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The Fittest


Rachel was a very bright young woman. She read everything she came across, fiction or non-fiction, as it would help her understand the world better. As she grew older, her love of books and need for knowledge led her toward becoming a member of the geek niche. She didn't mind it because she enjoyed having conversations with others about comic books and science fiction. However, the only thing she didn't like about being a geek was being overlooked by the more attractive men at school and having to deal with men that never really seemed to grow too much out of childhood.

Her biggest crush in college was a guy she met in her senior year in high school. His name was Terry, but he was a football player and she was sure he never knew of her existence. They shared a class together and she always hoped that her answering the questions would impress him, but he never seemed to notice that, he was always talking to his teammates or some other girl nearby.

She was sure that Terry wasn't as smart as she was or other guys that she hung out with. But he was handsome and strong, everything a woman looks for in a man when they just want a date. A date, that's all she wanted from Terry, nothing more. Not that Rachel wanted more, she was just 20 years old and she's been out on a few dates with her fellow geeks, but none of them could really get her interested in a romantic or physical relationship.

Terry, with his deep green eyes, short spiky hair and white smile could really get a girl's heart racing, His physique wasn't bad either, slightly muscular, not too huge. He was perfect in Rachel's eyes. The only thing that Rachel didn't like about Terry was that he always had a girl on his arm, and that girl was never her.

She'd look at these girls and compare herself to them. Terry seemed to like girls that had shape to them, wider asses and bigger breasts. She was a slender girl with long legs and not much in the areas of ass or breasts. She wished she could look like the girls Terry was attracted to, but maybe she'd just have to use her mind to get him to see her as someone he'd like to go out with or at least have sex with.

Rachel knew it wasn't very lady like to just want a guy to have sex with, but when it came to Terry that's all she really wanted. She knew guys who could be intellectual, but they probably didn't feel great to run her hands over and feel their muscles, or look great while she was enjoying how they touched her. She would dream about going on a great date with Terry and then having him take her to his bedroom where he'd light candles and play some jazz music while he slowly undressed her. Of course she had no idea really how Terry treated his lovers and maybe she'd never know

"Hey Rene." Terry called out.

"It's Rachel." Rachel responded with a slight chuckle as she moved some of her hair behind her right ear.

"Whatever, you're pretty smart, right?"

"That's what I hear, but I'm really just your normal everyday girl."

"Great. Listen, could you come by my room later and help me study for an English test?"

"I'd love to, what room are you in?"

"4B, Evening Star apartments."

"I'll be by around sevenish?"

"That will work, see you there."

She smiled as she walked away because this was that one-on-one that she hoped that she'd get with Terry and who knows, maybe he's going to be smarter than she thought and be a potential boyfriend instead of just a quick fuck.

She wanted to get changed before going over to his apartment. She saw how other girls dressed when they were on his arm and she was sure she had things in her closet that would help her pull off the same look. She pulled out a white button-up blouse and a blue skirt. She kept her white knee-high socks and pink tennis shoes. She hoped that she could be seen as sexy and he wouldn't be able to resist her showing some leg. She knew she didn't have much to pull him in with, as she had no cleavage to show and her ass was next to flat. She decided she might have to seduce him.

She showed up at his apartment on time and knocked on the door.

"Come in," he said as he looked her over, "sorry for the mess but we'll be spending most of the time in my room."

She walked in and he was right, there was fast food trash in the dining room and in the living room. This place could certainly use a woman's touch. She walked into his room and it was cleaner than the other rooms she just saw, but it might have been just because the trash was all in other rooms or that he doesn't spend much time in his bedroom. His bed was unmade but she was sure that might have been standard for the other bedrooms in the apartment as well. She sat on his bed as he got his English book. He took a seat next to her and opened it up.

"Aren't you going to close the door?" she asked.

"I don't see any reason to, we're just studying."

"I know that, but what if something more happens here?"

"It won't, trust me, it's why I chose you to help."

"What?" she asked feeling hurt and confused.

"I really need to get this grade up so that I can stay here on my scholarship. There are lots of smart girls in that class, but I'm worried that alone time might turn into a relationship."

"You're not worried about that with me?"

"Of course not you're a nerd."

She found out the more he said, the more it hurt. She still wanted to help the guy out, and show that she could be a good girlfriend or lover, what ever he wanted... she just wanted to be near him and feel his body against hers.

"But I could be good for you, you shouldn't judge me just by my clique alone."

"Are you going to help me, or do you just want to be my girlfriend."

"I'll help you."

She poured over the book with him, his words still not leaving her mind. She thought she was getting through to him as he would make eye contact with her when he would ask a question or answer one of hers. After a few hours of them studying she felt something between them and was sure she would at least get a kiss before leaving.

He stood up. "I'll walk you out." he said.

Rachel looked at him with surprise.

"But we still have so much more to go over."

"We'll do that tomorrow."

She got up and they walked to the door together.

"Didn't you feel there was something between us there?"

He laughed, "Not at all, but I did learn some things tonight, and I thank you for that. For instance, the way you're dressed is just odd."

"What do you mean, I've seen other girls dressed this way."

"Their skirts are shorter than mid thigh, and their shirts fit a bit tighter and are un-buttoned to show off. I don't think you could pull off that look."

"What could I do...please... I want to look good for you."

He growled a bit to himself, "I should have known."


"You have had a crush on me for years, my friends all told me about it, but I didn't believe them. I thought they were just making fun of me for saying that you had a crush on me. But here you are just dying for my approval. Let me tell you now, you're never going to get it. I love women who have curves to show off and I'm afraid that you never will, Rene."

"It's Rachel." She would have yelled if she wasn't working so hard to hide the tears.

"Doesn't matter, just help me with my grade and at least I'll have respect for you." He closed the door on her and she heard the lock snap.

She hung her head down low on her way back to her car crying that the man she has always wanted didn't want her in return. She almost reached her car when a young man stopped her.

"Rachel, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing, I'm just-"

"It's Terry, huh? He can be such a jerk."

"Who are you?"

"I've been around, name's Malcolm."

"Nice to meet you."

"Wanna come by my place, I can give you some tea and you can clean your tears off."

She nodded her head and he wrapped his arm around her and got into his car.

Her mother always said to never ride with strangers, but she didn't care what happened to her now she just wanted to feel something other than the pain caused by Terry.

They arrived at his home which was a huge house that looked like it had two wings and two stories.

"Wow, who lives here?" she asked

"Me." he replied.

"I knew that," she laughed, "but who else?"

"No one else, I get by just fine on my own."

She followed him passed the gate that surrounded the home and up the steps to the door. He placed his hand on the handle and opened the door. Light poured out and surrounded them as the whole foyer was illuminated by chandeliers adorned with crystal. They walked in and the door closed behind them. She turned around to look at Malcolm his dark green eyes and spiky brown hair reminded her of Terry, but he wasn't as built as Terry was. She kissed him on the lips, holding them there until Malcolm gently pushed her away.

"What was that for?" he asked with a chuckle.

"I want to feel something better than this pain in my chest. I want you to fuck me Malcolm."

He laughed. "No, I didn't bring you here for that. I brought you here for something so much more."

"Am I too ugly to fuck?"

"Lord no, you're a pretty girl Rachel and I want to help you level out the playing field."

"What do you mean?"

"For years now I've watched as strong, athletic men passed up smart, intelligent women for those that had better bodies. This has led to a problem as men who usually spend all that time on their outward appearance don't spend much time expanding their minds in books and girls who have been blessed with great bodies don't need to spend much time reading books."

"I understand, I read books because I never had much going on Friday and Saturday nights."

"So you understand what needs to be done?"

"You're going to pay for me to get bigger boobs and a bigger ass?"

"No, because that won't teach them anything. They must see that smart women can be good lovers too. If they see that, then they might marry a smart woman, and have kids with both good physical appearance and a brain to match."

"So, what do you suggest?"

"Follow me to my study."

Malcolm's study was huge, both floors of the room were wall to wall books, and a ladder led the way up to each shelf. Rachel sat down on a couch in the middle of the room as Malcolm rode around on one of the ladders.

"What are you looking for?"

"You like to read right?"

"Yes, I know you're getting me a book, but what's it about."

He found the book, and took it to her on the couch. He sat next to her. She dusted off the cover and read the title aloud.

"Hypnosis. I don't see how him clucking like a chicken will help him believe that smart girls do it just as good as others."

"Those theatrics have ruined it. The book goes deeper into it, but while he's in a trance he'll still see and remember everything, but he'll do what ever you say and his brain will automatically make the leaps it needs to in order to get to what you want him to do."

"So if I want him to cluck like a chicken?"

Malcolm rolled his eyes, "His brain will make the leap that makes it logical that he would do that, like he'd think he was a chicken or was ordered to do so from an authority figure instead of some girl that he doesn't really like."

"So, I can tell him he finds me attractive and he will?"

"Yes, but once he is awoken his brain will go back to the default setting and he'll still see you the way he did this night."

"So what's the point?"

"You must have sex with him while he's in the trance. His mind will remember how you felt and what you did and I hope he likes it all so that when he wakes up he no longer goes for girls he'd just like to see naked but girls that have more to offer, because who knows, there might be a great lover there."

"Why don't I just tie him up then?"

"Do you seriously think you could over power him?"

She put her head down, "No, I guess not."

Malcolm raised her head back up. "Read the book."

He drove her back to her car, she got in and he drove off.

She got home and began reading. The book went over how hypnosis was used for both good and evil in the past. Rachel wondered how she'd be using it. She didn't read it all, because the book was pretty thick, but she did read the instructions on how to bring him into his trance. She couldn't wait to try it out.

The next day Rachel headed to Terry's apartment after school. This time she went in the jeans and white t-shirt that she went to school in. She didn't see any reason that she should dress sexy since she'd have sex with him even if she wore sweats. She wasn't going to take the book with her, but she did memorize the words that needed to be spoken in order to alter his state of mind. She didn't want him to think she was up to something.

She knocked on the door and he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt as well. She smiled at their fashion similarity, maybe they weren't so different after all.

"Come on in, glad to see you aren't trying to be sexy this time."

"Yeah," she sighed realizing that he was still a jerk, "why try being something I'm not."

"Well, I didn't say you weren't sexy. I'm sure the other nerds appreciate you. I mean, you've got bigger tits than some of them."

She was beginning to wonder why she even wanted to have sex with this guy in the first place. Sure he was attractive, but he was such a bully. The nerds did appreciate her, they liked her face, eyes and mind. The ones that she took to bed loved sex with her, worshiping her breasts with their eager hands and mouths. Terry didn't seem the type, but there was still a part of her that wanted to know what sex with him was like.

She went to his room and sat on the unmade bed. He sat next to her with English book in hand. He opens it up and began pouring over it with Rachel. She couldn't shake what he just said to her, and she knew that the words from the hypnosis book could help her feel better about what he said but she had to know more about him before using them.

"Excuse me, is there any way that a man like you could find me sexy?"

He groaned at the question, "Yeah, stuff your bra, turn out the lights, and maybe stuffing your panties with something to give your ass more of something to hold on to. Hope that he doesn't care you're still dressed so better do it at night so no chance of light pouring in. Can we please get back to studying this?"

"I have an idea on what will help you study this better?"

"Too much light out still, so sex isn't an option now."

"God, there's more to me than just sex, I'm so over my crush on you." She stood up. "I'm talking about hypnosis."

"Hypnosis, clucking like a chicken won't help me either."

"No," she laughed thinking of their similarity, "I'm talking about having you in a trance so that everything I say enters your subconscious and you'll have it memorized. I'm not going to read the whole book, but enough of it so that you can see how it will work."

"Okay, I'm game."

She couldn't believe that he was willing to try this, and that he trusted her enough to get this right. "Close your eyes." she said and Terry followed her command willingly. She said three Latin words and then tried to talk to Terry again. "Terry?" there was no movement. She shook him, "Terry?" nothing. She began to cry worried that she'd never be able to bring him out of this. "Please, open your eyes." His eyes shot open. Laughter mixed in with her tears as she realized that she had him under and could do as she pleased.

She picked up the English book to read over a few chapters while he was out. But then she decided to make it a bit more interesting for her. She kicked off her shoes and gave him his first command.

"Remove your shirt."

Terry pulled off his t-shirt exposing his well defined muscular body. She loved his pecs and six-pack abs. She walked over to him and ran her hands over them, feeling them ripple under her palms. She moaned a bit feeling his manly body, although he had no body hair on his torso. He was so strong and she knew this was a torso of a man. She felt her body crying out for more of him, but she knew that she would have to wait since he was so mean to her.

She sat back down and began reading a chapter to him, hoping that it would work and he'd actually remember what she was saying. She kept looking at his blank expression, but it was no different than some looks she's seen him give teachers in the past. But then she'd look down to his torso and would lose her train of thought for a while. After a couple of chapters, Rachel couldn't even remember what she read to him and wanted to push the boundary a bit more.

She walked back over to the bed and sat next to him. She caressed his chest with her right hand and moved her head around to kiss his still lips.

"Kiss me." she whispered in his ear.

His head slowly moved toward her and he began to kiss her lips. Her hand still traveled up and down his torso as his mouth and tongue continued to work on her mouth. She should have known that a kiss from him was more than it was from any nerd, but she was enjoying it none the less, so masculine...so dominant. She pushed him away to free her lips in order to give him his next command.

"Take off my shirt." she said.

He pulled off her shirt and threw it on the floor, probably the same way he did to other girls he had in his room before. Rachel was stumped at what to do next, she wanted his hands on her torso but at the same time she wanted to be kissed as he did this.

"Kiss me, explore me." she said hoping it would work.

It did. His left hand went to her belly and felt up to her right breast and squeezed the small soft breast in her bra. He didn't touch more than just her breast, but she didn't care... this was better than some of her other sexual conquests. In her mind this is how foreplay with Terry would be, just at her pace.

She pulled back from the kiss again. "Stop and stand up." she said, and Terry followed her command. She began working the button on his jeans and then the zipper and slowly inched them down his legs. She could see the rise in his underwear as she passed it and knew that it was as big as she always imagined it.

Once she got down to his ankles she helped him step out of them, worried that she would accidentally make him trip. She pondered over whether to remove her own pants or just command him to take them off of her. She stood up, looking at his glazed eyes.

"Remove my jeans." His hands jumped to her waist and began working the button and zipper. His hands were so used to this action he could have done it in his sleep. He let go and they slid to the floor, she stepped out of them and began kissing his neck and chest, her hands over his muscular back.

"Caress my backside." She whispered as she pulled away from his body. His hands went to her shoulders and down her back then to her ass where he caressed and squeezed. She continued to rub his back all over, once getting to his ass she would just work her way back up. His touch was barbaric at best, but it excited her.

Her body was crying out for more, she wanted to have sex with him right here and now. She quickly forgot the hurtful things he said as she just wanted to feel his thick cock in her hand and in her pussy, maybe a taste of it in her mouth.

She slowly pushed his boxer shorts down his body, his hardening cock slapping against her as she did. Rachel liked the idea of him being completely naked while she was still in her underwear. "Stop" she said and his hands stopped squeezing her ass. She stepped back to look at his naked form. She liked what she saw. He looked to her like a god in the flesh, just like her fantasies.

She thought about exposing herself more to him, knowing that he would be seeing her naked, but he'd still pleasure her if she told him too. She began to feel guilty about her actions and about her lust taking over. She wanted to try to wake him up again, she wanted to have sex with him, she was just lost in her own mind about what to do in this situation. "'Too much light out still, so sex isn't an option now.'" she remembered, and there was still too much light out. She jumped up from the chair.

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