tagBDSMThe Foundation Ch. 09

The Foundation Ch. 09



The Presentation

Peter Hendon sat at his desk in the basement car park, leafing through a porn magazine left for him by the night guard. It was usually the quietest time of the day just after lunch, so he expected to enjoy two blondes caressing one another's mounds in a barn. However, Hendon's studies were disturbed by a van rolling through the gloom and drawing to a halt by his hut. He slipped the magazine into his drawer as a woman wearing a dark blue uniform stepped out of the van. Hendon's cock was pressing against his flies, so he decided to remain behind his desk, but he only stayed until four young women, all with huge breasts covered only by a tight vest and wearing just a tight black thong, climbed out of the back of the van. The prison officer could not avoid a smile as the car park attendant almost ran out to greet the visitors.

"Pamela Clayton, Harmon County Prison. Here for the three thirty presentation."

"Harmon County. My cousin told me about these girls. A special kind of whore, he said. Never seen or felt anything quite like it."

"Well, don't just take your cousin's word."

"You mean ..."

The officer called out a word over her shoulder and all four spread their legs apart and three of the women placed their hands on their buttocks. Hendon noticed that the fourth prisoner, with especially large breasts, was chained at the elbow and the wrist as well as wearing a gag.

"I'm afraid there's no time for a full road test, but let your hands wander. These prisoners are bondage whores, trained for all forms of sexual service. They're here to be used and abused." While the other prison officer parked the van Hendon enjoyed probing the girls, sliding a hand beneath their thongs and managing to insert a finger into the anus of the bound girl. She moaned slightly, but offered no resistance to her violation.

"I wish I had enough money to afford these whores."

"If we get the funding from your bosses today, they'll be girls like this in every strip club in Texas in five years."

"Well, good luck to you, and save one for me."

The four convict whores were taken to the fifteenth floor. Kala, the Bulgarian prostitute sold by her aunt in exchange for student visas for her daughters, set her feet against the glass walls of the elevator and placed her hands on her vibrant hips as the elevator filled with bemused, but thrilled, office workers. On the tenth floor a couple stepped into the elevator, the man offering Kala a furtive grin while the woman cast an angry stare at the whore in a black thong thrusting her pussy at her man. When Kala grasped her breasts and rolled her tongue across her teeth the woman leant across to slap her on the face.

"Don't you look at my boyfriend you cheap slut. I know who you are, you fucking criminal." She turned to Clayton. "Keep your whores under control."

Clayton glared at Kala as she charged her baton.

"No please Mistress. I promise ..."

"You fucking cunt. Don't ever embarrass me again. I'll rip you a second arsehole. Hands on head."

Kala laid both hands on her head, tears welling in her eyes as she waited for the green light on the baton that would tell Clayton her weapon was ready to torture her prisoner.

"Please Mistress, I'm a worthless slut. I'm begging you."

One, twice, three times, Clayton touched the Bulgarian whore with the baton on each breast and then, drawing a wretched yowl, between her legs.

"Count them."

"Please Mistress."

"Count them you fucking piece of whoremeat." Clayton touched her on each thigh and then under the arms.

"Four, five, six, seven, please no more. I'm begging you."

The girlfriend moved closer for a view of Kala's torment, slapping her twice across the face.

"That'll teach you to wave your fat pussy at my boyfriend." Clayton was about to strike when she decided to offer the offended girlfriend her baton. The young woman smiled as she waved the electric prod in front of the whore's face.

"Not so sexy now, you fat cunt."

"Margaret. This is our floor." The boyfriend was eager to be gone, but she told him to hold the lift. After enjoying listening to the whore begging not to be punished she ended as Clayton began, with a touch on each breast and then the tight black fabric of her damp thong.

"Please Mistress, I'm begging, you no more. I'm a cheap slut and a whore who deserves to be punished."

"It would be a hundred if I had more time. Remember what you are, bitch slave." She left her with one last spiteful burst against her vagina.

Three floors later the girls were marched through the sumptuous offices of the Board to a deafening silence. The men gawped, but most of the women glared at the shameless whores parading through their workplace. The prisoners were led to a small office to lie naked on their towels. There was not enough room on the floor, so they lay on the table, their ankles behind their ears. Ten minutes later all four girls were groaning through their orgasms to the drone of eight vibrators pulsing inside their holes.

Carmel arrived an hour later, just before her presentation to the Board. She was pleased with the preparation for the girls, but ordered another dose of Kiriko for the bound and mute prisoner.

"I want her soaking wet for her special appearance."

Carmel left to check her powerpoint displays and the prisoners lay on their towels for another hour. Clayton and her companion, Jolene Parker, passed their time in idle gossip, chatting on their mobiles and, when finally overcome by boredom, by abusing the prisoners with their batons. Eventually Clayton's mobile rang with a message from the Director.

"Five minutes. Now up you three." Clayton pondered for a moment before placing Kala in a neck and wrist restraint. The blonde, Jemma, wore a waist restraint with her hands shackled to her sides and the third girl, one of the Mexicans whose name Clayton could not remember, was mounted on the upside down Y device, known as the 'welcome wagon' by the guards. Clayton inserted two anal handles, used to debase prisoners by forcing them to shuffle on their toes, and then they were ready for their performance.

"I'll be back for you later," she told the gagged and bound prisoner as the three girls were led out into the corridor to meet Lone Star Incorporated Bank's Board of Governors.

The news about the special presentation and the visit from the prison's convict whores had spread from the President's Personal Secretary to the rest of the senior office staff within minutes, so the area around the Board Room was crowded with men pretending to be busy. All stopped their pretence when the three whores, bound and naked, were led across the office with only the sound of a distant phone disturbing the silence as they moved towards the oak doors. Clayton enjoyed her display of power, thrusting the handles into his victims to provoke a pitiable wail as they waited by the door. She listened to the Director's speech until, as the men drew near to the whores like hesitant deer approaching a watering hole, Carmel De Bois' heels rang out on the tiles. The door opened and Carmel beckoned Clayton into the room. The girl on the 'welcome wagon' was rolled to the far end of the room while the other two, Kala and Jemma, stood, legs splayed, either side of their Director. As she spoke they were thrusting their naked flesh at the Board members, Kala even managing to rub her crotch against one of the chairs.

"I mentioned the need for increased production, and I thought it would be appropriate for you to ... taste our wares. Some of you have already seen our convict whores in action, but I thought no one would object to a second look. So, ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy."

Within five minutes all three girls were enduring the most profane violations. Kala was on her hands and knees on the Board table, a man's fist disappearing into her anus. She was grunting, whispering in a foreign language, as she pushed back against the hand.

"She's fucking herself in the arse. This is amazing."

"Mind your watch, Tony. That's a Rolex."

"Where did they find these girls?"

"Who cares, so long as we know where they're going."

The President of the Board, Rod Nell, left the blonde girl by the window to be violated with a knuckled dildo and one of the senior official's fist to join Carmel by the door.

"I was impressed by your presentation, and very impressed by these ... performers. You were right when you claimed that they will endure anything. Where do you find girls who are willing to allow themselves to be treated in this way?" They both watched Kala's frantic pelvic thrusts as she writhed in her chains in a pathetic attempt to avoid further reprisals from Clayton's baton. She clambered down from the table and set her foot on one of the chair arms to allow a blonde woman in a light blue business suit to insert a huge vibrator into her gaping anus.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard," she moaned as the plastic tube disappeared up to the hilt. The woman took a firm grip of the handle and thrust deep into the whore. She gasped a word in Bulgarian and then repeated her message on hard fucking while the wide rod ruthlessly pounded her anus. Another chair was brought and Kala balanced both feet on chair arms while only her chin rested on the table. Now her anus and vagina were both exposed for a brutal double penetration and the blonde woman took full advantage. In answer to her abuser, Kala told her audience that she loved being raped in both holes.

"Mr Nell, these convicts are mostly prostitutes and drug dealers. They have low moral standards before they even enter our facility. Yet, to train them to perform virtually every imaginable sexual act, and to do so for hours, takes a great deal of dedication. We are lucky to have experts in amending character and lowering willpower. Miss Clayton, Pamela, has developed a range of activities that demean, humiliate and fracture these young women. However, to change a powerful, educated and ambitious woman into a bondage whore, that would be quite an achievement. We believe, Mr Nell, that we have accomplished such a feat. I think it's time for our finale." She turned to her chief guard. "Pamela. Please bring our surprise guest."

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