tagBDSMThe Foundation Ch. 06

The Foundation Ch. 06



A New Leaf

Carmel De Bois, stunning in light blue Armani, stepped through the doors of the elegant reception lobby to greet the six visitors from Austin. After a round of handshakes and an enquiry about the journey from the capital they were on their way through the array of planted pots, coffee tables and modern art to the Director's office for a viewing of the architect's model of the proposed new facility. De Bois explained the purpose of the new compounds and the range of amenities to be provided in the new development. One room appeared to be a film studio.

"Will we be making filthy movies at the taxpayer's expense?" The question came from a short middle aged woman wearing a grey business suit.

"Senator Hodges, adult entertainment is one of the most profitable enterprises in America today. I can assure you that the Texan taxpayer will reap the rewards of producing a valuable, and harmless, source of entertainment for America's working man. You may be able to afford many diversions, Senator, but at the end of a working day many Americans gain a few hours of simple pleasure from watching adult videos. Would you ban all adult entertainment, Senator?"

Senator Hodges only smiled in reply as one of the two men in the delegation raised a hand.

"I'm intrigued to know, Director De Bois, why there seem to be no male guards in the prison. As I understand the nature of your work, I thought that you would have many men literally banging down the door to work here in Harmon County Prison."

"We do, as you correctly surmise Mr Jerman, attract a great deal of interest from male applicants. However, I am afraid that men lack the qualities necessary to be an effective guard here. Our guards require a methodical, consistent and professional approach. Male guards would simply indulge their own sexual appetites and ..."

"Fall asleep," called out one of the women visitors to a chorus of laughter from all the women in the room. The two men remained silent.

"Now you've seen the architect's model, read our business proposal and seen a draft of the legal provisions necessary for developing the project. However, I know that you have really come here today because you want to see the convict whores." The two men did not even attempt to hide their excitement, but De Bois sensed that the female visitors were eager for a sight of these fabled women. She nodded to the guard at the door who disappeared into the labyrinth of passageways while De Bois followed at a sedate pace, explaining the need for a completely new installation, and how private finance could only be secured when the banks were given guarantees of legal approval for her radical proposal. They arrived at a large white door. De Bois sensed the anticipation, and she exploited the moment.

"We have twelve prisoners, pioneers for our project. Seven girls who attempted to enter the United States from Mexico and five young ladies from New Orleans who unfortunately chose to establish a brothel on the wrong side of the county line. These prisoners have been here for the past four months, and we are proud of our accomplishment in transforming them, ladies and gentlemen, into superwhores."

The door opened onto a courtyard where twelve beautiful women stood, legs wide apart with their hands on their buttocks. The breasts were huge, larger than the balloons sported by most porn stars, yet the hips were slim and the tanned legs toned and supple. The prisoners were arrayed in three rows of four girls, allowing the visitors to move among them to admire their lithe bodies. No one spoke, though a few exchanged bewildered glances. De Bois could see that it was not just the men who were astonished by the sight. A guard ordered the prisoners to place their hands on their heads to display their ample backsides. None of the visitors touched the girls until De Bois encouraged the official from the Governor's Office to feel their breasts. Once the first breast was fondled, the other visitors began to sample the flesh on offer.

"I've heard the phrase sex on legs. Well these girls match that."

"Mr Heston, these girls don't just look great. They will do anything for you."


"Anything. In fact I think it's time we showed you what our proposed foundation has to offer the people of Texas." She pointed at two prisoners in the front row, an auburn Mexican and one of the blonde whores from New Orleans. "You two. Sixty nine." The girls sank to the floor and grasped each other's hips to begin eagerly licking their shaven mounds. The visitors gathered to watch the performance, the two girls groaning and moaning as they writhed on the stone floor.

"These girls seem to be very good friends Miss De Bois."

"A blend of our own special potion to keep them ... excited, and simple fear of Miss Clayton's baton. Our pitiless and relentless methods ensure that these girls are trained to satisfy every desire."

"Every desire?"

"Mr Jerman." Carmel seized a girl in the front row, another Latina with bright blue eyes and wide hips to complement her sensational chest. "What would you like this girl to do for you?" Carmel took hold of the prisoner's breast and began to massage the nipple. She moaned as she took her other breast to draw the nipple to her mouth. "Miss Lorent has some toys that you can play with." He turned to see a guard standing beside him holding a box brimming with plugs, vibrators and shackles. He reached into the box for a simple purple dildo, about ten inches long. Mr Jerman lacked grand ambitions.

"I'd like her to stick this in her hole."

"Which one?"

"Her front one."

The girl took the purple baton and, reaching down, casually slid the object into her vagina. Silence.

"You need to let yourself be free Mr Jerman. Don't feel embarrassed about wanting to have sex with these prisoners. They look sensational. Every man with a pulse will want to have these girls. They are, as we like to say, superwhores."

The guards took Mr Jerman and Mr Heston along with one of the female visitors, who treated herself to two prisoners, to private rooms while the other guests watched the remaining women perform a series of debasing and outrageous acts with one another and the guards. During the display De Bois highlighted how the guards applied meticulous techniques to degrading and abusing their captives. There was little shouting and none of the guards employed their batons. One of the visitors questioned how any human could sink to such abject depths as she watched one of the New Orleans whores, a stunning brunette with blue eyes, draw apart her buttocks and beg the guard to ravage her anus with a wooden baton as she squatted on the ground, chained to the ground by a collar.

"Mrs Thorne, these convicts do not sink this low without our help. We force them down, way down until they reach the bottom. Even though many of these convicts were already prostitutes, it is still a complex and arduous process."

Three benches appeared fitted with four anal plugs of increasing size running along the beam. Three numbers were called out and three prisoners moved to the side of the yard for their hands to be cuffed. The race began with a clap of Miss Clayton's hand, each girl groaning as they sank onto the first plug. The competitor had to strike their buttocks three times on the beam before moving onto the next, wider, plug.

"How will they manage the last one? It's as wide as a saucepan."

"It will fit. It has fitted before and it will certainly fit again."

One of the prisoners appeared to be stuck on the second plug. She tried to rise, but the plug was jammed inside her. The bench rose from the ground as she strained to loosen her anal passage, grimacing in pain. She began to pump her legs to shift the plug, but without success. The guards gathered around her to laugh at her predicament. She set her foot on the bench and finally managed to draw the plug from her anus. By now the other prisoners were working their way down the last plug, lifting their legs off the ground to gain additional purchase to drive the plastic wedge into themselves. The third prisoner furiously impaled herself on the penultimate shaft, but the others had sunk to the bottom of the widest post before she had even begun her descent of the last plug. The guards insisted on her completing the course before she was led away.

"What will happen to her?"

"Something awful. I am not sure what, but they will all dread to watch. That is for later. We employ these games, these competitions, to keep the prisoners apart. There is nothing random about these activities. We often use prisoners to abuse other prisoners to underline their degraded state. They must become animals. If our project is to succeed we have to break them, humiliate these convicts, leaving them with no sense of shame."

"You intend to make money by selling these broken women to men for their sexual pleasure."

"Senator, I can assure you that we only seek to punish the guilty. All of these convicts were given a fair trial. Here at our proposed foundation we intend to employ immoral and degenerate women who are paying for their crimes to provide a service to the people of Texas and, we hope, one day to the rest of the United States. We also believe that we are helping these unfortunate girls to turn over a new leaf. Now, I suggest before we conclude our tour that we chain these whores to the walls and ram something up their arses to help them understand their new rank in American society."

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