tagRomanceThe First Moms Club (S&P)

The First Moms Club (S&P)

byCaptain Midnight©

Based on the series of stories by patricia51 and linda_s ©

To Linda and Patricia:

I can't thank you enough for letting me write for your series. And I also can't thank you enough for the encouragement you gave me.

To the rest of the readers:

This is my first erotic story for publication in any medium. Feedback is greatly welcomed. But I'd like to recommend that you visit my homepage and see a list of my favorite authors and stories, and visit those sites as well. I'll update the list every so often, and I hope you like what I like.

Although this story is fiction, there ARE some autobiographical elements in it. Lori, as she appears here, is based on a real person I knew a few years ago. The sex scenes – well, I have learned a few things. And a Helen Palmer Geisel book about the goldfish, recently reprinted, now sits on my sister's bookshelf awaiting the time my niece is old enough to appreciate it.

Michael Gibson could hardly wait as his wife, Lori, "freshened up" in the bathroom. She had just spent an hour putting Carol, age four, and Stephanie, just shy of two, in bed. Carol could talk pretty well, Stephanie was just learning, and he had heard them both chatter that they weren't sleepy even though they were. Mike and Lori had wondered how the girls would do together. So far, so good. Carol seemed to love her little sister. Mike thought he was a pretty good father, but he thought his discipline was wretched. Fortunately, neither of the girls had done anything out of the ordinary. Besides, one look from Lori and the girls minded.

A shadow went over Mike's face as he thought about Lori's miscarriage a few months earlier. She had been far enough along for them to know it would have been a boy. Mike thought he took it harder than Lori did. But Lori was so sweet and good-natured that she seemed to take it all in stride. Mike was very grateful that Lori's job with the city had given her enough insurance to carry her through the pregnancy, the rush to the hospital, and the recovery period.

Mike was a police trainee, having dropped out of the Academy twice when each girl was born to be a house dad. Police trainees don't get paid much. Fortunately, Mike was ranked at the top of his class and he was sure to get a job with the county sheriff's office. He had been working extra hard, and he had been too tired at the end of each day to do much more than sleep. Tonight, with exams out of the way, he was hoping for more.

Lori was taking an unusually long time to freshen up, and Mike thought he knew why. They weren't going out tonight – couldn't afford to, unless Lori got gift coupons from her friends at work – but he had an idea about what she was wearing. Lori really liked to dress up nicely, and had since he had met her in Marine boot camp a decade ago. She still had her dress uniform carefully packed away in a special closet. Now, working in one of the top city offices, she wore nice dresses or suits with various feminine touches. At home, she usually changed to jeans and pullovers or T-shirts, but sometimes she wore short skirts or short dresses and lingerie to die for.

He hoped she would wear a short skirt tonight. They were going to watch a movie on DVD – she had gotten a good deal on the player through friends at work – and he had a really good idea that they would pay more attention to each other than the movie. He wondered if they would make another baby tonight. The girls were the only people he and Lori loved as much as each other, but he had always wondered how Lori would do with a son. He also wondered if he could provide for a son, and how he would raise a little boy.

And that's all he got to wonder, because Lori came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a short skirt all right, with bare legs and a sheer short-sleeved blouse. The blouse wasn't too tight, and Mike could tell Lori had on a camisole and her pink bra underneath. His eyebrows went up. The camisole and a bra? That meant she was wearing the full ensemble that her Marine basic-training bunkmate had given her, to show to him one steamy night. She had kept the ensemble as carefully as she kept her dress uniform. He could count on his fingers how many times she had worn that lingerie since.

"Are you ready, Sergeant Gibson?" asked the former legal secretary in the Judge Advocate General's office, with a twinkle in her eye.

"Ready if you are, Corporal Gibson," replied the former tactical advisor to a country plagued by narco-terrorism. Mike had loved a lot of his assignment – especially meeting the common people who were trying to survive in a place where "turf war" was a literal term. He had put in for patrol duty so he could meet the people of his adopted hometown and help them out whenever possible. Lori's job with the County Attorney's office had helped him out a lot, because she got to meet a lot of regular citizens and had told him about their problems and hopes.

And that was as far as Mike's practical mind got. Lori took his hand and led him to the family room, where a romantic comedy awaited.


As romantic comedies go, Mike thought, this one wasn't bad. During the first hour, he had laughed out loud several times. Lori, he noticed, had that "oh, how sweet" look on her face quite often as she looked at the two romantic leads. "Oh, how sweet" wasn't what Mike thought when he looked at the woman on the screen, who though chastely dressed so far had a body most other women would die for. Mike suspected she kept making movies to pay for cosmetic enhancements.

Lori, on the other hand … she was all natural. Mike had long decided she was so pretty because of her nature, glowing through whatever imperfections she had picked up over the years. Take her hand, for instance, which is what Mike had done about a half hour into the picture. The back of it was kind of bony – Lori seemed a little underweight – but it was so warm and so soft. Mike had been caressing it for about twenty minutes now. He sneaked a look at Lori, let go of her hand with one of his and switched to his other hand, and put the freed arm around her shoulders. Lori liked it and snuggled closer to him, putting her head in the hollow of his neck.

The maneuver was something Mike and Lori hadn't been taught in the Marines, literally. The first time they had made love, on the sly in a training area at the base, the passion had been much fiercer, two teenagers experiencing true lust for the first time. Not until after Mike's first leave from South America had they gone on a "first date." Mike had been unusually shy then, whispering to Lori his request that he hold her hand and, later, to put his arm around her shoulder.

It had taken five more dates before they had again thrilled to the rhythm of intercourse, and then only the one time before he was shipped back. Each leave after that, until they both had honorable discharges, it had been the same ritual. Lori had gotten bolder each time, finding new ways to pleasure herself, and Mike had gone along as his excitement built. Even after five years of marriage, he thrilled to the thought that Lori might find out something else about her body that would let her enjoy lovemaking even more.

This time, the length of his arm allowed him to hold her shoulders in a firm grip while his fingers touched her cheek and curved up to stroke her earlobes. Mike knew from past experience that kissing Lori's neck and sucking on her earlobes sent her to a new level. But not yet, he reminded himself. Then the male comedian who was the romantic lead did a pratfall and Mike forgot his grip, bursting out in laughing.

Lori shifted position. She curled her legs up and the couch and laid her upper torso in Mike's lap. She took the fingers of Mike's curving hand and caressed them. Mike's other hand caressed her forehead. At one point, when a steamy love scene began, he pulled down his fingers and mock-covered her eyes. She giggled, let go of his hand and gently shooed his other hand away. It left, but returned on the back of her neck, gently massaging it. The hand curled around her settled on the top of her chest, just below the collarbone.

Mike sneaked a peek at Lori's lower half. Her long legs were exposed all the way up; he could even see her panties peeking out from underneath her skirt. They were the panties from the lingerie ensemble she had worn that first night. She had worn them again on the night they made Carol, and on the Saturday morning they had awakened early, decided to have breakfast in bed, and wound up making Stephanie. He couldn't remember a half-dozen other occasions where she had worn them. It didn't really matter to him – she seemed to love his caresses no matter what she was wearing, if anything – but sometimes she felt sexier than usual and brought them out for his benefit.

Lori let out a deep sigh as Mike worked the muscles in her neck. It wasn't easy with his hand crowded in between his chest and her back, but he really liked working the kinks out. His other hand was caressing the very top of her chest, feeling the pectoral muscles, straying to the shoulders to see about the arm muscles. Lori did a tremendous amount of data entry and her back, neck, arms and fingers got a lot of work. Even when Mike was too tired for sex, he would try to make the stiff and sore muscles revive so Lori could sleep better. She had had a lot of trouble sleeping lately.

Mike brought his hand back to Lori's chest. He let his fingers slowly slide down her breastbone, feeling the camisole and the bra beneath it. His palm stayed on her sternum; his fingers splayed out. He could feel the breasts, delicately covered up, the material above them somewhat silky, the rest smooth. He let his fingers massage the breasts, well away from the nipples, for a while. Then he moved that hand away and placed it on her hip. He took the other hand away from her neck and put it on her chest. Lori felt like she was being cradled. She was paying less and less attention to the movie.

Mike let his fingers run down the side of Lori's leg until they reached her knee. Then he touched her leg behind the kneecap. The flesh is softest at the point, and very sensitive. Lori could feel her nipples hardening.

Mike stroked up and down Lori's leg for a while. Lori turned her head to Mike's chest and kissed it through his shirt, then kissed him on the mouth. Mike enfolded her and rubbed her back, from neck to bottom, caressing the buttocks through the material of her skirt. He let his hand wander up the hem of the skirt and touched her bottom through her panties. Then he ran his fingers down her legs again, this time on this inside.

Lori lay down on Mike's lap, face down, as if she was expecting a spanking. Mike had given Lori a spanking once, but he was definitely not into that sort of thing. He was, however, very interested in her back. Returning his hand up her legs, touching her bottom again, he went to her blouse and pulled it out of the waistband of her skirt. He felt the camisole underneath, so soft, and higher up to where the bra closed in the back.

Lori rose up, kissed Mike again, unbuttoned the blouse and shrugged it off. She lay back down again, on his other hand, so it could caress her front while he caressed her back. Mike found the clasp of the bra and managed to undo it with one hand. Meanwhile, Lori had reached around and was touching Mike's inner leg with one hand and his chest with the other.

With Lori's entire back now exposed, Mike saw his chance to caress it. His eyebrows went up a bit as he saw a dark mole in the lower center of the back. Lori normally didn't lie out in the sun except for rare trips to the beach, and she hadn't sunburned in a long time. He shrugged, then used his other hand to push Lori's bra aside and massage her breasts through the camisole.

This time he pulled no punches. He covered the entire breast in his palm – not easy, but he had the hands to do it – and trapped the nipple between two fingers, sliding them up and down. The nipple hardened rapidly under his touch. He did the same thing with the other breast. Lori moaned. So Mike, after trailing his fingers gently down the length of Lori's back, touched her bottom through her skirt and inched it upwards. Her hands, he could tell, were getting very close to their intended target. He was getting mighty aroused.

Lori shifted around so she was on her side facing Mike. She gave him a huge kiss, then presented her neck for him to kiss back. He obliged, licking the side of the neck about halfway up and then switching to the earlobe, sucking on it and nibbling it. Lori closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and breathed heavily.

It was just about the right time. Mike slid his hand down the waistband of Lori's panties, caressing her cheeks. He didn't go for the area between them yet – they had tried anal sex during her pregnancies, and he had liked it but she didn't – but he gave the skin there the tenderest touch he could manage. Then he slid his hand out of her panties and moved it around to her tummy.

Lori scooted back until she was resting his whole weight on his knee. With an arm supporting her, she stroked his cock – it felt like a log – through his pants. She put a finger at the top and traced it down from tip to balls. At the same time, Mike began to run his hand down Lori's groin, staying outside the panties. He took his time, and he splayed out his fingers so he could touch the insides of her thighs. His thumb was hooked in the waistband of her panties, pulling them out. The two outer fingers were on her thighs, ready to curl inside the leg holes. The two middle fingers slowly but surely slid down until they covered her crotch.

Mike knew well that women's bodies show a lot of signs other than the obvious ones. He could feel through the panties that Lori's pussy lips were still closed. She was probably wet on the inside, but it would take some doing to bring the wetness to the surface. So he slid the two middle fingers up and down, up and down, occasionally feeling for her clit through the material and gently touching it. Slowly, the panties became embedded in Lori's crotch as the lips began to open.

Mike knew that the source of Lori's wetness was some sort of gland – he didn't know its name, and Lori didn't either – located at the base of the pussy, secreting fluids into the vagina to allow for easier passage. But some of the fluids escaped, coating the rest of her womanhood and making the clit and lips glisten. After a while, he used the middle and index fingers to probe inside her leg hole. There it was, the reservoir of woman juices. He dipped his middle finger in it and began spreading the juices up and down. When he got to the clit, he used his wet fingers to massage it and the area around it.

Lori hadn't been idle through all this. She found Mike's zipper and pulled it down, tugged his shirt out of his pants and unbuttoned it, and began kissing every part of his exposed flash. When his proud male organ emerged, she licked up its entire length, took the head in her mouth for a moment, retreated, touched her tongue to the little opening and licked up and down the slit. This maneuver did not go casually rewarded. Mike used his fingers to caress Lori's breasts and to delve deeply between her labial lips. He slipped a finger into her vagina to probe for the G-spot. He seldom found it, but he had a lot of fun trying, especially when his other fingers stimulated her clit at the same time.

"I've got to take you!" Lori uttered in a tone that Mike momentarily thought would wake up the girls. "Raise your hips up and let me pull your pants out of the way! I've got to ride you like a stallion!"

Mike was as startled as he could be, but this wasn't something he was unused to. He quickly shed his pants and underwear, leaving his shirt (and shoes and socks) on as Lori very carefully took off her camisole, bra and panties, neatly folding them up. Then she was all over him. She positioned herself so her vagina could absorb his hard-on in one massive thrust, and took him right down to his balls. She started rocking back and forth, frantically kissing him and touching his chest. It wasn't easy for him to caress her breasts and back, since he was lying at an angle guaranteed to produce backache and she was leaning over him. But he tried.

Lori was a noisy lover, and periodically Mike feared she would wake the girls and bring them into the living room. The house was pretty darn small for four, so it was no idle question. To counter it, he covered his mouth with hers and gave her tongue kisses until he was blue in the face. To counter his own desire, he began bucking at his own face, shifting his hips around, twisting his cock in Lori's cunt as he searched for that G-spot.

This went on for about five minutes before Mike suddenly got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The sinking feeling was caused by an intense sensation in his shaft. He was beyond the point of no return. He didn't think Lori, despite all the foreplay and her excitement, was nearly there yet.

"Lori … I'm gonna … CUM!" And that's what he did. He blasted her insides like a fire hose. She rode him as his face turned purple from exertion, until he had gone completely soft and had slipped out. She had never reached orgasm.

"Lori, let me do you, okay?" Lori slipped off Mike's lap, seeing the look of disappointment in his face. Lori didn't cum all the time, although Mike did, and he always felt terrible leaving her high and dry. He always tried to make up for it. Sometimes he succeeded.

Lori clenched her uterine walls to keep Mike's semen and seed inside her. She didn't know how she would manage raising another baby, but she loved Mike and the girls so much, and knew how much he wanted a son. Lori didn't love being pregnant and getting up to change diapers, and all that followed as time went on, but she had hoped for a son herself.

Mike settled down on the floor between Lori's legs. He wasn't into the "cream pie" bit, licking semen from a pussy, but he had no problems with touching a freshly fucked cunt. He held his palm turned upward and gently ran his fingers up and down the woman's slit, noting with pleasure that it still bloomed and that the clit was still engaged and filled with blood. Then he plunged two fingers way up inside her, touching all the walls, looking for that elusive orgasmic trigger. He was already stimulating her clit with his thumb.

"Ow," Lori said.

Mike froze in his tracks. Very carefully he extracted one finger from Lori, keeping the other pressed against the upper vaginal wall, trying to find a rough patch in those tissues. He used the withdrawn finger to stimulate the clit. He pushed the other finger in as deep as it would go, finding the cervix – there was a special patch of smooth tissue there, which often served as a trigger – while vigorously rubbing the top wall.

"Oh, Mike, it hurts, honey, would you please stop?"

Mike's face went gray, or at least it felt like it. Without a word, he withdrew entirely from Lori's body, stood up, and sat on the couch next to Lori. He cradled her in his arms. He nearly cried.

"I'm so sorry, Lori … I wanted you to have as good a time as I had."

"I know, Mike. Sometimes you try too hard. It's OK, really it is. I guess things weren't just quite right tonight."

The condolences on both sides went on for a while as the movie wound up. Mike sat in silence, catching the last twenty minutes. One time, he laughed. Lori cooed a couple of times. Mike eventually became hard again, but he didn't want to try fucking Lori a second time and risking failure a second time. Lori didn't push it. To tell the truth, things hadn't felt quite right from the beginning. She already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for next week.

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