tagNonHumanThe First Time the Earth Moved

The First Time the Earth Moved


Sky lay across the Earth.

"Sky, get off me," the Earth replied. "I have things to do. And I am not here, for you to do with as you please.

Sky let a gentle breeze blow through her trees. Earth let out a soft moan.

"Are you sure that you wouldn't enjoy my touch?" Sky asked eagerly.

"Well, maybe just a little," Earth conceded, feeling the warmth of Sky basking down on her. Sky continued to caress her lovingly, until she agreed to let him go a little further. The Earth moaned with pleasure as the Sky taught her many things about herself. He left no valley untended, no lake settled. Sky moved over her, exploring her every cave and every surface. He brought ripples to her moist blue lakes and caused the grasslands to waive joyously.

"Oh!" Earth gasped. She had never felt anything so magnificent. She at first had thought that Sky was pushing himself on her, but now she willingly invited him in. He whispered secret sweet things to her and serenaded her gently. All over her surface she began to quiver as Sky continued to press down, more and more urgently.

"Oh Earth," the Sky proclaimed, "Your curves, your beautiful curves enthrall me. Your hills and valleys are my joy and my pleasure. The dew on your ground invites me to join with you. Say you will have me Earth, and I will join with you. Together, we can make new life grow. Tell me that you want me Earth, for I wouldn't take you any other way.

"I want you Sky," she proclaimed breathlessly. "I don't know what could feel better than this; this soft caressing, this gentle touch. But I want to find out. My ocean roars out with the desire to feel us unite. My tides rise to be nearer to you, to join with you. My mountains jut out to reach for you. Indeed, all of me longs to answer the call, to respond to this pull within me. Cover me Sky. Cover me completely and join with me, so that we can bring forth new life."

Sky rolled out over Earth, in a tempest of passion. His winds whipped up in a dizzying flurry. The air was thick and heavily charged with electricity. Tidal waves, hurricanes, and windstorms swept through the land as the Earth felt her dew condensing and the tides rising. Heat lightning split the sky as a crack of thunder rolled out the shared cries of euphoria, giving portent to the approaching flood.

Sky knew that he couldn't hold out much longer. The pressure was becoming unbearable. And yet he knew that he would only be truly satisfied if he could not please his Goddess. He tried to hold off his own reward, but knew that his composure was slipping. Delaying the inevitable was becoming harder and harder till it was almost impossible.

The ocean's roared, rescuing Sky from certain failure for the Earth cried out for release. "Sky, now! Join with me, we can experience this miracle together. Release you deluge over my prairies, shower my thirsty treetops with your sweet liquid, flood my rivers to overflowing!" With those words, Sky could hold out no longer. Eager to remove them both from their agony, Sky allowed his tenuous hold on self control to slip away.

Sky could feel his clouds drawing up. They were heavy and full and thick with urgency. With a thunder clap he called out his pleasure. At last, he could hold it in no longer, and he rained down his love upon the Earth. Heavy drops fell violently, shaking her to her core. Her own love exploded volcanically as she spewed forth her burning desire. She could feel herself quaking all over, trembling all along her fault lines.

As the Earth steadied herself, she could feel new life taking root. Soon, she realized that she would be bursting into bloom and teaming with wildlife. She hadn't really known if she wanted to be a mother, but feeling the stirrings of new life within her, she realized that everything living would be connected with her and through her, that she would care for her offspring and love her creations unconditionally. Even if they would someday war against each other, even if they would someday pit themselves against even her, their mother. Even if- she would love them and continue to give the best and most bountiful to them that she could offer.

The Sky remained above her, caressing her growing belly lovingly, whispering encouragement into her caverns and canyons, echoing through the mountains with his joy. As the Earth filled with their Children, the Sky looked proudly on from above, never far from the Great Mother. Together, they were an unstoppable team. Everything that is, and everything that was or ever has been, they brought forth, through their union, and through them all things are connected- growing, living, expanding toward a common goal. In nature exists a special harmony, though each creature plays it's part and is often unaware of the symphony, each does it's own duty out of knowledge and love for the Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Beaming down on all of this, with his all seeing eye the Sun, Sky caresses Earth across her brow. And with a loving look, he surveys his offspring, sometimes good and sometimes unruly, but always loved, and says:

"Look at what we made."

Author's Note: Happy Earth Day, folks. I hope that you have enjoyed my story and will vote. Every vote counts and is important and I want you all to know that I appreciate your support and look forward to reading your feedback. I will try to respond quickly to all feedback that includes a return address. Thanks again!

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