tagGroup SexThe Fishing Trip Ch. 03

The Fishing Trip Ch. 03


"Why didn't you come over with Bobby?" Christy asked Lisa.

"I went shopping for something special."

"What is it?" Christy asked.

"You'll see soon enough," Lisa teased patting Christy on the butt.

"Do you think the boys have any idea we are lovers?"

"I don't think they have a clue," Lisa said with a smile reaching over and caressing Christy's breast. "Can I mess your hair up even more?"

"Please do! I have been thinking it about it for a month except of course when I was fucking my hubby good-bye!"

"Was it as good as it always is?" Lisa asked with a little jealousy.

"Don't worry sweetheart making love with you is always special and there is no comparison, you each have your own special way of turning me on."

Lisa and I have been lovers ever since we became college roommates. I remember the first time we had sex. It was at the end of our first week at school. I came home late Friday evening after a long week of classes and found Lisa sitting in her bra and panties in the room.

"Why is it so hot in here," I asked.

"The fucking A/C is not working" Lisa said fanning herself with a notepad. "Sorry about my language, but I had to strip down just to try to stay cool."

"No problem, I can see why you did it. I think I will too." I replied taking off my blouse and skirt.

Lisa had on a red bra and matching thong panties. She had a gorgeous body with ample breasts, probably a "D" cup, a small waist and nicely shaped hips. She also had the most beautiful long auburn hair. I am not as well endowed as Lisa but I have a nice body also, 34 C breasts and nice hips though my waist is a little fuller than hers. I can proudly say I turn heads but not like Lisa. She never flaunted her body around me she was just totally relaxed with her nudity. From the first day we were roommates she never thought anything of walking around half dressed or even being nude in front of me after a shower. I have to admit I admired her body when she got undressed that first night in the dorm and I saw those lushes tits and incredible ass. Though I had never had sex with a woman before and have never had sex with any other women since there was something about her that made me curious as to what it would be like to caress her breasts. I was a little shy at first but she put me completely at ease. My back was killing me from sitting in those hard chairs all week and I moaned as I lay down on the bed.

"Are you all right Christy?"

"My back is killing me." I said.

Lisa told me to roll over on my stomach and she would give me a back rub. I rolled over leaving my bra and panties on and pulled a pillow up under my head. Lisa came over with some oil she said her grandma gave her and started to rub it on my back. As she worked her way down my back she undid my bra and let the straps fall to the side.

"Can't rub your back properly with that on," she said. She worked my back really hard and it felt great. She had long fingers and knew just how to massage my muscles.

"Take off your panties I don't want to get oil on them they are too pretty."

I raised my butt and slid my panties down though it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. Lisa pulled them the rest of the way off and then stated rubbing the oil on my legs. She worked her hands expertly up my left leg then across my ass and down the other leg. I could feel my nipples getting hard and I was glad I was lying on my stomach. She worked back up my leg, working the inner thigh pushing my thighs apart. She brushed her finger on my pussy as she massaged my inner thighs first one then the other, but it seemed like an accident. She then went to work on my ass and caressed it with her oily fingers and then proceeded up my back. I could feel my pussy getting wet and my face getting red but I enjoyed it too much to ask her to stop.

"Roll over Christy and I will do your front."

"That's OK I feel a lot better now." I said reluctant to turn over since my nipples were now hard and sticking straight out. They did that when I was horny and I had to admit her massage had definitely made me horny.

"Don't be a prude sweetie were both girls and I am just trying to help you relax," Lisa said. I rolled over and instinctively covered my breasts.

"Hands at your sides hon if you want me to do a proper job."

"Where did you learn to massage like this," I asked trying to hide my embarrassment and get her to look at my face and not my nipples.

"I worked as a nurses aid in a nursing home and giving massages was part of my job. Though I have to admit I never massaged anyone quite as beautiful as you." Lisa smiled as she took a long look at my body. "Just relax and enjoy," she said as she spread oil on her hands and began to massage my shoulders. I closed my eyes and hoped my face was not too red as I tried to relax. She worked her hands down to my breasts and massaged each one with both hands, caressing my now rock hard nipples between her fingers. She seemed so intent on her massage and that I am not sure she noticed how hard they were. She then massaged down my stomach and went to work on my legs. My pussy was soaking wet as I was really turned on from her breast rub and I spread my legs a little wider to let her have better access to my legs and secretly hoped she would "accidently" touch my pussy. As she massaged the inner thigh of my left leg her hand grazed my pussy but soon she was working down the leg. Massaging back up my leg I thought she lingered a little longer on my inner thigh and that she rubbed my pussy a little harder this time. I spread my legs a little farther trying to be nonchalant about it but Lisa seemed not to pay any attention and just continued her massage. Next she worked her fingers over my right leg first down and then back up. When she got to my crotch she placed her fingers on my inner thighs and gently rubbed my pussy. I moaned without thinking and then was immediately embarrassed though I have to admit it felt very good.

"Just relax sweetie I think you may really need this after your first week." Lisa said as she slipped a finger into my wet hot pussy. She slowly caressed my clit and I don't think I ever thought I could be so turned on by another woman. I spread my legs further and raised them slightly bending them at the knees to give her better access to my pussy. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before but I was loving it and did not want her to stop.

"God, that feels really good, don't stop OK?" I moaned pushing against her finger.

Lisa slipped off her bra got between my legs and dragged her now equally hard nipples up my stomach and took my nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. She twirled her tongue around my nipple and sucked hard on it driving me insane. While doing the same to the other she slipped her finger deep inside my pussy getting it wet and then rubbed it on my nipple. She then sucked my juices off and licked her way down my stomach again dragging her nipples across me. She raised my legs up and placed her mouth on my pussy and began to lick it softly pushing her tongue up inside me. She twirled her tongue around my hard clit and gently sucked on it and then used her teeth to nibble on it. I thought I was going to explode I was so hot. I had had sex with a few guys before but I had never felt like this with any of them.

"I am so hot I think I am going to cum," I said grabbing Lisa's hair and pulling her into my cunt. She started licking and sucking me harder and faster and my hips began to buck with the coming orgasm.

"Cum in my mouth Christy I want to taste you cum," Lisa said as she concentrated on eating me out.

"Oh, fuck," I moaned and exploded in her mouth with the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Lisa just kept licking and sucking making me cum again and again until her face was soaked with my juices and I thought I was going to die.

Lisa looked up her face covered with my wetness, smiled and said. "Feel better?"

"God yes, that felt so good but I have never done anything like that before."

"It's OK neither have I."

"I find that hard to believe you were incredible!" I said not quite believing her. "How did you know what to do, if you never did anything like that before."

"I just let myself go and did what I would want you to do to me."

"Earth to Christy, earth to Christy. What are you thinking about sweetie you seem to be lost in a dream world," Lisa laughed.

"I was just thinking about the first time you made me cum," I said smiling and licking my lips. "I fell in love with you that day and have never stopped loving you since."

"Good! Let's go into the bedroom I have something I want to show you." She took my hand and pulled me down the hall to the bedroom, pushed me down on the bed and lay on top of me kissing me and sticking her tongue in my mouth. She slipped her hand between my legs and felt my pussy which was already wet from my memories.

"I thought you just had fantastic good-bye sex with your hubby?"

"I did but thinking about having sex with you has me all ready to go again. Take off your clothes I want to eat your pussy and make you feel good all over." I said trying to pull her sweater up over her head.

"OK there young lady you can do whatever you want with me I promise!" Lisa pulled her sweater off, slipped out of her jeans and lay down next to me in just her bra and thong panties. I pulled her bra down and took her breast in my mouth and started sucking on her nipple. "Slow down and get undressed," Lisa laughed pushing me away. I jumped up and stripped all my clothes off throwing them on the floor and started pulling her panties off. "I want to eat your pussy baby and make you cum all over my face." I said as I pushed my finger into her wet pussy. I pulled my finger out and stuck it in my mouth and sucked her juice off my finger. "God your pussy really tastes good. I am so glad we have continued to be lovers since that very first day you ate me."

"So am I hon eat my pussy will you and make me cum."

"With pleasure," I said as I got between her legs and began to lick her lovely pussy. I put my arms around here legs raising them up so it would be easier to get to her pussy and I teased her nipples with my fingers as I ate her. I licked her from the bottom of her pussy to the top with a slow lick capturing any juices that might be flowing from her pussy and then I flicked her clit with my tongue causing her to cry out. I loved to eat Lisa's pussy and loved the taste of her cum as much as I loved my own. I stuck my finger up in my pussy and rubbed it around getting it very wet and then I stuck it up Lisa's pussy doing the same thing and then I put my finger in my mouth and licked off her and my juices.

"Let me have a taste will you hon," Lisa moaned. So I stuck my finger in her pussy and then in mine and then I put my finger up to her mouth and let her lick it clean. "God I love the taste of our pussies. Turn around and sixty-nine with me. I want to eat you as you eat me."

I turned around and put my pussy over her mouth and said, "Eat my cunt out and tongue my ass will you baby?" I pushed my pussy down onto her mouth and relished the way she ate me. I could do this for hours. I bent over and put my tongue on her ass and licked it, rimming her hole. Lisa returned the favor and spread my cheeks and licked all around my ass and then stuck her tongue inside. My body shook with pleasure. I saw her reach out and take something in her hand and I felt her rub it on my ass. A stab of pleasure rippled through my whole body starting from my ass.

"What is it?"

"It is an ass stimulator, more commonly known as a butt plug. I know how much you like to have your ass played with and eaten, so I thought you might enjoy this." Lisa said with the sound of lust in her voice. I looked over my shoulder and saw something rubber in her hand. It looked triangle shaped, more like a stack of balls with the smallest one at top.

"Do it again will you?" I said reaching back and spreading my ass cheeks.

This time Lisa wet it with her saliva and then gently pressed it against my hole and gently pushed on it. I felt a sudden sensation of fullness as she pushed the first ball in. She twirled it around and then slowly pulled it out. The pleasure was unbelievable!

"I need to get some lube hon, it will make it easier."

"Hurry," I moaned "I want to feel it again." Lisa reached down and got a bottle of liquid and squirted it all over the stimulator. She then rubbed it all over it and on my ass. While she was doing this I buried my face in her pussy and licked it all over sticking my tongue inside her and sucking on her clit. When I felt her press against my ass again. I stopped eating her and concentrated on the sensation coming from my ass. I could feel her rolling it and pressing it against my hole, rubbing lubricant all over and into my hole. Then she pushed it into my ass. I cried out in pleasure and clenched my ass around it enjoying the fullness. Lisa slowly turned it around inside me and then slowly pulled it out. This time I could feel three balls pulling out of me and I moaned again in pleasure.

"Do you want more?"

"God yes, please do it again, it feels so good."

Lisa put more lube on it and squirted some right on my ass and rubbed it inside. I thought I was going to cum just from the anticipation. Then Lisa pushed it in my ass again and this time I could feel her hand flat on my ass. It felt amazing and I started licking her as hard and as fast as I could. Lisa slowly turned the ass plug around inside my ass and moved it in and out ever so slightly. The pleasure was incredible. She then started licking my pussy while stimulating my ass. I was going wild.

"I am going to cum!" I moaned and buried my tongue as far as it would go into her pussy.

"I am going to cum with you," Lisa panted as she ate me and worked the rubber knobs in my ass. As I started to cum Lisa pushed her pussy up against my mouth and said, "Eat my cunt hon, eat my cunt." At the same time she slowly pulled the rubber plug out of my ass. I had such an intense orgasm that I thought I was going to faint. I couldn't stop cumming. I wrapped my mouth around her pussy and suck every last drop of her cum into my mouth. We licked and sucked and ate each other's pussies as if our life depended on it. I finally collapsed on top of her and fell to the side. I lay my head on her thigh and slowly and gently licked her wet swollen pussy.

Lisa moaned with pleasure. "That was absolutely the best fuck I have had since the last time I ate you."

I laughed and kissed her pussy and said, "That was the most incredible sex I think I have ever had. What a great idea getting the ass stimulator. You really know how to turn me on. I want to let you feel the pleasure."

"Not tonight hon, maybe first thing in the morning, but now I just want to lay here and feel the pleasure of you naked next to me just like we have done for the past eight years."

"OK," I said as I rested my head on her chest and placed my hand on her breast toying with her nipple.

"You better stop that or I am going to start eating you again."

"Ummm! Sounds like fun," I laughed and started sucking on her nipple.

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