tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe First Valentines

The First Valentines


Aphrodite sat on mount Olympus staring down at the world of man. The chill of the winter did not reach them on the mountain and she wore her robes open and had cast her golden girdle aside in favor of comfort. Her body gleamed with the golden sheen of a goddess and her eyes glowed with the passion of a goddess of her particular talents. Next to her sat Hermes, he also in his bare minimums. He was youthful and vibrant, with a mischievous glint in his darkly bright eyes. His hair was bleached like burnished gold and his skin gleamed like bronze. They lay together upon a bed and stared into the world below with a gleaming bowl of water which showed them anything they wished. They watched the world and Aphrodite sighed.

"The winter is so hard on them, if only they had some great pleasure to even out their great pain and hardships."

She looked down, more contemplative then was her nature. She felt on odd sadness for these creatures so beneath the gods. They could not compete in any way. Some of them were mildly fair but none compared to even the lowliest god, except perhaps her husband. She giggled to herself and stroked Hermes leg with her own. He looked at her and smiled. He thought of the best way to please her and in seeing her interest in the humans he had an idea for how.

"Aphrodite, my Love, how about giving them it?" he laughed when she looked confused.

"But what is it we should give them? They have to fight everyday to get even the smallest amount of food, even though we gifted them with the foods they can eat. They work to build larger villages and to raise their children. They fight the cold and huddle together for warmth with no comfort, they live like animals. As much as I would like to, just giving them something pretty to look at isn't going to do much good I fear." She sighed and looked away and he laughed again.

"My dear, I know what we can give them." And he sat up. She sat up as well and looked in his eyes inquiring. He leaned in and kissed her and she pushed him back.

"Not now, I am far to distraught. how dare you tease me like that, I thought you had an idea." She pouted beautifully and crossed her arms across her chest committing the heinous crime of covering up the greatest pair of breasts that the Gods had taken it upon themselves to bestow. He pulled her arms away and leaned his head in to lap and suckle at her nipples. She moaned despite herself and allowed him. When he was done he looked up at her, a sly smile on his handsome face.

"We will give them this." Aphrodite sighed looking down at her breasts. "My dear they may be amazing and glorious but I really don't think they would help." Hermes smiled.

"I beg to differ my dear any human man would die a thousand deaths for just a look at your breasts, but despite that it was not my meaning. I meant what you said at first." He began to kiss down her throat and towards her breasts once more as she thought.

"You mean, give them some pleasure?" Suddenly it dawned on her what he was getting at. "You mean it literally, give them pleasure?" She smiled the idea pleasing to her as she thought it over. Humans were few in number because they reproduced like animals, only once a season and only for the hope of making children. But gods where different. Gods had sex, they made love, dare I say in modern terms, they fucked. For them it wasn't reproduction, it was recreation. Of course they could bare children in a similar way to humans, but the process of making them was a whole lot more fun. "But how could we do it? The gods keep it as a secret, and none of the animals have it, how could humans discover something so unknown to them?" And now Hermes smiled with true deviance. His plan was unfolding in his favorite way. He could please her, and in so doing please himself.

"Aphrodite, my goddess, my love, all we have to do is show them." Aphrodite looked confused and began to speak but he hurried to continue. "My dear," He pushed her back onto the bed and leaned over her grinding his hips against her sending waves of pleasure through himself and her. "What we must do is give them a demonstration, we make love so passionately, so perfectly, so much more powerfully than any god before us. And with this passion we shake the earth and enlighten them." Her ground his hips again and she moaned. He suckled at her breast and nipped at her. He kissed her neck and stroked her beautiful skin. He incited such a passion in her that she cried out.

She saw what he was doing and began to reciprocate. She kissed him soundly and reached her hand down between them and stroked his godly phallus. It was hard and thick and put all men to shame. He was hard in her hand but he wasn't desperate, he wasn't far enough along to shake the world. So she moved from beneath him and bowed her head into his lap. She flicked her tongue across the tip of him and he moaned slightly. This still wasn't good enough so she took him into her mouth stroking him with her tongue and lips and moving quickly in a motion to mimic the act. He groaned and tangled his hands in her golden locks, trying with all his might not to pull her hair, even during sex inciting a gods wrath is simple and dangerous.

He moaned louder and began to thrust, ignoring his own better judgment. She raised her head and used her hand to stroke him as she kissed him hard and long and finally straddled him. She gently guided him, rubbing his tip in a teasing stroke across her clit she poised him to enter her. He looked in her eyes and with a groan that would deafen a human man, drove deep inside her. She cried out shaking the mountain and she rode him. The palace shook but still the humans took no notice. She rode him harder, her hands playing between her thighs to drive both of them wild. His hands gripped her breasts as he thrust upwards and she moaned as he hit her deep. She leaned over him bracing herself as she moved faster using her own momentum to grind herself against him and bring on her own pleasure. She began to moan in truth, the sound echoing across the palace and beginning a rumble in the ground. She cried out as he bucked and the humans heard the sounds.

They looked up at the mountain and wondered as the ground began to shake. Hermes thrust up his own self unable to withhold his groans he too cried out with the pleasure as it mounted. His cries mixed with hers and the ground shook harder. As he thrust up to meet her and she ground down against him the most spectacular climax began to arise between them, he thrust up harder and faster then ever before and she too unbelievably picked up her pace and together they rode over the edge of a screaming oblivion their cries so loud it drove the humans to their knees covering their ears in pain.

When the shaking stopped the men and women rose up from the snow and looked around. The men found the women suddenly beautiful and felt their cocks harden, despite it not being the mating season. The woman to were confused to feel the stirrings of desire in their bellies and the seep of moisture in their cunts. They looked at each other and paired up, some with more then one other and some with mates they knew they would have for life, and they went and they fucked for the first time ever. Their cries rocked the earth that first time and Hermes and Aphrodite looked down from the mountain and smiled their satiated smile.

For those of you who haven't guessed that day was what would later be called February 14th, and it had such a significance that thousands of years later the humans named it a day to celebrate love. Even they didn't know why.

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