tagBDSMThe First Time is a Claiming

The First Time is a Claiming


There's something special about the first time. Ok, actually there's a lot of awkward things about the first time: Nervousness, losing control too fast, not knowing exactly how to please and how to last and the list could go on. In the end though, take away the inelegance of it and the first is special in a way.

To a submissive like me, it's like a claiming. One that can't be ignored.

Ma'am smiled at me as we walked back into her place. Dinner had been light. Something I think she'd done on purpose. "Welcome," She said, she handing me something. I looked down at the slick black leather collar with a single metal loop in it. "I expect you naked, collared and clean when you emerge from that bathroom boy," She said, her hand wrapping around the back of my head and pulling me close. "Tonight you become mine." She promised, her lips mere inches from mine.

"Yes Ma'am," I murmured and she pushed me towards the bathroom.

"Don't give me lip," She mock growled and smacked my butt before heading down the hall. "I expect you to be in that exact spot in 10 minutes."

I nodded and dashed towards the bathroom. She had set up an enema in the shower and I wasted no time, stripping down and inserting the tube. I was nervous, my hands shook a bit as I nearly rammed the tub into my butt. I'd been fantasizing and talking to ma'am for a while now and to be so close. To be claimed completely in her pet in a way that I couldn't deny. Yeah, I was ecstatic, but I was also nervous as hell. What if I wasn't good enough? Didn't last long enough for her?

Breathe, I heard her say to me as she had said so much since I met her. I obeyed the memory and focused on being clean. I wasn't going to fuck up at this at least. Once clean, I gently wiped away the remaining water and picked up the collar. Gripping it, I wrapped it around my neck. I didn't need it to know I was owned, but it was an outward symbol and I relished it. Stepping out of the bathroom, I breathed and knelt outside the bathroom and waited.

"11 minutes pet," Ma'am tsked as I finally knelt down. I looked upwards into her eyes. She smiled as she met my gaze evenly. "You know what that means," She continued. Reaching forward she clipped a thick leash to my collar and beckoned me forward. She didn't say get on my feet. Catching the subtle order, I crawled behind her. She could've asked for anything and I would've done it at that point. She had me crawl down the hallway, through the hardwood floors. Past the kitchen and finally in the the bedroom. Her room was a nerd's dream. Star wars, Disney and Harry potter posters and memorabilia. Ma'am was a nerd when it came to the things she loved and it was always entertaining to see her obsessions. She did have good tastes.

In the middle of the room lay her bed, it wasn't a mammoth, but it was a decent sized queen bed that was just enough room for what she liked. Ma'am turned and sat on the bed and looked at me.

"On my lap boy," Ma'am ordered, "You are this close and you just can't seem to behave." I obeyed, crawling over her lap and placing my stomach over her thighs and waited. She must've heard the hitch in my breath when she was talking. "Breathe," she said lightly, her hands stroking my skin. Fingers cupping my ass with what could only be called possession. "Count for me."

I'm actually a little scared of spankings to be honest.

She knew it too, during sex it was exciting but laying over her lap there while waiting was nerve racking. The anticipation, the fear. It was a scary mixture. Either I trusted her or I bolted. I wasn't going to bolt after getting this far. So I waited. Anticipation and fear mixing in my veins as I tensed up.

A harsh smack to my left cheek.

"One," I gritted. Fire burning my butt, then her hand smoothed over the burn. Stroking reddened skin.

"Relax," she ordered, "10 to go."




Each smack followed with her hand soothing my skin, gently rubbing away the ache of my punishment. Even little things could be punished and being late for my first time was pretty bad for me.

At 10, she stopped completely. Her fingers tracing my burning skin before slowly sliding between my cheeks. Tracking my hole with one hand as the other gently scraped along my taint. I felt my member rise, I closed my eyes and moaned. It felt so good as she teased me.

"Such a good boy," She chuckled, "next time, be on time pet."

"Yes Ma'am," I moaned into the bed. My hips began to grind against her lap. My erection ground into her jeans. The burn combined with the pleasure of her touch sent my senses into overdrive. Her jeans rasping against my skin to those nails tracing my sensitive taint and hole drove me insane with need.

"Now ask for your last one."

I stilled.

"Ask pet."

Mean. Mean Mean Mean Mean.

"Punish me Ma'am," I reluctantly grunted.

Her nails dug right into my taint. I whimpered

"Say that again with a better tone," She replied as if commenting on the weather.

"Please punish me Ma'am." I asked in a much more contrite tone.


Five harsh smacks followed as she completely reddened my ass. Sitting would not be easy tonight. Soothing my skin as I lay still over her lap.

"You knew that lip would make it worse," She tsked, tugging me back to my feet on my knees in front of her. I knelt at her feet, ass burning and just looked up at her as she cupped my face and kissed me. It was slow, her tongue claiming my mouth as I help still. Teasing back with her tongue in a desperate attempt to please her. I wanted to please her so badly.

Her hand wrapped around my leash and she tugged me free from her mouth. Her leash tugging me towards where she desired me next. She tugged me onto the bed, and pushed me on my back, leaning forward she looped the leash to the headboard. "Now if you can be a good boy for the rest of the evening..." She trailed off and stepped off the bed.

Her hips grinding as she she slid up her shirt. Pulling it up and over her head. Leaving only a satin bra cupping her voluminous breasts. She was gorgeous. She grinned as I watched, slipping off her pants. Taking her sweet ass time.

Being forced to watch and wait was torturous as she slowly stepped out of her pants. I was nearly panting from desire as my cock was pulsing just looking at her reveal herself in person. The panties and bra came off next, leaving her gloriously nude as she crawled onto the bed with me.

Her smile was so taunting as she stared at me, possession marking her gaze. "Tell me if you get close boy," She ordered as her tongue kissed my inner thigh. Slowly teasing her way up towards my aching cock. My legs tenses and I whimpered in want.

"Such a nice thick cock boy," She murmured between slow licks, "and it's all mine. It's my cock now."

She took her time, tasting, teasing around me. Laving my inner thigh and slowly circling me all while watched, desperately hoping she would.

Then she started slow, her hand lifting my balls to slowly teasing my taint, drawing a moan from my throat. Moving upward, she took my balls into her mouth, sucking on each with slow persistence. Pleasure burned through my cock as I focused on not moving, which was becoming harder by the second. She slowly pushed my legs wider, her breath slowly teasing me, making me jerk just slightly towards her. Ma'am chuckled deviously and blew again on my shaft, letting me spasm just slightly. Leaning forward, her tongue delicately tortured the head of my cock. Teasing my delicate underside of the head before her mouth swallowed me.

"More," I begged.

My hips pumped as she took her time. Creating a suction around my cock that made me moan. I was in heaven right there, her tongue and mouth milking me as I gasped beneath her. I was so close.

But she hadn't given permission.

"I'm close," I grunted, thinking of the dmv. The least sexy of all places.

She withdrew, elucidating a disappointed whimper.

Flipping over she lay next to me and looked at me for the longest of moments. "Fuck me," She ordered.

I flipped over on top of her. My weight coming to rest between her as her hips wrapped around me like a glove. Breasts pressed against my chest as I lined up my cock for her pussy. I couldn't wait. I needed her. I was past foreplay, past thought.

With one stroke I rammed myself all the way inside her. My tongue spearing into her mouth as her pussy gripped me tighter than a fist. It was so hot as her hips wrapped around my legs. Trying to keep me deep inside her. Her nails dug into my ass, a clear command.

I wish I had started slow, but I was too close. Still kissing her, I immediately starting fucking her as fast as I could. Hips slapping into her pelvis again and again in a rapid tempo. Gasps leaving her mouth as I broke the kiss to nibble on her collar bone. I was gone as delicious moans rang from her throat.

"Fuck.. oh fuck.. Fuck me harder boy," She gasped, breaths slammed out of her with every thrust of my hips. I obeyed, trying to go even faster. I wish I could've lasted longer. I lost myself pounding and pounding, until I finally came deep inside her. My cum spraying as deep as my cock could reach.

"Fuck," I gasped. My body seizing up. Legs locking and harsh sharp gasps leaving me as all my weight pressed into her. Every inch of me trying to get deeper inside her. Sweat poured off me as my lungs tried to keep up. Doing the best they could to keep me going.

"Mmmmm," Ma'am moaned, "Cum deep in my pussy boy."

As soon as I could move, I started moving again. Picking up the pace once more. Slamming her with what was left my erection. Her fingers became sharp against my skin, pulling me back with every thrust. Fucks and whimpers rolling from her lips as I fucked deep inside her. I kept going as long as I could. Slamming her as her moans intensified before losing my erection.

We weren't done until she was happy. Time for the second part.

Sliding down, I immediately kissed her clit before sliding my tongue inside her. Ma'am moaned in approval as I ate her out. Kissing her outer lips, tongue fucking her. Sucking my cum from her pussy and worrying her clit for what seem like hours. Her hands gripped my hair, forcing me to stay down there. Legs wrapping around my head gripped me tight, making oxygen scarce.

"Eat my pussy," She hissed. Moans following as she humped my face.

Her taste was new to me, but it was one I would get to know intimately. Slightly tangy and mixed with my cum. I stayed down there, desperately licking and learning her pleasure spots. Her back arching when I hit her g spot, or the delicious moan when I applied just the right amount of pleasure on her clit.

I was so lost in her pussy, that I felt myself swell again. Getting hard.

Now it was time to fuck her pussy again.

I broke her grip and slid up her body. Her legs wrapped around me and she smiled at me, covered in her juices. Taking her mouth and letting her taste my cum as I thrust back inside her. I was just as fast and hard as the last time, but I last longer as I fucked her. Her tongue was deep in my mouth enjoying my juices as I fucked her cum filled pussy. Stroking myself deep inside her. Sweat coating us both as I strove to drive her to new heights.

She came. Hard. Her legs locked around me and she gasped into my mouth. Her pussy gripped me tight, stroking me. Demanding my cum. Forcing my orgasm. I came hard, spewing more cum deep inside her. She squirted against me, her cum coating my lower stomach, cock and parts of my upper legs. Drenching between us.

Breaking the kiss, she panted for breath as I started to fuck her again. "Now-ah- your cock is-is mine completely," she said with that shit eating grin.

I went back down on her pussy again once I lost my erection. She came again, hard. Coating my face and her own inner thighs. I fucked her again after I could get hard again. Going four straight rounds before I collapsed on her. Panting, barely able to breath and coated with our sweat and our respective cum. She was exhausted as, resting her forehead against mine.

I was spent. Drained.

"Such a good boy," she murmured. Ma'ams hands stroked my back gently, possessively.

"Only for you," I replied, smiling slightly, meeting her eyes.

I nearly drifted off to sleep there, content with just being in her arms. Sweaty or not.

Ma'am had other plans.

"On your back pet," she ordered.

I was exhausted but obeyed, still tied to the bed by my leash as I rolled onto my back and spread my legs. Ma'am grabbed a pillowed and propped up my heads, putting my legs into my hands as she hopped off the bed.

It seemed like an eternity as she grabbed harness and a dildo to go with it. She smiled as me as she slid between my legs and gently teased my taint. Spreading my cheeks so her tongue could go lower.

I moaned.

Her tongue laved around my hole, doubtless I was still sweaty, but she took her time. Circling my hole for the merest of moments.

"Please?" I begged.

She speared my hole with her tongue. Whimpers rewarding her efforts as she took her time, slowly tongue fucking me with the calm patience of a woman who would have me. Working her way into my hole. Only stopping to spit in it before continuing, stretching my nice and slowly. Prepping me for the final step of the evening.

I stiffened, my weary cock rising as she teased me there for what seemed eternity.

Then she stopped.

"More please?" I asked desperately.

I heard the wet squelch as she lifted the harness and slid the dildo inside her. It was long, black and very thick. Not the largest I'd ever had, but no slouch in size. She had cum so much that she had enough juices to lube up the toy. I whimpered in need.

I needed it badly.

I wanted to be fucked like her bitch.

"Please fuck me," I cried desperately.

"Patience boy," She chuckled, readjusting her strap on and placing the dripping dildo on the harness. Taking my legs, she pulled them over her shoulders, bending me in half and pinning me with one move. I was helpless beneath her.

I lay still as the head pushed against my loosened sphincter. Which couldn't resist it. The head of the dildo popped in easily. Her spit and cum mixing to keep me lubed just enough to take her length. Pressure pushed against my ass as I was pushed further into the bed. It was huge, stretching me wide in a way that I wasn't used to.

I used dildos and plugs, but I didn't use them that often without an audience.

This, this was something else.

She kept pushing. Inch after inch claiming my hole. Making it into her fuck hole. Her ass. Every inch stretching me wider and wider. Pain swallowing pleasure for the briefest of moments before I finally felt her hips press against my ass.

Ma'am rested there, letting me feel her possession. Her ownership deep inside my ass. Just as I'd begged for. Then she fucked me.

Withdrawal made me feel empty in a way that I can't accurately describe, before slamming it home inside me once more. Leaving only the head before claiming me in a hard stroke. Then Ma'am went to town on my ass, jackhammering me from behind. Fucking my ass with all her might, hips slapping against my ass.

"Every inch of you is mine now," She grunted, "Every,"-a thrust- "fucking" -another- "inch."

"I'm yours," I agreed, "fuck," I gasped as she stroked my prostate, staring in her eyes as she claimed me.

"I'm going to keep you well fucked, well drained and keep those balls nice and empty," she growled, her thrusts growing harsher. "You are my bitch. My slut. My pet and I will be using you every night that I want you. This hole is going to be stretched so I can fuck it wherever and whenever I want. It's my hole now, I own it. Oh I might share you-"

I lost focus her free hand gripping my cock and pumping me furiously. I was losing it, my cock leaking precum even after I thought I couldn't. I was so close. Her words driving me over the edge.

"-but you'll always be my pet. Owned by me. Who's ass is this boy?"

"Your ass Ma'am."

Her thrusts were pounding me into the bed, sweat dripping off her brow as she claimed my ass with all her might. Her hand reached up to lift both of my legs higher as she jacked my cock harder. I was nearly mewling from pleasure. So full of her thrusting inside me. Relentlessly taking any illusion of control from me.

"That's right," She agreed, "You are mine. Do you want to cum for me boy?"

"Please Ma'am, please may I cum?" I begged.


I came in her hand spraying in the bed as she kept pounding me. Claiming me as hers.

It was the first time.

There was no doubts that I was her pet anymore.

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