tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Foundation Ch. 04

The Foundation Ch. 04



Special Guest Appearance

The first sign that the day would be different to the two hundred days they had already spent in Harmon County Prison came when the three prisoners were woken an hour earlier than their usual time of seven thirty. The eastern sky was barely light when they stepped out into the courtyard to find a van parked by the gates. They sat, shivering in their chains on the cold metal seats, for nearly an hour before the van finally rolled through the gates for their first sight of the clothed and respectable world of ordinary people they had left behind when they lay on the grass before the statue seven brutal months before.

After just ten minutes the van drew to a halt outside a high wall. The prisoners were hauled from their seats and led through a doorway into a luxurious garden, brimming with fragrant flowers. At the far end of the lawn, beyond the swimming pool, stood an opulent villa decorated with Italian arches. By the pool stood a naked man, his hands bound to a collar, sporting a magnificent erection. As they drew nearer the prisoners and the guards could not avert their eyes from the enormous member extending from his groin. A blonde woman in pink shorts, a white polo shirt and sunglasses came to stand beside the naked man, taking hold of his erect organ.

"Ladies, may I introduce Ramon Hernandez, renowned porn star and, sadly for him, convicted drug mule. The girls at Houston International Customs thought it was Christmas when young Ramon dropped a package from his pants in the Arrivals hall. They had to remove all his clothing and found, well, let's say a pleasant surprise. Did you know that they interrogated him for more than eighteen hours before reporting the find to the DEA? Not surprising when you consider that Ramon has made more than fifty porn movies, so he knows how to please a lady. The answer to your question, girls, is seventeen and a quarter inches, or forty four centimetres. That's nearly half a yard of solid entertainment."

The blonde in the sunglasses was stroking Ramon's huge cock throughout her speech, running her fingers back and forth along the shaft and caressing the glistening bulbous helmet. Ramon thrust his hips back and forth, sending his foreskin against the woman's palm, but his blank expression never changed, even as she leant down to lick the broad shaft of his penis.

A man in his forties with a distinguished greying beard appeared from the house to speak in soft Hispanic tones to the woman.

"Now Sasha, I don't think you can keep Ramon to yourself. The governor said we could only keep him for twenty four hours. I am sure these young ladies would like to become better acquainted with Ramon and his impressive equipment. But first." He turned and spoke in Spanish to the man beside him. He nodded and led Ramon into the house.

"Now, let's see what Miss De Bois has brought to this party." He beckoned the girls forward and they stood by the pool, legs apart and thrusting their hips forward in their customary 'display' posture. They turned around and bent over whilst he examined each anus and vagina. The blonde stood over the prisoners and prised apart their buttocks.

"There's a lot of wear and tear, but we've enough foundation to hide the marks. They've had one rather careless owner since I last saw these pussies."

"I'm not sure our guests have recognised you, Sasha."

Sasha removed her sunglasses, and the three prisoners saw Jake Tar's assistant, Sandra.

"I thought Sasha sounded more ... artistic. How are you enjoying your new life in Harmon Prison? From the look of your pussies and arseholes, you've been busy girls."

The guards joined the chorus of laughter from the assembled film crew.

"Blonde bitch." Mandy looked up from the ground. "Do you know what's going to happen to you?" She shook her head and looked down.

"No Mistress."

"You're going to be raped. Raped in your arse and your pussy. Time and time again. Ramon inside is getting a needle up his balls that will keep him as hard as a rock. He'll ride you like dogs. Hour after hour. Every hole. Time and time again. Senor Ceballos' speciality is rape movies, brutal fuck films. No plot, no dialogue, just hours of savage sex. We intend to make a lot of money today raping your cunt and your arsehole. So, let's not waste any more time. Hector." The girls were led away to the villa's garage to be scrubbed clean and dressed in lingerie for the opening scene.

As Sasha promised, for the next twelve hours the prisoners were sodomised, abused, raped, stretched and pumped beneath the Texas sun. When the stench from their sweating bodies become overpowering they would be taken to the garage to be washed with hoses before returning for another session of violation, humiliation and painful sexual abuse. In the rare moments when the cameras were silent the prison guards worked Ramon's massive rod while the prisoners' holes entertained the film crew.

By seven o'clock the light was fading and the director ended the session. The day concluded with a last round of coffees and sweets on the terrace for the crew while the prisoners were given biscuits and water on the lawn. Ramon had been taken inside to prepare for his performance at a local dinner party while the women lay on the grass in their chains, exhausted from twelve hours of constant sexual abuse.

The back door of the villa opened and Sheriff Ortiz stepped onto the lawn. The three prisoners shuddered at the sight of the sheriff in her shades and black leather boots.

"Have our bitches worked hard today?" she asked Sasha.

"I must say that they have been very ... obliging." Both women smiled as they looked down on the women, covered in sweat with their holes raw from a day of savage sex.

One of the guards informed Ortiz that the prison van was delayed and would not arrive for a further ten minutes.

"Well, let's entertain ourselves while we're waiting."

She grasped Pandora's hair and led her to the low rockery wall, no more than eighteen inches high.


Pandora stepped gingerly onto the wall.


Pandora sank down onto her haunches while Ortiz left her balancing on the wall as she rummaged among the assorted toys in the box used by the film crew. She returned with a bright green dildo, almost a foot long, with a wide base. Even the film crew, who had spent the entire day recording the degradation and mistreatment of the naked prisoners, were drawn to the spectacle of the sheriff and the naked convict as Ortiz parted Pandora's buttocks, slid the dildo into her anus and set her down on the rockery wall, hanging a bell from her neck.

"Now, bugger yourself you fat bitch."

"Yes Mistress."

"Tell everyone what a slut you are. Don't stop talking until I return. Let me hear that bell."

Sheriff Ortiz walked into the house, leaving Pandora to bounce on her buttocks as the green plastic vanished and reappeared beneath her while she breathlessly informed her audience that she was a whore who loved to taste semen, enjoyed anal rape and sodomy, could take ten inch wide plugs in either hole and had been a prostitute for more than a decade. Eventually the film crew melted away to finish packing away the camera equipment, leaving only Sasha. She invited Pandora to gasp louder, underlining her demand with a slap on the face, as she recalled their first meeting in southern Los Angeles.

Pandora Kinky arrived at Jake Tar's office an hour late, handing over her coat without a glance and demanding a cup of coffee after "a wild night at the Passion Palace." The coffee arrived as 'Miss Kinky' recounted her sexual union with one of Hollywood's latest teen stars. She was excitedly explaining to Tar how she would be the first adult film star to cross over into the main stream when she sipped her coffee. The coffee was too hot and Pandora threw the cup to the floor, demanding that Tar's 'servant' lick the spillage from the tiles. Tar was able to appease his star by taking her into the next room while Sasha found a mop. Nineteen months later Pandora Kinky was naked, in chains and riding a plastic dildo in a Texas villa while Sasha watched her degrading performance. Revenge. She borrowed an electric baton from one of the guards and touched her silicone breasts.


"Yes Mistress." The pace of the violation increased, but this did not save Pandora from another touch of the baton. She was becoming breathless as she obliged Sasha by recounting her life as a porn star.

"Long strokes. I want you to see you work that pole."

"Yes Mistress."

"Do you like being a fucktoy?"

"Yes Mistress. I love being a fucktoy."

"Then you're glad about the arrangement to sell you to Judge Maxwell and the sheriff. I hear they come to the prison about twice a week to rape your holes, and you still think it was just bad luck that you were caught in the one county in Texas with a lesbian sadist as a judge and her lover as a sheriff. I know porn stars are stupid, but I never thought they were so fucking stupid."

Pandora came to a halt, staring up at the young woman who removed her sunglasses to allow the former Miss Kinky to see her smile.

"I didn't say stop fucking yourself." Pandora renewed her abuse, avidly bouncing on the green plastic pole after another touch from the baton.

"Enjoying that, bitch?"

"Yes, Mistress. I love having my arse pumped, because I'm a filthy slut whore."

"You'd better get used to this. Over the next few years your cunt will be making quite a few special guest appearances in Senor Ceballos' films."

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