tagFetishThe First Time I Sucked My Dick

The First Time I Sucked My Dick


I like to sit in front of my computer naked reading a good nasty story while my girl friend lubes up my asshole and inserts a large vibrating bullet and turns it on. Then she lubes up my cock, balls and nipples and starts massaging until everything is erect.

I like it very wet, so she applies a lot of lube and keeps it very moist with her saliva. I keep pumping my cock until I am about ready to cum, then I stop and restart many times. This builds up an enormous amount of cum and a very strong orgasm. When I cum it shoot's out hard, I have squirted all the way across the room.

I usually don't do that many times because it's so hard to clean up, plus I love the taste of my sperm and enjoy licking up every drop of it. While I am masturbating my girl friendusually has a girlfriend over and they will be sucking on each other's clit. One night we got on a sex site that showed men sucking their own cocks. It looked very interesting and made my cock extremely hard.

I couldn't stop jacking my cock and my girl friend couldn't keep her fingers out of her pussy I looked over at her and she had her whole fist stuck up her cunt moaning and groaning like the whore she is. I couldn't help it I wasted a load in my hand. I got up and went to the shower.

As I was thinking about what I seen on the computer. I reached down towards my feet for a washcloth. I realized how little effort it took to bend so far over, and noticed how close my cock was to my belly. My cock was really close to my lips, I wondered if I could suck myself off. I was always very limber.

I started masturbating myself and getting my cock hard, then I bent over towards my cock to see how close I could get to the head of my cock, the shower door opened and my girl friend had been watching me. I was shocked when she said "here let me help you" she started pulling on my cock and helping me bent over, in just a few moments. I was able to lick the salty-sweet pre-cum from the tip of my cock, which drove my wife insane with pleasure.

But it was a little hard to breathe, all bent over like that. So, I figured if I was going to have a shot at making myself come in my mouth, I'd have to learn how to breathe all bent over like that.

We practiced this little self-sucking routine for a few months, and after a while I was able to suck my own cock anytime I felt like it. I was my own best friend. I remember the first time my wife caught me sucking my cock without her help. She got very angry. Told me that if she ever caught me relieving myself like that again that she would divorce me.

After many practice sessions I have gotten so good at sucking I can even suck my balls into my mouth I love to dump load after load of hot fresh sperm straight into my mouth. I work myself up into male sex frenzy.

My girl friend likes to control things, So she inserts a remote control vibrating bullet up my ass and when she wants to see me cum she cranks up the power on the remote and my prostate starts contracting and cum starts pouring out of my cock straight into my mouth.

She loves to bring her girlfriends over and let them watch as I feed my cock into my mouth. I love to see the look on their faces when my cock starts disappearing into my hungry mouth. Most of them can't believe their eyes.

Sometimes my girlfriend lets them take pictures of me with my lips wrapped around the head of my cock and a finger or two fucking my asshole. I always wondered if they took the pictures home and showed them to their boy friends. I heard one of her friends tell her that her husband can suck his cock too. They both wanted to get us together and have a suck off.

The next weekend she brought her husband over. He didn't know anything about what was fixing to happen. I knew what was going on, because I heard them talk about it. After a few drinks my wife whispered into my ear to go put on my black leather g-string with the zipper in the front. She wanted me to give our guest Bob And Rita a show.

This was going to be the first time I had ever performed my little sex act in front of a man. I was nervous but I knew he liked to suck his cock. To my surprise when I got back into the living room my girlfriend had his clothes off and was lubing up his cock and balls. Rita was behind him lubing up his asshole.

She had three fingers inserted into his ass and you could see his ass muscles sucking on her fingers. He had a very large cock, my wife had both of her petite hands wrapped around it and there was still four inches of rock hard cock sticking out. She glanced over at me and told me to watch what Bob could do with his cock.

I asked my wife if I could jack-off a little? She told me to get some of this lube and too enjoy my self as long as I didn't cum. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked over at Bob and he was engulfed in self-pleasure, my wife and Rita where talking dirty to him. He took his huge cock and bent it back and started inserting it into his gaping asshole.

He must have lodged six inches of his cock into his ass. He started jacking his cock back in forth, he would pull it out of his ass till only the tip of it was showing then he would slip it back into his ass-pussy.

Talking about fucking yourself....it made me so horny I wanted to try it. I'm sitting over on the floor trying to get my cock in my ass. Bob started moaning loudly and I watched as he pumped a load of his own cum up his ass. He pulled his cock out of his rectum and cum poured out.

My girlfriend looked over at me and started laughing, she said that "I would never be able to stick my cock in my ass, it wasn't long enough." She said that if I wanted to feel a cock in my ass that she would see if Bob would fuck me. I told her I would pass on that.

She then told me to suck myself off. Without a word I pulled my legs up in the air and started sucking. I was so horny that as soon as my lips touched my cock I started cumming.

I am a very lucky guy to be able to suck my own cock if you have ever wanted to do that e-mail me and tell me about eating cum.

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I sure wish I could do that. I’d love to watch someone else do it. Maybe even help.

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