The Flaherty Family


I woke with Mom lying on top of me, with her tongue lapping at my face like a cat, her eyes shining in joy. I loved the feel of her atop me, her body nestling easily into mine, her warmth enveloping me. Soon we were both grinning, and then laughing, almost hysterical at our good fortune, at how lucky we were to have each other. "I think I got the better of that deal," she finally said, almost smirking.

"What deal Mom?"

"Did your Father ever tell you about Penny, how she came into our bed, how she became his second lover." Seeing my nod, she continued, "I insisted on only one thing Jimmy, and that one thing was you." Seeing my brow furrow in confusion, she explained, "I told your Dad that when you were ready, and only then, I was going to take you, have you whenever I wanted, whenever you wanted."

"But,.. but that was before, Mom, how did you know? How did you know I'd be good enough for you, that I'd be a man you'd want?"

"I knew Jimmy, I just knew. Last night, oh Jimmy, that was a night I'll never forget. I don't know if we'll ever get to that place again but I want you to know, it's never, never ever been better," she finished, her lips finding mine, our tears soon mingling. "Now lets do it slow, lets take a little more time than last night, I want to explore every inch of your body."

And we did. For two hours, just using mouth and hands, we explored, we caressed, we excited, and we loved. After licking every inch of her body I was almost giddy with her sweet taste, surprised at how my taste buds reacted to her skin. "Mom, you taste so good, so different than the other women I've been with. Is it like that for you to?"

"Yes, it's amazing. I haven't slept with many men you know, just your Dad, I'm not as experienced as you, my little Don Juan," she joked, "but you are so much tastier than Dad, so yummy, it's almost like I'm eating myself. Maybe it's because you came out of me, because you drank at my breast, the genetic ties we have. Your sperm, oh I could die for it. When I got that little nibble at Christmas I was stunned, I wanted to go back to your room and suck you dry, it was almost narcotic like. And you smell better, better than anyone I've ever known, ever met. I think I could spend the next year with my head in your lap, your smell intoxicating me, your cum sustaining me....."

"Yes exactly, your right," I interrupted impatiently, "it's funny, with only you and Isabel do I feel that. Somehow you two smell right, taste right, look right. There must be some family chemical we all give off, an attraction only felt by us."

"Speaking of Isabel, do you realize what she and Dad are doing this weekend?"

"What? Dad and Isabel? The plans, the house..... Oh shit, he's going to fuck her isn't he? Oh no, oh no! That's wrong, she wanted me, she asked for me, I promised her."

"She's his daughter, he wanted to be first."

"He won't hurt her? Christ, what am I saying, of course he'd never hurt her. I just hope she's okay. What about you Mom? It doesn't bother you? Like Auntie Pen?"

"No Jimmy, when I knew I was going to sleep with you it was strange, I just knew the four of us would be together, together sexually I mean. I think it was just meant to be. In my dreams I've seen both you and your Dad in me, both of you making love to first me, then Iz. I think that even twenty years from now your cock will still be filling me. But about your Aunt, I want you to promise me something."

"Sure, anything Mom."

"She'll be back Sunday, but I want you to promise you'll make her suffer a bit, wait a few days for the cock she craves, tease her a bit before you fuck her. I know since Christmas she's been dying for you. And then give her a good hard fuck for me. Oh, there's one other thing I want to tell you, another secret, for your ears only, promise?" Seeing my nod she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You're just a little longer and a little fatter than your Dad."

"What? You mean... my cock? We look exactly the same."

"Take my word for it, Dad's big and great, but you've stretched me more than he ever has. I know you last longer too,' she added smiling. "Our secret."

It was stupid but I was happy, actually both really happy and really proud that mine was bigger, that Mom and Sis and Pen would always get a little more cock when they slept with me, that they'd be stretched wider by my young, hard prick. Mom and I spent the rest of the weekend in bed, and she wasn't disappointed in me or wrong in her assessment. When we heard Pen arrive home at four Sunday afternoon, we rose and naked went to greet her, our bodily juices dripping from our bodies. After kissing her in greeting and talking to her for a few minutes, Mom rose and seizing me by the prick, led me to her room, giggling at the look on her sister's face.

Dad and Isabel only arrived Monday afternoon; I was out at the time and didn't see them until dinner. It proved to be an awkward meal, all of us uneasy, worried about how we'd all react to the events of the weekend. Isabel especially looked bad, and was unwilling to look me in the eye. As soon as dinner ended she rushed from the table, sobs following her hasty retreat to her room. "Go talk to your sister, son," Dad instructed, "I think she's going to need you tonight."

At first she wouldn't open the door to my insistent knocking, but then finally relented and I entered to see a forlorn and tear streaked face. "Izzie, what's wrong honey? Are you okay?"

"Oh Jimmy," she sobbed, "I'm so sorry, oh so sorry. I'm just a fucking little slut, I don't deserve you," she continued, throwing herself into my arms. "I wanted you to be my first, I promised you, and then I let Dad fuck me, I let him put his big cock in me."

"But what's wrong with that? Don't worry; I can be your second, Dad and I both love you."

"You don't mind?"

"I wanted to be your first, but if any one was going to go before me I guess its good it was Dad. So, tell me, did you like it, do you like it when a big heavy prick slips into your cunt, when it slams into you."

"I fought him Jimmy. He surprised me when he got into my sleeping bag after I had gone to bed. I never thought of Dad as a potential lover; I'd never want to hurt Mum. He was naked, he was so strong, oh so strong, Jimmy I couldn't stop him. He forced my thighs wide and then jammed it in so hard, I thought he'd split me. It hurt Jimmy, it hurt a lot and then he moved it in me, back and forth, like a piston, never stopping. Oh it was wrong Jimmy, but I couldn't help it, my cunt was wet, I loved the feel of it and I started yelling 'Yes Daddy, yes fuck me Daddy, oh yes give me your big cock, harder Daddy, harder, more, more...'. I think I'm a slut; I'm no better than a common prostitute. You'll never want me now."

I quickly pulled my shirt and pants off and advancing on her with my erect penis in hand I laughingly asked, "You don't think you're going to get away without feeling this guy, do you. He's hungry for you; he's been waiting since Christmas to enter your sweet cunt. Every girl he's fucked in the last five months has just been practice for you." Grabbing her head and pulling her close I whispered, "I love you Isabel, I love you more than anyone or anything, forever."

Our hunger for each other was voracious and we attacked the other like mindless animals, biting, scratching, licking and finally penetrating, our shouts and groans shaking the walls. With her legs clenched around my back I pounded into her, each long, hard stroke met by raised hips, a clenching cunt that grabbed and held before releasing me for the next stroke and a deep guttural cry that rose from her depths. Like Mom, her smell was like an aphrodisiac to me, triggering a chemical reaction that rose from my balls into my shaft, seeming to make me harder, fatter and longer than ever before.

"JJJJJJJiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy," her cry sprang out of her as we both came explosively, our bodies tremors seeming to make even the foundations of the house tremble. We rested, eyeing each other warily, perhaps stunned by the effect we so easily induced in the other; but soon resumed, my phallus inflamed, incapable of stopping; her red haired pussy forever open to his large purple head. Seemingly insatiable, we continued til dawn, our two bodies now working as one.

Mom woke us at one in the afternoon, with a tray of food in her hands and a big smile on her face. "So my little daughter, did you enjoy your big brother? Are you happy with your introduction to sex?"

"Oh Mummy, I'm so happy, I love you all so much," she cried, hugging and kissing her mother.

Watching the two together, a feeling of elation spread over me, recognizing these two beautiful women were mine forever. I knew their bodies would always welcome me, their pussies always waiting to bathe my manhood in their juices. That afternoon she swallowed me for the first time, eagerly sucking me while my tongue lapped happily in her pinkness, licking and lifting her trembling clit.

Her ass was still virgin; wanting to save something for me she had insisted that Dad leave that entrance alone. As I pushed my lubricated member slowly but insistently up that dark tight route, she winced in pain but insisted I go on, her body stretching mightily to accept my size. My tentative strokes slowly got me implanted half way, and then, one final powerful heave and I was there, completely buried, her sharp bawl of pain soon replaced by yips of pleasure as my hands manipulated her wet pussy while I stroked powerfully. After more hours of continual penetration, we slept again, sleeping right through to the following morning.

I decided that I would take Penny Wednesday night, I wanted to finally make our circle complete, our family at last united, ready for the sexual future we all craved. When I entered the dining room that night and saw the other four already seated, I simply approached my lovely Aunt and lifted her from her seat and then stripped her in seconds and bent her over the table. With one hand urgently exploring between her legs, I used the other to quickly release my stiffening prick.

"Jimmy, no, not here, not like this. Wait, please wait," she wailed, but as my shaft filled her she let out a long whimper of pure joy, of unadulterated need. She was spending almost immediately, the frustration she had felt over the last five days finally allayed, my hardness answering her deepest desire. As we fucked, we could both see Mom, Dad and Sis watching us, their smiles encouraging each pump of my cock, each of Aunts moans. The dinner plates shaking loudly on the table echoed each lunge, an invisible audience applauding our movements.

After being filled with my rich cream, she slid from the table to the floor, made dizzy and disoriented by my attentions. Motioning Dad over, I told him to fuck her ass hard while she sucked my prick. We soon were working in unison, both of us thrusting together, each of Dad's deep strokes eliciting a deep groan from Aunt, a groan that my cockhead felt as it passed through her stuffed throat.

Finished, panting hard, we heard Mom, Mom demanding that her big son fuck her while her husband took her ass. "Hurry, I want to feel my two boys in me, I want cock," she challenged, "big, hard, fat Flaherty pricks." Her little body was soon engulfed, engorged, it was a wonder my tiny Mom could take us so easily, reveling in our teamwork.

Finally we moved to Izzie, the least experienced but somehow the hungriest, forcing her Dad and Brother to new heights, sucking the last drops of cum from our bodies. The five of us woke the next morning, all naked, all of us in one bed, our future destiny secured. Whatever happened in the future, whatever changes occurred, we knew that we would always have the others to make love to, nothing could alter our love.

We spent the summer building our new house, Dad, Sis and I full time, Mom and Pen joining us weekends and holidays. Our days of hard physical labor and our nights of wild sex made for the happiest times of all our lives. That house we built is forever imbued with our sexual union, every room christened by our sexual juices.

Summer 2004, The Farm:

I told the above story to Scouries this Summer; I hoped he would write it and publish it, maybe allowing others to understand our way of life. In the last ten years many things have happened to the family, the following is a quick update on where our roads have led.

A year after our summer of construction, Mom and Pen both quit their Pittsburgh jobs, transferring to jobs in our rural county, Mom on the County Board of Education, and Pen as Head Librarian in the nearest town. Dad after finishing his latest large project followed just month's later, content to open his own Engineering Consultancy operating from home. With the money Dad had inherited, large profits from the tech stock boom of the nineties, and the money from the sale of our Pittsburgh house, our family was rich, all our foreseeable financial needs already met.

During the Christmas 1997 holidays, Aunt Pen had the first of what have become three beautiful daughters. The girls are now 6, 4 and 2 years old and are loved by all of us. The girls all carry the Flaherty genes but whether it was Dad or I who supplied them is unknown, although Mom and Isabel claim that their smell and taste point to I as father.

During the Summer of 1998, Mrs. Church's husband died and we soon invited the young widow to join our group. With Mom and Aunt Pen working and a house to run and children to be cared for, we all felt she would become an essential ingredient to a happy home. Susie and Claire were 13 and 12 when they arrived and now in 2004 Susie at nineteen has just finished first year at Penn State. Dad introduced her to our circle last summer, deflowering her on her birthday. It was a joy for Dad and I to later relive with Susie the night we spent with her Mother so many years ago.

Claire turned 18 this summer and it was my hard shaft that welcomed her into womanhood. After I had broken through her hymen, spilling her blood while her body accepted me deeply, I got Dad and Scouries (who was then visiting) to join me and as the three of us filled her cunt and mouth and ass, the rest of the family watched, all happy for her passage into womanhood. We don't know if the two sisters will return to us when they finish University, but we all hope so. I'd love to see their belly's distended with another generation of Flaherty's, but only time will tell.

Isabel went to NYU in the fall of 1995. She loved her five ensuing years in the 'Big Apple', sampling all that that great city can offer. She slept with many men while there, her acceptance of her large sexual appetite allowing her to enjoy herself guilt free. And yet, whenever she returned, her hunger for Dad and I seemed to have grown, and she would ride our rampant pricks through each holiday, insatiable, seeming to want to fuck each of us enough to carry her over the next term. Often, hungry for us, she would fly in for a day or a weekends fucking and then disappear back to school.

Graduating first in her class and in great demand among the biggest Architect firms in the country, she instead chose home, Dad and I, and set out to create a private house design practice from the farm. She has quickly succeeded, with a practice that is growing and is now designing homes for the elite of Pennsylvania. The summer of 2002 Izzie had her first child, Samantha, the daughter of a man she chose expressly for the purpose, a New Yorker who will never know he fathered her child.

I had graduated in the spring of 1998, and with my honors degree in engineering, had decided to join Dad in his growing Consulting business. And with me came Sophie Morris, my future wife and mother of my children. I had only met Sophie three months earlier, late in February of my last term at Penn State. I met her by chance, happening to stand behind her and two friends in a lunch line at one of the school cafeterias. I simply followed the threesome to their table and sat down at the fourth seat uninvited.

"Yes?" this ravishing beauty asked. "Are you lost?"

"Hi girls. No, no, I'm not lost, but I know that often there's a shortage of tables and seats here so I didn't want to take a whole table to myself. Do you go to PSU? You don't look familiar to me. You're a maintenance woman, right?" I guessed, having noticed specks of paint in her hair and on her weird black clothes. "I'll bet you're a punk rock, maintenance painter, probably stoned," I finished smiling, pleased at my powers of deduction.

"Don't, please don't tell me you're a fucking engineer. Dear God, not another," she ended.

"So you did recognize me," I exclaimed. "Jimmy 'Two' Flaherty at your service ma'am, and as you so cleverly surmised, I am studying to become an engineer." Our conversation continued, but not eagerly on the part of the girls, all of whom turned out to be fine arts students. Finally, Sophie reluctantly introduced herself, and I learned she was in last year and was a painter.

"Aha, so, I was pretty close in my guess, Miss Morris; you are a painter. And I wonder if you could you tell me if there happens to be any man, or woman, or any other primate that would stop you from marrying me and bearing my children." This line turned out to be somewhat unwelcome that early in our relationship and the three left the cafeteria less than impressed with me. But I was smitten by this beautiful bundle of energy and immediately set out to find everything I could about her. Fifty phone calls later, having called everyone on campus I knew who might know her I had learned enough to plan a line of attack.

Everyone seemed to know of her, she was almost a legend after four years in Happy Valley. It was a mystery that our paths had never crossed, as the stories I heard placed her in places and parties I had been at. She was either described as a 'brilliant painter and woman' or as 'that bitch'; the later often the view of the male sex. However I did hear enough of some of her wild sexual escapades to infer that she was attracted to men and seemed to go through them at an alarming rate.

A week later, I entered a small atelier under the eaves of the Fine Arts building, a place I had been told was her favorite work space during the afternoons, somehow the fall of light in the room was perfect for her painting. "This is a private workspace," I heard, challenged before I got five feet into the room.

"So this isn't Professor Smyth's Quantum Mechanics 433," I said smiling.

"No, you idi.., oh, it's you again," she groaned, finally recognizing me.

"What do they say, 'If the mountain won't come to Buddha, Buddha's got to go hit the road' or something. Actually Miss Morris, I'm here for my posing assignment. I was told you needed a model today, and voila, here I am."

"I'm painting a still-life, that vase over there," she grumbled pointing.

"I hate to give you a hard time Miss Morris, but after four years I would have thought you would have mastered vases and be ready for something alive. I think even I, a lowly engineer could paint that vase. Let me see what you've done so far," I said moving over to look at her work. "Yes, I'll grant you, that is a very good picture of a red vase; but is it museum quality? Paint me Miss Morris, please, paint me," I finished.

"Take off your clothes," she demanded.

"I thought maybe a more elegant picture, I standing nobly in front of the window," I protested.

Grabbing a drawing pad and pencils, she pointed to the platform and said, "Naked, now!" It was only as I pulled my shirt off that I saw the first glimmer of interest in her shining eyes and as my pants fell I couldn't help but hear her sharp intake of breath. She worked quickly, making simple line drawings of me from various angles, issuing terse posing instructions to me as she worked; her concentration fierce. My penis through all this had been at half mast, hanging down, but awake and watching. As she turned away for a minute I willed him erect and as she turned she gasped loudly, his tumescence startling her.

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