tagRomanceThe Fitting

The Fitting

bySatin and Lace©

Rachelle only had one fitting then the weekend was hers. She wasn't going to be doing anything, but just be off. Perhaps she would walk around the farmers market Sunday morning? Go to the Park tonight to hear some music it was free on Saturday nights. Looking at her watch she saw the scheduled time almost here. Looking around she seen the shop was full which wasn't unusual. Weddings and dances and Cotillions a well dressed man always needed a good suit or a tuxedo.

Looking again at her private appointment book she seen the customer walk through the door. Tall, gray brownish hair, beautiful smile. Long legs, well toned. She figured him a 40 long. Black light weight wool suit. Measuring to the tops of his shoes. She thought he would look handsome in yellow, shades of blues, for a rich statement a black monogrammed shirt.

"Rachelle, Robert London is here." The voice over the intercom system alerted her.

Gracefully she walked towards him. Head held high, shoulders back, straight spine. Just enough sway in her hips to cause her short skirt to flounce a little. Her long legs were bare with nothing but four inch strappy sandals around her ankle.

"Good morning Mr. London. I've been looking forward to meeting you." Rachelle said holding out her beautifully manicured hand.

Her long hair was loosely falling around her face and down her back. Her eyes sparkled when she spoke. Robert also noticed she was very beautiful without seemingly aware of that fact.

"Please call me Robert. I'm here for a few things. A nice suit that travels well. Some shirts. I would like a custom made tuxedo. I hear this is the place." Robert smiled into her deep blue eyes.

"Yes, Vaughn's is the place. Shall we see a few selections before going into the fitting room?" Rachelle said professionally.

They walked the racks and she pointed out the qualities of some over others. His eye was on a black suit but she had known it wouldn't travel well. She took it off the rack and they made their way towards the private dressing area.

Rachelle had done this hundreds of times. She always gave them their modesty. She allowed them to make the requests for the measurements. Normally it was done so clinically that it was more like a doctor's visit. Pulling back the curtained area she chose dressing room three. Robert didn't mention for her to leave, he just started to undress. Rachelle was hanging the suits on the wall as she noted he was down to his Haines boxer briefs. Turning she took the measuring tape expertly measured his chest. His arms, his back, waist and then slightly moving towards his inseam. Robert moved his legs open a little she motioned for him to stand regularly. He stood straight she got the measure and then she saw it. It was barely there but it was an outline of his member.

Rachelle stood up her face was flushed, Robert looked perplexed. Rachelle turning her back she brought out the first pair of slacks handing them to him. She excused herself for only a second. Stepping out of the room she chided herself over her sophomoric behavior. Gathering her wits she stepped back in and was business again.

"Well, Rachelle what do you think?" Robert asked.

Rachelle knew he was asking about the fit. She seen they didn't hang well. She stooped down again this time he had material over him. Measuring the inseam she saw it was off by a quarter inch.

"Mr. London I don't think you will find these comfortable enough to wear them." Rachelle said with assuring words.

"Please call me Robert, or Bob especially after you have seen me undressed." He laughed out loud and hearty.

Rachelle smiled and even laughed along with him. He was so comforting she enjoyed his company very much. For the next forty-five minutes they tried on and measured and had his clothing set for tailoring. They were about done when she remembered her first thought a black monogrammed shirt. She told him she would be back she had one more touch that would be perfect.

It only took her a minute to find the shirt and when she came back through the curtain she noticed his room was open. Mirror image was clearly showing his cock it stopped her in her tracks. He was well endowed, very thick and the head was so enormously well shaped leaving the ridge so prominent. He was adjusting himself as he pulled his waist band back into place she thought she was going to faint. She knew she had to get back inside quickly. He would be wondering whether she had lost interest in the sale.

"Mr. London here look at this shirt. French cuffs, made from the finest silk and the cuffs are made for the cufflinks. With your monogram this would be elegant for your cruise." Rachelle said without the least bit hesitation.

"Mr. London again?" Robert said half teasing.

"Oh, I'm sorry Robert I had something happen while I was gone. So what do you think Robert? Perfect shirt for the perfect cruise with that perfect woman?" Rachelle managed to sound flirty.

"Put it on the bill, Rachelle. You are a born sales person, without being forward or sounding like a cad. Would you like to go for a cup of coffee sometime?" Robert got it said but knew timing was completely inappropriate.

He felt like a dumb freshman. This woman was probably married all though without a wedding ring. She had just measured every part of him practically. He barely got himself adjusted before she came through the door. She had aroused him. Her perfume, gentle touches, her voice was like a spring breeze. Then he goes and messes up by asking her for coffee.

"Yes, Robert I would love too." Rachelle found herself saying before realized she had told him yes. She was standing within inches of this man, a man she was very attracted too. She knew he was married he had a ring on. He was much younger than her. He was charming, she knew he would be dangerous for her. She wasn't sure about herself around him. All though that didn't seem to matter he made it seem all right.

"Well, Rachelle, how about now?" Robert said then laughed deeply. 'How about I dress and then we can have coffee?"

Rachelle blushed and agreed. Leaving him to dress she tallied up his purchases and charged to a company business. He came out and signed. She gathered her purse and straw hat they left together. Leaving Beth, Lucy and Sandy all stunned.

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