tagGay MaleThe Fishing Trip Ch. 02

The Fishing Trip Ch. 02


I woke up around 6 the next morning. Feeling a little groggy from the few beers I drank. I got out of bed and went out in to the living room. I started to sort through our bags looking for my clothes when I noticed Joe was sleeping on the day bed. It was then that I realized I was still naked from the night before. He started to stir on the couch and soon he was awake and said, "Good morning,"

"Good morning to you to," I replied.

Joe then got out of bed he was still naked. He came over to the area where the luggage was piled up and said, "You ok with what happened last night?"

I looked at him and said, "Yeah I'm ok with what happened, what about you?"

Joe replied, "Bob and I both talked about it last night we were just concerned we might have pushed the issue to far we had no idea it would have progressed so far."

"Sounds like you both planned for this to happen. Why didn't you clue me in before hand?" I asked.

"We didn't think you would lose and we thought you would have just left the room to give us some privacy when the game ended and no one would have been the wiser." Joe said,

"How long have you been thinking about this?" I asked.

"It all started out a couple of weeks ago when Mary and I was over at their house and we started to joke around about sex. Then we started to talk about sex and Sue out of the blue asked if I ever fooled around with a guy." Joe said.

"You're kidding what did you say?" I asked.

"I asked her if Bob ever sucked and fucked a guy. I thought it would be a good way to get her to change the subject." Joe said.

"Wow good come back what did she say?" I asked.

"To our surprise she said that Bob likes to fool around with men from time to time when ever the opportunity arises. Then I asked her what did she mean by fool around? She replied that he likes to suck and get sucked by men but it is getting harder to meet men with that interest who are not totally gay or who are not total ass holes." Joe replied

"Oh man what was Bob's reaction? I can not imagine what it would have been." I asked.

"Surprisingly he was pretty calm I kept expecting him to tell her to shut the fuck up or something like that but he was pretty calm. Then I asked him if it was all true and he said yeah and it's something he is not ashamed of. That is when I told him of what I did before Mary and I got married and Bob asked Mary if she new this and she said yeah she even watched me and my friend a couple of times but it was something we never did after we got married. Then Bob asked her if she would like to watch again some time and Mary surprised me by saying yeah if the opportunity was right and the guy was not an asshole or something like that. Then Sue asked me again if I would ever do anything with a guy again " Joe replied.

"Wow she was pretty direct, I couldn't believe Bob just stood there and said nothing. What did you say when she asked you if you would play with a guy again?" I asked.

"I told her Mary and I would have to talk about it. First to find out what each of us thought about it. It was getting late then Mary and I finished our drinks and went home. Over the next couple of days we talked about what was said and we agreed it would be ok if I experimented so to speak and tell her all about it afterward. We agreed this would have to be completely confidential between us and if the opportunity came up it would be ok for me to try something like we did last night." Joe said.

"You have any regrets about what happened last night?" I asked Joe.

"Just one," Joe said.

"What is that?" I asked.

"I wasn't the one who lost, I really wanted to tasted some dick again." Joe said.

"How about right now?" I asked.

Joe stepped in front of me and got on his knees, he reached over and started to stroke my cock. With in a few seconds it was semi erect then I stepped forward and put my hands on the back of his head and pulled him in to my crouch as he opened his mouth and engulfed my dick in one swallow. He started to suck and jack my cock at the same time working his tongue along the shaft. With out thinking I started to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth. The speed my orgasm started to build surprised me. Just as I was about to come Bob stepped in to the room and said, "I see you guys are starting the day off with bang," Then Bob asked me, "How is he doing? He is putting a lot of effort into it?"

"He is putting out enough, Oh god here it comes, get ready I'm coming right now." I replied gasping to Joe. I started to come in Joe's mouth thrusting my hips with each spurt. I must have shot ten to twelve spurts in his mouth. He put his hands around my buttocks holding me in to him as I was coming in to his mouth. When I finished I with drew and he looked up at me and smiled. Then he took three swallows to get my load down his throat. Joe then said, "That was better than I remembered thanks buddy I have been wanting to do that for a very long time."

Then Bob asked me, "You ready to give us some more head to day buddy?"

I just looked at him for a couple of seconds wondering what to say, and then I said, "What happened last night is one thing, what may happen today is another. From now on I only suck guys who are going to suck me."

"But it looks like Joe already has drained you for awhile," Bob replied.

"You take care of Joe first, then we will see what happens," I said.

Bob asked Joe, "You ready for some fun this morning?"

Joe replied, "Go sit on the couch."

Bob walked over to the couch and sat down. Joe walked over and stood off to the side of Bob. He leaned towards Joe and Joe reached down and pulled his head towards his crouch. Bob opened his mouth and Joe's cock slid in with one easy motion. Bob was softly moaning on Joe's cock as he sucked on it. I looked down at Bob's crouch and saw his cock harden with each in and out stroke of his head. When it was fully erect I walked over to the couch and knelt between his legs and started to stroke his cock. After a few strokes I leaned forward and lowered my mouth on to his cock and started to suck it like I did last night. As his cock reached the back of my throat I started to swallow like I did last night again it went down my throat with very little effort. I started to breathe through my nose when I reached his stomach. I did not come back up so fast this time deciding to stay down on his cock while I applied a sucking pressure on the full length of his cock and working the shaft and head with my tongue. After a couple of minutes I raised my head up till only the head was in my mouth I swirled my tongue around and gave it a couple of strong sucks then I went down the full length of his shaft. I did that again a few times in quick succession then I went down on his cock again and stayed there for a few more minutes. I heard Joe say he was getting real close to coming and I felt Bob quicken his pace on Joe's dick. With out thinking I doubled my own efforts on Bob's dick and he started to squirm on the couch. I then heard Joe say he was going to come and I felt Bob's dick swell in my throat I rose up on the shaft till only his head was in my mouth and Joe let out a scream saying, :Oh god get ready here it comes. Then Bob's dick started to fill my mouth with come with each spurt. I kept licking and sucking with each spurt as he was thrusting his hips in to the air. When he finished coming in my mouth I with drew his cock out of my mouth and swallowed his come then I looked up at Bob as he was milking the last few drops out of Joe's dick and smiled at both of them. Bob with drew Joe's dick from his mouth and looked down at me and said, "Looks like you have found something new, do you like it as much as Joe and I?"

I thought for a moment then I said, "I really don't know if I like it as much as you and Joe. I do know I like sucking cock and it does surprise me by how much I like it. I don't know however if I like it so much that I would be willing to sacrifice what I have with my wife."

"We know what you mean, I know I wouldn't be doing this if I hadn't talked it over with Mary" Joe replied.

"The only thing is I have no idea how to even bring this subject up with Judy let alone talk about it." I replied. Then I said, "I don't even know what she thinks of this kind of activity. It is something we have never talked about. I do know some guys at work who's wives have found they are gay, they packed their bags and left. To be honest that just scares the shit out of me."

"We understand what your saying there," Joe said, "Like we said what happens here stays here. We won't even tell our wives what we did with you last night and this morning, unless we ask you first."

"That's good to know, let's eat some breakfast and do some fishing this morning," I replied.

"Sounds like a good idea," Bob said.

I prepared a breakfast of bacon and eggs, we sat down and had our morning meal and headed off to the lake to launch the boat. It was a fun day out on the lake although we did not talk about what happened last night or this morning. I didn't bring up the subject although I kept wondering how I would talk to my wife about it or even if I should. I asked Bob, "How did Sue find out you like to play around?"

He looked at Joe and Joe shrugged his shoulders and then Joe asked, "Yeah how did Sue find out about your acquired taste?"

Bob looked around the lake to see if there was anyone near us on the boat. Then he said in a quite voice, "It was when VCR's first came out and Sue and I bought our first one. We were going from video store to video store one night looking for a movie to watch. It seemed at the time no one had anything new. We walked in to one we had not been in before. After a short while we noticed they had a special room labeled adults only. We walked in and saw it was all triple x movies. On a whim we rented a couple that looked interesting although we did not take a close look at the selections they had on hand. We just picked out Debbie does Dallas and Deep Throat because we were familiar with the titles. When we got home we watched the movies and went to bed and fooled around afterwards. The next week we stopped by the same store and rented some more movies. This time I looked closer at the boxes and noticed they had two categories the so-called normal category and gay. I picked up a movie that dealt with oral sex, I then asked Sue if she was ready to go and noticed she had a movie in her hand. She replied she was ready when I was so we took our movies and checked out again and went home. We watched the regular movies with the kids and sent them to bed then we put the porn in. We watched my movie first. We were joking with each other about the quality of acting and the dialogue on the whole it was ok. Then we put the movie in that she picked out. The first thing I noticed was that there were no women in it. I then asked Sue why she picked out this movie and she said because all the guys on the box cover were extremely sexy and good-looking. I then asked her if she noticed what category she picked the movie from and she said what do you mean? I then told her this is probably a gay movie. Gay, she asked, what do you mean. I then said laughing this movie is for homos. Sure enough with in five minutes of the movie there were two guys getting naked with one of them getting on his knees and sticking the other's cock in his mouth. I looked over at Sue during this scene and at others through out the movie. I could see she was watching it with great interest. I asked her what she thought of the movie and she said that it was very hot. After the movie was over we went to bed and had sex like when we were first married. Afterward we talked about the movie and she asked me what I thought of it and I said I probably liked it as much as she did. Then she said she thought it was the hottest thing she had ever seen and she would like to watch some more movies like that. To be honest with you two I thought it was hot to but I was also torn by the feelings I had afterward. Back then I thought I was a normal guy and let's face it normal married men with kids don't have those kind of thoughts let alone act on them. We became regular customers of that video store and every time we rented some porn Judy would always pick out a gay video and we would watch it together and afterwards we would have some of the greatest sex ever. I thought it was a small price to pay for some great sex, and yes I did enjoy watching them with Sue but I was also careful not to let on just how much I enjoyed it"

"Watching porn is one thing how did you progress to actually doing," I asked.

Bob replied, "You know how Sue is once she gets a hold of something she is like a dog with a bone she just will not let it go. About 5 months after we started watching those videos and talking about them afterward she asked me if I ever did any thing with a guy. I learned a long time ago not to lie to her not because it's wrong but because I'm the worst liar in the world. I looked at her and I really didn't want to say anything, she just looked at me and said oh my god, you have, what was it like and what did you do? Then I told her about when I was in high school my best friend and I would fool around after school and on the weekends before we started to date girls on a regular basis. She asked what we did together and how did we start. I replied it started out with us jacking off with porn magazines and it led to sucking each other off. I told her I did like it but not as much as being with a woman and that is pretty much why I gave it up. She then asked if I would do it again and I said if she wanted me to I would but I'm not going to go out and look for it."

"How did your first time happen with her," Joe asked

Bob looked around again then he said, "About a couple of months after that we went out for some pizza and beer and on a whim we decided to stop at the old porno theater. Trust me I did not have a clue what people did in there when we went in and I don't think Sue did either. We paid for our tickets and entered the theater. It was so dark in there it took a few minutes for our eyes to adjust just so we could find a seat to sit down. I thought it was odd but the seats did not go all the way up to the wall there was an isle about 10 ft wide between the back row of seats and the wall. I don't know why but she wanted to sit in the back row so we picked the first tow seats in from the isle and sat down. She was in the inside and I sat in the outside seat. We had sat down for about ten minutes watching the movie when a guy came in and stood behind us long the wall. I really didn't notice him when Sue tugged on my arm and said there was a guy back there stroking his dick. I turned around to look at him and then turn back around to watch the movie some more when he walked up to us and stood between our chairs with his cock out and stroking it. Sue was the fist to notice he was there and she tugged my arm again and I turned my head to look at him and notice his dick was at face level to me. Sue then said why don't you turn around in your seat to get a real good look at it honey so I did that. Now his dick was pointing strait at my face and Sue said go-ahead help the guy out so I replaced my hand with his cock and started to jack him off. Then she said you could help him out more than that. Go ahead and suck him you know you really want to do this again, now is your chance. So I leaned forward and opened my mouth and started sucking a dick for the first time in years. I was working him over with my mouth and my hand when he started to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth then he let out a groan and pulled me all the way down on his dick and filled my mouth with his come. Then Sue said swallow it baby swallow it all and that is just what I did. I then got my composure and we left. We talked about what happened on the way home. Sue couldn't believe I actually did it in a public place and how hot it was to watch me suck a cock and swallow cum just like in the movies. I guess you can say I have been doing it ever since. It's like everything else some times your in the mood and sometimes your not.

"You and Joe are lucky in that your wives know about your interest and support you in every way. I have no idea how Judy would react if she found out. With my luck she would be one of those people who totally flip out on something like this," I said.

"Your right but our marriages were strong to begin with, usually when there is a break up there are other factors involved," Joe said.

The rest of the morning was spent in idle conversation about sports, TV, cars, and work. The fishing was fantastic by ten thirty we each had caught our limit and found ourselves looking in to the live well of the boat wondering what we were going to do with all the fish. Bob then reached for his cell phone and pulled a piece of paper out his pocket and dialed the number. Then Bob said, "Hello, this is Bob one of the three guys who talked to you last night in the restaurant." There was a short pause then Bob said, "Oh yeah we are having a gay time here, we are having the best luck ever fishing this morning. We were wondering if you and your husband would like to join us for lunch today?" There was another short pause then Bob said, "We have caught mostly all Bass all of them keepers each one of use has caught our limit so we will have plenty of fish." Then Bob said, "You can bring some coleslaw and a salad if you like and we can make it a pot luck."

I looked over at Bob and said, "What are you thinking of?" The last thing I need is to have Judy find out your looking to find something on the side,"

"Would you just calm down. They are coming over for some lunch and conversation," Bob said. Besides it would be a good opportunity to find out about her husband."

We headed back to shore and started to clean the fish. When we were finished it was about eleven thirty and we started to prepare lunch. Just before twelve Kathy and her husband pulled up to the cabin. They knocked on the door and Joe let them in. Kathy introduced her husband Mark to us. We finished preparing the fish and prepared to the table and we sat down for lunch. The conversation started off with us talking about the fishing today, our jobs and our kids. Out of the blue Bob asked, "Kathy is it true what you told us about your husband yesterday?"

Kathy thought for a second then she replied, "What do you mean?"

"You said you like to watch him have a gay time with his friends on his knees. Does that mean he likes to have oral sex with men?" Bob asked.

Kathy thought for a minute then she said, "Before I answer that you should tell me what you think of people who do that."

"We don't have any problem with men who do that if that is what you mean," Joe said.

"Any of you ever do it before? She asked." With out thinking I said, "I have and so have they."

Then Kathy smiled and said, "Yes it is true he likes to suck off men."

"How did he start?" I asked

Kathy smiled, then she looked at Mark and then she looked at me and she said, "Why don't you tell Mark and I how you started?"

I looked at Joe and Bob they just gave me the "you got your self into this now you can get your self out look" then I said, "It pretty simple, all I did was loose a game of cards last night."

Kathy smiled and said, "Who did you have to suck?"

"Both of them," I replied then I added, "This morning Joe sucked me, Bob sucked Joe and I sucked off Bob. I think I know what your next question is going to be and yes I swallowed all three times and yes last night was truly my first time."

Kathy then said, "Mark and I discussed this for along time. The subject was one our favorite materials for our fantasy life. We discussed and talked about the subject for years feeling secure in the fact that it would probably never happen. We went out for dinner, drinks, and a movie about five years ago. On our way home we drove through the section of town that had all the adult bookstores. On a whim I asked Mark if he would like to go in and see what was inside. He said sure why not. We parked the car and went inside. There were rows of video boxes with varies titles, all kind of dildos, and a couple of racks of magazines. The place was clean and well organized not quite the dirty seedy place you would expect selling that kind of material. We walked around for a bit and noticed a door with flashing lights around it saying arcade. I asked Mark if he knew what was back there and he said no but we could find out. We went to the front counter and bought some tokens and went back in to the arcade. It was dimly lit as we walked down the isle of booths. There were a bunch of men standing around the back row. I just thought this is where all the good movies were playing. We picked a booth that had four or five guys standing around it. We went in the booth and started the movie I looked around the booth and noticed a hole in the plywood wall and I pointed it out to Mark he just looked at it and shrugged his shoulders. About five minutes later I looked down at the hole again and noticed some guy stuck his cock through the hole. I pointed it out to Mark and he just stared at it. Then I told him to touch it and he reached tentatively down and touched the cock and it twitched. Then I told him to stroke it and he started to lightly stroke it and it grew even more in his hand. I then told him to get a real close look at it and he got on his knees and stared directly at the cock. Then I said baby now is your chance, go ahead and suck it. He didn't move, so I said suck it baby you have wanted to do this for a long time. Then I put my hand on the back of his head and gently pushed him towards the cock and he opened his mouth and stuck it in. I could tell he was timid at first maybe even a little scared so I leaned down and softly said just relax and enjoy it. He was starting to work the cock over with his mouth when I told him to go after it try and give the guy as much pleasure as you can. After a few minutes of sucking and licking he was starting to really get in to it when we heard a grunt from the other side of the wall and the guy thrust is dick as far though the hole as he could and started to squirt come in to Mark's mouth. I then told him to swallow it and Mark looked up at me and gulped it all down then he gave me a smile. We sat down on the bench and I asked him if he like it and was it everything he expected. He said he liked it a lot but was quite surprised on some aspects like the taste and the feeling of it going in and out of his mouth. We then looked down at the hole and noticed another cock had come through. This one was slightly smaller than the first and I just looked at him and said you will never know when you will get another chance, go ahead and suck this one to. Mark got down on his knees again and put the cock in his mouth this time working it with more confidence. His head was going back and forth on the shaft and I could hear slurping noises from his mouth. The other guy started to thrust his cock in and out of the hole and Mark just pressed his mouth against the hole in the wall as the guy fucked his mouth. Mark was working the cock with his mouth and tongue when we heard the other guy groan and thrust one last time in to Marks mouth and again Mark swallowed each spasm as it came out. When the guy was done coming he pulled out of Marks mouth and he looked up at me and said that one was better than the last. He got up off the floor and we left. When we got home we tore each other's clothes off and we fucked like we never had before I could not believe the passion and effort he put forth that night. Over the next few days we talked about what he did at the bookstore and we decided if this were something he wanted to do it would be ok by me but he could not lie about it at any time.

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