tagBDSMThe Foundation Ch. 15

The Foundation Ch. 15



Crime and Punishment

A small crowd was already gathering by the wooden stage as the prison van rolled into the town square. A howl of artificial anger could not hide the sense of callous expectation as the five naked prisoners were led onto the stage to stand, in standard Foundation style, with their legs spread wide apart, presenting their fettered bodies for the entertainment of the spectators. The small stage was no more than eighteen inches above the ground, but high enough to allow anyone to see every detail of the prisoner's bodies. The crowd insulted and ridiculed the naked convicts as cameras and phones recorded the scene.

"Your pussy's wet, you slut."

"Looking forward to having your cunt fried tonight?"

"You deserve everything you get, you fucking bitch."

"How does it feel to stand there, with everyone looking at your pussy?"

"You're going to get fucked in every hole tonight, for hours."

"Get ready for a night of hell. Take your medicine, you whore."

The prisoners stood before the mocking crowd, enduring their taunts, while the two prison officers removed the sheets to reveal the bondage and torture devices for the evening's show. Each girl pretended to struggle as they were impaled and bound to their apparatus, provoking laughter and cheers. One prisoner even managed to wriggle free of the guards and, despite being bound at the wrist and elbow, she leapt down from the stage and sprinted along the path towards the park's main gate, chased by a mob of howling men. She almost reached the road before one of the pursuers grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground. She tried to rise, but the others kicked her as she rolled on the grass. Eventually she was hauled to her feet and led back towards the stage. They passed a bollard on their way and the convict whore was pushed against the concrete and forced to masturbate, chafing her pubic mound against the rough sides. Her captors, excited by such shameless behaviour, slapped her buttocks with fallen branches to increase the vigour of her strokes, and it was nearly a minute before she was dragged away to return to the stage.

As a reward for convicting every naked woman brought before the court, The Foundation provided regular public abuse, torture and rape displays for the people of Harmon. These 'justice sessions' now drew a large audience and the repertoire of disgusting and humiliating acts inflicted on the prisoners had expanded to satisfy public demand. The standard prison stocks had been replaced by even more demeaning forms of restraint. One prisoner was suspended from a steel rail by her wrists and ankles, leaving her dangling in the breeze. Another was placed on a plinth with the hands bound to their ankles and a third prisoner was placed in the 'welcome wagon' with her ankles bolted above her head and her arms held fast by her side, once again exposing her sexual holes to any violation. The two prisoners at each end of the stage were restrained in standard stocks, but their hands and neck were fastened to a steel rod set low so that their anus was open for abuse.

The traditional method of punishment for whores had been lashes from a whip, but The Foundation had moved beyond this barbaric approach. The sentence in Harmon was to be administered through electric shocks from anal plugs, shoved into each prisoner and tested with a short sharp shock that jolted the victim and lead to an ovation from the crowd. Once all five prisoners had been prepared for the agonies ahead, the guard walked to the edge of the stage to address the audience.

Tanya Klingerman had moved from Louisiana to work at the prison, drawn by the prospect of spending her days amongst dozens of naked and helpless whores, young women trained to abandon all sense of decency and shame as they served the lusts of others. Tanya was a lesbian sadist who swiftly earned the reputation as one of the most brutal guards in the prison. She had found her place at The Foundation, and she intended to enjoy every moment of the evening's ritual. The five prisoners knew that the next twenty four hours would be a gruesome experience at the hands of such an authority in administering pain and humiliation.

Tanya read the sentence of Judge Maxwell's court. The prisoners were guilty of indolence, immorality, laziness and greed. The penalty was to be one hundred electric pulses in the anus. The prisoners twisted in their bonds when they heard the severity of the sentence while the crowd cheered the good news as a middle aged woman stepped up onto the planks. She was introduced as Mrs Kennedy, a mother of four from a neighbouring county. She had come, she told the crowd, because her eldest was about to have her first baby, and she did not want her grandchild to be threatened by drug dealing whores who spread diseases and corrupted young men. Her comment that she wanted "to fry a whore's cunt" brought more cheers.

"Which one first, Mrs Kennedy?"

The girls began the usual demeaning and futile pleas, urging Mrs Kennedy to torture one of their companions. Eventually, after two minutes of indecision, walking back and forth in front of the five prisoners for a close inspection of each whore, Mrs Kennedy pressed a button.

"I've never liked bleached blondes."

The prisoner in the 'welcome wagon' jolted in her fetters to rowdy applause and more laughter.

"She's toasting your pussy, you fat cunt."

"Dance, whore dance."

"Welcome to Harmon, you drug dealing whore."

Each prisoner was subject to the same sentence, and twice a spectator was invited to impose the penalty. One woman stood within a foot of the prisoner as she ravaged her anus with sustained blasts from the buzzer, slapping the bound girl's face between the bursts of pain. By the end of the fifth wave of anal torment, the crowd had grown to more than a hundred spectators.

The prisoners were then subject to a series of degrading and painful rituals. Prisoners sodomised themselves on dildos, penetrated each other with anal plugs and were raped with batons by Tanya and her companion, Jessica Perkins. However, the crowd's favourite rite was for a prisoner to be taken to squat at the edge of the stage to vigorously masturbate. The spectators crowded around the whore to twist her nipples, slap her face and grope her huge breasts. The plug races between the whores were also a special treat because, as well as watching the prisoners spear themselves on huge vibrators, the defeated contestant was always given a sustained dose of electrical torture that brought wild applause. As the light faded the crowd thickened, and Tanya began to accept requests from the audience. Prisoners would be chosen and their suffering would draw abuse and more taunts from the front row, where the most heartless spectators gathered to enjoy a clear view of the torment.

At nine o'clock Tanya and Jessica handed over the prisoners to Judy Langan, the night guard, to supervise the 'open stage' when members of the public were entitled to enjoy five bound and naked whores. Tanya returned to the prison to enjoy the rest of her Friday evening with one of her 'pets' but Jessica slipped into the cinema toilet and changed to meet her boyfriend, Ray.

They dined at Ray's favourite pizza restaurant, the King's Realm, before watching the final showing of the latest romantic comedy. Jessica, after a long working week, enjoyed the simple tale of a wealthy man who eventually realises his shy personal assistant, rather than the bitchy blonde, was the woman for him. Jessica was ready for bed, but Ray wanted to visit the bar by the railway station for just one last brandy that turned out to be three cognacs and four games of pool. So, it was past two in the morning when Jessica and Ray strolled through the gentle rain into the town square. The light from Judy's van shone in the darkness, and the sound of shouts and laughter drifted in the dank night air. They wandered across the damp grass to see a dozen figures loitering around the five whores. Judy joined them by the stage, shivering in the cool air.

"I think it'll be a quiet one. It's too cold for sex, so there's just a lot of fisting. It's mainly outsiders here tonight, but this gang are nearly finished. It's surprising how boring buggering someone can get. Well, they should enjoy it while they can. Six weeks from now we'll all be gone. Have you found a place? Houston's so expensive."

"Ray and I are moving to Pearland. What about you and Tony?"

"It's just me." Judy's wan smile evoked a touch of the shoulder from her friend.

"Don't worry. Maybe you'll meet a respectable young gentlemen here tonight."

"They're too busy with these bitches to look at me."

Behind them they heard a prisoner being dragged across the planks. Jessica could not see her face, but the pale beam of the van's headlights showed her gritted teeth as two men drew apart her legs for a woman to insert a large dark object into her anus.

"That's not true," Ray spoke out. "They're just fuckmeat. Holes."

"Ray's not keen on my work."

"I don't like you working with these whores. It's like working in a zoo. They're just filthy animals."

"It's only for another two years. You know I want to go to college and finish my Accounting degree, but the prison pays well, very well. Come on, let's leave Judy. She has to keep an eye on these whores."

As they walked past the stage they heard the grunts of the prisoners enduring the pounding from their tormentor's fists and a woman's giggle.

"It'll never fit in there."

"It will, if you push really, really hard. See I told."

"Man, you are a cruel fucker."

"That must hurt like hell."

"Man. I didn't believe you, but ... fuck. Free meat, and it's great pussy."

A gust of cool air carried a sprinkling of rain, and Jessica turned up her collar as she quickened her stride to be out of the chilly air, leaving the prisoners on the stage to a cold wet night of sodomy and brutal rape.

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