The Flaherty Family


By twenty, Hanna had produced two daughters and had settled into her husband's large house in the suburbs. I knew them particularly well, as during my high school years Isabel and I had become last minute emergency babysitters for them. A couple of times a month one of us would go over for the evening to help, we thought getting paid to read and study (something we would have done anyway), was great. I had never particularly liked Mr. Church but his young wife had always attracted me.

The young girls, Susie 10, and Claire 9, came running toward me, yelling "Jimmy, Jimmy, can we play too? Put water on us."

Just dressed in a Speedo bathing suit, with water running over my muscled 6'2", 190 pound frame, I approached Hanna, "Hi, Mrs. Church, its great to see you."

"Jimmy, you're back from school. How was your year? And I'm still not old enough for you to call me Mrs. Anyone," she finished grinning, referring to an old demand of hers that I only call her Hanna.

"It was great Hanna, thanks, and how are all the Churches."

"Good, thanks. Gosh, you look great Jimmy. Boy, you've really filled out, the girls at State must have been happy to see you arrive," she gushed as her eyes traveled over my body, staring for long seconds at my groin, obviously surprised by the bulge displayed.

As we talked for minutes I learned her husband was out of town for the week and I offered to sit for her if she needed me in the next days as Isabel was also out of town. "Oh darn, I forgot Isabel was going. I have a shower to go to for one of my cousins' tomorrow night. But I'd never impose on a University man." I quickly convinced her I'd love to come, telling her I'd missed playing with her daughters, and we agreed to I would come the next night at eight.

The young mother was dazzling when I arrived the next evening, her tall body filling every inch of the sexy summer dress she was wearing, her large breasts displayed alluringly. "Wow, you're really beautiful tonight Mrs. C; gosh, I hope the groom doesn't see you tonight, he may cancel the wedding."

"Don't make fun of an old mother," she said, but the smile on her face as she talked showed how much she had enjoyed the compliment.

"Old, ha, you prettier than any coed on campus. I might just take you back to Happy Valley with me next fall," I quipped. "Yes, your husband is one of the luckiest men in Pennsylvania." As I talked, my eyes moved over her body, drawn to the low cut top, the cleavage displayed.

Blushing, but obviously excited at my words, and noticing my look, she bent slightly towards me and hunched her shoulders, for seconds allowing me a view of her breasts, breasts held up by a demi-support bra, her nipples exposed, pink and erect. I gently touched her shoulder and back and as she turned to go lightly brushed her breast, tweaking her hard nipple as it passed.

Rushing out of the room, she stammered, "I can't, no I won't, uh, uh I won't be late Jimmy, probably eleven at the latest," and then was gone. I chuckled to myself, knowing she'd spend the next three hours thinking about my body, and knew she'd be burning with lust when she returned. I hoped she was going to one of those raunchy showers, full of negligees and sex toys.

Once I got the girls to sleep I toured the house, exploring everywhere, invading the family's privacy, searching for Hanna's secrets. Her underwear collection was incredible, with every color, style and material on hand. I figured her old man must need some extra stimulation the money he had invested in satin. And then, in a bedside table, under some papers I found the treasure trove, three DVDs, marked only 'Hanna'.

After inserting one in the bedroom DVD player, I sat back on her bed and watched the images, wildly exciting images that had my penis throbbing in seconds. Most of the film was of Hanna alone, either stripping, or bathing, or caressing her body, the cameraman clearly her husband. Her body was better than even I had imagined; her breasts full and proud, her hips wide and strong and her pubic bush long and lush. I had to laugh as I watched the second film, a film which showed her and her husband making love, as I now understood the poor woman's frustration. He was small, and had no control, ejaculating almost before he had penetrated her. They had videos from many different nights but his performance was almost always the same, Hanna's orgasms were never to be seen.

After watching the final DVD, which featured a scene of her shaving her cunt clean, I quickly grabbed my lap top, which I had brought, and made copies of the three. When she arrived home around eleven I was ready, lying naked on my back on her bed, my penis big and risen and the DVD of her strip showing.

"What, what, Jimmy, what are you doing on my bed. My God, you're naked. Get up, get up this instant, oh, you pig, get out, get the fuck out," she screamed, and then noticing what I was watching. "You bastard, you had no right, those are private, oh, you bastard," she howled, rushing to the TV and turning it off. As she faced the TV sobbing, I approached her, and after engulfing her in my powerful arms slowly pulled her against my body, making her feel my urgent hardness.

"Leave me alone you prick, get out of my house or I'll call the police. Get out!! Get out now!!"

Laughing, I lifted her and after ripping the dress from her body, threw her on the bed and then climbed on top of her. Sitting on her stomach, my penis between her shaking tits, one strong arm holding her hands above her head, the other keeping her head still, I lowered my mouth to her lips and forced her to taste me. "Hanna," I whispered, "I watched the films, its time you had a man, a man who can fill you, a man who'll make your juices flow." Moving forward on her body and raising her head, I brought my penis to her face, and then caressing her cheeks and lips slowly with my hardness I said, "Look at him Hanna, he wants you, he wants you so bad, soon he's going to be deep inside you."

"No Jimmy, please no, oh God, he's too big, he'll hurt me," she sobbed. "I'm married, I've only ever slept with my husband, you can't, I can't."

After ripping the black, silk panties from her pussy, my finger entered her urgently and finding her already wet, I quickly brought my throbbing shaft to her cunt lips. Ramming deeply in one long stroke, I had her fully impaled before her shriek of rage reached my ears.

"Noooo, stoppp, oh Jimmy please stop," she wailed, her body bucking, trying to unseat me.

"Yes Hanna! Yes, baby, keep fighting me. Do you like my big cock Hanna, do you like the way I go deep inside you? Are you wet enough yet Hanna? Yes Hanna, squeeze him, yes, just like that. Oh fuck, Mrs. C., you're made for my big fat prick. Soon I'm going to let you suck him, then I'm going to fuck you up your ass, yes, I saw you let your old husband fuck your ass, Hanna, oh wait til you feel mine." As I continued to talk, to insist, her cries and sobs turned first to groans, then moans, and then finally to screams of orgasmic bliss as my sperm flooded her.

For minutes we lay still, still joined by my steel member, both of us dazed by the force of our coupling. "It was wrong what you did, you had no right. I hate you! Oh God you're bad, you're an evil man," she finally began. "I'm married, it's wrong." Then as I started to move my hips, forcing her to accept my maleness, she murmured, "Again? Can you really do it again already? My husband can only do it once a night. Oh, you're so big, you fill me Jimmy, you fill me so well."

Moving her legs onto my shoulders I continued moving in her, my thrusts soon met by her eager pussy. "Hanna, I'm now going to really properly fuck you, not one time, but four or five times. My cock is going to stay in your pussy until you say that's enough. Do you want me to stop now or do you want me to continue? You decide," I finished, pulling my cock from her.

"Oh Jimmy, Jimmy don't stop. Fuck me Jimmy, please fuck me. Put your beautiful fat cock in me. Yes Jimmy, fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder, harder," she screamed again nearing release, now totally under my control. Four times I penetrated her, four times she came, each orgasm stronger and longer lasting than the previous. As I dressed at three in the morning she held me, not wanting to see me leave.

"I'll be back tomorrow Hanna, at ten pm. I want you waiting, rested, showered, perfumed, and naked." I went home elated, surprised how easily I had dominated Hanna, how I had bent her to my sexual will.

As Dad and I ate dinner the next night he asked if I wanted to go see a ball game, the Cubs being in town to play the Pirates. "I can't Dad, I've got a date tonight, a very hot date."

"Who's the lucky girl?"

"Mrs. Church, Dad. I'm going to go fuck the crap out of Mrs. C."

"What! Are you serious? Who, Mrs. Church next door?"

I know I shouldn't have, but I wanted to show off in front of my father. Every male awaits the day when his actions impress his Dad and so I quickly told him the story, leaving nothing out, boasting of my prowess. When I finished I could see Dad was impressed, he was now looking at me in a way he never had before, with a new respect, a respect I welcomed. "Do you have the DVDs? I've always been turned on by Hanna, I'd like to see her naked." Rushing to the den I inserted the tape, and as it ran on, both my Dad and I sat on the couch, stroking our dicks through our pants.

"Dad, would you like to come with me tonight? I'd really like you to come," I said.

"But Jimmy, it's your girl; I don't want to butt in. Besides what about poor Mrs. C, she might not approve."

"Dad, she'll approve of whatever we say. She never had had a real fucking, a real cock in her until last night. We'll just take her and she'll love it. I want to share a woman with you Dad, now and in the future."

He didn't respond to that last comment but he knew what I was talking about. He knew I wanted to share Aunt Penny and Mom with him, he knew that going with me tonight would be a tacit acceptance of my fucking Mom. Finally nodding in agreement, he smiled, a pact had been made.

She was naked when I entered her room that night, freshly washed, shampooed and perfumed as I had requested. As I undressed at her bedside, Dad entered, already stripped, his penis rampant. As she started to scream I held my hand to her lips, demanding her acquiescence. Laying on either side of her we slowly worked her body, our four hands and two mouths bringing her easily to orgasm. Letting her slowly suck my cock as I let Dad have the first fuck, I was happy to see that Dad and I were both built so much alike, our large and fat pricks almost mirror copies of the other

When we left hours later, we left a woman totally drained of energy, her almost continuous orgasms joyous yet sapping. We had each vaginally fucked her four times and each had been sucked off. It was incredible when I had finally taken her ass, feeling Dad's cock through the thin membrane as he worked her cunt, all three of us moving in unison. I knew that in the years to come, Dad and I would repeat this scene many times, with Isabel, with Pen and with Mom. As we walked back to our house in the darkness Dads only comment was "Thanks son," but it was enough to make me proud.

As we ate breakfast together the next morning I said to Dad, "Dad, you may not want to tell me but I have something to ask you, I hope you don't mind."

"Ask away son."

"It's about Aunt Pen, Dad. About you and Aunt Pen and Mom. I just can't figure it out. When did you and Pen start fucking? Christ, I lived in the house and never knew anything. Neither did Isabel. Here you were all screwing away and your lustful teenage son was totally oblivious to all that sex. I can't figure it. You know, I wanted to fuck Pen all my senior year and just didn't have a clue."

"Well in answer to your first question, I first made love to Pen four years ago, when she was still going to the University of Chicago. I hate to say it but in her college days she was a little cock tease. She loved your Mom, but she couldn't help flaunting it, even to her sister's husband. For a couple of years, every time she visited she made sure she put on a show for me, flashing her breasts or panties, or innocently rubbing against me. Finally at Thanksgiving in her final year she went too far, showing me her naked body one day when your Mom was out."

"I just grabbed her and fucked her silly, her young hard body crushed below me. It was really rape son, but a rape she asked for and welcomed. I was stunned when I got off her, blood was all over the bed, she had been a goddam virgin and I hadn't guessed. The sexy façade she had hidden behind was just that, a façade. Apparently it was only with me she played the role, at school she was the little demure private school bitch. I scared her more than hurt her, Jimmy, but she immediately left and stayed away from us for fifteen months."

"Right away, I had told your Mom what happened, but neither of us was sure what to do. We finally decided not to say anything, to see if Pen would come back to us. Even though Mom wrote her religiously, for a year we had no word back; she missed coming Christmas, Easter, School Break, Summer and we were both despairing that she would never restart communication. Then at Easter two years ago she just showed up out of the blue."

I interrupted with, "I remember now, her not being here. I wondered at the time where she was, but Mom always had a vague answer. What happened then?"

"The three of us went up to the farm and spent three days talking. You and Isabel stayed home."

"Yeah, I remember that weekend, couldn't figure out what was going on."

"She told us she had been a virgin and was useless with boys at University. She just didn't know what to do. She didn't know how beautiful she was, how sexy. She loved her visits to our house because she had a chance to show her sexuality without danger. The rape stunned her; she hadn't understood what her actions were doing to me. Afterward when she had returned to Chicago she had gone out and slept with various men, learning about her body and her needs. But she missed her sister and she still dreamed of my body, wanting me even as she dated others."

"Oh Yeah, I know that feeling," I sighed.

"We all made a deal that weekend and we were lucky, somehow it worked. Pen was truly made love to that weekend, and your Mom's and my sexual life was somehow enhanced."

"And Isabel and I, how did we miss it all?"

"You two were both dorks, neither of you seemed to have any interest in sex. Mom and I thought we might have to turn Catholic so you could become a priest and Isabel a nun."

"I wasn't that bad was I? I tell you last spring I used to get hard-ons every day over Auntie. I was almost ready to go into her room and ravage her. What's she like?"

"She's perfect Jimmy. She fits my body almost as though she's part of it. Her breasts are made as if God made a mold of my hand and then made her tits to perfectly fit. Her nipples Jimmy, oh Christ, as your teeth slide over them and you hear that little whimper start at the back of her throat, it's indescribable. Spreading her legs, your lips curling around her tiny clit, her juices so'll see, you'll see."

"And Mom? She's okay with it?"

"Mom and I have always been perfect together, from the first time we made love in the back of her old mans car, and that will never change. We also made a deal, an agreement I have to honor. "

"I was conceived in the backseat of a car, Jesus?"

"No, I think it was in the girl's locker room late one Friday afternoon."

"God! What was the deal you made with her anyway?"

"That's your Mom's business, ask her someday. You know Isabel and I are going to the country this weekend?"

"Yeah Dad. Before she left she said you two were going to finish the plans for the new house. Did Izzie really do most of the drawings?"

"Yes, she's a natural at it. She's going to make a great architect some day. I'm going to try and show her how an engineer looks at a site and show her why we have to make some changes."

Mom and Isabel only got home around five, having finally decided on N.Y.U. and the full scholarship they had offered. Being in a rush to get on the road and up to the farm before it got too late, Dad hustled Isabel out the door before six. Mom immediately suggested that she and I go out to dinner, "Let's find a fancy place and splurge. First, though I'm going to have a workout, I haven't lifted a weight or exercised since last Sunday."

"You look pretty good Mom, I wouldn't worry too much. Do you want me to spot you?"

"Would you? Great, yes thanks."

Five minutes later we were both in the basement gym, Mom on the treadmill in short shorts and sports bra, while I, just in shorts, worked on my arms and shoulders, lifting heavy dumbbells effortlessly. Finishing her run she joined me, and watched me finish a heavy set of curls, my biceps popping.

"Wow, you've got big Jimmy. I don't think I can get my two hands around your bicep. You've put on a good ten pounds of muscle since the fall."

"Thanks Mom. They've got a good gym at school and good coaches. Now let me see work those sexy muscles; let me see your body flex."

As she took a loaded barbell and started to squat, I stood behind her, pressing my body lightly into her rear, ready to help lift if she needed it. Exercise after exercise she worked, her body now dripping sweat, her little muscles powerfully working and always I kept my body, my hands on her, encouraging her with light touches, almost caresses.

Finally as she finished a set of shoulder presses she sagged into my back, complaining, "I'm getting old Jimmy, I can hardly lift a feather."

"Bullshit Mom! You look bloody incredible; any twenty year old would die to have your body. C'mon, look," I said, maneuvering her in front of the large mirror. Moving my hands slowly across her body I complimented her, "Beautiful back, excellent shoulders, arms to die for, powerful thighs, Christ, what more could you ask for? But I insist you do some sit-ups for me, I love watching your abs work."

Happy with my compliments, she sat back on the floor, "OK, but only a hundred, I want to get showered and get some food, I'm starving."

As she lifted and lowered her body, my hand lightly circled over her stomach, going from rib cage to the top of her shorts, rhythmically moving in time to her movement, feeling the hard muscles working under the skin.

"Shit, you made me lose count," she protested giggling, "I'm going to have a shower. Go get cleaned and dressed, I'll meet you in ten minutes.

When I entered the master bath, Mom's back was to me as she soaped her breasts, ignorant of my naked presence until I slipped in behind her and pulled her to my chest.

"Oh, Jimmy," she purred, quickly spinning to face me while her soapy hand went directly to my rampant prick. "Your cock is so, so nice. I've dreamed of him you know, every goddam day since the holidays, every day since I tasted his sweet cum."

Effortlessly lifting her hundred pounds off the ground, I pulled her towards my chest, my hands supporting her firm rear cheeks, my penis poking her as she neared. "Mom, I want you bad, really fucking badly" I cried, lifting her higher and then dropping her directly on my shaft, her cunt tight but welcoming. With her back against the tiles, and her legs locked around my back, I drove my cock remorselessly home, time and again pounding deep within her, each plunge bringing an almost feral groan from her depths.

Our second fuck seemed even harder, baser, as we rolled soaking across the silk sheets of her bed. Our hunger was palpable, unreasonable, still unquenched as we both exploded a second time. Still hard, still embedded in her, we commenced again, another race to ecstasy, both now screaming, yelling in joy, neither of us surrendering, struggling to maintain this state just a little longer. Finally, completely exhausted we both slept, a deep contented sleep, a sleep of two bodies utterly spent.

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