tagInterracial LoveThe Fitness Instructor Ch. 01

The Fitness Instructor Ch. 01


It always felt good crawling into a nice comfortable bed after a long hard day of work. We have these extra thick comfortable pillows and a thick comfy comfortable on our bed that made it so relaxing that I never want to get out of bed in the morning. Especially with my gorgeous wife Katie laying by my side.

Katie was still brushing her teeth as I sat up on my pillow searching the internet on my I-pod looking at one of these goofy dating sites. I could see Katie standing in front of the bathroom sink wearing just her little black thong as she furiously brushed her teeth. Every time she'd move her arm her tits swayed back and forth making me laugh.

I browsed some of the woman on this stupid site thinking how they didn't even come close to matching up with my beautiful wife. Don't get me wrong. Some were very attractive but none came close to my Katie. The bathroom light finally clicked off as Katie walked into the bedroom just wearing her tiny little black thong.

I watched as she stood on the side of the bed wiggling her hips as she slid the tiny little thing down past her wide hips and stepped out from under them as they hit the floor below.

"David. Are you looking at that silly dating site again?"

I couldn't help but laugh as I replied. "I was just taking another look on here again. I can't find one woman on here that even compares to your beauty."

Katie leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on my lips as she smiled saying. "You better feel pretty damn lucky too I might add."

"Honey, you know I feel lucky. I think your so gorgeous."

Katie just smiled as she moved closer to me putting her head on my shoulder as we looked at the ipad together. I could feel her warm soft skin rubbing against me as we lay there looking at the adds. I scrolled through adds that had been placed by women until Katie spoke up saying.

"Why don't you click on some of the men?"

I sighed not wanting to really look at the guys but I figured Katie wanted to take a look to see some of the guys posted on the site. So we're looking through a few of the adds as Katie made little remarks about each one of the men. You could rate the pictures so Katie started having me rate them for her.

I had to admit that a few of the guys were attractive. Some posed showing their muscles including their biceps which got Katie's attention. We started having more fun scrolling through the adds. Katie would remark on some of the guys saying they looked handsome. She even started kidding around saying if she were single again she'd send a certain guy a message.

I just laughed along with her as we kept browsing through the male section of the site. Katie started pointing out more men with big muscles telling me how they turned her on and wished I'd workout a little more. I told her I would start working out again as he gave me a soft peek on my cheek.

We started talking about if we were single again and how hard it would be to find a sole mate. Katie and I shared everything together. We had no secrets. We got married straight out of college hoping that someday we'd have kids. After eleven years of marriage our dreams of starting a family have been on hold. Not that we didn't want kids. After four years of Katie trying to get pregnant we finally got tested.

It was a fact that I had a very low sperm count. It's not that I couldn't father a baby, it's just that I was told it would take extra effort. Katie was still thirty three and looked as fantastic as they day we first met. A gorgeous hour glass figure with large full breasts.

We started talking about how singles placed adds on this site and started joking about perhaps a few of these guys were really married and just looking for sex. I had to agree with Katie on that one. Some of these guys talked only about meeting for fun rather than a long term relationship.

Katie started kidding me saying that I should put an add on this site and see how many woman would respond to my add. She even started laughing and told me she'd even take some pictures of me and said she'd help me write an add for the site. Of coarse I knew she was kidding as we continued looking at the men.

"I think your just as handsome as any of these men on here, honey." Katie told me.

We kissed again and a light bulb went off in my head. "Why don't we post your add on here baby?" I said with a little laugh at the end.

"Come on David. Stop being silly. I don't want to lead anyone on like that."

I laughed. "No baby. We'd just put it on for fun and see how many men respond. Hey! I have these pictures I took of you last weekend at Marsha and Bill's pool party."

Katie was smiling at me as she replied. "Your not talking about the photos with me in a bikini and wearing that tiny little sun dress are you?"

I laughed. "Sure.....Why not...It's just for fun sweetie."

"David.....Your bad.....What if some guy want to meet me?"

I smiled with a little devilish gesture on my face. "You know they're all going to want to meet you. Lets make something up and post it?"

"Honey...I don't think it's right."

"Katie. It's just going to be for fun. I don't really want you to meet any of these guys."

I kept rubbing Katie's little round ass under the covers until I finally gave her a little pinch making her laugh as she gently punched me in the stomach under the covers.

"Fine. Mr. Smarty pants. You can place the ad.....But I'm telling you now that I don't think it's a good idea."

I pulled my wife's little body closer to mine as I gave her a little kiss on the tip of her nose. I shut off my I- Pod putting it on the night stand and cuddling up next to my lovely wife.

"Your going to have to help me think up something for the ad." I told Katie.

"You're the genius in the house. I'm sure you won't have any problem thinking up something."

It was Saturday morning. We'd just finished breakfast and Katie was joining me in my office. We had the laptop on looking through her sexy pictures. I didn't think she'd let me place this ad all by myself. She started coming up with different ideas as we selected a half dozen of her sexiest pictures to place on the ad.

She wanted to be honest about the ad although it was all just going to be for fun. She made me put down all her likes and dislikes in each of the question & answer column. Katie even took my place in the office chair to write her brief profile. She even lied and said she was divorced. We finally finished the ad and clicked off the send button. To our amazement the ad appeared online immediately after we submitted it.

Since it was Saturday and extremely nice outside that we decided to spend a few hours at the beach which was a short drive from our house. Katie loved working on her tan on her days off. I applied plenty of lotion on her soft smooth skin making sure I put plenty on her back and worked my hands gently over the crack of the top of her exposed ass cheeks.

That's when I noticed this black guy laying in the sun just a few feet from where we were on the beach. His eyes focused on Katie not even paying any attention to me. Don't ask me why but my dick got hard watching this black guy starring at my wife. I kept rubbing the lotion on and around her exposed ass and worked my fingers down around her upper thighs.

Katie's little ass giggled when I moved my hands around on her upper thighs but she kept laying really still as I worked the lotion into her skin. I kept looking out of the corner of my eyes watching this guy burn a hole in Katie's little bikini with his glaring eyes.

Yes, my dick was rock solid hard. I guess the idea of a black guy getting turned on looking at my gorgeous wife turned me on. Katie reached around trying to unsnap her bikini top but I quickly leaned forward and unsnapped it myself letting the straps fall away on each side of her hot looking body.

Katie always removed the strap when she was getting a tan in the back yard. I couldn't recall her ever doing this at a public beach. I just hoped nobody could see her huge breasts pressed into the beach towel below her gorgeous body. I looked over at the black guy and he was still starring at Katie. I decided to put a little more lotion around her back where her straps had been seconds ago.

I rubbed my hands slowly in small circles as Katie laid motionless on her tummy. The black guy was still starring at my wife. My dick was still hard watching this guy fuck my wife with his peering dark eyes. I wondered how big his dick was knowing about the myth that a lot of black men were well endowed.

I remember talking about black men to Katie a few years back and remember her admitting to me that she always had a fantasy about black men. I wondered if she would ever fuck a black guy if she had the chance. My dick began throbbing thinking about the scenario.

I turned back to look at the black guy again but he was playing with his I-Pod now so I decided to just sit and relax and enjoy the sun. After sitting for a half hour I had to pee and told Katie I'd be back in a few minutes. I asked her if she wanted me to hook her bikini top back together but she said she wanted to lay in that position a few more minutes.

I got up and walked to the public bathrooms a couple hundred feet away from us near the lawn area. I did my thing in the bathroom and started to wash my hands when the black guy that had been starring at Katie stood at the sink next to mine washing his own hands. He kept starring at me like he wanted to say something. I finished drying my hands and walked out of the bathroom.

"Excuse me." I heard a man's voice behind me. He spoke with a Jamaican accent. I turned around and it was the black guy.

"Hey. How you doing." He added.

"Fine." Was all I could muster up at the moment wondering why he was speaking to me.

"My name is Ron." He said as he walked closer to shake my hand. He was really tall. Perhaps 6'5" and rather muscular with muscles everywhere.

"Listen. I hope I'm not bothering you but I noticed the blonde you are with on the beach? Is that your girlfriend by any chance?"

I kind of laughed and replied. "No. She isn't my girlfriend." I wasn't lying for sure when I told him this but wanted to laugh so hard but kept a straight face.

"Good....Hugh.....You must be a friend or a brother or something right?" He asked.

"Yeah...That's right....Um.....Brother...." I lied almost with a smirk but he didn't catch it.

"Listen. I don't want to intrude or anything but I'm a member of this dating site and I think I saw your sister's profile on the site just a bit ago."

"Really....You saw her ad...." I replied.

"Oh....She does have an ad on a dating site...?" He asked.

I think I slipped but what the hell I thought. "Yeah. My sister has an ad." I told him.

He looked rather nervous talking to me. "Um.....Listen. You have a very attractive sister."

"Thank you." I replied back.

I was about to walk away when he spoke out again saying. "Listen....Um.....I'm kind of interested in your sister and just sent her a reply to her ad and I was wondering if you could mention something to her when you go back?"

I just looked at the guy for a few seconds. He'd caught me totally off guard. I really didn't know what to say but plainly said. "OK. I'll tell her."

"Thank you. I certainly would appreciate it. Um..."

"David." I replied.

"Great. Nice to meet you David."

I smiled and turned around and headed back to where my wife was laying. When I got back she had already turned over onto her back. Her belly was all greased up so she must have applied the lotion on herself. I sat down on my towel trying to figure out what to tell Katie. I figured I'd just be honest with her.

"Honey. There is a guy over there that recognized you from your dating profile pictures." I said that direct and bluntly as Katie's started to open her eyes starring at me. I thought I'd have to say it again but she looked concerned and replied.

"Someone recognized me already?"

"Yeah. He spoke to me outside the bathroom and said he saw your profile and was interested in meeting you."

Katie just starred at me with that look she always gives me when I did something wrong. "I told you this wasn't a very good idea. What did you tell him?"

I sighed. "He caught me off guard actually. He asked me if you were my girlfriend and I told him no. Than he asked me if I was a brother or friend so I told him something like that."

"David...You can't be serious?"

"Honey....He caught me off guard. I didn't know what to say to him."

"Tell him I'm your WIFE!"

I sighed than went on to explain. "Katie. He told me he replied to your ad and wanted to tell you he was interested."

Katie gave me that look again but she looked so damn sexy laying there on the beach towel. Flat on her back with her legs bent up and crossed. Her gorgeous ass cheeks exposed with just that tiny little bikini covering her white cheeks. Before I could reply back, I heard Ron's voice.

"Hello there...."

I looked up and saw him starring at my wife with a big smile on his face. Katie looked up at him and smiled back as she replied. "Hi."

I saw her starring at this guys muscles. He certainly looked like he worked out everyday. Perhaps even a professional body builder or something I thought to myself.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Ron. I spoke to your brother just a few minutes ago explaining to him that I saw your ad on the dating site.

"Oh....Uh.....Yeah....My ad....I forgot....."

Ron laughed at her response. "I didn't mean to catch you like this but I was really intrigued with your pictures and profile and when I saw you here I was sort of shocked but happy to see you lived so close to me."

Katie just smiled. She was without words at the moment at least I thought until she replied to him. "I'm Katie. It's really nice to meet you Ron."

She kept starring up at him as she sat up and scooted forward on the towel. This gave Ron a clear view of her huge boobs tucked away under that tiny little bikini top.

"Well Ron. I just put the ad on the site this morning. I had no idea someone would recognize me so quickly let alone get a reply."

Ron smiled as he replied. "I'm really sorry if I've been so forward. I know a gorgeous women like yourself will be getting many replies to her ad on that site and I just wanted the first opportunity to meet you in person since your right here."

"Oh thank you Ron. I'm so flattered."

"Listen. I'm going to give you my business card. My name, phone number, email address is listed along with my web site address. I'm a fitness instructor and have a gym just a few blocks from here in town."

"Oh. That sounds so wonderful. Maybe I can come and workout at your gym sometime."

Ron looked thrilled after Katie told him that statement as he replied. "I would be happy to work with you helping you keep that gorgeous figure in shape."

I thought to myself. Yeah buddy I bet you would help her keep that figure in shape.......

Ron added. "Promise me you'll give me a call."

Katie smiled and to my disbelief she replied. "I'll be giving you a call this week Ron. It was really nice to meet you."

Ron smiled and reluctantly turned walking away. I saw Katie starring at his buns swaying as he headed back to his spot on the sand. I looked at my wife wondering what she was planning to do. She starred back at me with a little bit of anger in her eyes as I asked.

"Your not going to call him are you?"

She looked at me with that, I told you stare and replied. "It might be a little fun having a profession instructor to work out with."

I certainly hoped she was just kidding. Knowing Katie she just might take him up on his offer and work out at his gym just to spite me.

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