tagGroup SexThe First of Many Ch. 04

The First of Many Ch. 04


A year and a half into our relationship, and about eight months after we had that first session with Randy, Ree and I married. No, it didn't last, but those seven years, sexually, provided me with fond memories. It would be another six months, after our marriage, before we 'crossed the bridge', both of us, separately.

To 'cross the bridge', in the world of swinging, means to have sex with someone else, without your spouse or partner present. At least, that's how it was explained to us by others in the lifestyle. For the purpose of explanation, the term serves as well as any. And not that it matters, Ree crossed first, but I wasn't far behind her.

I was out of town, on business, and as was our habit, we spoke every night by phone, keeping in touch. Would the calls sometimes generate masturbation? Not always but, sometimes, both of us would masturbate while talking 'dirty' with each other. Not as good as the real thing, but it served both our purposes of sexual release. This night's call, however, ratcheted the bar upwards.

After the normal catching up chit-chat, I sensed, by the silence, that there was more to come.

"Is everything all right, babe?" I asked, after a few moments of dead air in my ear.

"Yeah, everything's fine, but, but..." the sentence left dangling in my ear.

"But what?"

Then I was assaulted with disjointed words, phrases, and, honestly, it was hard to understand her.

"Whoa, slow down, baby, take your time, and start at the beginning."

A deep inhale of air by her, in my earpiece.

"You have to know, up front, that I didn't plan any of this to happen. It just, well, it just sort of happened, you know?"

"Yeah, I think so, but why don't you just lay it out for me," I answered, a bit of quizzical look on my face, I'm sure. It certainly was in my head.

"Remember the girl I told you about, at work, you know, Doris? Remember how I told you that I kept getting the feeling that she was flirting with me, when others weren't around? Well, today, since we were closing the office at noon, so the execs could go on their retreat, Doris asked if I'd like to come over to her place for a drink or two, before I went home. It seemed like a harmless enough invitation, and since I had nothing to do here, I accepted, and followed her to her place.

Silence, as if gathering courage, I suppose.

"Yeah, I remember, so go on...you went over to her place."

"She fixed us a light salad for lunch, and, afterwards, she fixed us a couple of 151s and coke. Baby, you know how I get with 151, and I know I should've said no, and asked for something else, but......well, I didn't. Like usual, the 151 got me buzzed very quickly and I found myself accepting a fresh one, not even realizing that I had already finished with the first one! So, we're talking, I'm getting really, really buzzed and before I knew what was happening, Doris was kissing me, and I was kissing her back!"

As I listened, I felt a familiar stirring under my sleep trunks, not unwelcomed, I might add.

"Yeah, go on," I encouraged her.

"Sweetie, I just couldn't stop, her kisses and touches really felt so damned good, and all I could see 'in my head' was Kai making love to me, remember?, when you left to go pick up Ron at the Airport."

"Go on," I said, my hand now rubbing my rising cock through my trunks.

"She stripped my clothes right off of me, and I took hers off, as well, and we fell into such passionate kissing and all, whatever thoughts I might have had about stopping quickly left my mind. Baby, she was soooo good with her tongue, almost as good as you, but different, you know? Anyway, she got me off first and then I attacked her! Can you fucking believe that? I fucking attacked her, burying my face in her pussy. Oh baby, you should taste it, I hope you can one day, but, oh baby, it tasted so fucking good! I got off just from eating her!"

My cock was out of my trunks and my hand now had a firm grasp on it, stroking it slowly, gently, not wanting to build up and cum too soon.

"Go on, sweetie," I managed to croak out of my dry mouth.

"And that's when we got caught, when my head was buried in her pussy."

Not sure I heard her right, I said, "You got what? caught? Is that what you said?"

"Her husband wasn't supposed to come home until tomorrow from his business trip, at least that's what she said."

"Go on."

"Well, this is where it gets bad. Though I suppose it couldn't have gotten worse. I was so embarrassed when I heard his voice and then his gasp. I couldn't turn and look at him. The only hole nearby that I could crawl into, was too small, it could barely fit my mouth and tongue," laughing, as she said it.

I chuckled along with her, as the mind-picture is really, quite funny.

"Doris didn't seem perturbed, in fact, she lifted my head from between her legs and said for me not to be embarrassed, that her husband has seen her with women before, but not usually without he knowing about it. I just looked at her, you know?, and she pushed my head back down to her pussy, and told me to continue. And I did, you know? And when I felt a hand gently rubbing on my ass, I was just too far gone and into it to stop, you know? Please tell me you know what I mean?"

I was stroking my cock with increased speed now, its warmth and girth, feeling very good in my hand.

"Yeah, Baby, I do understand," I said, honestly, "So? Did you fuck him?"

There was a long chasm of silence when I barely heard her whispered answer.

"Yes, I did. The truth is, I fucked him twice, and ate her twice, also."

Now, the silence came from me, but not intentionally. When I heard her answer, it caused me to climax, and I was finishing my ejaculation, catching my breath.

"Oh God, you're pissed! You're angry!" She said.

"No, no, nothing near that," I responded, and I confessed my jackoff to her and how I came when she answered my question.

"You're not angry or mad with me?" She asked, pensively.

"No, sweetie, I'm not angry, or mad, or anything like that. I guess, if I'm going to truthful, the proper adjective would be 'turned on'.


"Yeah, really."

There was a comfortable silence between us as we each hung on to our land line connection. She no longer felt like she had cheated, I was accepting the fact that I was really okay with my wife having fucked another person, correction, two other persons.

"They asked me to come over tomorrow night for dinner and drinks," She said suddenly.

"What did you tell her, or them?"

Hesitation, then, "I told her I'd call her back tonight, after I talked with you, and that I was going to tell you. And, by the way, they are also swingers, obviously, but I told them that you and I are, also."

"What would you like to do?" I said, knowing the answer before I asked the question.



"If you wouldn't be upset with me, I'd like to go. John is a good fuck, and so is Doris, and they promised to make me the object of their affections, which makes me a bit curious." She replied, honestly.

"Only if you promise to tell me about it, afterwards, so that I can take care of business in this lonely, old hotel room," I replied, laughing as I said it.

"You know," She started, "it seems only fair for you to have a go with someone, if you get the chance. I promise I won't be mad if you do. I mean, it's only fair, right?"

"I'm not keeping score, honey, but, if the opportunity arises, I'll take advantage of it, and I'll tell you about it, also," I answered.

I crossed the bridge the following week. And so the journey continued.

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