tagGroup SexThe Fortunate Slave

The Fortunate Slave


Miss Oatlash sat in a booth in Mike's Diner, drinking coffee, reading the paper and saying "Hi" to all the old acquaintances who stopped by her table. Since she had left government work to head the Foundation, she found herself on more of a 'brunch and tea' schedule and, consequently, rarely ate breakfast at the diner anymore. It was nice to catch up with the gang, but her smile really grew wide when she caught sight of a familiar pair coming through the door. Shara and Sam. They still seemed fresh out of college when Miss Oatlash last saw them ten years ago, and as sexy as people could legally be. But the years seemed to have made them sexier, if anything. They had grown into their looks.

Shara and Sam had been friends and roommates since college, but they were not a couple. Shara was quite shy about men and Sam was as gay as the Easter parade. Miss Oatlash waved them over and the three shared laughs and lives. Then the talk, as it often did when Miss Oatlash and Sam got together, turned to lovers. Shara might have blushed a bit at the lewd talk, but under her dark, Pakistani skin it was impossible to tell.

After Shara made a disparaging remark about the male population, Sam blurted out, "Oh, Honey. You really do need to get laid...worse than I do." The three discussed how true that was for a few minutes. Then Miss Oatlash reached across the table and took Shara's hand.

"Darling, what if I told you I knew a man, a handsome, charming man, who would make love to you as if your pleasure was his sacred duty?"

"Miss Oatlash, I just don't have time for a boyfriend."

"Who said anything about a boyfriend? You don't even need to know his name. But he will pleasure you as if he had loved you all his life."

"Why would he do that?"

"Because I will command him to."

Sam laughed and chimed in, "Oooh. I have got to meet this man."

"Then let's," Miss Oatlash said. "Right now."

With surprisingly little argument, Shara and Sam allowed Miss Oatlash to walk them out of the diner and up the street to an old, high-rise apartment building. Miss Oatlash used her key card to get them into the ornate lobby. As they rode the elevator to the 17th floor, Shara, unaware of the powerful effect she had on men, placed a hand on Miss Oatlash's bare arm and looked up at her with questioning eyes.

"Miss Oatlash, are you sure? Who is this man? He'll make love to me? Not just bang me or make me suck him off like all the guys I have ever fucking met? Just because you tell him to? Why?"

"Because he is a good mutt. I own him."

Sam snorted, "Own him? Isn't that, I don't know... illegal?"

"Not if the slave is willing and eager. My mutt would do anything for me."

When they reached the apartment door, Miss Oatlash kissed Shara lightly on her full lips.

"You used to trust me, Shara. Do you still?"

"Of course, Miss Oatlash."

"Then relax and let what happens, happen."

She used her key and let them into the apartment. It was small, but not too. Huge windows dominated the living room. The view was not of the river or of the sea of trees that hid Memphis from sight, but of the concrete canyons of the city. Easily two hundred windows looked down or across into the curtainless apartment. The room was obviously a man's room, almost a boy's. But in one corner, under the windows, there was a long, L-shaped couch. Strewn about the floor in front of it were several huge pillows. Miss Oatlash tossed her key on a table and barked, "Here, Mutt." Then she stood with her hands on her shapely hips. She did not have to wait but an instant.

The Mutt came into the room. He was naked, as he always was when he was in the apartment. He came down the hall and knelt before his Mistress in genuflection, his broad shoulders erect, his heavy arms at his side, his blue eyes to the floor.

"Good morning, Mistress. How may I serve you today?"

"You may first explain why you did not come running when you heard my key in the lock."

"Forgive me, Mistress. I had to save the script I was writing."

"Well, we shall discuss that later. Mutt, this is my friend Shara. I told her she could use you if she wished. If she finds you worthy, you are to pleasure her as if you were pleasuring my own sacred body. Is that clear?"

"Of course, Mistress. I am yours."

He lifted his face and reached out for Shara's hand. He pressed his lips to the back of it, then gently turned it over and kissed her palm at the base of her thumb. His lips massaged it for a second, then he smiled at her and said, "Miss Shara, it would be my honor." Shara went weak in the knees.

The Mutt stood, towering over the petite woman. He caressed her cheek, tilted her chin and kissed her warmly on the mouth. Shara seemed to sway. He steadied her shoulders and began to undress her, carefully folding each item and placing it on the table. When he started to slide her sweater up her torso, she crossed her arms and stopped him.

The Mutt placed his mouth to her ear and whispered, "Is something wrong?"

"No, it's just... I haven't had a date in ages and I wasn't expecting to...be naked today."

He kissed her mouth. "And?"

"And...I haven't shaved in months."

The Mutt stole a look to his Mistress and they shared a knowing smile.

"Shara, a woman is her most beautiful when she is her most natural. Nothing could improve on the way the Goddess made you."

With that, he pulled up her sweater. After it cleared her head he paused, binding her arms above her head. He lowered his face to her armpit. It was covered with thick, black curls. He nuzzled her there, breathing in the scent of her arousal. Then he finished stripping her, planting kisses around her body as he did. She seemed almost hypnotized by the dance of her undressing. She seemed to have forgotten that her friends were watching. Miss Oatlash nudged Sam and they went to the sideboard and got some of the coffee that her Mutt always kept fresh in case she should drop by. He never touched it himself.

When Shara was naked, the Mutt knelt in front of her and drank in the sight of her body. Shara was barely five feet tall and could not have weighed much more than 100 pounds. She had an elfin quality that was heightened by her dusky skin, her thick eyebrows, the shadow on her upper lip and the dark hair that covered her calves. The darkness where she was unshaven only served to accentuate the shapely curves of her legs. But the Mutt's eyes were riveted to the thick tangle of fur between them. Her muff was dense and jet and it spread across her belly and down her thighs. It was so thick that Shara's sex was completely hidden. A trail of hair reached up to her navel and there was a fringe around her dark, puffy nipples. The Mutt kissed her soft, brown belly, then lowered his head and nuzzled her muff, savoring the scent her woman's juices, gauging the state of her arousal. Then he rose, took her by the hand and led her to the pillows on the floor in front of the sofa where Miss Oatlash and Sam drank their coffee. He eased her to the floor. He covered her with his naked body, letting her feel his weight and the hardness of his big cock. Resting his elbows on the pillows beside her small shoulders, he took her face in his hands and covered her mouth with hot kisses.

The Mutt used his hands, his mouth, his fingers, his whole body to stoke the fires of pleasure within her. Shara was lost in sensation. The Mutt put his mouth over her large nipple and massaged it with his tongue. His hand slid down her hairy belly to seek within the tangle of curls for the wet slit hidden there. He slid his finger lightly over her moist lips, teasing her clit. Her body rose to meet his probing grip. His long finger eased inside. Like a virtuoso, he played her to climax after climax. When it seemed she could take no more, he paused in his ministrations. Shara was limp, her pointed breasts rising and falling, jutting when she would gasp as aftershocks from the powerful orgasms would shiver through her.

Shara had just begun to loll her head when the Mutt scooped her in his arms and sat her on the couch between Miss Oatlash and Sam. Sam lifted his arm and draped it over the back of the couch and Miss Oatlash draped her's over his. Shara's naked form was nestled under them. The Mutt caught her under her knees and pulled her to the edge of the sofa. He parted her furry legs and knelt between them. He slid his thick, hard cock over her sopping pussy, the head of it pushing into her aching clit. Shara's body came instantly alive again. The Mutt rocked his hips, using his cock to stroke her burning lips. She clutched at her companions' thighs. Her legs spread wide and she lifted her cunt to him, begging him to come inside. But the insistent probing of his cockhead into her clit pushed her to the brink. She began to pant and arch her back. Just as she teetered on the edge of climax, he thrust his cock deep into her and she roared. Her body bucked and jumped as she came again and again. Then she fell back against her friends, a small whisper of, "stop, no more" escaped her quivering lips. The Mutt scooped her up, his cock still hard within her. He turned and floated her onto the pillowed floor. She clamped her arms across his broad back and dug her nails softly into his skin. They breathed as one.

Miss Oatlash was beaming. She looked over at Sam to find him stroking a huge erection through his pants. She squeezed his arm and smiled.

"Go ahead. What's stopping you?"

In a flash, Sam's pants were off and his fist was around his long, slender cock. Miss Oatlash could tell that it would not take many strokes of that fine cock before it erupted. She had nearly cum herself, just from watching her Mutt perform. But she reached out and lay her hand on his. His cockhead pressed into her palm.

"Did you forget? My Mutt will do anything I command. Anything."

She took Sam by the arm and walked him around until he was standing over where her Mutt was breathing whispers from Shara's lips. She knelt him down. His big cock jutted out toward her Mutt's face. She stroked the Mutt's hair and his eyes lifted to hers. She smiled her approval and gestured to Sam's eager rod. He obediently rose up on his straight arms and licked it from its base to its tip. As he rose, his still-hard cock thrust deep into Shara again. She moaned her welcome and rose with the Mutt's body. As the Mutt drew his lips back and forth over Sam's shaft, he rolled his hips and slid his cock in and out of Shara's warm, wet hole.

Sam's muscles began to quiver as he neared release. The Mutt sucked him harder and faster, taking him deep into his throat. He began to pound Shara's cunt. Sam groaned and grabbed at the Mutts hair and shot his load into the Mutt's mouth. The Mutt coaxed the last drop from Sam's long cock, his mouth filling with warmth. Then he dropped his head and kissed Shara's panting lips. She licked Sam's cum from the Mutt's tongue and their mouths were smeared with the sticky wetness. The taste of hot cum was enough to push Shara over the edge. She exploded into orgasm, raking the Mutt's back with her nails. Then she collapsed, a rag doll of rapturous exhaustion. Sam fell back onto the pillows, a look of silly delight on his lean face. The Mutt lifted Shara and lay her head on Sam's thigh. He kissed her mouth, Sam's cock, withdrew his thick cock ever...so... gently from Shara and then stood and faced his Mistress. His cock fairly burned for release. He looked at her, his blue eyes seeking.

Miss Oatlash set her coffee down. She stood and stepped to him. Her small hand cupped his big balls, still wet from Shara's gush. She placed her mouth over his nipple and bit down gently, but firmly. Then she looked up at him and smiled.

"Such a good Mutt. Such a good, little Mutt."

She began to undress.

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