tagGroup SexThe Floating World Pt. 06: Madelyn

The Floating World Pt. 06: Madelyn


As she went down in the lift Madelyn unzipped the bottom ten inches of her tight leather skirt, nearly revealing the top of a fine silk stocking on her left thigh, but not quite.

Around the office she made sure the zip was always fully done up, that dramatic slash from the right side of her waist to the bottom left of the skirt, zipped closed. The cling of the skirt was tight, so her steps were kept short, one foot in front of the other, and her hips rocked. In the office.

She played it, the discreetly sexual up and coming corporate executive, for all it was worth. It was part of Maddy's tool box, and even though the office notice boards were full of gender equity workshops and aspirational targets, she knew that was all bullshit. If the men in the office speculated whether she wore a bra or not, with her slender torso and perfectly tailored blouses and jackets in winter; or delighted in the pale blue or purple or sometimes even pink bra straps, thin and delicate, with her sleeveless tops in summer, so be it.

Maddy was tall and elegant, and looked good in whatever she chose to wear, so why not wear it? All the men did, those who could, anyway, those who could still wear a well-tailored suit and hold their gut in. A decidedly shrinking group of men, as the years passed them by, but those that could, did, and so did Maddy. Playing them at their own game, she actually played it better, because she knew exactly what made them look. And Maddy? She looked right back and challenged the men. As a consequence she was mostly left alone, and preferred it that way.

Because she was tall and her legs were long, and longer still in her five inch Louboutin heels, Maddy needed the freedom of the undone zip to allow her to stride, once she got outside. She was one of those rare women who actually knew how to walk in heels, and that got her noticed, too. Red soles on the pavement - sometimes that was the only bright colour she wore - flashes of red as she walked.

She swept swiftly from the building's lobby out to a wide pavement, but her forward surge was interrupted by a pair of slow suits dawdling in front of her, phones in their hands, their fat asses in her way. She shook her head, <i>get out of my way,</i> and swerved off to the right, her heels clicking fast on the concrete pavement. As she walked past the two men she glanced across, and there on the other side of the pair was a tall man, matching her pace, he too frustrated by the slow movement of the duo between them. She caught his eye, and there it was, a conspiratorial smile, glancing across at her.

Maddy smiled back, holding his gaze, and when they were both sufficiently far in front of the crawling pair they both swerved in towards each other, matching their long paces until they walked side by side.

"Don't you hate it when people dawdle in front of you?" he commented. "Getting in your way."

She laughed. "God, yes. I haven't got all day!"

She looked directly at him, for in her heels Maddy matched his height, even had an inch or two on him. She quickly took in his short, silvering hair, close cropped beard, and his dark charcoal suit, no tie. An elegant man, fast walking, whose eyes had glanced over her.

Five metres on they came to a road, and he punched the button for the walk sign. "I don't know why I do that. It's on its own cycle."

She laughed. "Maybe you get special privileges, being in a hurry, knowing what you want."

"Yes, maybe. But it wasn't red, I wouldn't get to talk to you."

"Stop pushing the button, then." She looked at him with her wide open gaze, and decided she liked this man. She touched his arm. "We can wait."

"What shall we talk about, while we wait?" he asked, his deep blue eyes holding hers.

"Oh, this and that. It's a lovely day, the weather's perfect. Oh look, there's the walk sign, shall we cross? Are you walking the next block? We can walk together."

"That would be nice, yes. The next block."

They crossed the road, side by side, their shoulders almost touching, almost brushing where her fingers had been. A short way down the block Maddy suddenly stopped, and he stopped too. She put out her hand to shake his in a greeting. "Hi. I'm Maddy. It's lovely to meet you."

"Hello Maddy," he replied. "Lovely to meet you, too. I'm Adam."

"Hello Adam. There, that's the formalities, done." She grinned at him, and started walking. "Well, are you coming?"

He smiled back at her, and caught up. She momentarily wondered if he could be told. Told what to do.

Then it was Adam's turn to stop. "This is my building, I go in here." He pointed to the lobby with its eight lifts, four each side.

"Oh, that's a shame. I was hoping we could walk together a bit longer." She touched his arm again. Then, on a whim, and because he might be a man who might have one, she asked, "Do you have a business card on you?"

He did, in a fine silver case kept in his jacket's inside pocket. He passed a card to her. She turned it over in her hand, running a fingertip along the embossed lettering.

"Adam Cain," she read, "Strategic Projects Consultant. Ah ha, is that what you are? Thanks."

"May I have your number?" he asked.

"Oh no, Mister Cain, I don't do that." She leaned forward and quickly kissed him on the cheek. "I shall call you," said Madelyn, "when I choose." She blew him another kiss. "When I need a Strategic Projects Consultant." She winked, and he laughed.

She walked on and didn't look back. She knew he would keep watching as she continued down the block, until she was out of sight.

* * * *

Madelyn saw Adam several times over the next weeks, always from a distance, his movements loosely coinciding with hers, but not fully in her orbit, not yet.

She saw him dance with a slim girl coming out of the cafe next to his building, after the girl had rushed from the door and nearly collided with him, walking by. He spun her in his arms to stop her from falling, then they walked together down the block. Maddy smiled as he jabbed the Walk button, <i>"I don't know why I do that."</i> She smiled again as the girl took a step back, slung a hand on her hip, and studied the man. What the girl saw must have pleased her, for when they crossed the road she put her arm inside Adam's and looked up at him. They were familiar with each other, that was obvious.

Another time, several weeks later, Maddy saw Adam exit the same cafe, to be followed moments later by a slender boy with a hip bag and long glossy hair, who ran to catch up with Adam at the same crossing. They clearly spoke to each other, for when the lights changed they crossed, side by side.

Maddy wondered, in another whim of curiousity, if Adam's daytime existence was somehow defined by this one city block and its boundary of roads and controlled crossings. She pondered too the unlikely odds that his excursions coincided with her own. She decided to find out.

Her work provided an excuse, so she called him from her office.

"Hi, Mr Cain, Adam? You might remember me? Maddy, we met in the street, and you gave me your card...

"Yes, that's right, the tall girl who walked fast. At the crossing, yes.

"Of course I remember. Listen, I work for ____________ and was wondering if you..."

Maddy described a brief assignment a project team needed to get done, that seemed to fit within the portfolio of work described on the Cain website, which she had quickly checked. "Is that something you do?

"It is? Perfect. When can we meet?

"You'll come here? Wonderful."

Maddy set up a time and gave Adam her building's address and instructions to meet her in the lobby. She then booked Meeting Space Three, one of the "new flexible working arrangements, to increase your comfort and our productivity." In reality, MS3 was a pair of intimate meeting cocoons, like huge eggs, facing each other in a quiet corner of the building, with clear views looking out over a broad city square. The seats could be swivelled to look outwards or inwards, "to meet the needs of every participant." Maddy thought it was mostly all rubbish and architectural pretension, but the pods made a change from the noise of the open plan workspaces and got her on to a different floor for an hour. Sometimes she got tired of their eyes, their faceless eyes, and would walk away.

What the meeting space arrangements did bring, with management insisting on it stridently, was a policy of absolute privacy. "Our business requires confidentiality at all times. When a meeting is underway, respect our client's needs always, and do not ever interrupt."

Maddy found the privacy rules very convenient some lunchtimes, and would book her favourite space, MS3, and turn both pods to face outside. She'd curl up in one pod, completely hidden from those inside the office, tuck one leg under her bottom, undo the zip most of its length, and dip her fingers deep inside her wet sex. Rainy days were best, the rain lashing in sheets against the glass, and the background wash of noise meant she could cry out softly when she came.

She met Adam downstairs in the lobby and signed him in. He was wearing a dark charcoal suit, a shade he clearly favoured, with a deep blue shirt and silk tie. He dresses for his eyes, she thought, and absorbed his gaze, not looking away. The only embellishment he wore was a slim silver watch on his right wrist, its dial facing outwards.

"You're not wearing a purple shirt," she remarked, ushering him into the lift.

"Purple shirt?" he asked.

"Don't all consultants wear purple shirts?" she replied, her voice straight but her eyes creased in a smile. "With a white collar, to signify the bonus?"

"Ah, you know the breed." Adam smiled in response, still holding her gaze. "But no. I don't own a purple shirt. Even the tie I don't like, I prefer not wearing ties." He shook his head.

"Did you wear the tie on my account?" Maddy asked. "You shouldn't have. Be comfortable, take it off."

"I will, thanks." He quickly unlooped the tie and pulled it from around his neck, undoing the top button of his shirt. "Ah that's better. I can breathe." He coiled the tie and placed it in his jacket pocket.

"Yes, be relaxed." Maddy deliberately undid the top buttons of her blouse, two below her throat, and teased the collar apart to reveal the top of her chest, her pale alabaster skin. She reached over to Adam and deftly undid the next button down on his shirt, exposing a hint of greying hair on his chest. "There. Much better."

All the while she watched his reaction during her little ceremony, as if it were a test. He barely blinked. She didn't make him nervous, that was good. Maddy didn't trust nervous men.

Maddy enjoyed this man. They swiftly covered the project brief, its objectives, agreed rates and terms, and she appreciated his fast intelligence, keeping up with hers. After half an hour she went and made two coffees from the self-brew machine in the kitchen, and brought them back, signifying an end to the business side of the meeting. She was relaxed anyway, but wanted to enjoy more time with Adam.

When she leaned forward to hand him the coffee she knew, if her angle was just right, there'd be a perfect gap in the fall of her blouse, revealing a glimpse of a tight conical breast with a soft puffed nipple, dark pink. She watched his face as Adam took the coffee, and saw his pupils dilate, seeing her perfect angle, just right.

"Thank you," he said softly, and she leaned forward a little more to hear his low voice.

"My pleasure," she replied, her voice low, too. "I hope it's hot enough."

Adam took a sip and looked back at her. "Ah yes, perfect."

Maddy took her own seat, tucking a leg under her bottom in her favourite lunchtime position.

"Do you mind if I'm more comfortable? This skirt...." She unzipped two-thirds of the zip, revealing the top of her stockings and the pale flesh of her thighs. "Ahh, that's better." She eased her long thighs comfortably apart, revealing a shadow and a hint of her sex.

"More perfection?" Adam carefully asked, with a glint of pleasure in his eyes.

"Oh, yes, don't you think so?"

Maddy eased her body back further, relaxing even more into the comfort of the pod and the caress of his eyes. The hem of her skirt crept higher, revealing a longer hint of her sex and a creamy shadow between her thighs.

Adam watched as Madelyn exhibited herself before him, her fingers slow in her cunt as she came. She looked at him watching her, closing her eyes only in the final shuddering quiver of her orgasm.

"I'm not going to get your personal number, am I?" Adam asked.

"Oh no, Mister Cain, I don't do that. But can I have your tie?"

* * * *

Madelyn saw Adam several times over the course of the project, but denied herself the delight of displaying herself to him again. By denying herself she denied Adam too, and over time she sensed a frustration in him. She imagined him reliving the sight of her slow moving fingers deep in her sex, and wondered if he came, thinking of her. She had no idea if Adam had a partner or partners, and didn't care. She was only interested in her own pleasure, and if tormenting him was an adjunct to that, so be it.

Yet she delighted in the man, his generous approach to the project team as he recounted examples and anecdotes from his career, stories from the men and women who had mentored and taught him professionally. And over time, seeing this side of Adam, Maddy began to wonder about the men and women who had made him the man he was in his private life. She thought mostly women, but was never quite sure.

She decided she wanted to know more. So she called him from the office, just before leaving work one day, early in the week.

"Adam, hi, it's Maddy.

"Can I buy you dinner? Yes? When suits?

"Thursday evening, yes. Give me your address, I'll pick you up.

"Okay, I know it. Outside, at seven?"

Maddy hung up the phone, smiling. She'd look forward to a meal with Adam very much indeed. She pondered what to wear... ah yes, that dress would be perfect!

* * * *

Maddy parked outside Adam's apartment a few minutes before seven, just to see how punctual he would be. His work discipline was to the minute; she was intrigued to see if that precision carried over socially.

Two minutes later he leaned over the convertible's passenger side door and greeted her.

"I came down as soon as I saw a car and recognised the driver. It's a slow old lift, you have to wait, I'm afraid." He smiled, and tapped the clock in the centre of the dash. "You were early, though. See, I'm right on time." The minute hand was on the twelve.

Maddy looked up at him with a cheeky glint in her eyes. "I was testing you."

"I thought you might be. Did I pass?"

"Oh yes, I think so." As Adam got into the car, Maddy noticed his right wrist was bare. "But you don't have your watch."

"I don't keep time outside work. Time's my own, when it's mine."

She started the car, her thigh tightening as she pushed down the clutch, the long flow of her dark green dress carefully bunched behind her legs, out of the way.

"So it takes as long as it takes," she said, "whatever it is that you do." It wasn't a question, more an observation, even a statement of fact.

"Something like that. Why, do you have a deadline?"

"Midnight, Mister Cain, you'll find a glass slipper and a girl on the run."

"Mice and a pumpkin, too?"

"Something like that."

Maddy put a stop to the back and forth. She'd tested him, but wasn't quite sure what it told her. With a twitch in her jaw, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, marking him with her lipstick, a deep red. Adam touched a finger to the spot she'd kissed, and saw the colour on his fingertip. She looked at him with her certain eyes, and smiled, more to herself. She'd marked him first.

"Wear your watch, next time," she said.

Maddy shook her head to clear hair from her cheek. "I want to drive fast for a while, so I've booked a place in the hills."

She pulled her russet red hair back, slipping a band around it to keep it off her face. She flicked the car into gear, looked back over her right shoulder, and neatly accelerated into the light traffic.

Maddy enjoyed driving, the crisp snick of the box as she ranged up and down the gears, the bark of the engine when she used it to brake. In the city she drove with her palm resting on the gear knob, to be instantly ready to shift, with her right hand at two o'clock on the wheel. She didn't want Adam to talk as she concentrated in the traffic, and he didn't. She glanced across at him from time to time, and he seemed comfortable enough in her hands, his right hand resting on his knee; deliberately so, she thought, to be near her gear changing hand.

Hitting the freeway, Maddy flicked the car into fourth, then fifth and set cruise at one-hundred and ten. She dropped her gear hand onto Adam's resting hand, picked it up, and placed it on her thigh. A crass man would shift his hand to her crotch, but Maddy knew Adam wouldn't do that. She rested her left hand on top of his for a moment, gave it a squeeze, then placed both hands on the steering wheel. The wind was fast in her face.

Maddy flicked back to fourth, accelerating to pass a semi on a hill, and Adam shifted his hand back to his own knee. She smiled. She drove well, so he got out of her way and let her drive.

After fifteen minutes driving fast on the freeway, colour high on her cheeks from the wind, Maddy pulled off into a truck stop, deserted this early in the evening, its long concrete slabs lit by five lights on tall poles. She pulled up and parked in a circle of light.

"I need a pee. Come on, hold up my dress."

She got out of the car and crouched down, facing the rear quarter of the vehicle, her back to the road. She bunched the dress up in a mess about her waist, revealing her long stocking clad legs and a garter belt, no panties. Coming around the back of the car, Adam caught a glimpse of her belly, a dash of red darkness at its base.

"Quickly," she said, handing him a fold of her dress. "Keep it off the ground."

Adam leaned back against the car and Maddy tilted forward, placing both hands on his hips for balance, her head down to see herself. She relaxed, and let go with a sigh of pleasure, "Ahh, that's good." Her flow of piss jetted and splashed on the ground, running down in a stream towards the car, circling Adam's shoes, marking him with her scent. He didn't move his feet away, and breathed in the faint acrid smell of her piss.

Maddy looked up into Adam's face gazing down at her, a slight wonder in his eyes. She quivered with the pleasure of her release, and squeezed out a last small trickle.

"I needed to go," she said, as if that was a perfectly naturally explanation for her action.

She moved one hand to cover his cock. He wasn't hard, but thickened under the weight of her touch. Still looking up at him, she undid his belt buckle, the button at his waist band, and pulled down the zip. She pressed against his hardening flesh, still looking up into his eyes.

She dipped a finger between her legs and flavoured herself with her urine, then reached up to Adam's lips to scent him too. His cock throbbed as he took her finger into his mouth and sucked, looking down at her. Maddy looked away, and dipped her hand into his briefs, holding the hot weight of his balls for a moment, before extracting the long hard length of him from his pants. She pushed him back against the car for stability, then took his plum coloured head into her mouth, cupping her hand up against his balls again, pulling them towards her.

Maddy took Adam into her throat, her gag reflex stopped, her suck tight around his shaft. He was fully hard now, and she discovered his length and took his measure. Her mouth was a slow suck, and she felt a gentle hand on her head, then both hands in her hair. She dipped between her legs once more, and teased up her clit, stroking it and pressing. She took her own pleasure first. Sucking Adam's cock was part of her luxury, it wasn't for him.

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