tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Forcing of Nicole

The Forcing of Nicole


My name is Nicole. I'm the thirty two year old wife of a college professor at a major public university. My husband is ten years older than me, I actually met him when he was an associate professor and I was his student. My husband is kind of conservative in bed so our sex life is a little staid, but we do well and fit together like a pair of old shoes. My placid situation was rocked when my old college girlfriend Maria came to visit.

Maria had gotten married six years earlier and moved across the country. The only time I'd seen her since was four years ago when she was a bridesmaid in my own wedding. Maria has always been a bit of a party girl, and so it was no surprise that she wanted to go out dancing the one night she could visit me. I knew my husband would be happy to stay home as he doesn't dance and he wasn't going to enjoy rubbing shoulders with college kids in a loud club.

On Friday, Maria finished up her work at the conference and arrived on my porch by eight. I gave her a hug at the door and invited her in. We drank wine and caught up on things. We live right in town a couple blocks from the campus. "Maria, are you sure you want to hit the clubs here in town? They'll be packed with college kids and we'll be the oldest women in the place."

Maria assured me that she wanted to stay in town. She didn't want to have to worry about one of us driving. "Plus we can meet some college hunks." She said with a wink. I just rolled my eyes and laughed. The idea of two married ladies trolling for college boys was funny.

I'd picked out what I thought was a nice outfit for a night of dancing, but Maria decided it wasn't sexy enough. She dragged me back into my bedroom and started rummaging through my closet. She eventually dressed me in a very short black miniskirt that she had brought along with my stretchy red shirt that was cut very low. I wouldn't be able to sit down without showing the world my black lace panties in the skirt she gave me to wear.

"Hmmm..." she commented. "You are going to have those college boys all over you. Let's head out."

We slipped some cash and our ID's into a pocket of Maria's skin tight plastic pants and walked to the door. "Don't wait up!" Maria called to my husband. "I'm keeping her out all night."

Maria and I walked a few blocks to the best dance club in the town. It was crowded with college kids and loud music was blasting through the place. We downed a couple drinks and then hit the floor. For the next two hours we mostly danced together along with a string of different guys. When we got tired we'd stop and have a drink. By midnight I was pretty buzzed.

Maria headed off to fetch us a fresh pair of drinks and when she returned she had two huge, muscular guys in tow. The guy with Maria was a big black man who introduced himself as Jason. The other guy was white and told me his name was Kevin. He waited a moment and I realized that he expected me to recognize him. I stared at him blankly, I could not place him.

"I play football here. I'm a linebacker, and Jason there is the halfback." He told me while pointing at his buddy.

"Oh." I don't watch football so this guy's celebrity was wasted on me. It did explain why they were both so big and muscular. I wasn't totally sure what the difference is between a linebacker and a halfback, but I did know that Kevin was very good looking. Maria grabbed Jason and hit the floor. He looked to be an excellent dancer.

Kevin asked me if I wanted to dance too, and I nodded. I felt a little guilty about it, but I found the guy to be totally hot and I wanted to dance with him pretty bad. The four of us danced together through several songs. Maria started to get kind of lewd, grinding her butt back against Jason in a suggestive way. I felt like she was egging me on. It was totally out of character for me to be so flirtatious, but I found myself grinding against Kevin as well.

We kept on dancing, and I faced Kevin for a few moments. When I turned back to look at Maria I felt Kevin put his arm around my waist from behind. He pulled me against him and ground his hips against my ass. I could clearly feel his hard cock pressing against my butt through his pants. I guess he found me pretty attractive and I realized I probably shouldn't be teasing him. It just felt so good in a naughty kind of way. I hadn't been out like this since I was in college.

We stopped for another break and Kevin went to buy us some drinks. I also hit the bathroom. When I returned Maria was in conference with our new friends.

"Let's go." She said in my ear. "These guys have a place where we can party nearby."

"A party?" I asked. I tried to ask Maria why she wanted to go to a college party, but it was hard to talk in the loud club.

"You want to party with Kevin, don't you?" She asked me. She actually looked slightly worried.

"Sure. Of course!" I nodded at her enthusiastically. I did want to keep dancing with Kevin because he was making me feel very randy. I'd rather stay at the club, but if everyone else wanted to visit some campus party then I would go along with their choice.

Maria told Kevin and Jason the plan and in a few minutes the four of us were on the street. As we walked down the sidewalk, Kevin put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. I saw that Maria was walking in Jason's arm so I decided not to say anything. Plus it felt kind of nice to be held by such a mountain of a man.

We only went a couple blocks and turned into an apartment complex. We walked down a hallway and then Jason opened the door to a ground floor apartment and we all filed in. It was just the four of us in the living room of the place. I was momentarily confused and being a little drunk didn't help. Maybe we were stopping here to get some drinks or something and then heading to the party? I tried to think back. Had Maria said we were going to a party or going to a place to party?

I turned to Maria and I was shocked to find her making out with Jason. As I watched open mouthed, he grasped her ass with his huge hands. Without breaking their kiss, she jumped into his arms. Her legs were wrapped around his hips, pressing her body against his groin while he held her firmly. She giggled as he carried her into an adjacent bedroom and kicked the door closed behind them. I suddenly realized that this was definitely a place to party. And by that Maria meant a place to fuck.

I turned and found Kevin standing practically on top of me. He pulled me to him and started kissing me wildly. I stood there for several seconds and didn't resist. He roughly pushed my thin shirt up over my breasts and in an instant he had unsnapped the front of my bra. As I felt his fingers brush my bare nipples I broke the kiss.

"No! Stop!" I whispered fiercely to him.

Kevin paid me no mind and simply started kissing my neck instead of my lips. His hands kneaded my breasts and I could actually feel my nipples stiffening at his touch. I reached up with my hands and pushed him away. I had to push really hard.

"What is your problem?" He demanded. He seemed pissed.

"I told you to stop." I glared at Kevin.

Kevin rolled his eyes. "Hard to get, huh? You've been begging for it all night. I know you want it, that's why you two wanted to come here so bad."

"I'm leaving." I told him. I turned and started towards the door. No wonder these guys had been so eager after Maria asked them to take us home. She'd told them we were coming here to fuck them.

Kevin grabbed me from behind. He was incredibly strong. He pushed me down onto the couch and grasped the hem of my skirt. He yanked it off in an instant. I saw the look in his eyes and I felt the power in his arms. I knew he was going to fuck me and I'd be powerless to stop him. Maria was no help; the slut was in the other room enthusiastically fucking Jason. What the hell had she gotten me in to?

I was scared and thinking fast as he tossed my skirt on the floor. Kevin easily held me down with one hand while he opened his pants with the other. He wiggled them off and stepped out of them. As he did I could not avoid looking at him.

Kevin's cock was solidly hard and jutted from his groin proudly. He had a thick and heavy shaft topped with a large rounded head. A drop of pre-cum hung from the tip. Fighting me was turning him on.

Kevin reached for the waistband of my panties. I aimed a vicious kick at his head. He dodged my high heel with catlike reflexes, but as he did he lost his grip on me. I rolled to my right and off the couch. In a moment I was up and started to move towards the door. Kevin caught me again before I could get there and pressed me against a wall.

"Damn you're feisty" He said, grinning at me.

Kevin had seen me happily nodding to Maria before she told them we wanted to come to their place to fuck. He could not get in through his thick skull that we had a serious misunderstanding. In a few seconds Kevin was going to rape me and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

Kevin reached down and grabbed my crotch. To my intense shame, my panties were soaked with my arousal. Kevin slipped a finger under the lacy material and ran it between my swollen lips. My knees buckled a little as he touched my clit.

I passively let him finger me for several seconds, scarcely wanting to admit how good it felt. Then I heard him chuckle and my face burned red.

Kevin stopped and pushed me to my knees. His cock swung menacingly in front of me.

"Suck it." He ordered.

Powerless against his strength, I simply opened my mouth. He grasped my hair with one hand and slid his cock between my lips.

'What a nightmare' I thought as Kevin began fucking himself into my mouth. OK, sure, I had certainly been guilty of leading him on at the club. With Maria confirming what they thought they knew about me I was in a bad spot.

But maybe this wouldn't be so bad if I could get him to come quickly. 'I'll just give him a little blowjob and then it will be over.' I rationalized. And while blowing Kevin was certainly wrong, it wasn't as bad as getting fucked by him. Not by a long shot.

I wrapped my fingers around the base of his shaft to control his thrusting. He felt thick and heavy in my hand. I started to press my tongue along the bottom of his shaft. Kevin gave a sigh and I began to taste the faint flavor of him as his pre-cum leaked from the tip. This wasn't going to be too tough. Kevin was highly aroused by our little wrestling match and I'd have him coming in a couple of minutes. He thrust in and out of my mouth, letting his desire build in his balls as I kept my tongue rubbing against his cock.

I felt his fingers twine tighter into my hair. Kevin started pulling my head towards him, fucking my mouth with his cock and sliding it into my throat. He was thicker than I was used to and my jaw started to ache. I heard Kevin groaning and I knew he was getting close.

"That's it. Suck my cock." He muttered. "I'm going to come in your mouth. Make me come."

I suddenly realized that I could feel wetness running down my thigh from my pussy. I wanted to deny it, but kneeling before Kevin and sucking him off like a slut was making me hotter than I'd been in years. I felt myself lubricating so much I was literally dripping. I thought I'd die from embarrassment.

Kevin's muttering dissolved into a series of grunts and I felt him tensing up in his thighs. I knew he was going to come. I sucked him deep over and over until he went over the edge. My fingers were wrapped around his shaft and I could feel the passage of each pulse of cum through my grip moments before it spewed onto my tongue. He jerked and throbbed in my mouth. Suddenly my senses were filled with the taste and feel of his semen. It was salty and ever so thick. He came for a long time before he was finally done. I let his cock slip from my mouth and I swallowed his load, almost gagging on its thick consistency.

Kevin pulled me to my feet and kissed me pretty hard. As he did, he returned his hand to my pussy. He could feel my wetness soaking my bush and running down my legs.

"See? I knew you were hot for some cock." He told me. I realized that Kevin wasn't holding me with his other hand. I backed away from him.

"Oh, no you don't." Kevin said. He forcibly picked me up and carried me to a nearby table. He pushed me down and pinned me on my back with his hands. "Still got some fight left, huh?" He asked.

"Stop! Don't!" I struggled against him but his grip was like iron. Kevin had ejaculated and was finished. What else could he possibly want from me?

I figured it out soon enough. Kevin stood at the edge of the table between my legs. Something hard bumped against my vulva. He had never lost his erection. In my limited experience I'd never encountered a man who could stay hard like that. I was at a loss for new ideas what to do.

I stopped fighting him. As I lay still for a moment I could hear a slapping noise punctuated by loud female moaning. I realized I was listening to the sound of Jason pounding into Maria in the bedroom. He must have been fucking her hard and making her come like crazy. Then I heard a man groan really loudly and I guessed that Jason was coming inside my slutty friend.

Kevin felt me stop struggling against him and he released his grip on me. He used his hands to lift my legs and spread my thighs open. I felt him shift his hips slightly and his cockhead parted my lips. In a moment the head spread me open and I felt his thick shaft filling my body.

"Oh no! No!" I moaned. I shook my head from side to side, denying what was happening. I felt Kevin's balls finally rest against my ass and I knew he was fully buried inside me. I was stretched full of him.

"That's it baby, take my cock." Kevin told me. "You are so hot. It feels so good to finally be inside you."

Kevin started thrusting into me. He withdrew his cock all the way with every stroke. Then he would reverse and I felt the intense pleasure of being penetrated anew each time. His thumb found my clitoris and he began to rub it in small circles while he fucked my helpless body.

My body betrayed me fully. The sensations were too much. I felt an orgasm building deep in my pelvis. I was so ashamed. I was married and yet here I was about to have a huge orgasm as this stranger fucked me like his whore. "Ohhhhh....No. No." I groaned. My orgasm slammed into me and I gasped as I came. For an eternity I lost track of everything but the huge climax running through my body. My vagina gripped the strange cock that was filling me so well.

I finally slumped to the table. Kevin gave me a few moments to recover and then rolled me over so that I was bent forward across the table with my ass facing him. As he lined his cock up with my pussy once more I heard the bedroom door open. Maria stepped out alone. She was adjusting her clothes like she'd just gotten dressed. She stopped and watched as Kevin slid his big cock back into my soaking wet cunt.

I felt like such a whore. Kevin grabbed my hips and started pounding into me, fucking me relentlessly from behind. I didn't even care that my girlfriend was watching us rutting like a couple of animals. I just lay there and let Kevin fuck me through a long string of smaller orgasms.

Finally the slippery grip of my vagina pushed Kevin over the edge. I heard him start groaning and he pulled my hips roughly back against him, jabbing his cock as far into me as possible. He froze with the tip of his cock nuzzled against my cervix. I felt him throbbing intensely as he pumped his seed deep into me. I moaned involuntarily as I felt him inseminate me.

Finally satisfied, Kevin pulled his cock from me and staggered back onto the couch. I slowly stood up from the table, feeling dazed from the intense fuck. I snapped my bra and pulled my shirt back down over my breasts. I glanced around and found my panties on the floor. As I pulled them on I looked for my skirt. Maria pulled open the door and waited for me as I pulled it on. We walked into the hallway together.

I was pretty pissed at Maria, but she was busy telling me about the great fucking she'd gotten from Jason and how she'd come over and over on his cock. She didn't notice my anger. As we reached the end of my block, I could feel Kevin's semen flowing from my vagina and soaking the crotch of my panties. That put me over the top. "What the hell were you thinking?" I asked her.

"What? I wanted to get laid." She replied, puzzled. "You told me you wanted to fuck Kevin."

"I did not!" I said indignantly. "I thought we were going to a party!"

"You looked like you were having a pretty good time from what I saw. I mean, I wasn't exactly counting how many times I watched you come on his dick or anything...." She laughed at me. "Come on Nikki. It's was just a little fun sex. Get over yourself."

I fumed a little. What a huge misunderstanding. I'd never realized that Maria was such a slut. I just shook my head. We walked the rest of the way and let ourselves into the house. I was so tired and drunk that I could do little more than peel off my clothes and fall into bed. I passed out immediately.

I woke up a little disoriented the next morning. I had a little hangover and the whole thing seemed like some kind of crazy dream. I could almost deny that it had happened until I reached down and touched my pubic hair. It was matted with dried semen. I lay there thinking it over.

I took solace in the fact that I could never have stopped Kevin. What had happened had been out of my control for the most part. What made me burn with shame was how I had reacted. I could not deny feeling a rush of arousal when I thought about what had happened. I had never been so aroused and I had never climaxed so hard before. This shameful thing would forever have to be my secret. But I also knew that I would in time think back to that night and feel the heat of my arousal again and again.

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by Anonymous03/26/18

Too close to the truth

The media in my part of the world is filled with stories about entitled college athletes forcing themselves on women or getting them too drunk to resist. The rape aspect of this story is a little too closemore...

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by Anonymous02/27/18

Anonymous (10/5/27 "These are stories, folks")

You're the idiot. All of these are true stories. Next you'll be telling us you don't believe in Santa Clause and the earth is round. Cheesh. Isn't anyone sane anymore?

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by Anonymous10/05/17

These are STORIES, folks

For crying out loud, I cannot believe that there are morons who respond to these stories as if they are real. It is dumbfounding and confounding. These are stories that feed into our fantasies. Some peoplemore...

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