tagGroup SexThe First of Many Ch. 11

The First of Many Ch. 11


When Ree and I were still living in the condo, our next door neighbors were Rick and Teri. We became fast friends, truly enjoying each other's company. After we had begun dabbling in swinging, Ree and I had even discussed, between ourselves, the pros and cons of approaching Rick and Teri about some fun and games. But, we never did, and when we married and bought our house, they also soon moved shortly thereafter, but to another state.

We stayed in contact with each other, over the years, and would visit with each other, though nothing sexual ever happened between the four of us. That was to change, shortly before Ree and I divorced, but it wouldn't involve Ree.

After Ree and I separated, we were still talking, 'thinking' about giving it another try, but, in my head, I knew we were done, and, honestly, I was okay with that, ready to move on. The sex and swinging were never a factor in our breakup, so I can say now, after all these years, that my sexual escapades with Ree are looked back upon, by me, with some sort of bizarre fondness.

Rick and Teri knew, of course, by this time, what was going on with us. He called one evening, normal for the both of us, to keep in touch and frequently talk on the phone.

"Hey, bro, why don't you hop a plane and come out and visit us, it's not like you can't, you know," he said, laughingly.

"Yeah," laughing as I agreed, "you're right about that. In fact, you guys have been on my mind for quite a while lately, and, what the fuck, I'll call you tomorrow with my flight information, Okay?"

"Looking forward to it," Rick cheerfully replied, "and, bring your 'A' game," he said, saying a quick goodbye and ringing off.

Bring my 'A' game? Now, just what the fuck did that mean? If Rick had been a golfer, I'd brought my clubs, but he wasn't, and I wasn't planning on lugging the clubs for no reason. So, the rest of the week, I wondered exactly what he meant, and finally convinced myself that he was planning on some serious partying and herbal ingestion, as we had done so many fucking times in the past.

Okay, I was good with that, and began looking forward to seeing them again.

Flying into the Northwest, during the winter, usually meant it'd be wet, somewhere, and as we made our approach to the landing strip, the gray clouds and beads of moisture on the small windows of our plane, confirmed my thoughts.

I saw Teri first as I deplaned, and running up to me, she gave me a welcoming hug and kiss, a nice, warm kiss. Rick was next, not with a kiss, but with a welcoming hug.

Baggage retrieved, we hustled across to the 'close' parking lot, and jumped into their car. Teri turned in her seat as Rick maneuvered us out of the parking structure, and handed me a big fat doobie to light, and to take the first hit from.

Teri and I have always connected on many levels but none, as much, as our love for cannabis. Taking a huge lungful, I passed it on to Teri, and then, she to Rick, and by the time we reached their house, the mood was joyous, and stoned, very stoned. Been there, done that, and really enjoyed it whenever I could do it again.

"Where are the kids?" I asked, genuinely disappointed that they weren't there to see their favorite 'Uncle'.

"They're at Grandma's," Teri said, over her shoulder, lugging my bag to the guest room.

"Teri and I decided that we'd like an 'adult' weekend, for a change, I hope you don't mind. You'll see them before you leave, I promise," Rick chimed in.

"Nah, I'm good with an adult weekend-whatever they meant by that-but I do want to see them, before I leave, Okay?"

"Count on it," Teri said, jumping on the kitchen bar stool, next to me, hugging me again. "Damn, but I'm glad you came out," she said, a big smile on her face.

Rick made us some Bloody Marys, the celery stalks and olives, to be our lunch as it turned out. The afternoon was spent chit-chatting, catching us up on each other's lives. Around four in the afternoon, Teri said that she was going to hit the shower first, in preparation for a planned dinner in the 'old town' section of their city.

While she was gone, Rick and I did a couple of more hits using his one-hit pipe that I had given him one birthday, as a 'semi' joke gift. It was really a great pipe and I was glad to see that he still had it.

"Teri and I have had a bit of a rough patch lately, but we're working through it," he said, looking at me with a seriousness I hadn't seen on Rick very often.

The short version is this.

They were spending the weekend with friends, a couple of months ago, without the kids. Everybody had gotten fairly lubricated with booze and weed, and Rick and the other wife, left the movie they were all watching, leaving their spouses to finish the movie, alone. Rick said that he'd awaken an hour or so later, saw that Teri was still not in bed, and decided to back to the den to join Teri and the husband. When Rick came down the stairs, he saw Teri and the husband engaged in some serious fooling around on the couch where they had all been sitting, watching the movie.

The husband had his hand in Teri's panties, her jeans on the floor; they were kissing hard, the sounds of pleasure not as soft as they might have thought. Teri had her hand wrapped around his dick, giving him a slow handjob as they kissed. They heard him on the stairs, and the resulting brouhaha, woke up the wife. A horrible evening of recriminations, crying, anger, and all of those emotions followed, and in the morning, Rick and Teri left, not saying goodbye.

"It was a shock, you know?" he said, his disappointment and sadness very evident.

"Yeah, Rick, I do know, I know more than you can imagine," I replied.

"She loves me. I know she does, but, and I admit she's right about this, our sex lives, with the kids and all, has gotten kind of stale and boring. When she unloaded all of this on me, in the back of my mind I knew she was right, because I had been thinking the same thing, thinking along the same lines, you know?"

I just looked down at the pipe, loaded it again, took a hit and passed it to him and said, "Once again, my friend, you have no fucking idea how much I know of which you speak."

Rick looked at me with a quizzical expression.

We were silent, for a long time, now hearing the blast of Teri's hairdryer raging from their bedroom's open door.

"Are you familiar with swinging?" he asked suddenly.

After what seemed like an hour of laughing, from me, I collected myself, and told him to sit back, and listen.

By the time Teri had joined us again, I had just finished filling Rick in on the past several years of Ree and me and of our involvement in the swinging scene in our city. He had just listened, smiling, laughing along with me when I did, and, for the first time today, in a seemingly, happier and relaxed mood.

"What have you bad boys been up to?" Teri said, reaching for the stash and the pipe.

"I'll leave it up to you, Rick, I'm going to shower," and getting up, I went upstairs to clean up and dress for dinner.

I returned to find Teri cleaning some herb, and hearing the sound of the shower from their room, I knew where Rick was. She and I just made chit-chat, and soon left for dinner, a fresh load of smoke shared by the three of us.

Dinner was great, the laughter and fun shared by us, going a long way to make me even gladder that I came out to see them. We talked about checking out some Jazz Clubs in the district, but in the end, opted to return home, where we could smoke and drink and not worry about being busted, or worse, getting into an accident.

The message light was blinking when we got back to their place at around eight thirty of so. It was Teri's mom, it was a crisis. The youngest one, the daughter, had gone and left her 'sleeping blankie' behind and couldn't be consoled. Was there anyway that Rick could bring it over so that the little one could go to sleep?

Looking at each other with that, "you've got to be fucking kidding me expression", Rick, chivalrous as ever, said to Teri that he'd be back in an hour and we should get a jump start on the 'stoning'.

"No fucking sense in all of our nights being ruined," he said, good-naturedly, heading for the door.

Teri rose, kissed him and walked him to the door, the two of them in quiet, private conversation. Yelling goodbye, Rick was out of the door and gone in a flash.

"If you'd like to go downstairs and get a nice fire going," she said from the kitchen, "I'll fix us some drinks, grab the stash, and meet you downstairs, okay?"

"Sounds like a plan," I replied, getting up from the sofa and heading for their den, downstairs.

The fire was roaring when Teri joined me downstairs, having changed into a simple blouse and a pair of gym shorts. Handing me my drink, she sat down next to me and joined me in watching the flames dance.

"Rick brought me up to speed," she said as she nimbly rolled us a doobie, "when you went to shower."

"He said that you and Ree had even thought about approaching us," handing me the doobie, and holding my eyes with hers.

"Yeah, we did, but that was early on in our involvement. By the time we had enough confidence to do so, you guys had already moved. And whenever we saw each other again, it was always on a jammed-up weekend filled with activities and shit, and, well, we just never did," I said, as I handed her the doobie, trying my damndest to keep the smoke in as I talked.

"Too bad, you didn't," she said, taking a hit, "I 'think' we would have been receptive. God knows Rick and I spent many a night talking about you two, about Ree's boobs and ass, and whether or not you were as large, 'down there', as your bulge indicated."

It took a second, but we both busted out laughing at what she had just said,

"Fucking weed! It always makes me so fucking mouthy," she said, still laughing.

The drinks, the smoke, the fire, hell, it was all good that night. We grew silent, both of us, the smoke now catching up to us in a big way, and we sort of melted back into the cushions of the couch, watching the 'light show' that the fireplace had going on.

We were both clearly zonked by now. In that happy place that good weed and strong drink brings you to. Teri laid her head on my shoulder; I instinctively put an arm around her, drawing her into a comfortable niche in my body, feeling her settle into a coziness, her feet drawn up, underneath her.

"That night," she said after a while, "the night that Rick caught Barry and I fooling around, Rick doesn't, can't know, but I had been 'mind-fucking' different guys for months."

"I hope I was one of your lucky 'mind-fucks'," I said, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Oh yea, baby, you were definitely in the mix, a lot," she said, dead-pan serious.

"Was it good?" I joked.

"It was fucking fabulous," she replied, getting up to get us fresh drinks.

She returned, smiling, seemingly in a lighter mood and we both pulled hard at our cocktails, the rum overload, stinging a bit at first, but, in a good way. Putting our drinks on the coffee table at the same time, she looked at me, and just that quick, we were in each other's arms, kissing deeply, her mouth sucking my tongue into its warmth. Her hand found my crotch, wrapping around my growing thickness, squeezing it wantonly. Taking me with her as she laid against the couch, her head on the arm, her body stretching out, we continued to kiss, continued to stoke the fires that were burning so damned hot now, in both of us.

My hand moved to her blouse, undoing the buttons until her blouse fell apart, exposing her small, firm breasts. Ree was a 'D' cup and Teri struggled to fill a 'B'. But, I like small, I like being able to surround a breast with my mouth, to suck it into my mouth, to play my tongue over a hard nipple. When I moved my head and did that to Teri, she moaned, her grasp on my cock through my pants, tightening, her fingers feeling, squeezing me.

"You have no idea how much I want to crawl between your legs and fuck you," I said between my sucking of her breasts, both of them now.

"You have no idea how much I want you to," she said, fumbling with my zipper, finally able to pull my cock out of my pants, now at full erection.

And then we heard the garage door opening from above, and as we scrambled to an upright position, she leaned into me and said, "See you in a bit," kissing me as she stood up and fluffed up her short hair as I tucked my dick back into my pants, zipping up afterwards.

As Rick started down the stairs, she turned to walk over to him, her blouse still open, her tits exposed, still wet from my mouth. Before I could say anything, she met Rick at the bottom of the stairs, Rick looking at her opened blouse, and reaching up with her mouth, she kissed him deeply. Breaking off the kiss, she started up the stairs, saying over her shoulder, "I'll be upstairs."

Seeing the discomfort with the situation on my face, Rick smiled, and said, "Relax, sit down, light a doobie for us."

He joined me and we exchanged the joint until it was gone, neither of us saying a word.

"We've decided to explore swinging," Rick said, suddenly, "and we'd like the first time, as a couple, to be with you, in a threesome. I think we will like the change but that first time, we both want it to be with someone who means something special to us."

"So that's why you invited me out?" I asked, surprised by his statement, but not put off by it.

"That was some of it," he replied, "but not entirely. Even if a threesome didn't happen, we've missed you and wanted to see you."

Hearing the shower turn off upstairs, we both looked towards the ceiling. Hell, I hadn't even heard it turn on, I thought to myself.

"And Teri?"

"She's waiting for us," he said, looking at me with a small smile on his face.

I finished my drink, he loaded the one-hitter and we finished it. He rolled a fat doobie for the three of us and, standing, nodded his head towards the stairs.

The bedroom was lit by candles, casting shadows and soft light all over the room. Teri was lying on top of the turned-down bed, her skin still glistening and pink from her shower, her nipples both hard and erect. She had her eyes closed and her hand was slowly playing with her pubic hair.

Rick began to disrobe, and following his lead, I did the same, crawling onto the bed on one side, he on the other. Wordlessly, he brought his mouth to her breast and I leaned into her and kissed her, my hand replacing hers between her now-spreading thighs. As Rick sucked and licked Teri's breasts, I kissed her passionately, my index finger now sliding slowly in and out of her very wet pussy. Her hand found my cock first, then his. She pulled on both of our cocks, squeezing as she did so, and a murmur of contentment escaping from our mouths as we held our kiss. I felt a shift on the bed, feeling Rick moving to a kneeling position near Teri's head, and I broke off our kiss and moved my mouth to her now wide-opened legs, to her pussy. As I sucked her clit between my lips, letting my tongue play over it, I looked up and saw her take Rick into her mouth.

Rick came after holding off as long as he could, and immediately after he pulled out of her mouth, she pulled me up, pulled me so that I could enter her with my cock, a loud sigh escaping her cum-stained lips as I sank my dick into her. We quickly got into a rhythm and sooner than either of us wanted to, we came together.

But we went back for seconds, and thirds, and by four o'clock in the morning, none of us had anything left. I kissed her goodnight and returned to my guest bedroom, exhausted but sated.

The next day, after we had gone out for breakfast and groceries, was spent drinking some, smoking herb a lot, and every once in a while, Teri would take one of us upstairs to their bedroom to fuck. We did the threesome thing again, that evening, but downstairs in the den, with me fucking her from the rear as she sucked Rick off.

The last day of my visit, I heard Rick leave to go and pick up the kids, and before I could get out of bed, Teri walked in, taking off her clothes as she did.

"One more, babycakes, one more while I can," she said.

She crawled unto the bed, pushing me down on my back, while straddling my body. Her hand quickly had my cock up and running and as she mounted me, slowly sinking her pussy down my shaft, she said, "Hold back your cum as long as you can. I'm going to get off first but then, I want to suck you one more time and have you cum in my mouth."

Hell, I thought, I'm good with that.

And, so it was, exactly how she wanted it to be. She did, indeed, get off quickly, a couple of times, in fact. When I could hold off no longer, and it was a chore holding back from Teri's excellent sucking abilities, I exploded into her mouth, the volume almost choking her, but she lovingly and greedily sucked me dry, taking her time licking me clean, afterwards.

I got to spend time with their kids, the trip to the airport a big adventure for them. Rick hugged me tight in goodbye and whispered a soft, but heartfelt, "thank you for this," before breaking apart.

Teri kissed me goodbye, our mouths open just a bit more than a friendly kiss should be, our tongues briefly touching.

And, I left, to fly the friendly skies back home.


Teri and Rick remain close friends to this day. There would be more sex between us over the ensuing years, but those tales will be told, at another time, for they also involve another person.

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