tagFetishThe Fountain Ch. 2

The Fountain Ch. 2


I rouse from my stupor, Paul's member still inside me, although he is soft now. I remember the lesbian porno channel I ordered and reach over across Paul to the remote control on the nightstand next to the bed. I turn on the television & change the channel.

As the picture clears the scene is of two women, in a big tub of bubbles, soaping each other up. There are candles lit around the tub & they are drinking champagne. One of the women is a brunette, with curly long hair that reaches the middle of her back. She has deep brown eyes, a cute upturned nose & a pleasant smile. Her tits look to be about a 34C with pink nipples & large areola. The other is a dirty blond with bright green eyes & a pug nose. Her chest looks like it is 36D with huge red nipples that are hard & stiff. They are getting more deliberate in their actions & it soon turns very erotic.

The blond stands up in the tub & the brunette rinses off her pussy with a hand-held shower. Then the brunette starts to kiss the inner thighs of the blond & keeps working her way closer to her apex. As she gets closer the blond starts to moan softly & spreads her legs open for better access. The brunette has found her way to the outer lips & begins licking her pussy. After a couple of minutes of that she spreads the outer lips so as to get to the inner lips. She spends another bit of time there before delving into the honey pot offered to her so willingly. The blond is telling the brunette to "lick that pussy! lick it good. Oh yeah, I love to have my pussy licked. Stick your tongue inside me. Please, I'm begging you. Do it good to me, lick that pussy!" and on & on.

The brunette does what she is asked & you see a close up of her tongue fucking the blonde's hole. She adds one finger, then two, into the wet hole & starts moving them in & out as she focuses her tongue on the blonde's clit. Now, I am starting to get horny watching this & Paul must be too, subconsciously, cuz his dick is getting harder the more moaning the blond does.

The brunette finds a big pink dildo under the water. Who would have guessed. And I mean this thing is BIG. It has to be at least 9" long & 3" wide. She starts to push it inside the blonde's pussy and the blonde's moans get louder. She positions herself so she is sitting on the edge of the tub, legs spread wide apart. The brunette has an easier time getting the head of the dildo in this way. I start to caress my nipples as my pussy gets wet watching the movie.

I wonder if I should wake Paul, but figure I am allowed a little fun of my own. We have never watched an all girl movie together & I don't know if I want him to see just how aroused it is making me. As the brunette gets the dildo further & further inside the blonde's snatch & the blond continues to moan & cry out I start to get more rough with my nipples. Finally one of my hands moves to my pussy. Paul is semi-hard inside me & I don't want to disturb him, but I have to get to my clit. It is tingling & just aching to be touched. So, after a little hesitation I start to rub my clit in time with the brunette's licking on the screen.

I wonder if I will be able to time my orgasm with the blonde's. It looks like she is really starting to get off, as the brunette has gotten the entire dildo inside the blonde's pussy! I can hardly believe what I am seeing. The brunette starts to move the dildo in & out of the blonde's pussy while still tonguing her clit. She stops to lift her head away for a moment & I hear a buzzing sound. The dildo is really a waterproof vibrator!

The blond is starting to moan more loudly now as I see the brunette slip a finger into the blonde's ass. She pops it back out & reaches into the tub to pull out a string of anal beads. The blond is going to have one hell of a powerful orgasm if the brunette has anything to say about it! The brunette tucks the entire string of beads into her hand & starts to insert the beads one at a time. As she is doing this she is still pistoning the dildo in & out slowly & seeing that she has things under control she goes back to clit licking.

I don't think I have ever had as much simultaneous stimulation at once like the blonde is getting on the screen. I don't know if I would be able to take it!! I think I would cum so fast it would be over in a matter of seconds. Paul is still asleep, even though I have turned the volume up a little louder so I can hear the buzzing of the vibrator over the blonde's moans & the brunette's encouragements. His cock is a getting harder the more I play with my clit, but I'm sure it is because I am brushing up against the shaft as I diddle. My pussy is getting wetter & wetter & I don't think I will be able to hold out as long as the blonde.

After all the beads are in the cameraman gives us a close up of all the blonde's parts: the string hanging out of her butt into the brunette's hand; the dildo moving in & out of her pussy; her clit being lick & sucked; & then a close up of her face, awash with pleasure with her mouth open & her eyes closed. She starts to yell out "YES YES YES" and then "I"M CUMMMMIINNNGGG!!!" As she starts to jerk spasmodically the brunette pulls the beads out of her ass one at a time, and you can hear the slight pop as each exits. The blonde's orgasm seems to last forever & all of a sudden I am cumming too, frantically rubbing & pinching on my clit, twisting my nipple. The pulsing of my vagina wakes Paul up with a start.

"What the hell?" he asks. He rubs his eyes to catch the very end of the scene on the TV before the credits start to roll. I am breathing hard & have a smile on my face. He has a full erection now & I start to move myself back & forth on him. "God, you are wet. Have you been fingering yourself or something?" I giggle & ask him if he is being serious or a smart ass. He says "Well, I guess that answers my question. You have been fingering yourself. I know you just came by the look on your face & how you are breathing. And lets not forget that your pussy is still spasming around my dick. Don't lie to me, you silly girl. Now what made you so horny that you couldn't wake me up to share this experience with you? What kind of movie was that anyhow? Did I see two girls going at it together? Don't tell me that that is what got you to this state!! Well I'll be damned! Are you a little bi at heart?"

Paul just kept the interrogation going and wasn't even giving me time to answer. I just started to laugh & he started after me until we were practically in tears from laughing so hard. "I guess I needn't be worried about how you would feel if I got off on all girl porno, eh?" I ask him. He just smiles and says mischievously "All the more for us to get freaky with together." Paul rolls me off my side and puts me on top of him. He has his hands on my hips, moving me up & down as I work myself with him. He has set a slow pace, one meant to tease & work things up slowly.

"What did you think of what you saw today?" Paul asks.

I stop moving & stare him in the eyes. "Don't get any crazy ideas!!" I tell him.

"Did it make you wet?"

"Well, yes," I answer tentatively.

"Would you ever let me treat you like that, just the two of us at home where no one else would see?" I think about this for a minute or two & tell him I would have to consider it a bit longer, that I am not sure that I want to test our relationship that way. I get up, the mood ruined, & he comes out of me with a slurping sound. I go over to the table to pour more wine to find the bottles empty. I hadn't realized that we had polished off 2 bottles of wine earlier, but we must have. I go to the mini-bar in the fridge & pull out a couple of those single serving bottles & down them both in a couple of gulps. I call room service & ask that they bring up 2 more bottles. I go to the bathroom, empty my bladder & as I am washing my hands I take a good look at myself in the mirror. I stare deep into my own eyes & think 'what harm could it do to let him live out a simple fantasy, as long as it doesn't hurt me or humiliate me in public.' I figure I am going to tell Paul that I will be his slave like that if he promises to respect when I say no or enough. I put a smile on my face as I walk out of the bathroom.

As I turn to the bed I see Paul on his knees with his ear to the wall above the headboard. "What in the hell...??" I ask. Paul puts his finger to his lips & says "shhhh, come listen to this." I head over to the dresser & grab the 2 glasses & give one to Paul.

"If you are going to listen, you might as well do it right," I tell him. I put the glass to the wall & listen. It appears we are not the only couple getting kinky in the hotel. We hear a man & woman in the act...and as they climax I hear the man say "Did I tell you you could cum, SLAVE!?" in a very rough voice. The woman must have nodded her head or something because the man says, "for your punishment you will go to the next room over naked. I know there is a couple in there because I heard them earlier tonight. You will go over there & knock on the door & beg them to use you any way they wish. If they hesitate you are to do anything you have to convince them to let you in and fuck you, but you may not tell them that this is a punishment for you. Once you have satisfied their every whim you will return here with cum dripping from every hole & relay to me exactly how they used you & how it made you feel. You are not allowed to have an orgasm. I will be listening through the wall & if I hear you climax I will cum over & whip you. Do you understand?" Paul & I did not listen for her answer, we were too shocked. This must be the couple from earlier today, the one I saw in the park. What in the hell were we going to do?

Then, the next thing we know, there is a knock at the door. Do we answer it? If we don't who knows what he will do to her. I go to the door naked & look out the peephole. "It's her," I whisper, "Paul, come open the door. She'll recognize me." Paul calls out "Just a minute," and goes into the bathroom for a towel to wrap around his waist. He opens the door & looks surprised. "Oh, I thought you were room service."

"No, obviously not, but I WOULD like to service you..." she says in a sultry voice. I have gone into the bathroom with the glasses we were using so she will not know that we were listening to them through the wall. Paul lets her in the room & tells her that she is beautiful. She kisses him crassly on the lips & tells him she wants to fuck his brains out. Paul replies that he would like that but he does not know if his girlfriend would mind. "Girlfriend?," she questions.

I take this as my cue and walk out of the bathroom, as naked as she is and say, "Yes, although I think of us as much more than just boyfriend & girlfriend. I guess Paul doesn't want you to be intimidated."

"You're..you're not..mad? Seeing me like this, propositioning your man?" she asks.

I contemplate whether I tell her that I know why she is here, but decide to play into Paul's fantasy a little & say "I have always had a fantasy of being with another girl and of having Paul tell me what to do, are you up for it?" She just gasps & smiles & nods her head yes. "First I guess we should introduce ourselves to each other." I tell her my name & Paul tells his & she finally gives in & says her name is Judie. I look Paul in the eye and say, "so, Master, what would you like for us to do?" His mouth kinda drops open, not knowing if I am teasing him or serious, and decides to play it safe.

He pulls me to him & kisses me & tells Judie to kiss my tits. She does without hesitation & Paul decides to test me. After a quick kiss he turns me around & tells me to lay down on the bed with Judie. We scramble onto the bed & he tells us to start kissing, like we are two timid virgins. Well, this was easy enough for me, cuz technically I was a virgin when it came to being with another girl. Paul sat in one of the chairs facing the bed & leaned back to relax & watch the show. Judie & I started to kiss slowly & I was a little hesitant, but once we started to get into it I lost all my inhibition. Judie took my hair in her hand & was pulling it & running her fingers through it alternately. I was just dazed at what I was actually doing to do much of anything else. Slowly I can out of it & started getting into Judie's persistent kisses. I wrapped my arms around her neck & dove deeper into the kiss, my lips pressing more firmly against hers. I heard a small moan escape & I still am not sure if it came from Judie or myself. We deepened the kiss further still, lips parted, tongues toying with each other, hesitant to take the plunge without the okay from Paul. Paul cleared his throat & says "You don't look like virgins to me! Back off a bit!"

So, I pulled away from Judie & we started all over. First it was just quick awkward pecks on the cheek, then we moved to the lips, but keeping to the quick kisses. We did this for about 5 minutes until Paul gave us permission to go ahead. "Oh, damn it to hell, I can't stand it anymore than you can! Please, use whatever passion there is between the 2 of you & give me the show of my life!!," he exclaimed. His hand was resting on his upper thigh & he had a boner that was standing straight up in the air.

Judie & I looked at each other & I smiled hesitantly at her. Her eyes said that she was ready to go for it, I'm sure mine said I wasn't quite sure what to do. Judie took the lead & started to kiss me softly. As I stared to moan she slid her tongue into my mouth. My body was saying 'full speed ahead!' but my head was a little shy still. I backed away a little & Paul immediately sensed it. "What do you think you are doing?" I look at him & see his hand wrapped around his tool & know that I can't let him down. I have to go through with this to the end, even if it is just for his sake.

"Nothing," I say, "just had to catch my breath." He doesn't have a chance to say anything before I lean back into Judie & start to kiss her as if it were Paul. I find her tongue & begin to let mine dance around it, then run it across her lips, and then back into her mouth. She has realized that I am into it 100% now & starts to lead us down the path of no return. I am breathing heavy now, my hands running over her body, up to her head & hair then down to her buttocks & abdomen. I let them rest at her breasts, softly touching her nipples with the palm of my hands. She lests out a cry of pleasure & I know that she is sensitive from earlier in the day. Her nipples must be very sore from grazing the pavement & gravel by the Fountain. I break away & apologize for hurting her & bend my head down to take her left nipple into my mouth. I gently lick it & move my tongue around in circles, then I suck it into my mouth & keep it ther while my tongue continues to circle the nipple. After a few minutes of this I release her left breast & move to her right breast. I repeat my actions here & am very careful not t be too rough. Once I start trailing kisses back up to her shoulders she gasps in shock & pulls away.

"You are her! You are the one from by Buckingham Fountain this morning! You saw me...what he made me do to...what I did to...how can you be doing this to me now? How can you not be disgusted? How can you be so gentle when you saw how rough..." I can't help but feel compassion for her. I hold her to me and tell her "shhhh. Yes I am the one. You sniffed & licked at my crotch this morning by the Fountain. Do you know how turned on you made me?! I practically jumped Paul's bones when I got back! I was soaking wet by the time I got back to the hotel. I was just mesmerized by you & your Master & the love I saw in your eyes for him. When Paul came in I told him about you & we had the best sex we have ever had! Don't apologize for who & what you are as long as you enjoy it."

Judie looks at me & then at Paul & then smiles. "Ok, where were we?," she asks. Judie & I laugh & then get back to kissing. This time there is no hesitancy & we are going at it like we have been together before. My hands wander to her back & ass, squeezing her cheeks, telling her how cute I think her ass is. She has let her mouth wander down to my breast & is sucking, kissing & biting it. Her hand is on my other breast twisting & twirling the nipple. I moan & she lets her other hand wander down to my snatch.

She pushes me down on the bed & kisses her way down my chest & stomach to the "V" between my legs. She inhales deeply & moans her pleasure. "I love the smell of a well used pussy! I hope you left me some fuck juice to lick up!" And with that she dives in. She has me moaning in moments & it seems that Paul can no longer stand it. It looks as if he is about to cum. I call to him to cum to me & let me swallow him down. He straddles my face in the bed & positions himself so that he can watch Judie eat me out while I suck on his cock & balls. Before you can say "supercalafragalisticexbealadocious" we are both ready to explode.

I start to moan with his dick in my mouth & the vibrations cause Paul to start to cum. As he starts shooting his hot spunk into my throat I am brought over the edge when Judie inserts 2 fingers inside. I am cumming hard & crying out, but Judie doesn't stop. She keeps licking my clit & starts to put a third finger into my sopping pussy. Then she puts in the fourth finger. I feel like I am being stretched wide open. Paul comes down from his orgasm & goes down to the end of the bed to watch Judie as she curls her thumb into her hand & proceeds to push her whole hand into my slick pussy! Oh my gawd! I think I am ready to burst. Paul has gotten his erection back faster than ever before watching Judie's hand slowly go deeper & deeper into my pussy.

Judie spreads her finger out once inside me & starts to massage the walls of my vaginga. I am starting to feel an incredible orgasm build, like I have never felt before. Paul pulls me down to the edge of the bed & lifts my ass up & puts 2 pillows under me. He has Judie move a bit so that he has access to my tight little anus. He starts by inserting one finger & I gasp. I can't talk, but I don't need to. Paul tells me to open my eyes. I look at him & he tells me that Judie is going to fistfuck my pussy while he fucks my ass. All I can do is nod & moan. I am in no position to tell him no, even though I have never had both holes filled at once. Paul is usually a gentle lover, but not this time. He has Judie moisten his cock in her mouth & then he puts it at my rosebud & pushes his way in. I yell out, but once he is buried in to the hilt I can only whimper my pleasure.

As Paul starts to slide in & out, Judie starts to piston her hand in & out. She is opening & closing her hand & Paul's mouth is hung open wide. He tells Judie that he can feel her hand against him. Judie tells him to hold onto his horses & she starts to match his strokes with her hand open, caressing the back wall of my vagina, so that she is caressing him as well through the thin layer of tissue that separates her hand & his shaft. I can take it no longer & start spasming uncontrollably, crying out, moaning, thrashing my head back & forth, my legs are shaking & I start having this incredible orgasm that is pure ecstasy. Paul shoots his load deep inside me & I feel him pulsate over & over again. My box is squeezing Judie's hand like a vice grip & she dares not try to pull it out until the contractions subside. Paul comes over & kisses Judie full on the lips & thanks her & that is the last thing I remember before I pass out.

I wake to see Judie & Paul talking, and lay there & listen to what they are saying before letting on that I am awake. He is asking her how she became her Master's slave & what he did to her to teach her how to act properly. Judie tells Paul of the days locked up in the basement, hands cuffed above her head & feet spread wide apart & tied down to the bed. She tells of the spankings that progressed to whippings that escalated to beatings & how she thought she could tolerate it no more & then her pussy would betray her & get wet & excited & beg her Master just to touch it so she could cum. Then she told Paul about the nipple clamps that started out as just clips with pretty crystals hanging from them. The clips gave way to stronger clamps & the crystals gave way to weights. She also told of the small dildos that her Master had started out with, ones that you can purchase at any sex shop.

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