tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Flame was Lit

The Flame was Lit

byAvalanche Man©

They came from the far corners of the earth, and many remote regions never heard of before or since. Trumpets blaring as each individual nation or country came into the vast stadium, marching proudly with their country's flag carried by someone in the front rank of their delegation.

Doves were released, giant streamers of various colors floated into the air, and music of all different types could be heard as the procession continued on and on. The noise level from the spectators which had begun as a light murmuring over the different entries was now reaching a raging crescendo that echoed throughout the huge stadium.

"LOOK...LOOK...Is he a midget??" A spectator asked her companion with wonder, as she starred at one of the contestant passing by them.

"No, Honey, he's probably in one of the specialized competitions." Her companion had replied with a laugh.

"SWINGING IN THE WIND" was the theme of this years summer competition, and it seemed each nation had done their utmost in their front rank. Huge, almost grotesque dicks of all shapes and colors led the way for each individual group of contestants. Balls hanging close to their knees, and vivid with purple and black colors shining in the sun left one gasping with amazement at their sheer immense size.

Not a soft one in the house, as all were proudly presented with full and massive erections. Ten, Twelve, even fourteen to twenty inches were almost the norm, as the one accused of being a midget was a mere six to eight inches. And, yes, they were all swinging or bobbing in the wind, as their owners marched proudly by the cheering crowd.

Although there were a few hairy exceptions, all appeared to be clean shaven and oiled to a gleaming shine which made them more evident in their moments in the sun. Some had even gone so far as to attach small flags of their country on their dicks that waved and fluttered in the breeze.

Several countries that must not have had any such well endowed contestants, so they led their delegations with young women with monstrous breasts and very, very big pussy lips. These two were swinging and bobbing in the wind as their owners marched on the track at the bottom edge of the tiered stadium.

Wave after wave of entries continued to enter the stadium, until the blaring trumpets for each group was ignored, and the senses were overwhelmed from the array of human flesh presented. After twenty to thirty groups. it was difficult to remember who had the largest, longest, or best equipment of whatever nature you were keeping track in observing.

It had been reported that there were some 35,000 contestants, and with their coaches, trainers, and other staff it swelled to over 50,000 that came to march in the opening parade. All proudly presenting their various endowments, toned bodies, and glistening in the bright sunlight.

The assembled spectators numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and as if not to compete for any undo attention had clothing restrictions that were strictly checked at the gates. No sheer or see-thru shirts or blouses of any kind, and even shorts had to be a certain length and not skin tight.

The procession continued until the entire field was covered with acres of nude, naked bodies seemingly crammed packed into the huge space. Once, it had gotten to the point were it appeared impossible of get any more into area, a soft, gentle quiet descended over the assembled mass. Just a bit behind, the spectators had finally quieted down also, and then joining in with the loud speakers, they all sang "Swinging in the Wind" together.

After a few seconds of pause at the end, the trumpets blared loud and at some length. Then a nude runner entered the stadium carrying a lit torch. As he started his circuit around the track, dick swinging and balls hitting his thighs; he passed the torch off to a lovely equally nude woman.

With beautiful breasts bouncing, and juices shining on her pussy lips, she began her circuit around the track.

The torch was passed off to a great number of fabulous bodies as it made it way around the track about ten times. Then, with another blare of the trumpets, it was handed off to an elderly couple standing at the bottom of stairs leading to the top of the stadium. Tanned, nude, and with bodies still in excellent physical condition, they started to ascend up the stairs to the cladron waiting there.

They stood at the top of the stadium and a few short seconds later with another trumpet blare, they lit the caldron. Two, very distinct images in smoke came from the caldron...one of a gigantic phallus and the other of a vagina.

With another deafening blare of the trumpets, the 96th Sexual Olympiad was begun.

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