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The Fountain


This is my first submission to Literotica, and I'll be waiting for your comments to make it better. Each character is more than 18 years old.


John's friends were already at their place of meeting. A wondrous mansion stood tall over the hill, and he knew that they were inside, but it would've been a reprehensible sin to let his cigarette unsmoked, so he puffed it a couple of times till it was over, threw the butt unto the high iron fence's base, right into a puddle, sprayed some cologne and called Barry.

"Hey man, I'm here."

"Too late, John. I've got a wine glass full of it right here in my hand and you're out the... I'll be there now."

Barry let John in, and told him spooky tales about the manor before they arrived. A woman was hosting the tasting, and that was about everything they knew about her, except for Rick.

"He's been acting weird around her, John."

"What do you mean? Isn't he always the weirdo, anyway?"

"He's even weirder."

"Oh... That's some shit I wanna se-WHOA..."

The hostess was around her late twenties and 5 ft tall, a bit shorter and older than them, with perfect boobs that seemed to be barely encased in her 30F bra and a wobbly ass. Her dress had black and red vertical stripes, which contrasted with her pale, almost cream-like, skin, and matched her buxom lips and black, straight hair. Her amber eyes stopped looking at Ed and engaged John's blue eyesight.

"Hello and welcome, you must be John."

"Hi, yes, I'm John. It's quite a pleasure to be here."

John saw Rick approaching him, or that's what he thought.

"Hi, John, I guess that you've already met Miss Alice Aimal. She's welcomed us into her home so we can enjoy the best absinthe in the world."

John looked at Barry.

"I told you so."

Alice put her hand on John's shoulder, and a smell of almonds and fruits invaded the air.

"Shall we begin?"

Alice, Rick, Ed, Barry and John. All five of them were right in the center of an antique basement. There was a fountain in the center, with four pillars, one at each corner. They were sitting around a table, and two bottles of "La Fée Verte" were already gone. The taste of the green drink was almost unbearable, but they enjoyed every last drop of what became a white liquid. Right then, she stopped short of drinking, and looked around the place.

"Did you hear it?"

The four men looked around, trying to figure out what she'd just heard, but none managed to.

"Don't worry about it, boys. Now, if you excuse me, could you please repeat me the profession of each of your friends, Rick, please?"

"Indeed, milady: Ed's a diver, Barry's a nightclub bouncer and John's a journalist."

"What about you?"

"I'm... I'm yours, milady."

"Fuck you, Rick."

"As you order, Miss Alice."

"Go to your corner, and I'll get in charge."

Rick walked to the furthest pillar on the fountain, and stood above it while Miss Alice unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Then his trousers. They couldn't quite see exactly what she was doing, due to the fountain, but her movements weren't making it hard to guess.

"Ed... Are you still with us?"

"Whaddya mean, Barry?"

Ed's hand was moving on his lap, and seemed to be trying to jack off from over the fabric. He wasn't as surprised as Barry had thought before asking, and actually looked a bit irritated.

"This doesn't seems normal to me, you know?"

"What? Rick getting a blowjob from our magnificent hostess? Yeah, I know... She should've started with me."

Maybe they were thinking too much. Rick hadn't made a sound since he'd gone there, but then, he started speaking.

"Yes, Mistress, everything was done at your request, of course it was. It was all done, even the slightest thing you ordered. Every single thing."

"What the hell is wrong with him? I mean... He's not like that at all, or is he?"

"Well... He ain't the most active one, either."

John was surprised, to say the least, about Rick's behaviour. Then, and to no one's surprise, Ed stood and walked towards another of the pillars. His eyes were fixed on Alice's amber ones, and for a moment he saw a black torture chamber were Rick was tied in a black pine bed, metal chains holding his arms and legs in the corners, and the thin man's neck surrounded by what seemed like a prong collar, and the blood flowed to his torax, all while the woman bited his dick and drunk the blood and semen that fell onto her mouth.

"I'll be back in a while, Rick. Please, just try to be the pet I love, okey?"

"It's my only desire, if it is yours."

"Well, it is."

Some cum slipped from her full lower lip, and her unnaturally long tongue licked it.

"What's wrong with you?!"

"Don't worry, Ed. Rick loves to serve me, after all... He's always expected to do so."

She took Ed's hand with hers and walked him out of that place. It was a pitch-dark night, but he could smell the sea salt in the air.

"Rick said that you're a diver, Ed... Is that true?"

"The best one in this side of the ocean, ma'am."

"Well, I want you to swim with me. You can't be that good, anyway, or hold your breath as long as me."

"You mean right here and right now... right?"

"Could it be at any other time?"

They took their clothes off and ran to the wave that was hitting the beach. After swimming for a couple of minutes, she kissed him. He'd never been kissed like that. There was fire in her eyes, but her lips were icy flesh. They dived towards the deep and found what looked like a submerged cave. Ed was the first one to get inside and managed to breathe the air inside. His head went dizzy, as a smell not unlike that of almonds, freshly cut apples or cyanide invaded him. Alice arose from the water, almost as if she could walk on it, and pushed his head underwater, all while starting to bite and suck his majestic member. Her head bobbed up and down like a delicate thunder, the teeth destroying layer after layer of his self control while she made him cum. Suddenly for Ed it felt like twelve hands were holding him underwater, allowing Alice into her own frenzy. He knew that he couldn't hold it for much longer, but the feeling was so great that any bit of bravado abandoned his previous ego. There was not much else of him. There was only a nutshell left, as she had sucked him out of himself.

Barry and John could only see as she stood in front of Ed. Both, Rick and him, were jacking off, standing at opposite corners of the fountain, all while she had set some cups and glasses to receive their cum whenever she would be too far away to drink it from their cocks. She allowed the witnesses to get close.

"What's wrong with them? I could even punch them and they would still just keep on masturbating. What have you done with them?"

"Let's just say that they are enjoying the greatest wet dream they'll ever have, alright? And you will, too. Soon."

"That's not gonna happen, bitch."

Barry threw his body towards hers, just as his dick already was, trying to tackle her like a barfly, but then they were in the submarine cave. He and John could see Alice blowing his friend while something held him underwater, in the pure-blue-turned-milky-and-red water. They saw her naked body, the giant boobs bouncing on Ed's legs, and the look of pure delight on his never-drowning face.

"Don't worry, you ain't dead. Yet, at least."

"I- I don't understand. Where are we?"

"This is Ed's mind. I know what you want, I'll give it to you once or twice, and then you'll forever live in this... dream, if you want a word for it."

"Why us?"

"You can protect my mansion, and John can make more people arrive."

"I'll never write for you, Alice."

"I'll never work for you, bitch."

"Rick said you would quite probably be the refusing ones."

The shining water turned black, and all they could see were Alice's eyes. But when they focused on them, her shiny pearls replicated everywhere else in the place. It was then when they started to feel the hands on their buttocks, and looked down, where their dicks were being surrounded by full and wet mouths, and the amber eyes shone so bright and tight that unified everything in a color explosion with a taste of absinthe and Jack Daniel's....

Alice's hands were getting tired, so she ordered each of them to masturbate himself. The cups were sporadically filling, and she knew that this was exactly what she wanted. And all what they now wanted. She would soon be hosting the best parties her friends had ever been.

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