tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe First Step Towards Submission

The First Step Towards Submission


As I became a young woman I knew something was missing in my sex life, but couldn't figure out exactly what that 'something' was. A virgin until almost nineteen, I had little experience with men sexually. I was never quite sure how to approach sex, but knew I wanted men to approach me. I would often fantasize about being a sex object, a woman men sought after, an 'incredible fuck’! Whatever that was, but I wasn't sure how to become what every man wanted.

My parents were little help as I was brought up strict Catholic. I also attended an all girls’ school and was very sheltered at home. I sometimes wondered if I would ever even have sex. In high school, I was probably the only virgin I knew and had very few dates because of it, at least that's what I thought.

As a young adult my body developed early, showing off a voluptuous 44DD - 30 – 40 figure, at 5'8" tall and 170 pounds. I was aware of the attention my body got from men, but never knew what to do with them once I had them looking. Unfortunately, fear and inexperience kept me from venturing far from my upbringing. As I got a little older I thought about sex more and more, but became even more apprehensive about having it, afraid I would be ridiculed for my lack of knowledge.

Just after graduation from high school I attended a party with several friends. There was an uneven mix of men and women, mostly men, and we were drinking heavily... as young adults released into the world, sometimes do. After quite some time all of the other women had left. Alone with what remained of the men and feeling more than a little drunk and nervous, I asked if I might lay down upstairs for a while before venturing home. Retreating to an empty bedroom I laid down and let my head spin. Sinking into the bed and trying to clear my thoughts, a close friend entered the room asking if I was all right. I smiled and let him know that I would be in a little while, that I was trying to sober up before attempting to drive home.

He surprised me when he leaned forward, took my wrists in his hand and pressed them to the bed above my head. His free hand caressed my cheek, slipping slowly down the line of my jaw and tracing lightly down my neck. He smiled as he leaned over my limp body, gently brushing my lips with his own. My mind was whirling from the alcohol and the sensations his gentle kiss were causing. As his kiss became more insistent, my body began to tingle and ache for more. His hand roamed down my shoulder, past my collarbone to just above my breast. Unsure what to do, I pressed my lips against his and tentatively flicked my tongue out, tasting his lips. My head was reeling and I was afraid he could tell how inexperienced I was. I was afraid he would leave and equally afraid he would stay. As our tongues intertwined, his hand gently caressed my nipple through my blouse, sending shivers through my body. I moaned softly, arching into his caress, wanting him to touch me more, but unable to convey my feelings. Having him hold my hands firmly above my head actually put me at ease, he wouldn’t see that I didn’t know what to do with them.

As he continued to press his tongue deeper into my mouth, his hand slipped under my blouse and bra, gently stroking the round underside of my breast. Soft incoherent noises escaped my lips between our kisses. Slowly, he slid my bra up and over my breast exposing my already hardened nipple to his thumb. His fingers glided across my bare skin and kneaded the soft, heavy flesh of my breast, occasionally rolling my sensitive nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Then his grip tightened on my wrists and his hand moved slowly over my abdomen, trailing along the edge of my jeans. I began to struggle slightly, unsure of what I wanted and confused by how wonderful this all felt. Feeling the button on my jeans pop open, my protests became more urgent. He pulled back his hand and whispered softly in my ear, “It's all right, I won’t push you. ” His soothing voice and the words he uttered relaxed me somewhat, but I still felt childish at my reaction. I was sure he would get up and leave, perhaps even chuckling to himself about my inhibitions. It surprised me again when he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me with even more passion, hungrily sucking at my tongue and lips. I felt him undoing his jeans and tugging them off ah he continued to slide his tongue into my mouth and nip and bite at my lips. He moved up and over my body, taking a wrist in each hand while continuing to kiss me fervently. It all felt surreal, my mind was swimming in a sea of sexual confusion and sensation.

Straddling my waist I saw for the first time that his cock was large and thick, glistening with precum. I began my fight anew, bucking my hips upward and mumbling objections through his lips. He sat up slightly and spoke very softly, "I'm not going to hurt you. You are such an incredible kisser and it would be heaven to feel those soft lips on my cock. "

I looked into his eyes through rapidly swelling tears, on the verge of admitting I had never even seen a cock before. His wonderfully soft and gentle kisses all over my face gave me pause and made me relax against him. "It's ok”, he said, “I'll tell you what to do. Just kiss it like you were my lips. Use your tongue to suck and lick it. "

He moved further up my body, sitting atop my breasts, pressing them down against my ribs slightly. Leaning forward his balls gently caressed my chin and my lips. Without thinking about it I let my tongue flick out across them, eliciting a soft moan from his lips. "Oh yeah baby, that is so nice. "

His words of encouragement seemed to ignite a fire in me, as I sucked first one then the other of his balls into my mouth, gently rolling them around with my tongue. It felt so natural and yet so forbidden at the same time. He began to move his hips against my body, letting his cock trail across my lips with my tongue dragging along the underside of his shaft. With every movement, he praised me, told me how good I was, how wonderful it felt to him. Drunk from the tremendous pleasure I was feeling as much as from the alcohol, I began kissing and nipping at his shaft, running my tongue across the veins on the underside. His cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against my lips as I continued to revel in his readily apparent enjoyment.

Suddenly he pulled my arms out and maneuvered his body until his knees had captured my upper arms beneath them. He took my head with his hands and sat upright a bit. Taking a pillow, he placed it behind my head and spoke calmly, but determinedly, "I’m going to fuck your mouth. It’ll be alright, just enjoy how my cock feels in your mouth. "

With only a barest trace of reluctance, I nodded and whispered, "Ok. "

Leaning forward again he pressed his cock against my lips. I hesitated for a moment before opening them and flicking my tongue across the tip. The head of his cock was a deep purple, swollen and wet, a drop of precum smeared across my tongue. I couldn't believe I was about to take his cock into my mouth. My mind was in terrible conflict trying to convince myself I wasn't having sex, that this was little more than kissing. I felt dirty and ashamed, but at the same time I had never been so sexually aroused. My heart was racing, my nipples were hard and my pussy was growing wetter by the minute. Having little control of the situation made me feel I wasn’t to blame, despite my growing desire to continue, that I wanted this very badly. Convincing myself I was being 'forced' gave me the freedom to follow my desire and take this man in mouth.

Slowly, he pushed his cock forward and my lips surrendered to the thick head. As the bulbous tip slid past my lips I pursed them tightly around it. I sucked at it as he tried to pull back from my mouth, giving me the chance to be eased onto his cock. When the head of his cock met the resistance of my lips, he groaned deeply and muttered, "Ohhh yeah! You're a natural cock sucker. "

These words had such a powerful affect on me. As his cock popped from between my lips, I licked them slowly and darted my tongue out, wanting to taste him again. He smiled down at me as he poised his cock at my waiting and wanting mouth. A bit more purposefully he pushed past my wet lips and I opened my mouth wide to receive his straining cock. I felt the head glide along my tongue as he slipped a bit deeper into my mouth. His rhythmic moaning and grunts of appreciation fired my desire further and I became determined to take as much of him as I could.

Inch by inch I felt him entering my throat, sliding easily over my tongue. Each time he would push a little further into me, then pull back slowly. I would swirl my tongue around the shaft of his cock as he moved back, and would suck hungrily as he moved forward again. Little by little he buried his cock deep in my throat, filling it more with each downward thrust. When he had about two thirds of his cock in my mouth my gag reflex kicked in and I began to panic. In a very deep, raspy voice, he simply said, "Swallow it. "

Wanting to please him and without hesitation I began to gulp and gasp for breath between each stroke, trying to gain control of my reflexes. I wanted so badly to feel and taste what it was like to have his cock cum in my mouth. In answer to my unspoken wishes his strokes became more urgent, faster and deeper. I raised my head to meet his thrusts, bobbing my head up and down trying to swallow him completely. It wasn’t long before he held my head tightly and began to fuck my mouth in earnest. Still dragging my tongue along the shaft as he moved in and out, I could feel his cock start to swell inside my throat. Harder and faster he thrust into me, fucking my face powerfully. I closed my eyes and savored the moist stirring in my loins and the incredible feeling of satisfaction. I was actually able to do this. With a final thrust deep into my mouth he let go with a gush of warm, salty fluid against the back of my throat. I swallowed hard as I gasped for breath and felt the hot, gooey liquid glide down my throat. He grunted and moaned as he spurt again and again in my mouth, so much so that tiny rivulets of his thick cum oozed from the corners of my mouth.

He sighed one last time and almost collapsed against my face. And from somewhere in the room, I heard "Oh fuck yeah!! My turn!"

Instantly hysteria swept through me as my eyes whipped open and I tried to adjust to the darkness. Before I could react, my friend moved off me and was trading places with another man while they both pinned my arms. I struggled frantically against this, but they were to strong and I was still dazed from passion and alcohol. They easily held me back against the bed. I kicked and bucked my hips, trying to throw this new intruder off of my body. I felt hands gripping my ankles and thighs now, several sets of hands. Severe panic coursed through me, my eyes casting wildly about the room, how many were here?

Then the man who I had just pleased, the one I had shared my first experience with spoke, "You're not going to believe how good her mouth feels on your cock! She's a natural! I'll bet this isn't even her first one either, no one is this good their first time. "

His words hit me like an electric shock, but it wasn’t anger or sadness I felt, no, it was much more, I felt proud. I felt proud and accomplished that he would say this about me, and more than that, I felt as though I was meant to show them how good I really was. At this my resistance stopped and this new cock pushed against my lips. I attacked the throbbing penis in front of me with renewed vigor, sucking it deep into my mouth immediately. I wanted to prove exactly how good I was.

"Oh god Mike, you were right, ” said my new partner, “She sucks cock great!"

I began losing all inhibition and let myself believe I could blame it on the alcohol later, even though I knew this wasn’t true. I enveloped his shaft with my lips as he moved in and out of my mouth. My arms and legs still held firmly, I used my neck to strain upwards to take his engorged cock deeper and deeper, until after only a few thrusts he too was cumming down my throat. It went on like that for quite awhile, one after another they took turns fucking my mouth; five of them in all, filling my stomach with their combined jism. To the end I held onto the idea that I had no choice in this, I was made to do this. Deep down I was already harboring a secret; I had enjoyed this as much, if not more than they had. I couldn't help but feel powerful and successful, knowing I had brought each one to a shuddering orgasm.

When the last one came in my mouth I felt almost saddened that it was over. Never before had I experienced such sexual energy and control. Right then I wanted even more cocks to suck, wanting to bask in that feeling of being wanted and desired forever.

After my body had been released from their grasp and all but my friend had left, he crawled up beside me and kissed me tenderly, tentatively almost. "I'm so sorry”, he said, “I didn't know they had come in here. " I gazed up at him, a disappointed look on my face, although the real reason for that look well hidden from his eyes.

"I had no idea how good you were... and well... I just couldn't deny them such amazing pleasure. "

I turned my head away from him; tears were welling in my eyes, but not because of what had happened. He caressed me gently, trying to soothe me, thinking I was upset or angry. The truth was far different than what he was thinking. I wasn’t ashamed about that night, far from it; I was ashamed to tell him how wonderful it was and how much more I wanted. The sexual beast in me had been awakened and I didn't know how to tell him, "Thank you."

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