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The Forest of Ecstasy


Author's Note: This series will serve as my first ever submission to Literotica. While I have been reading stories daily on Literotica for over 6 years, I never really thought I'd be able to pull off my own story. As a writer I've written two science fiction novels and four short stories, but sex was never that big a part of them. One night, I suddenly decided to try writing a quick erotic story, and I found that I really had an interest and a will to write more like it. The following series was somewhat inspired by the selections of my two favorite Literotica users: gigglinggoblin and bobsamade, who have both written amazing work for the site. While this piece will serve simply as an introduction to the series, readers of the next few chapters can expect mind control, seduction, science fiction elements, sapphism, domination, and erotic horror. Enjoy!


As the USS Servitude made its approach to the Planet Venus, Simon Thompson was hidden behind the rest of the crew, studying his mission briefings. The mission, as far as the other crew members knew, was a simple exploration mission of the Planet Venus, and its many rows of forests. What they didn't know was what had happened to the last crew that attempted to do the same. In fact, no one did.

Six men sent simply disappeared from communications and all tracking devices one day. The only thing they did have was one final message from the Captain of that mission, displaying only the words "Sexually hostile life." After some research, it was found that there was hidden life living in the forest's of Venus, and not the kind of life anyone had expected. Mythical creatures like Mermaids and Sirens, sexual Dryads and Nymphs, anything the mind could imagine. Even species humanity had yet to discover. They all seemed to want to use the humans for some sort of mating ritual, that helped to keep their people alive.

Whenever they sent a crew, even one with female members, they would go missing after only a week or two, never to be heard from again. Thus, when PHIGMA, the group responsible for colonizing Venus was putting together a crew for their next mission, they included Simon, a mythology professor at Stanford University. They briefed him on everything they knew about the kidnappings, but warned him that if he told the other crew members, then the mission would be terminated. Part of him wanted to decline on moral grounds, but the chance to study ancient Mermaids and Nymphs was just too tempting for the professor.

Simon was given a folder full of everything he could possibly need to know, including the history of the past crew. The most interesting thing inside was a voice message sent two whole months after one of the crews disappeared, but upon inspection, it turned out to just be filled with a man grunting and screaming in ecstasy. While it might not seem very important, it did prove that whatever was kidnapping the crew did not always have the intention of killing them. If one man could survive for two months and still have enough brain power to send a voice message home, then maybe there was hope to find survivors still living on the planet. Either way, he would do his research, and happily accept the generous payment PHIGMA had offered him.

The rest of the crew was more used to space missions, and expected this to be a quick and easy job. There was Sergeant Eddie Mitchell, a young Marine meant to keep the crew safe during times of attack, David Rogers, a NASA engineer responsible for keeping the USS Servitude and any other tech up and running, Kate Stiles, a botanist whose job it was to collect samples of Venus' vast plant life, Alexei Vasiliev, a Russian chemist obsessed with explosives and gas, and Captain James Baker, a NASA Captain with plenty of experience leading planetary expeditions.

The crew knew each other somewhat well, but Simon was the outsider, and they still hadn't quite warmed up to him yet. With his wide rimmed glasses and thin stature he was nothing against the likes of Eddie or Alexei, but they seemed to be content with his company. "It is good to finally have someone who knows their shit," Alexei had said the first time he and Simon had met, but his handshake nearly broke Simon's hand. What would the crew think when they found out about the kidnappings? They couldn't possibly find out that Simon had advanced knowledge of the attacks, could they?

"You okay?" Kate asked, breaking him from his thoughts. She wasn't as tall as James, but her height still beat many others on the ship. She had long blonde hair that was wrapped up into a ponytail, and wore a tank top that did wonders to highlight her ample cleavage. Even Simon had trouble looking into her eyes.

"Yeah...I'm fine. Just get nervous during landings," Simon replied, smiling. She looked him over for a moment before smiling back.

"Well you might want to buckle your seatbelt, professor. Landings can get pretty rough," she laughed, before walking away and leaving him to fumble with his seat belt. She looked to be the age of many of Simon's students, in her mid-twenties. Simon himself was thirty four, which was still younger than Alexei, the oldest in the group at thirty eight.

"Get ready everyone, we're pulling into orbit," James announced from the bridge. The others sat down in seats around him, buckling in and preparing for landing. The ship shook violently as it went down, nearly sending Simon's glasses flying. He held them against his face as the ship slowly descended onto the surface of Venus, dropping to the ground with one final shake. Simon unbuckled his seatbelt and walked over to the front windows, gazing out at the surface of Venus.

"Why is it always fucking raining," Eddie groaned, looking out at the rain that flooded Venus' lush hills of green.

"Works better for me, the samples will be easier to obtain," Kate said, stretching as she got up from her seat.

"David, how'd we do?" James asked, turning towards the thirty two year old engineer.

"Perfect, the landing was successful and we should be clear for reentry when we're ready," David replied, rubbing his beard as he inspected one of the monitors. On his monitor was a crudely taped picture of his wife and son, smiling with joy. Simon had caught him rubbing his thumb across the photograph several times, as if to caress his wife's face. It seemed like he genuinely loved and missed them.

"Great, everyone load up, and let's have another successful mission," James sent, walking over to the side door and opening the airlock. Simon followed the others as they filed into the room and lined up at the exit. Simon's eyes widened as David reached for the door handle.

"Wait, don't we need space suits?" He gasped. The others looked at him and laughed.

"We implement our food supply with enough stratos' to keep us breathing out there for years...aren't you a professor?" Alexei joked, joining in with the others. Simon cursed himself. Stratos' were tiny pill capsules developed by PHIGMA years ago to make breathing on planets easier. Why hadn't he remembered that?

"Once we're out there we'll head to the East forest first. Everyone with a mission needs to follow it, and we'll keep you safe. Clear?" James asked.

"Clear," the others said in unison.

"And professor, it would be extremely helpful if you would help us identify certain hazards as we travel. Can you handle that?" James asked, turning towards Simon.

"Certainly, Captain," Simon replied, making sure his folder was tucked safely in his bag.

"Perfect, then let's head out," James said, before opening the side exit. The crew followed him down the exit ramp and onto the surface of Venus, where they surveyed the area. The ship had landed in a clearing surrounded by four different forests, looking almost as if the clearing was meant just for that purpose.

James ushered the group into the opening of the East Forest, where the extremely tall trees and odd plants kept them dry from the constant rain. Simon thought he heard faint feminine giggling coming from within, but he attributed it to his nerves.

The group moved carefully through the vast jungle, stopping every so often to let Kate or Alexei study the various plant life around them.

"I've never seen anything like this..." Kate said as she crouched down next to a plant that sprouted a flower with a deep circular hole in the center. Just big enough to fit a cock, Simon joked to himself. But with what was in that folder, he suddenly realized that might just be exactly what it was for.

Kate tried to touch the flower but the hole immediately closed up as she drew near, protecting whatever was inside. She took a quick picture, wrote something down, then followed the others further through the forest. When they reached a fork in the path, James turned to look back at Simon.

"Which way first?" He asked.

Simon consulted the crudely drawn map PHIGMA had provided him, showing him the different paths.

"If we go right there's apparently something marked OASIS," Simon said, tracing his finger along the map in the right direction.

"Well, let's head there," James said, turning and leading the crew east. They eventually reached a break in the forest, where they found a large pool of water with a waterfall directly to its left. The land around the pool was filled with stones, as if serving as a walkway towards the water. But it wasn't the water that caught the crew's attention; it was what was in it. Or who.


Well, that's it for Chapter 1! Let me know what you guys think, and I'd love any suggestions about my writing ability or anything involved in the story. Thanks for reading!

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