The Flag Girls Get Fucked


"Ow ow OW OW! Ow," muttered Rose, her face scrunched up as his huge cock worked it's was into her bowels. "Gage it hurts. Please? OW! OH! Mmmh OW! Yes! Oh yes! No Gage, pull it out. It's too deep. Gage can't you hear me?" Rose was panting heavily as she pleaded.

"He can't here you. He's in the next room fucking Dixie."

Mark watched as she lifted her head off the pillow and looked at Gage's sex mirror on the wall. The look on her face was priceless as she stared at him. He winked and waved at their reflection before turning back to fucking her ass properly.

Rose continued to stare at the mirror. She never said another word for a good five minutes before she looked away from their reflection and buried her head in the pillow. "YES!" she hissed. "Fuck my ass, Mark." Rose moaned and then her body trembled again. She was cumming from just having her ass fucked.

Rose didn't even need to diddle herself to get off like Dixie had. When she came to her senses. Rose was sobbing and crying. She seemed genuinely upset. Mark slammed his cock forward as deep as it would go and flooded her bowels with sperm. "Do it. Fill my ass up, Mark," she moaned, still crying.

Mark's cock was finally spent and needed a rest. He pulled it out and watched her sphincter slowly close. With as much sperm as his big balls held, it always amazed him how long it took for the trickle to appear. Rose's rosebud would never again quite look the same and it didn't close all the way. It took a good fifteen seconds before a white dot appeared in the center of her sphincter and then his sperm began pouring out of her ass in a steady flow. Rose sobbed into the pillow. "What's wrong baby?" he asked, playfully smacking her ass with the flat of his hand. Spanking always humbled them too. "Didn't you like it?"

"No, I loved it."

"Then what's wrong?"

"Gage was right. I am a slut for big black cocks." Rose sobbed into the pillow.

"Nothing wrong with that, slut," he told her. "You should be proud."


Dixie woke up as light from the window shined into her face. She was still in Mark's bed, but it was the large more heavily muscled form of Gage sleeping beside her. They were on the covers, both still nude. She leaned up to stare down at his cock. Even soft, he looks hard, she thought. His cock was a plump ten inches and laying across his thigh. She couldn't control herself and reached down to touch it.

At first, she just caressed it, running her fingers along his shaft. Then she grabbed it and squeezed. It's hardness had been an illusion. It was huge, but completely floppy. She shook it and felt it swell in her hand. His mighty cock head swelled up like a balloon and then began to rise. She stared at the growing black cock in awe.

"Now that's how I like to wake up," groaned Gage still half asleep.

"Your black cocks are amazing," said Dixie while staring at the thick eleven inch shaft in her hand. "I've never seen anything so big as you and Mark, but then I never ever thought I'd sleep with a nigg..."


"Never mind," said Dixie.

"Say the word, Dixie."

"No, I'm sorry. It was a slip."

"You were gonna say nigger. Say it. I don't mind."

"I thought you people hated the "N" word." Dixie knew she had slipped up. She hoped she hadn't upset him too much. She'd grown up with a white father and brothers who always called blacks "niggers" and her husband used the word even more then they had. Her tan face drained of color as she remembered the last time Billy Ray had used the "N" word. The had passed a black man holding hands with a white woman. "Nigger lover," Billy Ray had growled after they passed. What would he say if he knew his wife was now a nigger lover?

"It depends on the context," said Gage. "Personally, I love hearing the word nigger from a white woman's lips. I'll show you what I'm talking about. Climb up and ride my big black cock," he ordered.

Dixie felt relieved that he was still willing to fuck her after she'd slipped up. She stood up over him and lowered herself down on his cock. The head slowly pushed into her. "There it is," she moaned, feeling him swell inside her.

"Stop," he ordered. "Tell me what's inside you."

"Your cock," she gasped, wanting to just slam her pussy down over his big shaft. Instead, just his cock head was probing inside her pussy. "Your big black cock is in me."

"No Dixie. Say the word."

"Your big nigger cock is in me," she moaned.

"You may slide down now," he told her. "Who's cock stretches you out more, mine or your husband's?"

"Yours," she told him.

"Say the word."

"Your nigger cock stretches me out more."

"Good girl Dixie." Gage reached up and grabbed her tits. "Who's hands are playing with these big white titties?"

"Your strong nigger hands, Gage."

Gage chuckled. "Who's cock goes deeper?"

"Your big black nigger cock, Gage," she screamed as his cock head entered her womb. Dixie felt her thighs sit on his legs as she took his entire cock.

"Who's cock do you want to fuck right now, Dixie? Your husbands?"

"No, I want to fuck your big black nigger cock," she cried, enjoying the game.

"Then fuck that nigger cock you white slut."

"Yes Gage," she moaned, beginning to bounce in his lap. "I'll fuck your big black nigger cock good, Gage. I'm gonna fuck this nigger cock good. I love your nigger cock." Dixie threw her head back and ran her hands through her hair as she bounced in his lap. His hands were still squeezing her breasts roughly, teasing her nipples. "Oh god," she moaned. "I'm gonna cum, Gage. Your nigger cock is making me cum."

"Cum then Dixie. Cum all over that big nigger cock."

"YES!" Dixie screamed slamming herself down on his cock as her orgasm exploded from her loins. "CUMMING!" Dixie thrashed around for a moment before sitting back up.

"Can a little white prick make you cum like a whore, Dixie?"

"No Gage. Only big black nigger cock can make me cum like that." Dixie felt a little sad as she began bouncing in his lap again. Gage was right. Only nigger cock could do that to her body. Billy Ray could never in his wildest dreams make her cum like that. Her smallest orgasm with Gage or Mark was better then the best sex she'd ever had with her husband. Hell, getting ass fucked by Mark had been better then sex with Billy Ray. "Oh god, going to cum again," she cried. Until last night, she'd never had a multiple orgasm before. Hell, she rarely had singular orgasms.

"Which cocks do you want to fuck from now on?"

"Only black cocks," moaned Dixie as her orgasm approached. "Only nigger cocks."

Gage laughed almost evilly. He began bucking his hips, thrusting his cock up into her. "Which cocks are superior?"

"Nigger cocks," she told him. "Almost there," she moaned.

"You on the pill?"

"NO!" She'd forgotten about that. She and Billy Ray were trying to have a baby. Gage needed to pull out, but it felt so good having a black cock ejaculate inside her womb.

"Then take my nigger seed." Gage finally released her tits, grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his cock as it exploded in her womb. "Gonna knock you up with a nigger baby."

"YES! CCUUMMIINNGG!" screamed Dixie so loudly, she was sure everyone in the house could hear her if not even the neighbors in the next condo. Her orgasm curled her toes, rolled her eyes up in her head, and nearly made her black out. It was her biggest cum yet and it seemed to last forever. Each squirt of Gage's cock into her fertile womb prolonged her orgasm. Blast after blast of his hot nigger seed filled her womb, filling it, then flowing out into her pussy until it dripped out onto his balls. Gage held her down on his cock until it finally quit jerking. "Soooo goood," moaned Dixie.

"And that's what I mean by context," said Gage. He slapped her ass several times. "Now get up. I gotta take a shower and get to work.


"YES! CCUUMMIINNGG!" echoed through the room waking Rose. She groaned when she saw Mark laying on his side, looking at her. "Oh no," she groaned. "What have I done?"

"Having regrets, sexy?" asked Mark.

"I cheated on my fiancé. How could I do that to Jake? I slept with another man."

"Actually you slept with two men." Mark sat up on his knees. His hand was in his lap stroking his cock to erection. "Two black men."

"I'm such a slut," she sobbed, starting to cry again. Mark suddenly through his leg over her body and kneeled down over her stomach. "What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna fuck those big white titties."

"Oh god, you're insatiable," said Rose, looking down in awe at Mark's foot long cock. There was one sight she'd never grow used to. She wrinkled her nose in distaste when he spit in his hand and began coating his shaft with his saliva.

"Squeeze them titties together," he told her, forcing his cock down between her bosom. Rose placed her palms on the sides of her breasts and pushed them together. They contoured themselves around Mark's cock. "You ever been titty fucked before?"

"No," she replied. Rose stared at the foot long black cock nestled between her large bosom. Mark began sliding his cock back and forth between them. She was caught off guard when his golf ball sized cock head hit her chin. "Never," she added watching her nipples growing. Despite her guilt and regrets, she was getting turned on again.

"I'm surprised. Them big ass titties were designed for titty fucking." Mark leaned over her holding himself up with his hands. He began sliding his cock faster between her breasts.

Rose angled her head to avoid getting hit again and found the end of his cock sliding up to her nose and back down to her chin. The head brushed past her lips and she couldn't help herself. She stuck out her tongue licking the underside of his shaft as it moved past her lips. Her hands slid up the sides of her breasts until she could pinch her hard nipples while still squeezing her tits around his cock. Her nipples were sensitive and she moaned as she pinched them. His cock head slipped inside her mouth as she moaned. Rose lifted her head further, his cock head began sliding in and out of her lips, she twirled her tongue around it. Her arousal was growing. She wanted his cock down her throat, fucking her pussy or even her ass again, but he seemed determined to get off fucking her tits. She tried harder, bobbing her head now each time his cock slid into her mouth. She could feel it growing, hardening, swelling up until it felt like it might burst and then it did. Mark's hot seed filled her mouth, forcing her head back until it sprang free of her lips. Rose swallowed just as a huge load of ejaculate fanned out from his cock head covering the top of her head. He pushed himself up and pulled his cock out of her tits letting wad after wad fall to coat her soft white mounds. Milky sperm splattered on her nipples, chest, and chin. "It's so good," she groaned, licking her lips. Her body writhed on the bed wanting a cock in it.

"Have some more," said Mark, sliding up so that his cock bobbed over her open mouth. He stroked the shaft milking every drop of his seed out of it. His cum fell down onto her extended tongue and Rose swirled it around inside her mouth, loving the rich taste before swallowing it down. Once his cock was drained, Mark climbed off her. "Gotta get my shower now."

"No," she pouted, "Stay and fuck me." Rose was shocked. Had she just said that?

"Love to, but I gotta get to work," replied Mark. "Try to sleep for awhile. You didn't get much last night. Jamon will drive you to Islamorada." Mark strolled out of the room, his half erect cock leading the way.

"God, I'm so horny," she moaned. Rose could feel a wad of cum slipping down her breast. She scooped it off with her finger and licked it clean. She fought the urge to put her fingers in her pussy. How could she actually be horny after last night, she wondered? Still her exhaustion won out and her eyes closed five minutes after Mark had left.

No sooner had Rose fallen asleep, then she felt strong hands on her ankles, spreading them open. She groggily came to her senses just as a large cock head was pushing against the entrance to her pussy. "I knew you'd change your mind," she whispered.


A worn out Dixie shuffled from Mark's room to find Rose. She was still nude and didn't care. She figured Mark and Gage had already seen her naked and Jamon's room was upstairs. The bathroom door was open. Mark was standing at the toilet urinating while Gage's large body could be seen in the shower. "Good morning," said Mark looking over his shoulder.

"Morning," she replied, smiling at him. "Where's Rose?"

"I left her in Gage's room," said Mark, winking at her.

"Thanks." Dixie's eyes glanced down to his cock. She couldn't help herself. It was still almost a foot long, but hanging down limply after pissing. Dixie slowly walked to the next room, pausing as she heard the sounds of someone fucking.

"That's it Mark, give me that big black cock," growled Rose's voice through the door.

Dixie glanced back at the bathroom. Mark was getting into the shower now and Gage was toweling himself dry. What the hell was going on with Rose, she wondered? Was she dreaming? The door was open a crack and Dixie pushed it open. She slipped into the room.

Jamon was kneeling between Rose's legs with her knees cupped in his arms. He was slowly working his hips so that the tip of his cock was working the insides of Rose's pussy. Dixie snuck against the wall near a mirror and watched.

"Deeper Mark," begged Rose.

Jamon pushed his cock in deep and Rose moaned in satisfaction. "Any ting you want, lovely lady," he said in his island accent.

Rose opened her eyes to see the light glittering off Jamon's gold tooth. "Aaaaaa! Your not Mark!"

Dixie's friend looked absolutely horrified to see Jamon's ugly mug leering down at her.

"No mon, I ain't Mark," he said, picking up speed with his thrusts. "Want me to take it out?"

"Unh unh unh," grunted Rose with each thrust of his cock. "Unh yes... no unh unh unh. Keep unh fucking me."

Dixie was a little surprised at her friend. Rose was deeply in love with her fiancé. She was the last person Dixie thought would ever cheat on their significant other, especially with an ugly black Jamaican. Dixie let out a little gasp when it hit her that this was Rose's third black man in less then 24 hours. And what a black man he was. Jamon was fucking her with the full length of his cock. He was every bit as long as Mark and as thick as Gage. "Lucky slut," she whispered as her arousal and jealousy grew.

Her arousal won out. Dixie leaned back against the mirrored wall and slipped one hand down her sexy stomach, over her blonde pubic hair and between her legs. She began fingering herself while her other hand pinched her nipple. She watched this dark skinned black man fuck her very pale best friend. Rose had the white skin of a typical redhead where Dixie could have passed for a tanned Hollywood starlet. The contrast of the couple on the bed was amazing.

"Oh Dixie, they're sooo biiig," moaned Rose.

Dixie looked down at her friend. Rose had turned to look at the mirror and spotted Dixie masturbating while watching them. "I know, Rosie," Dixie told her. "It's good too."

Rose nodded and turned to look down her stunning body at Jamon's stomach. He may have been thinner and more wiry then Mark or Gage, but his stomach was all muscle. Below that stomach was a very bushy patch of dark pubic hair and then the root of a thick black cock, glistening with her juices. "He's making me cum, Dix. They make me cum so hard."

"I know that too, Rosie," she replied.

"CUMMING!" screamed Rose bucking her hips up into Jamon's thrusting cock.

"Me too," whispered Dixie, her fingers getting her off while watching her best friend writhe around in ecstasy as Jamon speared her with his mighty cock. Dixie had never seen anything so erotically sexy before. She wondered is she had looked as hot riding Gage that morning.

"CCUUMMIINNGG AGAIN!" screamed Rose. This time her body was leaping up to meet Jamon's thrusts. He quit pumping and held his cock buried in Rose's pussy. His head was back and he was sweating. "Fill my pussy," said Rose, still screaming loudly. "CUMMING!"

Dixie quit playing with herself as Jamon pulled his huge cock from her friend. Rose's head was turned away from her and she was sobbing, but it was clearly from pleasure. Jamon slid off the bed and moved towards Dixie and the exit. His huge dark black cock stood straight out from his body. It was still swollen and hard as a rock so soon after cumming. A white drop of semen hung from the tip, stubbornly resisting gravity's pull. "Rest up," he told her. "I go in to work at one o'clock and you can ride with me."

Dixie nodded staring at his cock. It was still huge and hard, but had lost some of it's plumpness. The head began disappearing, but it wasn't shrinking. A thick black wrinkly foreskin was slowly enveloping it. The foreskin finally pushed the hanging drop of sperm off his pee slit and it dropped to the floor. Dixie envisioned herself falling to all fours and licking the drop up, not wanting to let it go to waste, but she didn't. Instead Dixie laid down on the bed beside Rose. Her friend was staring at the ceiling with a stunned, but contented look on her face.


Rose felt the mattress dip as Dixie laid on her side next to her on the small bed. Dixie propped her head up with her hand and stared down at her friend. "What the hell happened, Dix?" she asked.

Dixie laughed. "I'm not sure. All I know is that when I saw that monster sticking out of Mark's legs, I had to have it. We must have been pretty drunk last night."

"We weren't drunk this morning," said Rose. "What do I tell Jake?"

"You tell him nothing dumbass. We just went a little crazy that's all. What happens in the Florida Keys stays in the Florida Keys. I for one didn't know sex could be this good. We'll just get it out of our system this weekend and then go get a room in Key West before returning back to my boring small dicked husband. No regrets."

"No regrets. Thank god I'm on the pill," said Rose. "It's safe for you too?" There was a long pause and Rose said, "Dix?"

"I went off the pill a three months ago."

"Oh dear god!" Rose turned on her side to face her dearest friend. "What if they knocked you up. You could be carrying a black man's baby."

"I know," said Dixie shivering. "I couldn't resist it. Every time one of those things went off in my pussy I had a huge orgasm. Hopefully, Billy Ray already got me pregnant. We been doing it twice a week and even had goodbye sex Thursday night and again yesterday morning before I drove to pick you up. If you can call having his little dick root around in my pussy for a few minutes sex."

"Dixie! That's your husband," said Rose reproaching her friend, but she understood completely where Dixie was coming from. "Still Dixie, it's only Saturday morning. We wont have the money wired to us until Monday. We're stuck here until then. They're going to want to fuck us again tonight and tomorrow. The cat's out of the bag. We can't refuse them."

"I don't want to refuse them. I want to fuck and suck those big nigger cocks all weekend."

"Ssshh, you fool," hushed Rose. "They'll hear you."

"Context Rosie, context." Dixie chuckled.

"I want to keep fucking them too, but it's safe for me. You need to make them wear condoms."

"Now there's a sexy sight," said Jamon walking back into the room. He was freshly showered and his dreadlocks were wet, but they still looked dirty. "Your turn Blondie," he said, tugging on his cock to make it hard and approaching the bed.

"Well I'm not about to turn down a chance to try out that monster," said Dixie. "This bed's too small. Want to go back to Mark's or your room?"

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