tagGroup SexThe First of Many Ch. 01

The First of Many Ch. 01


It was the seventies, the middle of the 'sexual revolution', and we were to become willing soldiers in the war.

We were both coming out of disastrous marriages, and when introduced by a mutual friend, both of us, for whatever reasons, felt the attraction immediately. Ree was twenty-five, pretty, and had a body that turned heads. Her breasts were the first things you noticed, whether you wanted to or not. Within a very short time, we were living together and fucking like minks. She claimed I was the first man to ever get her off. I don't really know if that's true or not, but at the time, it certainly stroked my ego.

About six months into the relationship, I took a job in another state and we picked up our lives and moved west. The physical side of our relationship, as intense as ever, was sparked even further by a habit we had gotten into at bedtime. We'd read Penthouse forum, read of sexual trysts, supposedly true, but who knows? We found ourselves both drawn to the letters and stories of threesomes, foursomes, and bisexual romps between women. We'd read, getting worked up and turned on and end with mind-blowing sex. We started playing 'the game' when out in public, spying both men and women that attracted either of our attention, and concoct a quick sexual fantasy with that other person.

Three months after we had moved, my friend of many years, Randy called, and, invited himself out to see us. He and I hadn't seen each other in a couple of years, so his call was both welcomed and a surprise. Ree hadn't met Randy yet but was as eager as I for his planned weekend visit. Since he was a pilot for a major airline, he flew somewhere every weekend or days that he had time off, at little or no cost to him.

We picked Randy up at the airport, and after quick introductions, we headed into the heart of the city for some burgers and brews. The three of us got comfortable with each other's company, and soon it appeared that the three of us had known each other all of our lives.

"I hope you appreciate all that I gave up to come see you guys," Randy said over a round of fresh brews.

Ree bit.

"Why? What'd you give up?"

"The best blowjob on the eastern seaboard", he responded, a slight smile on his face.

Ree stared at him for a second, and then with a very serious look on her face, said, "Well, if you did, you're a damned fool"! "Good blowjobs ought not to be wasted"!

It took a second but we all convulsed into laughter at the remark.

I suggested, after the fourth round of beers that we pick up some booze and head to the apartment while any of us could still drive. A quick stop for liquid refreshment and we got to the condo, no harm, no foul.

I cooked up steaks for us; we indulged in ice cold beer and after dinner, some one fifty-one rum and cokes. The thing about one fifty-one rum is that it doesn't take much to put you into the tank. We all decided to hit the hay since we had a day of sightseeing in the mountains, the next day.

Our condo was a one bedroom, a loft really, so Randy got the pullout sleeper downstairs. Ree and I said our goodnights and headed up the stairs.

Lying in bed, we began fooling around with each other, trying to be quiet in the process. The rum had definitely kicked our libidos up several notches. Ree was lying between my legs, giving me one of her most spectacular blowjobs. I held off as long as I could but when I could hold back no longer, I exploded into Ree's sucking mouth. She, in turn, greedily sucked it all, swallowing several times before I was spent. Kissing her way up my stomach and chest until she reached my lips, Ree had a wicked smile on her face as she leaned in to kiss me, to let me taste my cum on her lips.

Lying with her head next to mine, she stroked my flaccid cock gently, placing small kisses on my chest, on my nipples, getting me turned on again.

"Would you like me to?"

"Like you to do what?" I responded, my cock beginning to stir back to life in her very able hand.

"Give Randy a blowjob to make up for his missed opportunity," she said, softly.

"Why would you think that I'd want you to do that?" I asked, in turn.

"Because, every time we read about some guy watching his girl fuck or suck another guy, you get really turned on."

I couldn't deny that. Not at all. She was right on the money with that one.

"Would you like to?" I found myself suddenly saying, the quick mental image in my mind of her sucking Randy, giving me an instant erection.

She squeezed my growing manhood and stroked it, getting it even harder.

"I would do it for you even if I didn't want to, but, I admit that the thought does turn me on," she replied, squeezing and stroking my cock as she said it. "If you'd want to, you could probably peek over the loft balcony and watch."

I brought her face up to mine, kissed her deeply, my tongue dancing with hers. Breaking off the kiss, I looked into her eyes and couldn't believe what I was hearing coming out of my mouth.

"Yeah, baby, why don't you go downstairs and give your new friend a sample of what a real blowjob is like."

With that, she kissed me, put on her short kimono and blew me a kiss as she headed for the stairs.

I listen with all my might and could barely hear her as she slowly went down the stairs. I heard the sound she made as she sat on the edge of the mattress. I heard the sound of Randy turning over as he felt the weight on the mattress change.

"Shh," I heard Ree say, "Just lie back and pretend this is a wet dream."

Sure enough, listening hard, I could hear the sounds as Ree began kissing and sucking Randy's dick. Not able to stand it any longer, I leaned over the loft's railing, and, slowly peeked downstairs.

The sofa bed was almost directly under our bedroom space and looking straight down, I saw Randy's face, eyes closed, a smile on his lips. As I watched, mesmerized, I was enthralled by the sight of my girlfriend sucking another man's cock in ways I didn't know was possible!

And suck him she did! I watched as his climax kept building, his facial contortions a dead giveaway. And as I watched, my own cock with a raging erection, I saw Ree's head jerk as he exploded his jism into her mouth and throat. She sucked every drop from him, not caring how much noise she made as she slurped his cum down her throat. After she got the last drop, she lifted her head and eyes, winking at me, as she continued to stroke Randy's dick. He still had not opened his eyes but his smile was much, much larger.

As she rose to leave the side of his bed, she took his hand in hers, and spreading her legs slightly, she inserted his index finger into her pussy, moving it in and out slowly. Randy started rotating his thumb against her clit and as I watched, Ree shuddered with a small climax.

Leaning down and kissing Randy on the lips, she turned and climbed back up the stairs, taking off her robe as she pulled me down onto the bed and mounted me. It took her no time at all before she began shaking with a major orgasm, which, in turn, caused me to climax again, just as she finished.

Lying in each other's arms afterwards, drifting off into sleep, she asked if I enjoyed watching.

"More than I would have ever thought," I whispered into her ear, kissing it afterwards.

"Me too," she said, "It was such a huge turn-on sucking on him, knowing you were in the apartment, that you were watching me suck another guy."

Again, from where inside of my mind, I do not know, but I heard myself saying to her, "So maybe, tomorrow night, if you're up for it, we could have him join us in bed?"

She didn't answer right away but after a few moments, she gave me her answer with a deep, tongue-probing, kiss.

There was no doubt, in my mind, what the three of us would be doing next evening!

And, thus, we began our journey into the world of swinging.

Stay tuned for more tales, my friends.

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