tagLetters & TranscriptsThe First Time I Met Tricia

The First Time I Met Tricia


The First Time I Met Tricia

Tricia and I first met at a party thrown by my brother whilst our parents were away. In the aftermath of that we started seeing each other regularly, and, especially after she went away to university and we could only meet up every week or so, really got into writing erotic notes describing our fantasies, which we’d send through the post or by email. One night we were talking on the phone, and got around to discussing the first time we’d met. We agreed that we’d both write down an account of that first time and post it the next day – and here are those two accounts of the same meeting….

Dear Joe

I remember the first time we met really well – it was a Saturday night in June 1995. My boyfriend, Steve, was a friend of your brother Paul (they worked at a hardware shop together) and Paul had invited Steve and a few other people over to his parents house that night as they were away for the weekend, giving him the perfect excuse to party. I didn’t know Paul (or you!) but I knew a couple of others who were going, and thought it’d be fun anyway, so I went along too.

It was fun, I guess, although most of the guys there just wanted to get really drunk. It was a lovely evening, warm and still, and I spent most of it in the garden talking to my friend Claire and having a few glasses of wine. We talked mostly about boys – Claire had recently lost her virginity to her boyfriend Chris, and Steve was pressurising me to lose mine to him. I wanted to have sex, I really did, but as I was admitting to Claire, I wasn’t sure if it was with him! We’d done lots of kissing and fondling, I’d wanked him off a couple of times and he’d fingered my pussy too, but the thought of going all the way with him was too much for me – would he just be a convenient person to fuck because I’d known him for a while and liked him? He’d never made me come, which I was a little upset about, because I could make myself come really easily. Was sex just too much hassle?

Claire seemed really happy with her decision though – she said that although it hadn’t been the romantic setting that she might have hoped for, she had loved fucking Chris for the first time and was planning a repeat later that evening, as we were all staying the night. I looked over at the boys, who were by now running around the garden throwing buckets of water over each other, and sighed. So be it – I would let Steve have his way and tonight would be the night I lost my virginity.

I think it was around this time that you got back home. To be honest, I didn’t even know that Paul had an elder brother, but despite his drunken state he managed to introduce you to everybody. You had been to the pub yourself, and although you weren’t as drunk as the others you were in no way sober. I remember you standing in front of our chairs saying to Paul that you didn’t know he knew such beautiful ladies, and grinning wickedly at Claire and me. Then, whilst the rest of the party continued to run around the garden, you went into the house, grabbed an unopened bottle of wine and came back out into the garden to join us. We all talked for ages, but I can’t really remember what we talked about. I know that when you went off to the toilet that Claire and I looked at each other and I said “Ooh, he’s cute,” or something like that, and we both laughed so much that we nearly fell off our chairs.

I’m not sure who started it, but a new game was in progress now. Someone had found some long strips of plywood, and had laid them out on the garden. By soaking them in water and washing up liquid they became very slippery, enabling people who ran up and jumped on the wood to slide down the garden, usually ending up in a heap at the bottom. Much hilarity ensued, as all the boys got soaked and bruised, although they probably didn’t feel it after all that alcohol. I remember that you had a few goes at it, and remained upright each time – were you trying to be cool by not running full speed, or were you just less drunk than the others? Anyway, all that sliding about seemed to knock the remaining energy out of most of the party – a few people went indoors and the rest were quiet now, slumped into corners in small groups. Claire went off to find Chris and somewhere to sleep for the night, and I went off to find Steve.

He was lying fast asleep in an upstairs bedroom, snoring heavily. Bastard! I kicked him gently to see if he’d wake up, but he merely grunted and turned over slightly. I’d been thinking about this night for a long time now, and he was asleep! I turned on my heels and went downstairs again, wanting to be out in the garden where the air was cooler and I could collect my thoughts. You were outside, collecting up empty beer cans and glasses – I don’t think there was anybody else in the garden. “Hey, how’s it going?” you called.

I out a brave face on the wreck of my night. “Okay,” I replied quietly, “just needed some fresh air to clear my head.”

You came over and sat beside me on the grass. I noticed for the first time the small scar on your forehead, and wondered how it had come about. “Looks like we’re the last ones up. Lightweights, the lot of ‘em!” We laughed together. “What have you done with your boyfriend than?” you asked.

I was surprised that you’d known about Steve. Had we talked about him earlier? I wasn’t sure, but how else would you have known I was with him? “Ah, he’s fast asleep,” I said, with what I thought was only a small amount of scorn in my voice.

“I thought you looked like you needed cheering up,” you said, “come on, lets have a go on this slide thing.” I protested, probably a little weakly, because you took both my hands and pulled me up from the grass, and led me over to the other side of the garden. You went first, a perfect, smooth and graceful slide. “Easy!” you shouted, “now your turn!”

I shrugged my shoulders in resignation, and slipped my shoes off. Taking a short run up, I leapt on the runway and slid slowly down to the far end, incredibly managing to stay upright. “Fantastic!” you shouted, “now just a bit faster!” I was getting into this, relaxing slightly now and not so afraid of making a fool of myself. We both had several goes, taking longer and faster run ups each time, and laughing harder as we slid to a halt. “Come on, really go for this one, I’ll catch you!” you encouraged me, and I did – hurling myself down the slide and sliding quickly to the end. Feeling the wet grass beneath my feet, I stumbled slightly, but as you’d said, you were there to catch me, but I ended up falling into you and we both ended up in a heap on the floor. Laughing too much to stand, you rolled over towards me, and, as I lay on my back in the grass, leant over me and kissed me, gently, on the lips.

I stopped laughing, slightly taken aback. I just wasn’t expecting it, that’s all. But I have to admit it felt good, the being with you as well as the physical act of the kiss. I bent my head forward and kissed you lightly back. You leant in closer to me, your arm snaking around my waist to pull us together, and we kissed once more, slightly harder now. Mmmn, that felt nice…your warm breath on my neck….your hand on my back….your leg in between mine….the starlit sky above. But no, this wasn’t right! My boyfriend was upstairs, I’d spent all night worrying about whether I should sleep with him or not, had only met you a couple of hours ago – what was I doing?

I struggled free. “Hey, Joe, no, I can’t do this,” I managed to say, and stood up quickly. I heard rather than saw you sit upright, and as I walked quickly back to the house heard you shout that you were sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to cause upset. I was breathing heavily as I went inside, and almost ran up the stairs to the room Steve was in. Sitting down on a chair in the corner, I recovered my breath and relaxed slightly, and then became aware that I was feeling incredibly turned on. I peeled off my damp t-shirt, and noticed my nipples were hard against the material of my bra. Standing up, I undid my jeans and pulled them down, kicking them onto the floor. I ran a finger tip up the inside of my thigh and around the outline of my knickers – my cunt was on fire as I slipped a finger inside my underwear and rubbed gently around my hot hole. I arched my back on the chair and rubbed in small circles, almost brutally hard on my clitoris, and reached up to squeeze a nipple between my fingers. I think it took me about a minute to come, and I sat back on the chair, shuddering as I calmed down from the intense emotional wave that was rushing over me. I lay back on the floor next to Steve, mind racing over the evenings events. What was that all about then? It usually took me a lot longer than that to make myself come, so I must have been really horny before I even came back from the garden. I hope Steve hadn’t seen me. Where was Joe? I hope I haven’t messed things up here….

The next thing I knew it was morning. Steve had somehow remembered to set an alarm clock, which was ringing noisily in my ears. I turned it off and shook him by the shoulder. He wasn’t happy, the hangover kicking in now, but he had to go to work. Grumbling about the injustice of it all, he threw on some clothes and stumbled off, giving me a cursory “see ya later” as he went. I lay back, more awake than I wanted to be, as the rest of the house slept. Usually if I can’t sleep, masturbating helps me relax enough, and I closed my eyes and slipped my hand inside my panties. I was imagining going down on Steve, his cock slipping inside my mouth and his hands on my head, encouraging me to take him deeper. I wanted him inside me, and rolled over onto my back, grasping his cock to guide it closer to my waiting pussy. Opening my eyes to look at him, I saw not Steve, but you! Oh god, I thought, what’s going on here – I’m fantasising about this guy now! My dreaming stalled, I decided to get up and make myself a drink – I obviously wasn’t going to fall back to sleep quickly.

Throwing a long t-shirt on over my bra and panties, I wandered downstairs to the kitchen. There were quite a few bodies strewn over the lounge, sleeping where they fell, and I had to pick my way carefully over a couple on the kitchen floor. I had a pang of jealousy as I noticed how they lay, the guy cuddled into her back – why couldn’t I have someone hold me through the night like that? A vision of you flashed in front of my face, and my face hardened – sod Steve, I didn’t deserve to be treated like he treated me. As I waited for the kettle to boil my mind was racing….I felt constantly horny, but didn’t want Steve, what was I going to do? That vision again, and all of a sudden it was clear – I couldn’t believe I’d run away last night. I’d been turned on as never before in my life but had probably been scared by my reaction to you, hadn’t realised that my body could ever feel as sexy as my mind. I got another mug from the cupboard and made another coffee, walking upstairs with determination, before I changed my mind.

I didn’t know where your room was, but there were only two other doors apart from the room I’d slept in and the bathroom, one of which was partially open. I looked in, and saw several people scattered over the floor, and assumed yours would be the other room. I opened the door as quietly as I could, and slipped inside. You were sleeping, lying on your right side with your arm outside the duvet. I walked over to the bed and put the coffees down on the floor beside it, glancing round the room in the half light coming through the curtains. It was a small room, tidy, dominated by a stereo and huge rack of records and CD’s against the wall. A Jim Morrison poster was above the bed, and the haunted features of Kurt Cobain looked down from another wall. I sat down on the end of the bed, watching your face, and waiting for you to wake up. You stirred briefly, eyes flickering open then closed again, and stretched out an arm. Turning over onto your back, your legs under the covers knocked against mine above them, and you opened your eyes again and looked at me. There was no real look of surprise on your face, you simply yawned, mouth open, and smiled to say hello. My mouth was dry. “Thought you might like a coffee,” was all I could offer.

“Ah, great, thanks, cheers,” you replied, struggling to sit upright, the duvet falling to your waist. Your chest was bare, slightly hairy, and I wanted to run my cool hands over it. “Er, hey, I’m sorry about last night,” you said, “I didn’t mean to, you know….”

“No, don’t be sorry,” I interrupted, “I think I liked it a bit too much really. I wondered if you might like to kiss me again.” I hadn’t thought about what I was going to say, and I was a little surprised that I’d managed to come right out with what was on my mind, but pleased with myself too. My stomach had a little knot in it, my nipples were tight and my pussy was damp – I really wanted to do this, I knew I was doing the right thing now.

I crawled up to the head of the bed, and you held out your arm for me to cuddle under. I leant up to your face and we paused for a moment, looking into each others eyes, before we kissed. The first was brief, tender, and we parted. I noticed you licking your lips, and realised I was doing the same, and then we were kissing again. My lips parted and your tongue found mine, your right arm came round across my chest and we held each other tightly. Sitting up wasn’t as comfortable as I’d thought, and wordlessly we slid down the bed together, until we were lying side by side. I was still on top of the covers and you underneath, and you pushed the duvet down so I could get closer still. My hand slid down your side, and I realised with a thrill that you were naked. Your mouth slipped off mine and you were kissing under my chin and around my neck – I’d never felt this alive before, my body was craving your touch, my head bent instinctively to allow you better access to my neck.

Your hand slid down my side to my waist, where my shirt had ridden up to, and touched the bare skin of my stomach. I groaned, helplessly, in agony and in paradise at the same time, squeezing my legs together and feeling deep spasms within my cunt. My shirt was half off now, and you bent below it to kiss my stomach….oh, the ecstasy! I lifted my arms above my head as you pushed my shirt further up, pulled it off and threw it onto the floor. You bent to kiss my nipples, hard against the thin material of my bra, before reaching round my back and quickly unsnapping the clasp, my bra going the same way as the shirt. My breasts are small, but my nipples large, and they’d never felt as sensitive as they did then, you gently tongued them and I was straining against you, wanting to feel your cock, wanting you inside me. But still your touch was slow, gentle, as you kissed all over and around my tits, down my stomach and onto the waistband of my knickers, my legs parting widely, wanting you between them. You kissed over my knickers – I was almost thrusting my cunt at you – and down my legs, your hands roaming over my tits, stomach, thighs. Gradually returning to my waist, you started gently tugging the sides of my knickers, down, down, and I raised my hips to allow you to pull them off totally. I had never been totally naked with a man before, but this was right, this felt good. Your head was between my legs, and I felt your tongue on my wetness, my legs squeezing against your ears, and my hand squeezing yours tightly. I could feel myself trembling, so close to coming, as you lapped against my cunt and sucked hungrily on my clitoris. I was gasping now, almost crying with the intensity of my emotions, and then wave after wave of orgasm was sweeping over me, through me, against me, and I was crying, pleading, too much, too much, too much.

You slid up the bed towards me, your hard cock on my stomach as you leant over and kissed me. I wiped away my tears fiercely, wanting you to see how happy I was and not to think you’d hurt me. “Joe, please, I want you to make love to me,” I stammered, “you make me feel fantastic.”

“You’re making me feel pretty fantastic too,” you smiled, “just let me find a condom.” Oh, Jesus, I hadn’t even given a thought to contraception, my body was overruling my mind and not letting me think of anything else here. But you were right, of course, and that wave of emotion swept over me again as you reached over to a cupboard beside the bed, opened a drawer and fumbled inside it for a condom. You leant onto your back as you tore the wrapper open, and I saw, really looked for the first time, at your penis, standing large and hard against your stomach. I had a moment where I worried about it fitting inside me, but watched as you rolled the condom on, and down your shaft. We kissed again, and you rolled over and leant down on me again. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” you asked, rubbing the head of your penis against my hot opening.

“Oh yes!” I’d never been more sure of anything in my life, and reached round to try and pull you into me. But again you took it slowly, pushing your cock into me an inch at a time, allowing me to get used to the new sensations as they happened to me. This was so hot, so good. You were pushed fully inside me now, there was no pain, just the excruciating agony of something so good, and then you pulled gently out of me, and in again. The friction was fantastic, and only got better as you pushed yourself up on your elbows and plunged your cock into me at a different angle, just touching against my clitoris, at the same time as you bent forward and took my left nipple between your lips and sucked on it, hard. I was coming again, so close, and told you so….and then, fantastically, so were you. I could feel your cock twitching inside me as it released its load, and my cunt was spasming around it, milking it, draining it. I couldn’t believe the feeling, I just felt so close to you, so hot, a feeling I never wanted to stop.

We kissed again, softer this time, as your thrusts slowed and finally stopped. I could feel your cock shrinking inside me, and you reached down between us to pull it out, before rolling off me and onto your back. I rolled over and kissed you, cuddling up against your side, as you pulled the condom off your limp dick and put it on the table. We were both breathing heavily, but I was flushed with excitement, my first time had been beautiful. I ran my hand over your chest. “I’ve never had sex before,” I confessed.

“No, really?” you sounded a little shocked. “Did it feel okay?”

“Oh yes,” I smiled back, “it felt wonderful!” I bent my head down towards your penis, taking it into my mouth and tasting your spunk and the condom. “Just makes me want to do it more, that’s all!”

You laughed. “Well give me a few minutes, eh! Might need a drink in the meantime.” The coffee, of course, had gone cold, and you threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and padded downstairs to refill our mugs. I lay back on the bed, feeling fantastic. The evening may have gone horribly wrong, but the morning had made up for it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do most – get you back in bed again or rush back home and talk to Claire! You bought the coffees back, and I was pleased that you took your clothes off before slipping under the covers with me again, and I leant against your chest, feeling your heartbeat, wanting to be close to you. We sat up, and picked up the drinks. I somehow didn’t feel at all self-conscious, although my breasts were uncovered by the duvet – it felt natural that you should be seeing me naked. “So couldn’t you sleep last night, then?” you asked, “seems like everybody else is still crashed out!”

I told you about Steve having to get up early and go to work, and my half awake / half asleep dreams, which amused you greatly. You said that you were dreaming about our kiss in the night, which was sweet of you, although I’m not sure I believed it, and we talked about what we were doing later that day. I had nothing planned, and you asked me whether I’d like to come down to Brighton for a day out at the beach. “What, like, a date, or something?” I asked.

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