tagGroup SexThe First of Many Ch. 07

The First of Many Ch. 07


I've always known that I was a bit of a voyeur and, as we continued with our adventures in the lifestyle, I became even more so. Never more was that more evident than in this following tale.

"So, do you want to go?" Ree asked, in between slurps on my cock.

Where she was asking me to go was to a house party, thrown by a couple, members of the swinging club we also frequented. It was fairly common for someone in the club to throw a party for members, every few months or so, fucking optional, but certainly encouraged. One of the quirks was that the hosting couple, or single, had to invite someone they knew from the lifestyle, that the others haven't yet met. Usually this entailed bringing in people from outside the club. A not-so-bad way to meet other people who delved into the lifestyle.

As she raised her head off of my cock, making a small popping sound when she released her suction, she asked again.

"So, do you want to go?"

"I know that I want to come, but as far as the party? Sure, why not. We've had fun at these events before."

"And come, you shall," her head bobbing down once more, her mouth swallowing me.

We knew the hosts well; Very well. Both Ree and I agreed that as bed partners, we both liked the wife the best. Charlie? Well, Charlie can be a bit of a boor sometimes, especially when he drinks a wee bit too much.

But tonight, Charlie appeared to be in good form, introducing the couple he had invited to join us, around the room.

Ree and I were mingling, together, and chatting with old friends when Charlie and his guests found us on the deck, getting some air, the two of us.

He introduced us to Jim and Diane, a very attractive black couple, friends from out of town. We chatted with them for quite some time, as Charlie went to fetch them some drinks. I noticed that Jim and Ree were sort of connecting on some sort of level. Diane and I got along well, also, but there just wasn't that 'snap', just comfortable. You know?

Charlie returned with their drinks, and excusing themselves, off they went with Charlie to meet a couple of more people.

Ree and I watched them walk away, our eyes following their path.

"You know what?" She said, turning towards me.


"I've never done black. We certainly have screwed a lot of white people, but I've never done black. I think I'd like to try Black." She said, a quizzical look on her face.


"You're really okay with that?"

"Ree, it's just a color, it doesn't change the soul."

Reaching up and kissing me, she asked, "Mind if I go 'trolling' for a bit? See if I can find some playmates?"

"See you later," I said, kissing her back.

About an hour later, I was fixing myself a drink at the wet bar, when Diane showed up, empty glass in hand.

"What can I fix for you, pretty lady?"

"How about a nice stiff Scotch and water?"

"I can do that," and do that, I did.

"Where's Jim?" I asked, making conversation.

"Last time I saw him, he and your wife were talking in the den." She replied, looking up from her drink, smiling at me as she said it, "getting cozy. Look, I'm pretty sure that they are going to be doing the horizontal bop tonight, and that's okay, but I'm a 'bit' different than most swinger wives." She added.

"How so?" I asked, more than a little bit curious.

"I like to watch, okay? That's my 'thing'. I give him some time to get his thing going with whomever, I wander in, I watch, I get myself off watching him fuck someone. I'm telling you this because, at some point, I'm pretty sure you're going to start wondering if you and I are going to have sex, like our partners."

"And the thing is," she continued, after taking a breath, "I only fuck my guy. I don't mind if he fucks someone else but I only fuck him. Though, sometimes, I might join in, if I find the gal attractive."

Tipping my glass against hers, I said, "Understood, pretty lady. You're pretty sure that they are going to fuck, are you?" I added.

"Oh yeah, especially when I saw your wife checking out his 'package'," she said, laughing a bit.

"That sounds like Ree," I said, joining her in laughter.

Breaking the pregnant silence, I turned to her, saying, "I like to watch at times, as well. Sometimes, I just like watching Ree make love with someone else, man or woman."

"Would you like to watch tonight, with me?" She asked, and then adding, "I wasn't completely honest about my hunch. They are definitely going to fuck tonight, and I'm supposed to come back to our room, where we staying this weekend, in about fifteen minutes to 'do my thing.' And, if you'd like to....," letting the sentence unfinished.

I fixed us both fresh drinks, and handing it to her, I said, "Lead the way, Diane."

We worked our way through the house, various and sundry couplings going on around us, and took the stairs up to the guest rooms. Diane stopped just short of the door, turned to me, and gave me a soft, sweet kiss on my lips, which I returned.

"Thanks for not giving me grief about 'my thing' back there," she said, kissing me again. Reaching down and rubbing my crotch, she said, "There's something else I wasn't quite honest about back there," kissing me again, squeezing my rising bulge.

"I do fuck other people, but my little scene back there tends to weed out the less-understanding people of the world."

Returning her kiss, I let her take my hand and rub it across her breast.

"I do like to watch, though, for a little while, if that's all right?"

"So do I, and it is definitely all right."

I followed her into the softly lit bedroom. It was pretty damn large, and had a small sofa, on the wall, near the bed. We made our way there, quietly, not wanting to disturb the scene on the bed next to us.

They were both naked, on the bed, he lying on his back, his head propped up by a couple of pillows. Ree was lying next to him, facing in our direction, leaning on her elbow of one arm. The other hand was busy stroking Jim's very large, very black cock, her mouth and tongue trailing kisses and licks to his monster shaft. She opened her eyes, took in the sight of Diane and me sitting on the sofa, and closing her eyes once more, took Jim's cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down, a throaty sound coming from her muffled mouth. Jim had reached around with one of his hands, and was finger-fucking Ree as she sucked him for all she was worth.

The sight was mesmerizing, watching his large black cock disappear into her mouth, and the excitement that Ree was obviously feeling. Glancing over, Diane had, indeed, slipped a hand under her raised dress, rubbing her pantiless pussy, pulling on her pussylips and clit.

Reaching over and grabbing my hand, she moved it to replace hers, rubbing her pussy. "Don't stop, lover, whatever you do, don't stop," she said, using both of her hands to take off her blouse and bra, Her skirt was some sort of wraparound, and releasing some fastener, she whip it off and from under her in one swift move, leaving her naked and stunningly beautiful.

As I continued to play with her pussy, she deftly removed my clothes and turning her back to the bed, she reached down to my cock and starting running her hands up and down its hardness, softly moaning as she did it.

Placing her knees on either side of my legs, she moved her pussy to the tip of my cock and, closing her eyes, lowered herself onto my manhood until it was into her all the way. She took my head in her hands, pulling my lips to hers as she began a slow grind against me, raising her ass every once in awhile , to let my cock slide up and down inside of her.

I had wrapped my arms around Diane, and as we kissed and fucked, I opened my eyes to see what was going on with them. Ree was face down, her head in a pillow, and her ass in the air. Jim was behind her, fucking her doggy-style, slamming hard against her, Ree's pussy stretched by his size. But she was enjoying it to the max. She was screaming her delight into the pillow and just as he exploded into her, she climaxed at the same time.

Diane was kissing me hard now, her movements quick and hurried, her moans of delight muffled by our mouths welded together. She quickly broke away her kiss, and moaning loudly, began a climax that seemed, would never stop. I started mine then, as well, and rode the elevator down from the top of the mountain with her.

Sinking into my shoulder, after her last spasm, she looked up, kissed me passionately, and, silently, pulled herself off of my dick. In one movement, she was on her knees, between my legs, her hand guiding my cock to her opening mouth. She slowly, lovingly sucked our juices from my dick, murmuring contented sounds, as she did so.

Looking over towards the bed, Ree was now back on top of Jim, doing the same thing to his cock. She was making love to his dick, there was no other way to describe it, and damned, if it wasn't hot to watch.

Finished with me, Diane rose, kissed me on the lips, letting me get a taste of our nectar, and turning towards the bed, she climbed onto it with them. Joining Ree, she began licking around the base of his cock as Ree was busily sucking on his cockhead. Wordlessly, they changed places as if they had rehearsed this. As I watched, Ree locked my eyes with hers; and, staring into my eyes the whole time, sucked his balls, one at a time, into her mouth, her tongue running over his sack and nuts. Taking his ball from her mouth with a mini-popping sound, she licked from the bottom of his cock to the top where her lips found Diane's.

Ree and Diane locked into a deep, passionate kiss, their arms wrapping around each other. Jim slipped out from under them and joined me on the sofa, to watch our girls with each other.

They started exploring each other's bodies with hands and kisses, eventually winding up in a sixty-nine, Ree on top, both of their heads busily eating each other, sucking their man's cum from the other's pussy. Diane climaxed first, driving her pussy hard into Ree's mouth. Her hands were digging imprints into Ree's ass as she squeezed it, her cries of delight muffled by her face in Ree's pussy. Just as Diane ended hers, Ree started, and, it too, seemed to last forever.

Everyone caught their breaths, relaxed, and then before we left, the four of us fucked again but this time we were all on the bed. Ree and Jim orgasmed at the same time, Diane and I, quickly following with our own.

We all got dressed, exchanged numbers, and rejoined the party, sharing drinks, watching cocks getting sucked, pussies getting fucked, having a grand old time of it.

"My pussy's sore," Ree said as I drove us home. "Damn, but his cock is big! Almost too big!"

"But, it was worth the soreness, right?"

"Oh yeah, sweetie, it definitely was." She replied

After a bit of silence, she said, "You know, I know it's only a color and all that, but I have to tell you, I was really turned on by that whole black and white thing."

"Most people are," I replied, "It's probably the contrast of the shades that make it so enticing and erotic," adding, "and, if truth be told, I was excited as hell watching his black dick disappear into your mouth and pussy."

"But, definitely a 'must do again', don't you agree?" I asked Ree, driving into our driveway.

"Oh, yeah, baby, we will definitely do them again."


We saw Jim and Diane for about two more years, and then he was transferred across the country. They were Ree's first black couple, but definitely, not her last.

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