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The Foreigner


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Now that the fall semester was underway and since I've gotten to know all my new students, I don't regret going full time even for a moment as it beats substituting. My first full time job - Wow! My life feels like a dream because I not only enjoy my job, but sexual situations present themselves one after another. I've had better and more sex in the last six months than in my entire adult life! And as a result, you can find four jam-packed video tapes in my drawer where I have sex with some of my students!

Recently, it's been almost hard maintaining relationships with women because I've received that much immediate sexual gratification from college girls who just cannot wait to feel my dick in them. Is it a coincidence that these nymphomaniacs all study abroad? I wonder...

Now to the point: I was going to tell you about my latest sexual experience that really went outside of anything I've ever experienced. Never have I met a girl who wanted to be fucked so hard and brutally, yet at the same time been so utterly insatiable, as the little Thai cutie Akira. But however, we'll surely take it from the beginning, right?

Beginning this fall semester school year (used fall semester in the first paragraph), my college started a new training program with a focus on Southeast Asia's language and culture. Most colleges have similar special programs and this will be my third such school. Our program consists of a new colleague and sixteen 16 (spell out one - nine, 10 and over should use numerals) students, mostly Asian. Akira was one of them. She came to Sweden when she was ten years old, after her mother married a Swedish man. This I know because Akira attends three of my classes and I frequently ask my students to write essays about themselves.

The social events associated with this program are a real plus. This included lunch. And after meeting Akira there frequently, we bonded quickly. She sought contact from the very beginning. It was no surprise we were friends after a week. Although she was only nineteen 19, she could discuss a lot of many different topics to an intellectual depth. However, through though, that I even suspected she may have fallen in love. I quickly ignored these thoughts to keep it simple. By contrast, it was complicated repressing my own lusts, which inexorably awakened every time I saw her picture-perfect face, and her soft shapes, and especially her slim figure, with a and her firm, round ass.

While dismissing my fantasies, I was totally unprepared for Akira's intentions. It all started when I was invited to the 70's party in the student residence No. 2, the one she boarded at. Last Friday, I showed up there around eight o'clock with a bottle of wine in hand, and wearing incredibly tight flared trousers and a hideous paisley shirt.

Everyone was excited from the very first moment. All danced to disco and wore clothes that were too tight not a problem. It was a rather wild party; some of the students were trashed when I got there. I made sure not to drink too much. Several of the girls were incredibly well dressed. Some had short, tight skirts and glitter tops; others had narrow pants and tie blouses. Wherever I turned, I caught a pair of plump breasts, a round butt, a pair of long legs, or a pretty face. It wasn't easy nor subtle wearing tight pants.

I barely had time to settle on a couch when Akira appeared from another room. She saw me and immediately joined me there. Her smile was especially blissful or sinister and it was pointed at my lap. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth resolutely. I pulled away, of course, but she just laughed loudly, stood up, and pulled me onto the dance floor. Although reluctant at first, I didn't mind the hustle after a while. After half an hour of continuous dancing, we staggered outside to catch our breath in the frigid November evening.

Akira, dressed in a tight, red silk blouse, immediately began to freeze (you can't see someone freeze) shiver, and her large Asian nipples pointed protruded through the thin fabric. To warm herself, she shivered quivered and hopped. Hypnotized at the sight of those bouncing tits, I hope hoped she didn't catch me staring. Suddenly, putting her arms around my neck, she kissed me firmly. I was taken aback by her sudden whim and immediately tried to get loose, but as she tightened her grip, her tongue pressed her tongue into my mouth. While my cock pressed against her stomach, I couldn't help but think that someone was going to catch us.

When she stroked my bulge, a wave of unbridled lust surged over me. She was doing her best to grip the whole thing through the thick jeans, but her hands kept slipping. As I groped her tits, she flinched at my cold touch, but then gasped shortly thereafter with excitement. Kissing me, she tried to unzip me.

"Not here," I whispered, "you want to go somewhere?"

"Yes," she gasped, and her fingers stopped halfway down my fly.

"Not my room, not the residence...the office is good," I said, and then kissed her, pulling my hand out of her blouse.

What am I doing making out with my student? She couldn't be more than 20 years old.

She had good taste by choosing the governor's office which was a tiny old bungalow on campus. Certainly, no one would disturb us. I unlocked the door with the master key and, turning off the alarm, grabbed Akira's arm and almost dragged her to the basement stairs. Once there, I switched the light on and guided her to the rec room.

It was large enough to be a room, but small enough to be a storage closet too. Someone had propped a mattress against the wall. Aside from that, there was only a couch, a bookcase, a lamp, and a sink if that even counts. It smelled a little musty. But with no windows it was perfect overall.

Akira wasted no time on formalities. Finishing what she started, she unzipped me fully and squeezed it through my briefs. As much as I wanted to lie back and let her do what she wanted, I insisted on kissing her firmly, even biting her lower lip here and there. My tongue overwhelmed hers. While one hand fondled a tit, the other guided her neck to my lips; after nibbling on her earlobe, I gave her a hickey. Akira switched hands; her left hand was colder.

Judging by the softness, she was wearing moist cotton panties, which were now moist.

"Bite me!" I said. "Wait, lay the mattress down."

Her face was pale, but her cheeks were red. Her blushing intensified this. Her clothes were in disarray and her lipstick had smeared from our fierce kiss. In that moment, she looked like a Thai temptress.

"Kneel and suck it," I ordered.

She looked surprised with her open mouth and staring eyes. With one hand on her shoulder, I guided her down. She opened her mouth to say something, but I quickly interrupted and commanded said, "Go on."

With a surprised expression, she let out a whimper and then eagerly opened my pants.

"I'll keep you warm down there," I said quietly to her and astonished to hear such hard words come out of my mouth. Akira's lips were parted and her eyes too bright of horniness when she coaxed off my tight pants. When my thick swollen cock surged forward, she stunned her breath and stared at me with her mouth wide open. I smiled to myself at her reaction, which was the same as I usually get from girls who see my cock bloated for the first time. Nineteen 19 (this is a very unbelievable size, might want to make it more realistic) cm long and substantial rough substantially rougher, is much bigger than what most girls have encountered. -- "Open your mouth and suck me," I said firmly to her and grabbed her hair and forced her head backwards. I felt an insane lust welled well up in me as I looked down at her lolita face and her body still clothed, where she was kneeling in front of me. I grabbed my dick with one hand, and stroked it slowly right in front of her eyes and saw a protracted whimper of response from her. She opened her mouth obediently and I steered my swollen glans into her red painted lips. -- "Now you'll suck me really nice and if you are really good and I'll fuck you afterwards," I said through clenched teeth and shoved my cock in her mouth.

Akira opened his her mouth as much as she could and I saw half my thick shaft disappeared between her lips and felt a wet heat enveloped envelope me. I stood above her and she was crouching on his her knees between my legs, so she had to tilt her head back and stretch to take my dick in her mouth. I enjoyed looking down on her sweet little asian Lolita (used Lolita in the last paragraph) young face and when my eyes met her hers, I realized that she really liked to be treated like this. She had her hand on my buttocks, and caressed caressing my cheeks, and then my balls and with her other hand she caressed rubbed herself frantically outside her panties. I was just about to tell her to stop doing that thing when she voluntarily quit and instead grabbed my thick cock shaft with his her hand, stroking me hard and sucked sucking my balls in into her mouth. Shock waves of horniness rushed from my hips and pushed me to the limit of madness when her tongue teased me on the underside of the scrotum while she stroked me with long strokes along my wet shaft.

I felt I was just bursting and that I could, at any moment, syringe straight into the air if she continued, so I pulled me quickly away from her and told her to take off her clothes. I sat back on the couch and enjoyed the incredible striptease I now saw. Akira's gaze was glued to my swollen cock as I slowly jerked off while I studied her body in every detail. I She saw an active writhing writing like a scruffy underage asian Asian whore, with smeared lipstick, her hair in disarray, too short skirt and a thin red blouse that was half unbuttoned. I again got that feeling of unreality that what was happening was too good to be true. Here I sat and jerked off while a small cunt kid in sixteen years figure undressed in front of me. In addition, one sixteen year old cunt kid I until a few moments ago, I regarded as just a friend.

Akira unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor and, again, I felt I wanted to spray directly into the air when I saw her plump round breasts. In the normal adult male female whatsoever they would have been called small, but Akira's were quite perfect, because she is just like a miniature replica of a full grown 16 year old girl. Maybe she is 150 centimeters long, probably less. Next, it was fortunate that the skirt fall fell to the floor. Without letting her eyes off my cock with his eyes for a moment, she snapped up unsnapped her skirt and let it slowly slide down over her slender hips. For she had a pair of black panties and I was surprised that they were not studied sexy, but by ordinary tanga model. They went the way of her skirt and when Akira was so naked, save for his her white socks and black patent leather shoes, she fell on her knees right in front of the couch where I was sitting slumped.

She sat back on her feet and spread wide on his her knees so that I looked straight in between her legs. Her pussy was completely clean shaven, or perhaps it was because she had not yet had any hair there, for not a hair grew neither on her labia or the Venus mountain above. Now she leaned back and stroked slowly with one finger as she let slip through her slit while her gaze was still nailed to my cock. I jerked me slowly in front of her face while I let my eyes devour her sight. I have never been so as horny in my life as when I sat there and jerked off while this little asian Lolita Asian doll finger fucked her pussy before my sight me. Her face was the epitome of unbridled lust, with parted lips, wide eyes and red blossom rosebud cheeks.

This 18 year old cunt kid was enchanted by my rough, veined cock and just waiting for me to fuck her frail little body. I felt as if I would spray directly into the air at any moment (same phrase) The overwhelming need to cum was growing again, but I wanted to stop me and pull and hold out on out at the first orgasm as long as possible.

- "Stop it," I said to her between clenched teeth while I got up from the couch. She winced as if I had shaken her and ended up with even up to caress herself. -- "Do not come until I say you can," I almost growled at her and knew how the horniness raised. She had never seen this side of in me when her eyes were frozen in amazement. Her breathing revealed to me how excited she was when I was tough on her. -- "Open your mouth, you little whore, I'm going to fuck you in the mouth," I said between clenched teeth. She made an effort to get up on me to her knees, but I pushed her down so that she was leaning back on his her feet and grabbed her hair with one hand and my cock with the other. She looked up at me with his mouth open and I slowly stroked my cock right in front of her lips while I was holding back her head hard with my hand in her hair.

- "Open wide," I said, and brought his my cock to her mouth. Again, I felt her lips closed close around my cock and the way her warm, moist mouth swallowed me.

- "Open your mouth," I say, I said sharply, and saw how her eyes widened in surprise before she realized and opened his her mouth as much as she could. I held back her head and let my cock slide into her wide open mouth until I felt it bumped bump against her throat. She sounded suddenly, I hear a gurgling sound and her neck muscles were contracted on my cock as she involuntarily nauseated vomited on my cock. I pulled out of her mouth and jerked myself before her sight. She gasped and tried to get up on me to her knees, but I let my grip harden and held her in her helpless reclined position.

- "Open your mouth! Now ... properly, you little cunt, for I intend to fuck you in the mouth and when I come, so you should swallow everything, you understand?"

- J-"Yes," came her answer carefully.

She opened her mouth and I held her neck bent backwards. Her lipstick was smeared now and from where I stood astride her I could see her cheeky small (earlier you mentioned that her breasts were "plump," which is quite different than cheeky small) breasts and her hairless pussy, waiting to get to know my cock. I could feel the juice step steep in my shaft and I knew I could come just anytime. I let my grip on her hair to be gripped her hair even harder, and leaned her head back until her neck was stretched stretching her neck, and I looked straight down at her face. I jerked my cock further sometime and directed it toward her red mouth lips. This time I pushed myself into not more than half-way halfway between her lips before I pulled myself out to jerk me in front of her eyes. I was trembling with excitement and was so chock full of juice, to drop after a massive drop of semen was formed at the tip of my cock. Akira was crouching over me with his her mouth obediently open for my cock and I headed back my swollen cock head against her lips. She looked straight up at me with her dark eyes and I could see how her horniness shone shine in them. I lowered myself down on top of her and pressed into my veined cock in her tiny mouth until it bumped against her throat and she was became nauseated again.

This time I didn't pulled me back, but kept pushing my cock into her mouth and felt how she struggled to get air and how her neck muscles pulled together on my cock. I gently touched rolled my cock back and forth an inch and saw tears welling up in her eyes crannies while I could feel my cock caressed by her moist throat. I pulled back quickly when I saw the panic in her face. She gasped for breath as when the passage was free, but that for the sake had and her jerking had pulled me out completely out of her mouth. She leaned slightly forward and closed her lips on my cock and was breathing heavily through his nose, but then I let the grip on her hair become harder and told her to open her mouth. She obeyed.

I fucked her mouth gently for a while, so that she could recover, and let my cock slide between her lips wide open until it glistened with her saliva. I twisted her head to the side so that I could fuck her against the inside of the cheek and holding her so while I stroked my shaft and felt a familiar shiver proclaimed how close it was for me to come.

I pulled out of her mouth and jerked me myself slowly in front of her face so she could see how big and bloated my cock was. I do not think I've seen it more than it was right then, just gleaming with her saliva and swollen so that the veins stood out. She stared astonished at my cock swaying in front of her face. -- "Now I think you I'll spray in your mouth, you little whore. I'll fuck you in the mouth until I squirt and you'll swallow. Get it?

"Yes: I formmmmffff ..."

I shoved my cock in her mouth, hard and quickly and heard a gurgling sound from her throat when she was again nauseated on my cock. I fucked her mouth so that she occasionally nauseated when I pressed down my mouth cock too far into her throat and watched as tears ran down her cheeks of from her repeated retching. I was ashamed to do this to a little 18 year old girl, but I saw also how she had started to fondle him herself between her legs again and how her horniness literally steamed from her gaze. When I felt my orgasm was coming, I took hold of her head with both hands and held her still while I let my cock slide deeper and deeper into her mouth. Tears welled in her eyes and I felt her become nauseated again, but I kept her head mercilessly her head still. When I saw the panic in her eyes I pulled back so she could pull an awesome breath and pushed back, and entered my dick in her mouth so that she nauseated; I knew how it would go for me .. there was no turning back now as I looked down at her body, they she spread her legs, the hairless pussy, her round breasts and her face. The lipstick was smeared, her cheeks were flushed red, her mascara had run out, and between her parted lips: my swollen cock.

I felt the first inkling came down my spine. and how I swelled up further and was now drawing up her face towards me, her eyes wide with lust and tears of from all the retching, but now I dropped all inhibitions and let my cock slide into her mouth again. This time I stayed when I felt her nauseated, but pulled me back again, I let my thick cock slide between her lips and bumping against her throat again and again and felt how it pulled together start to spray. Her mouth was warm, and moist, and squeezed my cock and I saw tears running down her cheeks when I grabbed behind her head and pushed me even deeper into her throat. I shoved my cock all the way to the root.

She put her hands on my thighs and tried to shoo me away, but I was stronger and pushed down my cock in her throat when I shot my load .. I felt her throat muscles pulled together for me when my cock twitched again and again and how my cum pouring out of me and down her neck, she tried to yell something, but my cock blocked her passage. I retired before she was suffocated and let my cock filling her mouth with my sticky cum. Akira gasped and blinked to clear the tears from his eyes, but and I she said it was hard for her to continue to suck; yet she did ...

She looked up and met my gaze as she closed her lips on my cock and started to suck out the last drop. She gulped down my cum and continued to suck my cock, which did not seem to be the least slacker. It seemed that my orgasm just went on and on. I leaned back and enjoyed the wonderful feeling when Akira continued sucking my thick cock, which occasionally twitched and filled her mouth with more cum.

- "Now, you have been a good little whore," I said to her, "so now I'm going to fuck you like I promised." Akira looked up at me with big eyes, still with my cock between her lips, and I had to control myself to not only evict bankrupt. The small cunt kid removed my massive member from her mouth and fuck her right away, so I was excited by what I saw. Her makeup was smeared all over her face. My semen ran down her chin and her eyes were still teary. With an effort I mastered my desire and pulled me out of her mouth and smeared down her cheeks with my dick.

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