much dick as you think. I usually just get my pussy and my ass licked. Will you let me fuck him when he comes to visit?"

"Hi hi hi. This reminds me of the Oracle."

"What Oracle?" Trish told her. "She said he would knock you up."

"Me? I don't wanna have kids. I hate kids! Fucking brats! But I would fuck him," she chuckled. "Do you believe in such stuff, like Oracles?"

"A bit. She was wrong though, for she said I would fall pregnant. I didn't!"

"You should do a test. Its possible to get your periods even when you are."

"If I really was, I would know."

"Trish, put on a short skirt and come with me. I wanna show you something nice! Come on..." Kata said after the joint roached.

Trish went to Kata's room, wearing a short skirt and Kata took her hand and led her to the bathroom. To her surprise, there were shaving utensils on a small table, including a small dish of water, form and shaver.

"Please shave me." Kata said, climbing into the tub and sitting on the edge. She pulled her skirt up around her hips. She was naked and Trish found herself gazing at her little pink pussy. It had a light blond fuzz. Kata had a long pussy slit, with small, pretty lips.

"But you just got waxed."

"my hair grows very fast."

"No! Do it yourself! You little ape!"

"Come on. Please! I always cut myself. Be a good elder sis. Please!" Kata pouted.

Trish shook her head, chuckling. "Don't get horny and rape me, all right?" She then knelt before Kata, lathered her pubes with foam.

"Do you like my cream covered pussy! Is it like a tasty cream cake?"

"Gosh. You are so horny! Now shut up and lemme concentrate."

Trish shaved Kata's pink pubes with short. Kata started moaning naughtily, playfully, at every flick and she would reach down and spread the foam around.

"Yeah. Get it all bare and clean like a baby's! Hi hi hi..."

"Stop fidgeting around Kata!"

"But its exciting. Go on down. Now do the sides. DO the fucking sides! Hi hi hi!"

They lathered the sides and Trish shaved them in smooth strokes. Then she shaved her in the creases, between the vulva and the lips. Then she washed her with a warm jet from the shower head.

"There, your pussy is shaved clean your royal highness."

"Not yet. I grow hair on the lips as well. You have to do them too."

"You are joking right?"

"No. Look!" Kata grabbed her lips and stretched them like flaps.

Trish looked and saw that she wasn't lying. "Shit! You got hair everywhere like an ape!" Trish chuckled! "Fuck Kata, you got hair shooting out of your legs, your arms your back! If I was to put you in a cage for one month with no soap and no razor I would find an ape! A pale white gorilla with its ten children."

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