tagErotic CouplingsThe Florida Trip Pt. 06

The Florida Trip Pt. 06


Welcome to Part Six of The Florida Trip, aka The Baseball Trip: Season Two. You'll be happier if you read the rest before starting here.

Warning: there's incest play here again, plus some actual incest, as well -- my characters just can't control themselves apparently. Everyone is over the age of 18.

I woke up in bed wrapped around Julia with Chloe sandwiched in between us. All three of us still naked. In the night we'd managed to knot ourselves together -- legs and arms twisted about like we'd been trying to tie ourselves to the bed. My head was on Chloe's breast. Her hand was on Julia's butt. We'd played sleepy Twister and the only thing that was clear was that we were all winners.

I did my best to extricate myself and roll over. Sarah and Kelsey were still sleeping in the other bed. My God I was the luckiest man alive. I'd broken up with my girlfriend the day before and somehow woken up surrounded by more women.

Beautiful blonde Kelsey's cute little bottom poked up from out of the blankets in a pair of pink panties. Next to her was the sexy Sarah, her immense breasts rising up from the bed like a set of twin Everests. Meanwhile, in my own bed, I had Sarah's very sexy sister with her slightly smaller tits and apex ass. And lying next to her was the lithe, brunette Julia, my best friend and roommate with benefits.

As I was eyeing her, Julia popped up. Her tiny tits shook as she sat up. She looked around the room, warily.

"Hey guys?" Julia said, "I just wanted to say. I'm sorry. For everything."

The other women all slowly sat up. A synchronized elevation of tits and butts. Beautiful faces and sexy bodies.

"You have nothing to apologize for," Sarah said, automatically.

"Thanks Sar, but I feel like I do," Julia said, "This whole trip I've just been mean to everyone. Rude. In some cases," she looked right at me, "Way worse than that."

"It's OK Jules," I said, "We've talked and I forgive you. I promise."

"But it's not just you, Ben," Julia said. She was starting to get choked up, "It's everyone. I know it's not an excuse, but I've been going through a lot of stuff lately and I just didn't know how to handle it and... I'm sorry." Julia's emotions got a hold of her, and now everyone was sniffling. This strange nude sadness.

"No, it's not just you, Julia," Kelsey said, "I've been awful, too. You guys are, like, my only real friends in the world and I've been terrible to you. All of you."

"Me too," I said, "I think... This whole trip was supposed to be about getting together again. Instead it's just pulling us all apart."

"Well I'm not sorry for anything," Chloe said. The group all laughed at that, the sort of half-giggle sob when emotions try to shift gears and just grind. "I've been nothing but perfectly polite this whole time and you guys have been jerks."

"You're right, Chloe," Julia said, "I'm sorry."

"You damn well better be," Chloe said, "I stroked you off in the pool and I'm still waiting for you to return the favor."

"I formally apologize," Julia said, she leaned over and gave Chloe a kiss on the lips. It was so sudden, the teenaged girl gasped, but then she leaned forward. Enjoying the affection. Without another word, Julia began snaking her hand up Chloe's chest. Grasping her breast.

Whoa. Suddenly this was getting interesting.

I smiled at Julia, but she only went back to kissing Chloe. Her mouth now moving down the teenager's neck to meet her hand at Chloe's breast. Chloe seemed nonplussed by all this attention. She simply sat up and pulled her shirt off then turned and tackled Julia.

"See," Chloe said when Julia let her get some air, "This is a proper apology."

"She's right," Kelsey said, looking over me to the action on the bed, "Sarah, I formally apologize for my terrible behavior." She rolled over and kissed her buxom bestie right on the lips. Sarah moaned softly in response.

I looked back at the two women on the bed next to me.

"See, now everyone feels better," Chloe said, reaching down and cupping my roommate's cute little titties. "Oooh, these are just fantastic."

"If you say so," Julia said. She would never be convinced that her little breasts were something special.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around my chest and pull me back. "Come here," Sarah said.

"But..." I started to protest.

"Sarah and I need to apologize to you, too," Kelsey said. Sarah pushed me onto the other bed and then both girls -- the incredibly sexy brunette and the beautiful blonde -- began kissing my face and neck.

"You OK with that?" Sarah asked, while Kelsey reached down between my legs and grabbed my erection. It stood at full attention, ready for another full day of activities.

"Oh, HELL yes," I said.

I heard a groan coming from the other bed and looked over to see that Chloe had planted herself between Julia's legs. My roommate snapped her legs closed around Sarah's little sister as she began lapping at Julia's cunt.

Sarah pulled my attention back to herself, turning my head her way and kissing me on the lips. Kelsey slowly stroked my dick, watching everything around her.

"oh FUCK!" I heard Julia scream.

Chloe giggled. "That's so awesome that you squirt like that," the teenager said, "I'm just sorry I didn't get a taste sooner." Julia didn't respond, but I heard her gasping as Chloe continued her ministrations.

Meanwhile on my side of the bed, Sarah and Kelsey took a break to appreciate each other. The two friends -- they'd known each other well before we'd started taking trips together -- shared a deep kiss. Then they both went to work on my cock. Kelsey licking up and down the shaft while Sarah sucked down hard on the head.

I bucked as the sexy brunette made contact and she hummed happily at my response. Getting a blowjob, apparently, wasn't enough for my brain. I turned back and saw that Chloe and Julia had switched positions and my aggressive roommate was now happily slurping away at the teenage girl's center.

Sarah lifted her mouth off my cock and let Kelsey have at it on her own. The busty brunette crawled back up to me and let her immense breasts dangle down over my mouth. I dutifully suckled at one, then the other. I saw Sarah's hand shoot down and dip into her snatch for a sneaky taste.

Kelsey's speed increased on my cock. What she lacked in skill, the beautiful blonde made up for in enthusiasm. She bobbed her head up and down, drool dripping out of her mouth and onto my balls.

Sarah sat up and turned around. She backed her backside up to my face and I set about licking her. I could see why she liked to taste herself -- her pussy was so sweet. Sarah started returning the favor on my cock, trading licks with Kelsey, who had slowed to let her bestie share their treat.

"I need something a bit thicker than a finger," Sarah said, and she climbed off my mouth.

"Two fingers?" I asked. She just shook her head at me. Without another word, Sarah climbed over my cock, aimed it at her pussy and sat right down. Again, I was surrounded by her oh-so-tight snatch. It took a couple of thrusts before Sarah could take all of me inside. She groaned when she finally got it.

Kelsey looked over at Sarah, clearly a little disappointed to lose her toy. I motioned for her to come up and get licked, but instead she stood there and pouted.

"I want to apologize more," Kelsey said, "But there aren't enough dicks here."

"Oh, I can help with that," Chloe said. She had been lying back with Julia's head between her legs, but she quickly jumped up off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

Julia looked at me, her face sticky with girl cum, and gave me one of those 'what-are-you-gonna-do' shrugs. She had a distant look in her eyes that told me the orgasms had broken her brain a bit.

Chloe ran back holding something bright pink and penis-shaped in her hand. She held it up like a dirty Statue of Liberty.

"You brought -- oh FUCK that's nice -- one of your toys to Disney?" Sarah asked. She didn't stop riding my cock to register her shock.

"I brought several of my toys with me to Disney," Chloe said, "Actually, that gives me an idea."

She handed the dildo to Kelsey, then turned around and ran back into the bathroom. I heard a few things crashing. Chloe came back with another dick-shaped toy. Actually, this one looked like two dicks that met at their bases. Each plastic cock was a deep purple color, good-sized but not ridiculous.

"I think this should make for a sufficient apology," she said, waving the double-headed dildo at Julia." My roommate smiled stupidly and lowered herself onto the floor.

Kelsey took her new toy and climbed up on the bed next to Sarah and I. The beautiful blonde lay back so our heads shared the same pillow. She spread her legs out, the one thigh resting on top of mine, and slowly started to slide the plastic penis into herself. She groaned loudly.

"Not as good as a real dick," she said, "But good enough."

Sarah gave Kelsey a cute little thumbs up, then turned around to face the action on the bedroom floor. She stayed planted on my penis but didn't move at all while watching her younger sister and my best friend arrange themselves.


Chloe took out a tube of lube, something she'd gotten from the bathroom along with the double-headed dildo, and liberally coated both ends. Julia got down on all fours, presenting her pussy upward for the penetration.

"I'll feed it into you first," Chloe said. She took the dildo by the base and slowly drove it into Julia's snatch. My roomie was well-lubricated from her earlier activities and she took the plastic dick easily. Just a few easy pushes and Chloe had Julia well filled.

"Just stay in place," Chloe said, "Push back if you can. Kind of like fitting an extra leaf into a dining room table." Chloe turned so she was facing the other way, also on her hands and knees. Then she reached back and found the unplugged end of the purple penis. She aimed it at her cunt, then slowly started moving backwards.

Both girls strained as the two of them worked to get the whole thing inside themselves. They groaned and hissed in unison. A see-saw back and forth on the artificial cock. Finally they were bottom-to-bottom, just a thin square of black plastic between them.

"We're. Going to. Have to work together. To show how sorry. We are," Chloe said and blew a brown hair out of her eyes. The two of them both looked pretty worked up already.

"Uh huh," Julia said. The athletic brunette buried her head in her arms. At first it was clumsy, both moving in the wrong direction. Stuttering and stopping like a dull saw. Then slowly but surely the two of them became a well-oiled machine, rocking back and forth with ease. Moaning in perfect harmony.

Matching their groans, Kelsey began to buck beside me. She was moving the dildo in and out of her pussy like she was trying to stab it to death. The blonde girl turned her head upwards and kissed me. Sloppy, yet satisfying.

Still in reverse cowgirl, Sarah started riding my cock again. It gave me a great look at her ass as it went up and down my shaft. Her hungry pussy sliding up and down, gripping my dick for dear life. Sarah began moving faster. I stopped being able to concentrate on anything except the sensation of her tight pussy squeezing on my cock.

Sarah looked back at Kelsey and smiled. "H... Here. Let me help... Apologize," she said. The buxom brunette reached down, took the dildo out of Kelsey's hands, and started to slam it back and forth into the blonde's hungry puss. Sarah was fucking both of us now. Kelsey reached her arms around me and we held each other as Sarah slammed our pleasure into us.

Kelsey was the first to go. She stiffened and her face went cherry red. Her arms too tight around my neck.

"Oh ffffffFFFFFFUCK!" Kelsey cried.

Sarah let Kelsey's plastic penis slip out of her hand and turned her focus to the flesh and blood cock inside her cunt.

"Oh Ben I want you to cum," Sarah said, "I'm really close and I need you to cum in me."

"I can help with that," I heard Kelsey say, "Kind of owe you one, after all." The blonde got off the bed and stumbled over to Sarah. She gave Sarah a deep kiss and then reached down for her clit. The sexy brunette stiffened and then screamed.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Sarah stiffened. Her snatch clenched as hard as a fist around my cock and then the pleasure engulfed me. I heard the sounds of Sarah screaming again. Julia and Chloe both howling and crying together. An entire orchestra of orgasm filled my ears as I pumped my precious seed into Sarah's hungry cunt.

"sssssssssssAAHHHHHHHH!" Chloe hissed.

"ohhhhh yyyyyyYEEEESSS," Julia howled.

"I'm fucking cumming so GOOD!" Sarah shouted.

I looked up and saw that the sexy brunette was embracing Kelsey, holding on to her like she was a rock in a violent ocean. Julia and Chloe lay back on the floor, the dildo between them like they'd slaughtered a double-headed purple snake with their pussies. And all the while I exploded. Again and again. So much cum I couldn't imagine where it all came from.

Sarah slipped off my dick and somehow one last burst ejaculated out of me and landed right on Julia's tit as she lay there on the ground.

"Nice shot, dude," my roommate said. She reached down, scooped up my seed and popped it into her mouth.

Kelsey kept kissing Sarah, even reached up and cupped her massive boobs. "That was nice," the blonde said, "But I'd still rather have a real cock."

"I can see the benefits to both," Chloe said, speaking into the carpet. Julia had fucked that girl good.

"Sounds like you've got a full day ahead of you, Ben" Sarah said. She slowly dismounted me. A huge glob of my sperm dripped out of her pussy and landed on Julia -- right on the tit she'd just cleaned off.

"Dammit Sarah," Julia said, as she scooped up that little bit as well. "Mmmm, OK, that's actually pretty tasty. The two of you together."

Chloe stood up on shaky legs, barely able to stand. "Wow, if I knew apologizing could be so much fun, I'd be doing it all the time."

"If that's the case, we're going to need more of those toys," I said. The group laughed.

"Oh no problem," the teenager said, she gave her sister a little kiss on the cheek, "Just wait until you see the one we named 'Ben.'"


Much as we wanted to find a way, we couldn't get all five of us into the shower at once. Still time was a-wasting, so Sarah and Chloe stepped in first. Almost as soon as the water started, I heard a series of giggles from the sisters, followed by some low groans.

Julia and Kelsey both looked at me and I shrugged. "Apparently they used to play together all the time," I said, "I don't really have all the details. But I figure you'd know something about siblings that play together, Kelsey."

The blonde punched me in the shoulder, but she blushed. Now it was Julia's turn to look at us with curiosity. I got up off the bed and walked toward the bathroom. "Still I should check on them," I said, "Make sure everyone is OK."

Julia and Kelsey just rolled their eyes at me.

I grabbed some clothes -- I was going to have to get dressed at some point -- and ran into the bathroom before anyone could dispute my logic. It was already pretty steamed up when I got in. Without saying anything, I slid open the shower curtain slightly and climbed in. Two tan, very similar bodies were already in there, wrapped up in a long kiss.

"Oh!" Sarah said, jumping slightly as I stepped in. God, Sarah. She was so sexy it almost hurt me. Her baby-making hips and her huge tits. Like she was made only for sex. And hugging onto her there in the shower was this smaller version of herself. How could there be two of these in one universe, let alone one shower?

"Hi girls," I said, casual as anything, "I just thought you'd like to hear a Disney joke. You know, to keep you occupied while we're in here."

"Uh huh," Chloe said, but she smiled at me. Another feature she shared with her older sister.

"What happened after Snow White was in the shower, feeling happy?"

Sarah and Chloe both stood there staring. Brown skin and big boobs. What a sexy pair of pairs.

"Happy got out so she felt Grumpy, instead."

"Ugh, Ben," Sarah said, "I think that was your worse one yet."

I looked over at Chloe and realized she had scratches on her chest and arms. A few bruises, as well.

"Holy fuck," I said, "Julia?"

"Yes, you kind of don't notice while she's doing it." Chloe examined herself while she said it. "That girl really is wild."

"Believe me, I know," I said, ruefully.

"Well, I'm going to get her back for it," Sarah said, "How dare she treat my baby sister this way?"

"That's something I want to see," I said.

"Yes, I bet," Sarah said. She slipped past her sister and kissed me hard on the mouth.

"You're just encouraging him, sis," Chloe said.

"I needed some way to stop those awful jokes," Sarah said, then went back to kissing me. Running her hands over my chest. I reached down and grabbed her tits in return, slowly rolling her massive tits under my palms.

Chloe just stood there, hands on her hips, and sighed. "I don't think there's enough room in here for three," she said.

"I'll get out," I said.

"It's OK," Chloe said, "I'm already as clean as I'm going to get. Besides, I don't think I'm ready to go back to that thing yet." She reached down between myself and her sister and slapped at my erect cock for emphasis. After everything we'd already done, it was impossible to imagine how my dick was already hard again. But there it was.

Chloe pulled the curtains aside and stepped out of the shower. Sarah just went back to kissing me. We ran our hands all over each other, like mapping our bodies through touch alone. I reached down for her sex and she flinched. "Sorry," Sarah said, "I'm still sore from before."

"And a few minutes ago with Chloe?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.

"We were just reliving old times," Sarah said, "Siblings bathe together all the time you know."

"Not usually like that," I said, "My big sister would have stomped my balls just for coming in the bathroom when she was in the shower. Let alone joining her."

"Sounds like you two really missed out on some important milestones," Sarah said. She reached down and grabbed my dick. "Just because my one hole is sore, doesn't mean I can't offer up another."

Sarah slipped down to her knees and wrapped her lips around my dong. She licked up and back a few times, then pulled off, absently rubbing it with her hand. "Hmmm, speaking of old times. I seem to remember another shower sucking not so long ago. Back when a certain baseball trip was over, and we had everything all figured out. How'd that turn out again?"

"We were young," I said, "Stupid. We're way smarter now."

Sarah looked up at me, big brown eyes warm. "And this time we've got it?"

"I don't have the answer to that," I said, "I just know I'm not letting you go again."

"Well we've definitely gotten smarter," Sarah said. "For instance, I've learned not to turn down my tasty treat." She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth again. I groaned as Sarah started slurping hard.

"You're going to cum in my mouth," she told me, "And I'm going to swallow it all. Like a good girl."

She wasn't kidding. I thought after all the action that morning my cum would be a while off. Instead Sarah's salivating succor had me going in almost an instant. I fell forward, rested my hand against the tile barely able to stand. Then my orgasm racked my body as I blasted Sarah's mouth with my seed.

"Mmmmhm," she said, almost clinical as I shot my sperm down her throat. Then Sarah stood. She wiped her mouth with her forearm. She did a little curtsey, like finishing off her performance.

"Good?" she asked.

"Amazing," I said.

"Remember that when Julia gets in," Sarah said. She pulled open the shower curtain and there was my roommate, staring back at both of us. Without another word, Sarah got out of the tub. She leaned over and gave Julia a kiss on the cheek.

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