tagRomanceThe Fitting Ch. 07

The Fitting Ch. 07

bySatin and Lace©

Once by the pool side they took hands and walked in from the shallow end. Robert walked faster then turned to watch Rachelle walk in. The water lapping at her mid thigh, backlighted by the pool lights. Moon in the sky looked like a faraway beacon of light. The stars were twinkling overtime. She was ethereal in her beauty. As she stepped in slowly the water made its way higher up her thighs. She stopped as it got to the narrow space between her thighs. Her pussy was kissing the water's top. His groin reacted as she pushed off the bottom and swam towards him. She turned on her back her melon size breasts broke water his gasp was the last thing she heard.

Rachelle motioned her arms to dive deep head back and entering the water first. Her hardened nipples broke the water just as quickly her top of her head thrown backwards she was slipping under the water. The grace of a dolphin in the water. Her minds eye was smiling she knew Robert was taken by the way the water raced over her nude body. There were no splashes, no sounds this she left up to his senses to envision.

Robert couldn't see her, looking harder he felt her first. She was with her hands walking up his body slowly pressing on him. Breaking water where her head was behind his.

"Beautiful night Robert, isn't it?" She asked lyrical.

She moved closer to him slowly wrapping her legs around his waist so her ankles crossed above his manhood. She leaned into his back pressing her cool wet skin on his back. He leaned back they kissed awkwardly, his hands were still floating on the surface. Her body desired him, his mind wanted to capture her. She was self assured in the water, she slipped through his hands. He continued to allow her to be playful. She knew he would allow it then when he got determined she would be his.

He felt her body on his, her nipples were hard against his back. He felt the patch of heat from her triangle on his spine. Her lips were so moist he thought he would have to have her. Watching her playfully play up to him brought him some smiles. She was so wanting him to over power her. His eyes caught hers twinkling like the stars. Her softness combined with her muscular strength was heady stuff to be so close to. He noted her beautifully painted toenails, for some reason he wanted her right then.

Reaching out for her she smiled shaking her head no. While she was walking towards him. He laughed at her will, he would show her his will was stronger. He felt that was her desires. She wanted him to overcome hers. She was so sensual in every movement. It seemed the water was parting ways for her to walk to him. As she got close enough he grabbed her head and kissed the lips he wanted to own. She responded with a hot, wet open mouthed kiss. They were ignited with desires each for the other. He pulled her onto his body making sure her pussy was high above his throbbing cock. There would be time for that, now was time for bringing her to the precipice many times.

He walked her towards the smooth ceramic island. Sitting her easy down on it he was eye level with her naval and pussy. She was smiling at him unaware what he wanted at this moment. He drew closer and wrapped her waist in his solid built arms.

"Rachelle listen to me." Robert whispered slowly.

Her ears were tuned into his voice the volume the mere change in his voice could excite her. It could cause her to become wet, her nipples to harden. It could charm her, it could console her. It was his voice she reacted to instantly.

"Rachelle I want to taste you again. I want to tongue fuck you. I want to lick and suck your clit. Allow this, just lay back and give into the sensations." Robert spoke calmly.

It caused the blood coursing through her every single nerve ending. She gasped out loud, averted her eyes.

"Don't look away from my eyes Rachelle. Your eyes tell me what I'm doing to cause you the most pleasure." Robert spoke tenderly. ' Give yourself to me Rachelle. Give me your hand?" Robert asked gently.

Rachelle timidly gave her hands to him. His hands covered hers with plenty of his hand left over. He took her fingers and brought them to his mouth. Rachelle's hands were trembling. He kissed them they stopped trembling. He casually sucked in two fingers into his mouth, then slow but with a constant motion he took her fingers and placed them on her pussy. Looking in her eyes he waited for her response. His wait was short. He saw her slip two fingers into her waiting pussy. He waited for her to bring them out then he without breaking the gaze in her lovely eyes he took them into his mouth.

"Mmmmm Rachelle you are so sweet and spicy. I want, no I need to taste you now." His words seemed to relax her thighs. He moved a little more inside of her knees. 'I want you Rachelle you want me. Let me have you my way for now?" Robert coaxed Rachelle.

Rachelle listened to his voice she heard the wanton sound of his needing to taste her. This would please him very much. She laid back on her elbows and looked him in the eyes. She slowly, very slowly opened her knees. Baring her exposed pussy for him to enjoy. Looking into his eyes she saw his soften when she obeyed his desire. She all but came with that knowledge.

"That's my girl Rachelle, now.." Robert quit speaking. His tongue darted out to taste her hot, wet, pussy juice.

Her body tensed so quickly she felt the shock in her body. It shot a sensation down her spine of a combination of pleasure and anticipation for the next touch. She felt like she had been launched her hands went grasping for something to steady herself. Not finding anything they fell back to her sides. Limp they laid there waiting for Robert to touch her again.

Robert loved that moment a woman gave into her basic instincts and quit fighting pleasure. They were so aroused they wanted more erotic touching. They wanted to be licked, sucked and tasted above all else. Rachelle's legs were opening wider, she didn't notice it but he did. Taking his tongue he went to her inner knee cap and darted his tongue and lips playing down both sides. Her hips were arching for his travel to speed towards her pussy. His mouth was on a mission nothing was going to hurry this moment with Rachelle.

"What's the matter Rachelle?" Robert teased.

His words only brought on a long moan as she slipped closer to the edge giving him much more access.

"Mmmm that's right Rachelle give yourself to me." Robert said as he did one long slow lick down her inner lips tapping on her clit before repeating this.

Her hands formed fists, her knee's were like liquid silver. She had no control over their movements. The instant his tongue bounced her clit she came all over the turquoise ceramic island. Her throat was closed so her sounds were more like an animal in heat. Her pussy was on fire. His tongue was the only thing that was going to put it out. Her fists opened her hands went to her face whisking her wet hair back.

His tongue was going gloriously slow making sure he hit every spot. Settling on her clit with curling it inside his curled tongue. Her clit was engorged now and his sense of taste was telling him she was cumming. She was making a stream pouring off the tiles. His mouth was being satiated, his cock was so rock hard but he needed her liquid nectar to run down his chin.

Rachelle was in flight with sensual sensations. She had never felt something so gloriously delicious. Her mind wouldn't cooperate she tried to figure out a way to get to Robert's cock. As though he was reading her mind he would change assault. The thoughts would evaporate like a whiff of a puff of smoke.

Robert was getting so intent for her to scream out again. He started to suck her clit in deep again he slipped carefully his finger in her ass. She shot off like a launched rocket far away above the stars. After bringing her to the precipice then stopping, he would finally allow her to cum.

Her body went stiff, arching her back only her head was on the tile. She had shot down off the tiles and her pussy had slipped down almost into the water. Robert grabbed her hips cradling her ass as he tongue fucked her into a frenzy.

Rachelle's mind went totally black and then colors bright enough to make her close her eyes took over her senses. Sky rockets of bursting color immersed into her mind. She had never been distended into space like this. She felt so wondrously warm all inside her core of her body. The heart pounding belied her utter calm that took her body away. She was listening to noise from some where afar. The sound was someway coming closer to her senses. It was sounding so close she realized it was she. Her moaning, crying, laughing was being broadcast for the beauty of nature to hear.

Robert was holding her securely in his arms, trying to help the tremors her body involuntarily was emitting. Grinning at Rachelle's sensual destiny. She felt how it felt to be pleasured for the sheer reason to bring ecstasy to another. Giving was much better than receiving at times.

He realized one more thing she had in one day entered his life. Changing him forever. He kissed her softly once her screams quieted down. Holding her tight, reveling in her passions having been fed.

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