tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Flying Lesson

The Flying Lesson


“Today is going to be a wonderful day,” she thought as she drove up to the local airport.

Her husband had bought her an orientation lesson for her birthday and today was a perfect day for flying. She got out and looked around for her flight instructor but there was no one around. She went around to the back of the hanger and saw two men working on one of the planes.

“Hmm… I’d like an orientation lesson on that!” she murmured to herself as she eyed the tight little Wrangler wrapped bottom on the dark haired guy closest to her.

He straightened up to greet her as she approached and she felt a tingle in her belly when she looked into a pair of the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

“God, he’s gorgeous!” she thought as she introduced herself to him.

She had always had a weakness for a tight round ass wrapped in denim.

“Hi, I’m Kelly Richards. Can you tell me where to find my flight instructor? He was supposed to meet me here for an orientation flight this morning?" she said with a smile.

Beautiful Buns took a step toward her wiping his hands on a shop rag, "You got him. My name is Robert, glad to meet you." and held out his hand; flashing a charming smile.

This was turning out to be a very good birthday present, indeed!

"Come on, our plane is over here." he said and he walked across the tarmac stuffing the rag into his back pocket. She followed a couple of steps behind him, mesmerized by the movement of that rag against his denim covered ass as he walked.

"Oh, Lord; give me a break here!" she sighed to herself.

He was very business-like as he proceeded with her orientation lesson; showing her how to do a pre-flight exam; explaining the controls and what the lesson would be like. She’d had trouble concentrating on his instructions; her mind wandering into daydreams about what that ass would look like naked and on top of her. She prayed she would remember what to do as he helped her up into the plane.

After the proper instruction about the instruments and basic operation they taxied to the runway for take off. He let her fly the plane for take off and the adrenalin high was beyond anything she had experienced before.

The lesson went perfectly as they flew around for an hour. The view of the world from so high up was breathtaking and the glimpses she kept getting of his muscular chest from the open neck of his shirt kept her mouth dry and her pussy wet with forbidden desire. She couldn’t keep her eyes from straying to the noticeable bulge at his crotch over and over again; trying to imagine what was just under the denim.

When he let her land the plane, she thought she would explode from the rush! Flying was like nothing she had ever experienced before! He opened her door to help her out and she felt the wetness between her thighs. She was embarrassed and afraid the stain would show through her tan shorts; that he would see how turned on she was.

He slipped his hands under her arms helping her down from the plane… and into his waiting arms which he wrapped tightly around her. She struggled against him till his mouth found hers, his tongue invading her mouth; taking her breath away. His fingers twined in her hair, holding her head captive; holding her mouth to his. His tongue probed, teasing; tasting. Then, slowly, his lips left hers to tail hot fire down her neck; to the hollow at the base of her throat, and she was dizzy and confused with desire for him.

She felt a hand rough, gripping her ass, grinding the bulge in his jeans against her crotch.

“What are you doing?” she protested weakly as his hand left her hair to unbutton her blouse.

“I know you want it baby, I noticed the way you kept looking at my crotch all morning, and I think that wet spot I saw in your shorts is for me; so I’m gonna give you the rest of your lesson right now!”

Before she knew it her blouse was open and his mouth was hot and insistent at her breast just above the lace on her bra. He slipped a finger inside the lace freeing the nipple and she arched instinctively against him when he drew her stiff nipple into his mouth; his tongue flicking over it. She felt him bite her nipple; rolling it between his teeth, and exquisite pain radiated through her entire body. She shook her head trying to focus her thinking…

“Please stop... please… don’t do this. I’m a married woman, I can’t do this!” she panted breathlessly as his mouth continued to punish her nipple.

“Too late sweetheart,” he growled as he took her other nipple between his teeth, “I never waste a hard on, and you’re the only woman I see around here.”

Without thinking her hand slipped between them to grip the hardness that was straining to get out of his jeans. Oh God, what was she doing? All she knew was that she wanted to feel that bulge hard inside her. Was he going to take her right here? Where was that other guy she had seen helping him earlier; would he see them fucking? She couldn’t think straight with Robert’s mouth teasing her nipples that way.

He backed her up till the work table was behind her; against her butt. Then his mouth was on hers again; his kisses deep, insistent, further confusing her; his tongue, probing her mouth, sending little electric currents to her pussy, while his fingers were busy unbuttoning her shorts.

He turned her around and slid her blouse from her shoulders leaving hot little kisses on her skin where it had been. She felt him unfasten her bra freeing her aching breasts. His hands found them; his fingers pinched the nipples hard, causing her to close her eyes and cry out.

She felt a little jolt of alarm as something was tied around her eyes and she was pushed face down across the table. Someone gripped her wrists, pulling her arms over her head; tying them to the table. She protested, struggling against her bindings, but it was no use; she was tied firmly and she sobbed her fear as her shorts and panties were jerked off, leaving her totally exposed; open to him. He kicked her legs apart roughly with his foot and she felt someone tie her ankles to the legs of the bench.

Then he was behind her, his hands on her bottom spreading the cheeks of her ass and she groaned in fear struggling wildly as a thumb was pushed against her asshole; pushed into the opening, stretching her tight little hole. He removed it to insert two fingers… then a third was inserted and she cried out sharply protesting the invasion; the pain of three fingers in her where no one had been before taking her breath and causing little whimpers of pain to leak from her throat.

“Please stop! Just… let me go, you can’t do this… please…” she gasped.

He just laughed as other fingers were slipped into her dripping pussy, “Your dripping wet; I knew you wanted this, you like this don’t you baby? You want us to fuck you don’t you?”

Us! The word screamed in her head! There was someone else here! How many were here? What were they going to do to her? She struggled harder when she felt something hard at the opening of her pussy, rubbing up and down the wet slit while someone stroked her clit, pulling it; hands pushed under her to pinch her nipples hard. She gasped, crying out; desire beginning to blossom inside her; to overcome the fear of being tied down, helpless and naked in front of strange men.

She stopped struggling when she felt the head of his dick push its way into her pussy stretching her; filling her as he slid hard and steady into her hot, wet pussy; filling her up. Her pussy gripped him in a spasm of pleasure, squeezing him inside her and she heard him cry out his pleasure.

“Oh my God, he’s huge,” she thought, as his enormous dick continued its way into her.

She could feel the swollen head of his cock hitting against the ridges of her pussy as he entered her; sending jolts of electricity through every nerve in her body as he continued into her, thick and hard; till she thought she could take no more of him; he would surely split her pussy open; she felt him pushing against her cervix and still there was more of him.

“Oh God,” she cried out hoarsely, “you feel so good… oh…please…”

Her husband was very small and in her whole life she had never had anyone fill her up this way.

Then he started sliding that wonderful dick in and out of her, his balls slapping a rhythm against her clit. She barely breathed as he drew his dick all the way out, the head pausing swollen, against the opening of her pussy; rubbing against her, to plunge deep inside her... his balls slapping her clit with each stroke. She thought she would lose her mind with the sensations her body was feeling.

She felt hands all over her body. Two sets of hands touching her, caressing her; hands were everywhere, fingers sliding into her asshole, then under her, pinching her nipples making her gasp as the massive dick drove deep into her again and again; hands stroking her clit, fingers pulling it, pinching it, stroking every inch of her, inside and out, until she was mindless and on the verge of a massive orgasm.

He pulled out of her and she cried out in protest wanting, no, needing to cum. She felt her bonds loosen and then, hands lifting her, turning her over to lay face up on the table. Her arms were pulled above her head again and tied securely and she struggled weakly as she felt her legs lifted and her knees pressed against her chest exposing her totally to his pleasure; opening her completely to his will.

She was beyond resisting anything he wanted to do to her, she started to whimper a protesting as she felt him rub her pussy juice over her ass hole; his fingers exploring her there, opening her to him. He inserted 1, then 2, then 3 fingers again sliding them in and out slowly till he felt her asshole relax… She was ready for him.

Her breath stopped when she felt the swollen head of his dick pressing into her asshole.

“No, please you’re too big, you’ll rip me apart! No one has ever fucked me there!” She cried out protesting, begging, as the head disappeared into her asshole stretching her.

He started to push deeper into her and the pain over whelmed her; consumed her. She screamed for him to stop, struggling against her bonds, and felt a gag pushed into her mouth.

He paused, partway in to let her sphincter muscles relax further, pushing, withdrawing; pushing further, withdrawing; continuing relentlessly, till his huge dick was all the way inside her tortured asshole. He held completely still then, it seemed like he stood there, perfectly still forever; her ass impaled on his dick. Hot pain shot through her body, she felt herself being consumed with it, the rhythmic pulse of his huge dick throbbing deep inside tortured asshole. She was dazed; her breathing ragged, her breasts heaving from the pain.

Finally the pain eased as her asshole relaxed and she felt him slide out of her to plunge back in hard and thick; she felt a mouth biting her nipples, sucking them; while that wonderful dick continued its sweet torture. Hands were all over her body, pulling her clit, fingers in her pussy… 1, 2, 3, 4, stretching her pussy, jamming into it; a tongue against her stiff little clit probing; lips sucking, teeth biting it maddeningly till she screamed her pleasure against the gag in her mouth…

Oh God, what was happening to her; Oh God, she was losing her mind….

The gag was pulled from her mouth and a hot, hard dick was pushed all the way in her mouth and down her throat till she couldn’t breathe; punishing its way in and out of her mouth while that monster cock continues to punish her ass hole.

What were they doing to her? She was dizzy with lack of oxygen as the two men fucked her mercilessly. Her breasts, on fire from pinching fingers, sent electric pulses to her pussy causing her asshole to grip him hard and she heard him cry out, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!!”

She felt his dick start to jerk and swell with his orgasm, stretching her further till she was stretched to her limit; his massive dick pounding deep inside her ass; her mouth full of another man’s cock; her throat stretched, air cut off; fingers torturing her, pulling her clit; sending her into a massive, mind bending orgasm.

She was lost, as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body; as she was filled at both ends with their cum.

"Oh, God, I’m going to die" was her last thought, as she lost consciousness; a dick cumming in both ends of her....

She woke sometime later curled up on the table; naked and mercifully alone. Her mouth dribbling cum; she felt cum oozing from her asshole as well and she had never felt so wonderful. She sat up finally, her nipples on fire, her ass on fire, her throat raw.

Dazed, she looked for her clothes to find, on the table beside her, along with her neatly folded clothes, a certificate for one flying lesson… free of charge.

She smiled as she dressed, thinking about her next lesson….

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