tagBDSMThe Foundation Ch. 13

The Foundation Ch. 13


The Birthday Present

Carmel stepped out of her Lexus and considered her profile in the reflection from the car window. The dark blue bikini showed beneath the white patterned smock and she turned to study her backside. She knew she would be compared to the whores from The Foundation, and reached into her bag for her mirror and a last inspection of her eyeliner and lipstick. She wondered why she was preparing herself for him when he was just a male whore, like the women she saw, naked and abused, every working day. He had been sent by Hector as a birthday present, and she knew what to expect when she walked through the door into the garden.

He would be lying by the pool waiting for her, naked, but not bound. Hector had promised there would be no special injections, and this would be his first 'performance' of the day. Carmel herself had prepared for the afternoon by drinking Kiriko after Pamela claimed that only persistent high doses would cause brain damage, and there was no harm in a single shot.

"He's a male whore and porn star," she told her reflection in the darkened glass. "He spends all his time fucking whores and rubbing himself to entertain rich women, and I'm worrying if he'll think I'm a slut. I'm the Mistress, and today he's my sex slave."

Carmel opened the door and walked through the garden, determined to be assertive, but as she drew near to the house she saw him lying by the pool, soaking the rays of the bright afternoon sun, and she hesitated at the sight of his firm body stretched out on the sun lounger. He was wet from a dip in the pool, and the taut brown skin had yet to dry in the sun. In the shade of the tree stood a table with three covered silver trays and two bottles of champagne lying in an ice bucket. Hector was treating her to a lavish afternoon. She set her bag on the table and removed her mirror for a very last look at her face as he stirred on the thin mattress and rolled onto his back

Ramon rose to walk to the table, allowing Carmel a first sight of his body without ropes, cuffs and chains. His torso was athletic without being too muscular, because Hector did not want his physique to detract from his one very significant muscle. His legs were firm and he walked with a strong gait around the pool. His cock was magnificent, but she was also charmed by his smile.

He went to the table, picked out one of the champagne bottles and, covering the mouth with a towel, removed the cork. He took a glass and poured a full measure, handing it to Carmel. He filled another glass and proposed a toast.

"Happy birthday, Mistress De Bois." They drained their glasses and he kissed her, his burgeoning erection brushing against her bikini briefs as he drew her close.

Ramon had been savouring this moment since Hector told him that the blonde woman in the business suit from the Grand Hotel would be joining him at the villa. He had been intrigued by her cream skin, elegant manner and delicate hands, leaving him aroused by just the touch of her hand. He knew that she was powerful, and he knew that she was attracted to him because he could feel the dampness as he stroked her bikini briefs. By now his cock was rising towards her navel and he drew her closer for another kiss. Her mouth was soft and warm and she released a low moan as he pressed himself against her flat stomach.

Ramon stepped back to loosen the three buttons of her smock. She raised her hands over her head as he lifted the light dress and laid it over the back of the chair by the table.

"Mistress, would you like more champagne?"

"Not now. I want to be sober for ... most of the day."

She looked down on his erection and stroked the soft skin with the outside of her fingers, no more than a gentle caress. He breathed deeply.

"Thank you, Mistress. Every time I come, I think of you."

"Ramon. Did Senor Hector tell you to say that?"

"No Mistress, ever since I saw you here ... I've thought about you ... a lot. When I saw you at the hotel, I knew that ... I would like to see you."

She unbuttoned her top and he leant forward to kiss each breast.

"These don't compare with the other girls."

"I don't compare them, Mistress."

"Liar." She set her hand on his chin. "What about the others? What about the superwhores?"

"They are not you. You are decent, not like the prison whores, or like me."

"You are better than you think, Ramon."

"No, Mistress, I am Ramrod Ramon, the hot Mexican. I read my own publicity. I am a male whore. Don't pretend I am anything more than that."

He sank down onto one knee and slipped his fingers beneath her bikini briefs, feeling the soft flesh around her swollen lips. He rolled down the cloth and set his finger along the moist parting. Carmel almost came before he had even finished his first stroke and within seconds his hand was coated in her juices.

"You are pleased to see me, Mistress."

"I thought you didn't understand English."

"My life is easier if everyone thinks that I am stupid."

"Then, why do you let me know that you're not brainless?"

"I trust you."

He drew her briefs to her ankles and she stepped out, so that now they were both naked. He took hold of her calves and caressed behind her knees.

"Ramon, you know your way around a woman's body."

"I am a sexpert, Mistress."

She lay down on the towel on the grass and drew her legs wide apart as he set his foreskin against her lips. The flesh parted and he slid inside her to a gentle moan. He pushed further and then began a slow pulsing, drawing her wider with each stroke. She took hold of his buttocks and pressed him deeper into her.

"Fuck me, Ramon, fuck me hard."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Ramon." She drew him close. "There's no need to call me Mistress when you have your cock in my cunt."

"I call all my respectable ladies Mistress."

"Respect me less and fuck me harder, that's an order."

"As you wish, Mistress De Bois."

The pulsing increased and he sank deeper. She felt as if he was filling her entire body as his thrusts grew ever stronger and swifter. She came twice before he had even begun to breath heavily and then he took her ankles and set them against his elbow and pounded into her, driving her back along the ground with each vigorous stroke. His muscles contracted and he stiffened, drawing out his member.

"No. I want you to come inside me."

He renewed his pulsating strokes and a minute later his back arched, he offered one final thrust and Carmel felt him explode inside her. He sank on top of her and moved to roll away, but she drew him closer.

"Where do you think you're going? Hold me, Ramon."

They lay on the towel while he moved his hands over her body, covering her in kisses before lifting her from the ground and carrying her to the table for their meal of fried chicken and potatoes along with the rest of the bottle of champagne. After the meal he took her again to the towel and used his hand for another orgasm, staring all the while into her eyes as she gasped with pleasure. Then, as a parting shot, he bestowed another pounding, inducing yet more orgasms that finally ruined the towel.

"I have to go," she told him. "It's my birthday, but I still have to work."

"So do I." She turned to see a man in prison uniform appear from the doorway of the villa.

"Where are you going?"

"I don't know, but I won't be wearing any clothes when I get there."

They showered in the villa, Ramon soaping her back and thighs and almost drawing another orgasm with his lathered hands massaging her body before he combed her hair as she sat on the bed. It was their final act as lovers, because she reached into the dresser for a dark blue business suit.

"It was sent this morning. I have an engagement at the Town Hall at six."

"You are very efficient."

"I have to be."

She dressed into her suit and they were transformed from a woman and a man into a senior executive and her naked whore. She was about to drive away in her Lexus to the Town Hall while he was about to be chained for his journey in the prison van to another sex session.

He stepped out into the hallway and the officer cuffed him at the wrists and elbows.

"Enjoy your poke?" he asked Carmel.

"None of your business, but since you ask. He was sensational." She stroked his cheek. Ramon smiled.

"The whore has to leave. You can wave goodbye with your dick. Come on Ramrod. Time for you next show." The guard led Ramon out of the house and into the prison van parked on the gravel.

"I'm just a stupid slut, getting wet for a guy because he's got a massive dick. I'm no less a whore than those sluts getting raped in the prison yard," she though as she drove onto the main road and turned her Lexus towards the town lights. However, that night she stayed at her computer until three in the morning watching Ramon's exploits, constantly replaying her favourite scenes of Ramon buggering a petite blonde in a dark blue bikini.

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