tagBDSMThe Foundation Ch. 17

The Foundation Ch. 17


A Subject Lesson

Rosa, legs apart on the wet gravel, waited while a guard conversed with a group of visitors, including two men in suits. The guard appeared to be teaching, because some of her audience wrote in notepads as she spoke. Rosa recognised Tanya, one of Pamela Clayton's closest associates, and her most vicious tormentor. Tanya answered a few questions and then, like a tour guide, she led her party to Rosa, naked and splayed in the cool morning air.

"Now, this is an interesting example. This convict was once a law officer, indeed she was the local sheriff until discovered with a consignment of cocaine in her anus. She's also a former sadist lesbian, but now she's just a sex slave. The fact that the subject was once a dominatrix, who often visited this very yard to torture and abuse prisoners, made her subjugation and degradation a difficult task. It also made it great fun." Her audience laughed. "I would say that this subject has been our greatest challenge." Tanya placed a hand on Rosa's buttock. "She's also been, as you are about to see, our greatest triumph." Tanya could not resist a smile as she looked down on the red marks decorating the back, buttocks and legs testifying to her determination to degrade this conceited bitch. "This subject will serve to demonstrate some of the key themes involved in our work here at The Foundation. Let us begin." She turned to her victim.

"Slave. Listen to my words." Rosa looked up to her persecutor. "Fuck me in the arse. I want you to rape my holes. Repeat."

"Fuck me in the arse. I want you to rape my holes."


"Fuck me in the arse. I want you to rape my holes."


"Fuck me in the arse. I want you to rape my holes."

"Look at your masters and mistresses. Look each one of them in the eye and beg them to abuse you, and let's have a few thrusts of your pussy to emphasise the point."

Rosa repeated the message to every one of the visitors, staring at them as she begged for anal abuse. Some looked impassively, a few smirked and the two men seemed interested by her request.

"Now, let's have a test. What tells you that I am the mistress and she is my slave?"

"She's naked."

"Good. Also, it is worth noting that she is the only nude here. Clothes are a mark of authority to anyone naked, even clothes without a uniform. Our whores are taught to treat anyone wearing clothes as a superior. How do you know that this subject has been a challenge?"

"The marks on the body." A young woman in a dark blue business suit, almost impersonating The Foundation's shade of blue, and a notepad called out her answer.

"Good, Miss Henderson. This subject is covered with marks and bruises. As I believe I have shown over the past two hours, this is rare in the training of bondage whores. So, you can presume that she has endured a strenuous training routine. Now, how do you know that we have succeeded in taming this bitch, turning her from a woman into a piece of fuckmeat?"

"Because none of the wounds are fresh and ..." The woman in blue hesitated. "You're displaying her to us. She would not be here if the training was not complete." Tanya smiled her approval of the young woman. Miss Henderson was a promising candidate.

"She's standing with her legs wide apart. That's uncomfortable and demeaning," another visitor called out.

"Excellent. Please note that throughout this session I have not once even threatened the subject with my baton. She has been subjugated, which means that I do not need to employ force to impose my will."

One of the men raised his hand to ask a question.

"The girl here is ..."

"Subject. We prefer the term subject, though we address them as 'slave' in the prison."

"The subject here is unbound, but whenever I see these subjects in public, they are bound."

"Shackles send a message to anyone viewing the slave. It is a public recognition of their demeaned status. One of the major objectives of The Foundation in the coming year is to establish what we term "a natural state of slavery" for our whores. We aim to convince the public, and the government, our bondage whores are no better than animals. They are simply shameless, lustful pets." Tanya lifted Rosa's chin to allow everyone a view of her face. "This bitch has no rights. The film crews who make our movies call them fuckmeat. I like that phrase. It tells us all we need to know about this slut. Now, bitch. Masturbate."

Rosa began to avidly scrub her vagina lips, slipping her finger deep into herself. "The subject is now masturbating in public. This not only demeans the subject, but informs everyone observing the act that the subject is a whore. No decent individual, even if they found themselves naked in public, would resort to such lewd behaviour. The public use the term 'shameless' to describe our prisoners, and that is true. This is also the purpose of Kiriko, a special drug developed to stimulate the subject. It helps maintain sexual arousal, so ensuring that all convict whores are wet during public performances. Curiously, this point tends to be noticed by women rather than men."

The audience watched Rosa stroking her soft flesh, closing her eyes to concentrate on reaching an orgasm while standing in a cold yard watched by a handful of strangers.

"Hurry up and come, you bitch, or I'll shove my baton up your arse."

"Please, Mistress, I am nearly there, just another minute, please."

While Rosa stood before the visitors massaging her clitoris, Tanya explained how a public orgasm underlined her diminished and depraved nature. The Kiriko also ensured that her orgasm was a surge of juice, and on cue Rosa announced to her Mistress that she was about to come as she shuddered a dozen drops of fluid onto the gravel. Two of the audience offered mocking applause.

"Now, I will demonstrate the extent of my control over this subject. Slave. Crab."

Rosa bent over, slipped her hands between her legs and around her calves to her ankles, so drawing wide her anus. Tanya then ordered Rosa, still holding her ankles, to walk to the far wall and return, shuffling like a crab with her anus on view. A woman giggled at the sight.

"I am glad that we heard that laugh, because one purpose of any slave position is to undermine the status of the subject, to make her look ridiculous. This is one of the reasons why her breasts are so big. As you can see, we also have easy access to both sexual holes." Tanya placed her baton on Rosa's buttocks, and immediately she tensed, quivering as she balanced on her heels. There was more laughter at Rosa's response to a light touch from Tanya's stick.

"You saw the subject's fearful reaction to the baton. This is a sign of their training, and further evidence that she is a true bondage whore, effectively a slave."

"Why don't you give her a blast?" Miss Henderson asked.

"Do you want me to?" Tanya was impressed to see such savagery in an elegant young woman.

"I would like to see how you discipline your whores."

"No please, Mistress, I'm begging you." Rosa called out from her demeaning pose. "I've been a good slave. I'll lick your pussy all night, every night."

"Will you lick my pussy?" It was Henderson who asked the question. "What would you do to avoid having your cunt fried?"

"I would do anything, Mistress. Please don't burn my poor pussy."

"Show me your hole."

Rosa eagerly grasped her buttocks to draw apart her anus.

"Slave, what are you?" Tanya asked the question.

"I'm a slut whore who loves huge cocks in my cunt and my arsehole. I love to lick pussy and suck big dicks. Rape me, rape my holes. Fuck me, I'm begging you, fuck me hard."

Tanya smiled and tapped Rosa on her buttocks.

"Good little fuckmeat whore. You've escaped discipline, for now. I have shown that she really is shameless. First she masturbates in public and then she endures any indignity to avoid pain."

For the next five minutes Rosa presented an array of poses, swiftly responding to every command. The guests were impressed by her elasticity and her obedience.

"We take pride in producing supple and subservient slaves. Now unless anyone has any specific questions about this slave, I intend to finish with a small challenge for my pet. Miss Henderson was particularly keen to witness a slave experience an electric shock." The young woman smiled sheepishly at the comment, as if embarrassed by her request. "We call it tremor discipline. However, the subject should be allowed to avoid discipline. Does someone have a stopwatch on their watch?" One of the men stepped forward and raised his wrist. "Men always want watches that do more than just tell the time." The women giggled and he stepped back, slightly abashed. "If you wouldn't mind, Mr Acland, once her leg is fully extended, please start your clock." Tanya stepped back from Rosa and issued the command.

"Standing split."

Rosa grasped her right leg and thrust it into the air, pressing her shin against her cheek.

"The challenge has begun. The subject must hold this pose for the next five minutes. If she fails to keep her leg fully extended and straight, Miss Henderson will have her wish and the subject will endure full anal tremors for one minute."

Rosa stood before the guests, her leg pointing to the dull grey sky, while Tanya chatted with her visitors, asking about their home towns and their current jobs. Acland called out the first and second minutes without a flicker from Rosa, but just before she reached the third minute she released a grunt of pain.

"The torment will increase with every passing second, but if you have witnessed tremor discipline you would do anything, and I mean anything, avoid it. If she avoids her punishment I will make sure, Miss Henderson, we see some tremor discipline. Some subject is bound to be misbehaving on our tour, I can guarantee that."

The final minute arrived and Rosa was quivering as the sweat gathered on her hands and neck. She gritted her teeth as Acland announced the end of the fourth minute. Henderson stepped closer to look at the face of the bondage slave. Rosa gave her only a blank stare as she panted from the strain of holding her pose.

"Do you think she feels anger towards me? I've made her stand like this, and she may be brutally tortured just because of me."

"She probably is very angry, but anger is a futile emotion for a sex slave. They endure because they have no choice."

By the time Acland was counting down the last few seconds, Rosa was beginning to wobble, and it seemed that she would fail in these final moments. She growled and looked up to the sky to draw on her strength and her determination, gritting her teeth in agony. The entire group counted down the final ten seconds and a mild round of applause greeted the completion of the task. Rosa sank to her knees for a few seconds before Tanya called on her to adopt the standard display mode, soaked in sweat and panting for breath.

"We'll leave this one here and move on to the rest of The Foundation's facilities. I am sorry, Miss Henderson, but this subject is very resilient. I told you she was my greatest challenge. Still, as a parting shot you can set her pose for the next few hours."

Henderson stared at Rosa for a moment and smiled before asking for the crab.

"Issue the command. She will obey."

"Slave," she barked. "Crab."

Rosa was grasping her ankles within a moment.

"Any message? One more method of subjugation is to require the slaves to repeat a demeaning or vulgar phrase. It's just another small indication of control."

"My name is Rosa Ortiz, and ... I love being fucked in the arse."

"Slave, repeat."

Rosa began to recount the message. Miss Henderson requested some pelvic thrusts and Rosa obliged by moving her backside up and down.

"I quite like that phrase. It reminds her how far she has fallen in just six months. Rosa here will be the star of a very special show we're putting on next Friday. A farewell present to Harmon. It's called 'One Hundred and Twenty Hours of Sodomy.' It's a one woman show, and our publicity people have arranged for a network chat show to cover the story. Now, I want to show you Dr Cartwright's excellent work on reshaping our whores." Tanya slapped Rosa's buttocks as a farewell and led the visitors into the next room.

Two hours later Rosa was still thrusting her hips while recounting the young woman's message. The door opened and the pace of her humiliation increased and she raised her voice as the two men and a middle aged woman came to stand over Rosa.

"Sheriff Rosa Ortiz. It really is you. I never ... You can stop the chant. I never thought they could do it, but here you are." She turned to her companions. "Miss Ortiz was one of the toughest bitches in law enforcement, and there are some real cunts in that league. Now, she's a slut whore with a wet pussy. How the mighty have fallen."

"Well boss. Do they have something here?"

"It merits further consideration. I'll talk to De Bois tomorrow and get our tech guys to come down for a look. I've seen enough. What time is our flight?

"Five twenty. We can be there in half an hour. Which means ..."

The woman sighed and gave both men a fake disapproving look.

"Mistress, I'm begging you," Acland said, imitating the phrase from the tortured whores in the main building when Henderson unleashed a few blows on the anus of an unfortunate blonde Russian.

"Play nicely. I would tell you to be quick, but ... you will be." She turned to Rosa, still grasping her ankles and pumping her backside back and forth. "Honey, you can stand up now. These nice men are going to take you next door to rape you before we catch our flight. There's no need to worry. I doubt you'll feel a thing. I'm going to the café for another cinnamon roll. Shower after you're done, boys. I'll be sitting next to you all the way to Washington."

Major Roberta Linhart left for a coffee and a treat in the cafeteria while her two captains led Rosa away to enjoy thirty frantic minutes of savage anal rape.

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