tagMatureThe Flight of the Old Grouch

The Flight of the Old Grouch

byGrey Eagle 286©

I was getting tired. The drone of the two Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr. engines was hypnotically seductive. I was almost to my destination. I directed the air from a vent at my face. It was chilly and helped quite a bit. I blinked the sleep from my eyes and checked the GPS. Almost there. Time to be alert. I reached to the copilot seat and opened the cooler and got a icy wash cloth. I rubbed my face and eyes and felt lots better. I could see the lake ahead and pulled back on the throttles a bit and dropped the nose some. I found what I was looking for. About twenty or thirty seaplanes and amphibs were gathered in one spot. I called on Unicom and got an immediate response. They gave me the info on the altimeter and wind. I turned down wind then when I was opposite the landing area I turned and landed. I taxied to where a man was waving me ashore. I dropped the landing gear and taxied up on the ramp and followed him to a tie down area. I shut down and secured the aircraft.

I opened the door and dropped the steps and climbed down. A guy greeted me with a hand shake and introduced himself as George Hampton, the organizer of the Fly-In event. He grinned, "I never thought we would see a flying Goose again. Where are you from?"

"Florida. We just finished a five year rebuild of this bird, how does she look?"

He followed me as I tied the plane down and put the gust locks on.

"Wonderful, really sharp. Like new!"

"Where can I find a place to get a little sleep before I drop. I am getting too old for two one thousand mile days in a row."

"Wow! I don't blame you, You did it all solo?"

"Yep! Needed some time alone. Got it too."

"Here, I'll run you over to the Lodge in this golf cart. Throw your bag in the back."

I woke up the next morning and was ravenous. I found the restaurant and ordered the Lumberjack Special, It included bacon, sausage, hash browns, a stack of pancakes and four eggs over light and toast. It was just what I needed. Very good too!

When my belly was full I walked down to the old bird and checked her out. She was happy and secure. Several people came over and asked me questions about her. I enjoyed talking to them. When I had a chance I climbed up in the cabin and found the display board I had made up for air shows and set it up in front of the plane. It answered most people's questions.

I locked her back up and walked back to the lodge. George Hampton came over and asked me where I had heard about the Fly-In. I had to confess that I wasn't there for the Fly-In. I was there to go fishing. He laughed and was a good sport about it. I looked at my watch and told him that I had to meet my guide. He told me to tell the people at the lodge I was part of the Fly-In and I would get a discount. I thanked him and told him I would look him up later.

I walked to the desk and told them I was supposed to meet a fishing guide there. They took my name and I walked around looking at the fish mounts and wild game heads on display. I was admiring a huge lake trout when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned and looked into the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen. They were set in a very attractive face. She said, "Are you Mister Theodore Stewart?" I said she had the right man.

"Are you ready to go fishing? I am your guide, my name is Golden Dawn Porter. Every one calls me Goldie."

"Well, Hi! Goldie, everyone calls me Ted. How are you? And I am ready to go fishing."

"Follow me then Ted, My truck is outside." I walked behind her out to the truck. I may be older than dirt but I know a sweet butt when I see one. She really had one. We climbed in her Four by Four and headed off towards the hills.

"What do you want to fish for?" she asked.

"Well, what is good now. I am basically a southern city boy and I don't know what is biting or not now. I used to fly fish some and I would like a chance to try it again."

"In the streams the trout are good now. We'll find a good pool where the casting is easy and see how you do. O.K. with you?"

"Sounds good to me. Do we have far to go?"

"No, Ted we are almost there. See the road heading down the hill to the left? That is where the pool is. We will have to walk a few hundred feet from where we park." She turned down a narrow road and pulled off to the side and parked. We got out and she walked to the back of the truck and opened the rear of the topper. It was filled with all sorts of tackle. Fly, bait casting and spinning rods hung in racks from the roof. Tackle boxes were in racks on the sides. She asked what size shoes I wore and I told her size 10. She pulled a pair of waders from a box and told me to put them on. She slipped out of her moccasins and pulled on a pair herself. She grinned and handed me a fly rod and a creel. I told her I didn't want to keep any fish and I was rewarded with a bigger grin.

"Let's go then." she said.

We walked down a little trail to the pool. A stream entered from the north and left from the south. I could see rocks and boulders where the stream left the pool. There were clumps of rocks here and there. We eased quietly down to the pool. She smiled and asked me to try to cast as far as I could out in the pool. I worked out some line with quick sweeps of the rod until I had enough line out to make a decent back cast. I worked out some more line with false casts. Then I made a double haul cast and dropped the fly just behind some rocks on the other side of the pool. I looked at her and asked, "Now what?"

"Just let it drift down and see if you get a take. Something is looking at it! You got him. Work him in. That's a nice trout."

She waded out in the stream and netted the fish for me.

She looked up at me and held the fish for me to see. She pulled forceps from her belt and unhooked the fly. She released the fish. She walked up to me with her hands on her hips. "What is all this bull about not knowing how to cast? That was a damned long cast. Longer than I can make. Looked to be right on target too!"

"I thought I said I hadn't had a fly rod in my hand for a while. I guess it has been fifteen or twenty years since I touched one. I have never fished for trout."

"What did you fish for?"

"Bonefish, permit, tarpon, and other salt water fish."

"Try another cast over by that bunch of rocks just north of your last cast. Un Hun, Yeah! Beautiful. You got a take. Hell you cast better than I do!"

She took the fish off the line and looked at me. "I need to get you to take me saltwater fishing. I would dearly love to do that."

"Hey, This fall, before you get frozen in your cabin. Give me a call and come on down. I'll put you and your husband up and get you on the other end of a string attached to a hundred pound plus tarpon."

"I am divorced. No strings attached. I have a daughter, she is with her father right now, I may just take you up on that offer. Will your wife mind?"

"Nope, I'm a widower. No strings either. When do you quit fishing. Do you guide hunters too?"

"September is the last fishing, I don't book after the first week. And no to the hunting, my husband use to. I never got into it enough to guide. Ted would you like to walk up the stream a little further? There is a real pretty spot just a little ways up there that usually holds some real good fish."

"I think that is a good idea girl. I really love chatting with you, but I did fly two thousand miles to fish." We walked above small higher pond and saw a rapids above that.

"That looks like it would hold fish just where the water rushes between those rocks."

"You would think so wouldn't you? But the big fish lie over where the water swirls past that big rock."

"Yeah I see it now. It's a better ambush point, right."

"You got it Ted. Drop your fly just upstream from the rock and let it drift. Nice cast. Yes, Yes, He got it! Damn good work. Damn you are fun to guide, I love it when every thing works right."

"Me too! It's easy when you have a really good guide."

I looked at her and she blushed. "Thank you, you are too kind."

"No I'm not. You really know your stuff. I used to guide many years ago. For salt water fish. I can tell you have your shit together, if you pardon the expression."

She giggled and said, "No problem, I have heard that word before."

"Girl, do you like to fly? Have you seen this country from the air?"

"I love to fly, I was down by the lake before I picked you up. I walked around and saw all the planes. Are you with them?"

"No, I am not with them but my plane is in with theirs. Which one did you like the best?"

"The biggest one. The Goose. She is beautiful. Did you see her?"

"I sure did. She is my favorite too! Would you like to go for a ride?"

"I would love it but you have hours left on your fishing."

"Are you booked tomorrow?"


"You are now. Let's go see how it looks to the birds. OK?"

She was surprised when we got to the Goose and I unlocked her and opened the door. I pulled the ladder down and asked if she would like to accompany me on my walk around.

"This is your plane?"

"Yep, she is my favorite old girl. Come on, I'll tell you what I am looking for in my walk around." I kept up my chatter and found nothing wrong with the plane. I untied her and removed the gust locks. George Hampton walked over and asked if we were going flying. I told him we were only going up for a short time and that he was welcome to go too if he wanted. He asked if his wife could go too. I said sure and two others if he wanted. He called his wife and another couple over. They were both plane owners on the Fly-In. I got every one board and pulled in the ladder and latched the door shut. I put Goldie in the copilot seat and strapped her in. I handed her a head set and put mine on. I showed her the intercom button and asked if she could hear me. She told me she could.

I checked to see that everyone was strapped in and climbed in my seat. The old Pratt and Whitney's fired right up after only a few turns of the props. I carefully taxied around to the ramp and ran the engine checks before I went down into the water. I looked at Goldie and she grinned back. Damn, she looked better every time I looked at her. I raised the landing gear taxied down the lake and turned around and headed into the wind. I reached up and grabbed the throttles and pushed them forward. The twin radials churned out a total of eleven hundred horse power and we were up on the step in no time even at this altitude. I climbed out to 1500 feet above the lake and throttled back to 2000 rpm to cruise around the lake. I followed the road to the pond and banked around the pond so she could see it. She had a big grin on her face. I leveled the plane out and asked if she wanted to fly it. She shook her whole body NO. I laughed and told her to just put her hands on the wheel and follow me through what I was doing. I made a few gentle turns and climbs and dives. Then I did some more. Finally I took my hands off and she did it herself. She grinned from ear to ear as she realized she was controlling the plane. I couldn't help grinning myself at the joy she showed. We tooled around for another half an hour then I took over and flew back to the lake. I called on Unicom and announced our arrival and swept around in a big turn and touched down gently on the water. I taxied back to the ramp, lowered the wheels and we went up the ramp and parked in the same spot. I shut her down and ran back and opened the hatch and dropped the ladder.

Goldie was the last one out. Everyone thanked me for the ride and they expressed their amazement at the quietness and comfort of the aircraft. Goldie stood and looked at me. She walked over and stood in front of me and looked in my eyes. The stepped forward and until her breasts touched me. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Wow! That sent a tingle down my spine. She said "Thank you, Ted. I don't know when I have had so much fun."

I put my hands on her hips and smiled, "Hey, It doesn't have to end right now. Please have dinner with me. I hate eating alone. She shook her head.

"We haven't had the lunch I made for us yet. Let me think about it. OK?" We walked to her truck. I suggested we go somewhere long the river and have a pick nick. She smiled and told me to get in, she knew just the place. She drove to a secluded spot and dug out a couple of folding chairs and a folding table. We had a delightful lunch of BLT sandwiches and slaw. The slaw was excellent. I loved it. I told her so. She was pleased, she said it was her mother's recipe. I asked her again about dinner. She grinned and said yes. I was going to invite her back to my room for a nap. I didn't. I asked her where I could find her for dinner. She told me she would meet me at my room about six o'clock. She took me back to the lodge and dropped me off. I took a nap and dreamed of nothing but Goldie. I told myself I was being a total fool. She was lovely and I was old. God damned old. Forget it. Right. Grit your teeth and forget it. Easy to say. Hope beats eternally in a man's heart. Even old men. I got up about five and showered and shaved. I put on gray slacks and a pale blue turtle neck sweater and my Navy blue blazer. I checked myself in the mirror. Not bad for a decrepit old wreck.

I sat and tried to read a magazine until there was a light tap on the door. I jumped and ran to the door. I waited a second before I opened it. There she stood. My jaw dropped. She was gorgeous. She had on a blue dress. It was cut low and showed lots of cleavage. She wore stockings and heels.

I just stood and looked at her, she smiled and I reached for her hand and drew her into my room. She had a small overnight case in her hand, wow!

"Holy cow! You are really beautiful. Just smashing. Wow!" She turned slowly so I could see the whole dress. I loved it and told her so. She grinned, "You look really nice too! Very distinguished and handsome." I asked her where she would like to eat. She said it was too far to drive anywhere else. The Lodge would be fine. We walked down and decided to have drink at the bar. We had one drink before George Hampton and his wife stopped by the table and we asked them to join us for a drink. He was still excited about the old Goose. "Have you changed much about her?" he asked.

"Not really, We installed an autopilot and modern nav-com gear. GPS and all, slaved to the auto pilot. We have more powerful engines, about a hundred horses more than the original 450s. Other than that she is as close to original as we could come. Some of the modern materials are a bit better but they look the same."

"Gosh, we couldn't believe how quiet the cabin is. You can carry on a conversation like we are doing now."

"You have to remember she was designed for millionaires to fly from New York to Miami, nonstop, for the weekends. A luxury personal plane."

"They got it right."

They thanked us and went to dinner. I reached over and took Goldie's hand and pressed it to my lips. "Did you enjoy your flight, Dear girl?"

"You know I loved it."

"Would you like another drink or are you ready for dinner?"

"Let's eat now then we can have a drink after dinner."

I signaled the little waitress. She grinned at Goldie. "Honey, we didn't recognize you. You look really great. Everybody is thrilled at how you look."

Goldie blushed and thanked the girl.

We had a very nice meal. Goldie had a prime rib and I had a sea food platter. I was amazed at how good and fresh it tasted. A thousand miles from the nearest salt water and it was just like fresh caught. The waiter whispered in Goldie's ear that she was beautiful tonight. I agreed with him. He grinned. "You a lucky guy!"

"I know." I answered.

After dinner we went back to the lounge where a country band was playing. Several guys asked Goldie to dance but she told them that she wanted to let her dinner settle first. I told her I was not a very good dancer but I would love to dance with her when they played a slow number. She smiled and said she would look forward to it. I held her hand and noticed she wasn't wearing the wedding band she had on that morning. I didn't say anything. We talked about all sorts of things. She was very nice to be near. I loved looking at her. She stood and took my hands and led me to the dance floor. It was a slow dreamy number and I held her close to me. She pressed up against me and put her head on my shoulder. Wow! She had to feel the way she effected me. She rubbed right up against my hard cock. When the Band took a break she led me back to our table and smiled at me. "You are not that bad a dancer, you are very comfortable to dance with. I enjoyed it."

"Me too!"

She leaned against me and our lips were only an inch apart. I couldn't resist. I softly touched my lips to hers. She moaned and pulled me to her lips harder. We pulled back and looked at each other. I signaled the waitress and paid the bill. I stood and took her hand and led her to my room.

I took off my jacket and fixed a couple of small brandies from a bottle I always carry with me. We sat beside each other and sipped looking into each other's eyes. I leaned over and pulled her hand to my lips and placed a nice juicy kiss in the palm of her hand and closed her fingers around it. She pretended to put it in her pocket. "For later." she whispered. Damn I was as hard as a rock. She pulled back a little. "You make me feel like a young girl again. I haven't had a date in years. Oh! I get hit on a lot but you are the first guy I have gone out with. You treat me like a Queen. I love it."

"You look like a Queen tonight, you deserve it."

She looked softly at me, "Please make love to me, please."

"You know I will girl. I didn't want to rush you. I am not interested in a one night stand. I want to be around you for a long, long time. I want to take you home with me."

"Really, you mean that Ted, You really mean that?"

"I sure do. I am not going to tell you I love you because I don't really know that yet. I am pretty sure I do but we just met today. I can't bear the thought of going home and leaving you here. I would just have to come right back if you would let me." She leaned over and kissed me hard. She looked in my eyes. I felt my heart melt. Damn! I just couldn't wait. I stood and picked her up and carried her over to the bed and placed her on it. I undressed as she watched me. She sat up and then stood and reached behind her and I heard a zipper and the dress fell to the floor, She stood before me in her heels, thigh high stockings and panties. She smiled and hooked her thumbs in the top of the panties and pushed them down and stepped out of them. She held her arms out to me and we fell on the bed together.

I lay beside her and kissed her gently then rose on my knees and looked down at her. I licked my lips, "I don't know where to start, you look delicious everywhere." She grinned and wiggled and said, "Start anywhere, it's all for you."

I slowly leaned down and put both hands around one breast and gently squeezed. Then I placed my mouth over the nipple and areola and let the warm dampness soak in. I moved my tongue slowly around the erect nipple and then started a rapid suction off and on until she moaned with pleasure. Then I moved to the other breast leaving one hand to caress and tweak the first nipple. She moaned and shook a little. I looked to see that I hadn't hurt her and saw her eyes shut and a sweet smile on her face. I moved up and kissed her lips and sucked gently on her tongue when it came out to play. I slipped down her body leaving a wet trail of kisses as I went. I knew I had to get on with my pleasuring of her or I would cum before I was through. I moved between her legs and buried my face in her pussy. She lifted her head and watched me. I pulled back some and looked at the smooth shaven mound. I kissed it and ran my tongue over her inner lips where they were within reach. Her legs spread wider and more of the delicate pink lips were presented to me. I licked them then sucked them into my mouth. They were damp with her juices and I savored the taste of it. I spread them wide open with my fingers and plunged my tongue in as far as I could. She jerked and shuddered and pulled my head harder into her pussy.

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