tagErotic HorrorThe Four Horsemen Ch. 03

The Four Horsemen Ch. 03


Tobias had seen many crime scenes throughout his career. This one would be one of the more memorable ones. He had been called due to the horse mark found on the body behind the right ear. The small red horse tattoo was on this body like the others he had a file on. His serial killer had apparently struck again. As with the other bodies, this one was not pretty. One of the first responders was throwing up his lunch in the next room. Tobias had the pictures of his file to prepare him for what he was looking at. Multiple lacerations on the chest, legs, and arms, led the medical examiner to say he thought this man might have been whipped before he died. There was a rather large hole in his chest where his heart should have been. His heart was sitting on the night stand next to the bed with a bite taken out of it.

Tobias looked at the dead man, then looked again, "where is his penis?" Tobias asked, looking around the room and taking in the entire scene. The room was too clean. There were no stains on the bed, or puddles, or spray patterns. It was just like some of his previous murders. The medical examiner shrugged his shoulders and continued taking pictures. As Tobias turned and looked around the room, he felt the need to risk one more question, "where is all his blood?" The M.E. stopped a moment and looked at Tobias as if to say 'how the hell am I supposed to know.'

"His name was Richard Jones, he was known on the streets as Joe Blow. We estimated that he was pulling down 3 to 5 million a month on street sales. He specialized in selling Blow to children."

Meg just nodded as Tobias paused to let her view the pictures of the body, she had just reached in the file folder.

"His body was found naked and spread eagle on the bed. Medical Examiner says that he died from his heart being removed from his body. No blood was found in the bed or anywhere within the apartment."

She continued to stare at the body of the drug dealer as Agent Cameron continued his report.

"M.E. has put in his report that the lacerations were made with a whip. His best guess at what cut the victim's heart out was some sort of big knife or sword, due to the size of the hole and the blunt force used on the flesh and bone."

"And, did they find his penis?"

"Yea, it was found in side his rectum."

Meg shifted a little in her seat, a quirky little smile flashed across her lips for a split second at the sound of his cock found shoved up his ass. "Our killer has some imagination," she said looking at Agent Cameron.

"Yes, this is not the first time a penis has been found inside the victim's ass. I have one here that was a child molester and another that was a rapist." Tobias watched her from across her desk. Her hair was down gently resting on her shoulders. She had on a v-neck top that plunged just far enough to make your imagination wonder. He thought to himself that if he were not too careful his other head's imagination might get going. He refocused on the pictures of the body.

Meg looked at Tobias and her mind began to wonder if he was going to work out in the gym anytime soon. She could feel the heat beginning to gather between her legs. She wanted to know the feel of his muscles against her skin. She wanted to experience his weight on top of her as he pounded her now wet pussy. Suddenly a hot flash bolted through her body causing her to shudder. She started fanning herself. "Ok, so are you running on the possibility that we have a copy cat vigilante on our hands?"

"Yes, I was thinking that way also. Each of the victims has been some sort of criminal. I do not think that is a coincidence and they have all had that horse tattoo on them. One of the first responders stated Mr. Jones was last scene at a club two nights before he turned up in that apartment."

"Do you have any new information on the tattoos on the victims?" She asked.

"Forensics has not figured that part out yet. There are no burn marks or delivery evidence. What ever the ink or pigment is that colors the different horses is not identifiable."

She had a flushed look on her face. Almost as if she was not listening to what he said. For a moment, Tobias thought her mind could be somewhere else. "Are you ok?" He asked. Watching her fan herself, he to, was beginning to get a little warm in her office.

She nodded she was ok.

"There are only four reoccurring colors on the horses; red, black, white, and green. Throughout all the murders those colors are consistent and there does not seem to be a pattern."

She looked at some of the other pictures before her and shuffled the photos. She stood and moved toward her closed office door. Tobias noticed that the skirt she was wearing did not show any panty lines, yet it hugged her hips like it had been poured on. He wondered if Meg had a thong on or if she was going commando. He got up and left her office before his second head could ponder the Boss Ladies choice or lack there of, in wearing panties.

She closed the door behind him and leaned against the door facing her desk. She sighed heavily and slowly moved her right hand down her thigh and up under her skirt. Her fingers lightly touched her bare pussy. She slowly moved her fingers along her hot, wet slit. She closed her eyes and imagined Tobias in her office licking her wet, hot sex. His head under her skirt and her hands rubbing his smooth head as his tongue slipped and licked at her juices that were now all over her fingers. She put two fingers inside her sex tunnel, a moan escaped from her lips. She rubbed her clit with her thumb. Another moan and a hump from her hips as her fingers plunged deeper into her tunnel of lust. She was breathing heavily now, thinking of Tobias sucking her clit and bringing her over the mountain. She caught her breath, body stiffened and came on her fingers plunged deep in her pussy. She slumped a little as her hand slid from between her legs. She brought her hand up to her lips and licked her fingers clean. Walking slowly to her desk she picked up the phone.

"We need to have a meeting....be at the café tomorrow at 4:30pm." Meg hung up the phone and slouched back in her chair with a heavy sigh thinking of Tobias.

The Rocket's valets remembered Joe Blow coming in the club because of his ride with the 22s and the tip he left. They also remembered him leaving because of the hot red head he left with in her car and not his Hummer. They said she drove a red mustang that had doors that opened up. One of the valets thought he remembered that her license tag had WAR on it. Tobias thanked them for their help, gave them business cards and went into the club.

It was the weekday but the club still had a good crowd in it. He went to the bar and asked about Joe Blow being there couple of nights ago. The bartender said that he was there and had two sweet blond honeys one on each arm. Then a red head with a red horse tattoo came in and the entire club seemed to have eyes on her. He said the tattoo was on her back right shoulder. She left with Joe and they did not come back in. Tobias gave the bartender one of his business cards and his drink order.

Sitting at the bar sipping on a Long Island Ice Tea he scanned the room. There were a number of fine looking women here tonight. Blonds, Brunets, Black, they were all in attendance and shaking their money makers. The DJ had just put on 'Doing the Butt' which caused the energy in the club to jump up a notch. Women all on the dance floor were shaking their booties and the ones dancing with men were grinding into them. Tobias smiled and thought about Meg grinding against him. He took another pull on his drink. As he was bringing his glass down, facing the dancing crowd, he saw her...


"Grande French Vanilla cappuccino with some peppermint, and whatever they would like." Meg moved to the side of the brown marble covered counter to await her coffee as her friends gave their orders to the coffee barista. Unfortunately for Meg the coffee shop was being manned by all men today. This meant that their orders might take a little longer than usual. The coffee baristas were young and love to look at the ladies. Meg had on a conservative white blouse and a dark navy blazer. Her navy skirt came to just above her knees hugging her hips revealing no lines what so ever. She stood watching the guy foam the milk for her cappuccino and ogle Belladonna, one of her friends. A smirk crossed her face as she thought he must want to put his cream in her black coffee. She paid for all the drinks and the group moved to one of the outside tables with a big green and white umbrella covering it. The sun was still bright in the sky and a breeze could be felt gently on the face. The five ladies at the table exemplified beauty and grace. As they chatted and sipped their coffees Meg sipped on her cappuccino, eyes focused on nothing in particular. She saw people pass by and stare at the table of beauties. She even saw one woman chastise her man for looking at the ladies too long. She set the cup down and looked at her friends.

"I wanted to talk to you about your creativity. It may become a problem." She took another sip of cappuccino to gage the ladies reaction to her words. Belladonna set her cup down.

"Meg, I do not think any of us are being any more creative than usual." The other ladies nodded at Belladonna's words.

"I knew you would say something like that, but could we tone down the flamboyance a little? I do not want too much attention created before we can get all the work done in this town. The agent I have working this file is good, and he could put some things together." Meg slipped her had into her purse and pulled out four thumb drives. She handed each of her friends a drive. "I've put the files you will need on these. Be sure and cover any loose ends..." Meg stopped mid-sentence, Tobias walked up to their table.

"Lawson, hey, thought it was you." Cameron said to Meg. He glanced at the five ladies sitting before him.

"We're not in the office, you can call me Meg." She had been caught off guard by his appearance. He had a Gatorade in his hand and was wearing a grey tee shirt that had the sentence 'Go ahead, make my day'. The running shorts he had on were short enough to make her nipples get hard. As he stood there her eyes would flit to the bulge that was slowly growing in Tobias's crouch.

"Let me introduce you to my friends." She said gesturing to the women sitting with her. "This is Belladonna." Tobias turned and shook the hand of a stunning black woman. Her hand was soft to the touch, as soft as warm butter being spread on toast. She had hazel eyes and full thick red lips. Her face and skin seemed a perfect chocolate color. Her hair, thick and black had a deep sheen to it. No curls or oils present, simply straight and shoulder length hair. She was wearing a black top that had a deep V-neck that showed off her brown sugar cleavage. Belladonna's eyes were dark brown to the point of almost being black. She smiled at him nodding her head.

"This is Willow." Another hand was offered to him, this time that of a very attractive white woman with platinum hair. Her hair seemed to catch the sun in such a way as Tobias thought he saw sparks on her head. Her face was slightly tanned. She seemed darker than her platinum hair should allow. Her touch was soft and smooth, similar to Belladonna's touch but as Tobias held her hand he received a small static electricity shock. Her breasts appeared larger than Belladonna's, but the top she had on covered her cleavage and skewed there size. She had light blue eyes that seemed to pierce Tobias's mind. He had thought he heard whispers in his head as he looked at Willow for that split second their eyes locked on each other. Thin lips, pink in color surrounded her bright smile. Tobias blinked hard a couple of times clearing his mind of her stare.

"This is Prysm." Tobias turned his attention to the woman Meg gestured toward. This woman had long blond hair that hung past her perky breasts. She had one green section of hair that came from the center left of her head and hung covering her left nipple. She was wearing a pink tank top that filled out her chest nicely. Her face, neck and shoulders were pale. It appeared that she did not get much sun. She had a sexy Goth look about her with her sunken eyes and dark eyeliner. Her eyes were as green as emeralds and matched perfectly with her green strip of hair. She had deep red lips that were thin and pressed together. She smiled at him revealing the whitest teeth Tobias had ever seen. Her hand, though soft and strong when he shook it, was cold, as if some of her blood had left her extremities. Tobias could feel the bones in her hands. Her long fingers, painted with green nail polish, seemed to wrap themselves around his hand as they greeted each other.

"And this is Rose." Meg introduced a stunning red headed woman. Her round face contained Amber colored eyes with long dark eyelashes. Full red lips and lightly tanned skin made this woman seem to radiate beauty. Her breasts were nice and full, the size of honey dew melons. She was wearing a hunter green button up blouse that she had left unbuttoned. She had it tied in a knot under her breast and Tobias could clearly see the matching hunter green bra supporting her glorious boobs. She shook his hand with a strong, warm grip. Her hands were well manicured. Her long nails were painted a red color that matched her eyes. Rose said that she was pleased to meet him as she smiled flashing her pearly whites.

"Would you like to join us Tobias?" Meg inquired after the introductions were made.

"I would love to join you, but I am on my way to the gym. I've got a sparing appointment I made a week ago." He smiled at her and shifted a little uncomfortably moving his bottle of Gatorade to the front of his shorts attempting to block the view of his growing bulge. From the introductions of these women his dick was ready to stand up and take notice. Meg looked a little disappointed for just a split second but still flashed a smile at him.

"Well, maybe some other time Tobias." She spoke to him hoping he would change his mind and stay.

"Thanks for the invite...It was my pleasure to meet all of you." He said looking at each lady in turn. Then he walked off heading in the general direction of the FBI building. Each of the ladies watched him leave, eyes glued on his ass as he jogged out of sight.

"I see why you fancy him, Megaera, he is quite a man." Willow started to fan herself in mock heat flash. The other ladies chuckled. Megaera looked hard at Willow. The air around the table got instantly tense.

"Don't use my true name in public, horsemen." Meg's eyes had narrowed as she spoke. Willow could see the power of the Fury beginning to manifest itself and thought it would be better to back down than face her wrath.

"Sorry Meg. Simple slip, I was overly excited at seeing that fine man you have had your eyes on." Willow sat silently a moment as Meg stared at her. The other ladies watched the two in silence and awaited the outcome of Willows' transgression. Meg's gaze softened and she exhaled slowly.

Smiling and nodding Meg said, "Just don't let it happen again." The tension at the table lifted as Meg took a sip from her cappuccino.


Tobias could not believe his eyes. He blinked hard a couple of times and stared at Meg Lawson shaking her ass to the beat of the music. Tobias drank the rest of his liquid courage and put the glass down on the bar. She had her brunette hair in a pony tail and was wearing a silky looking tight black dress. He could catch glimpses of her well sculptured legs through the crowd. She was wearing some black 5 inch heels that help to enhance her toned legs. Tobias got up and started to pick his way through the crowd toward Meg. He wanted to dance with her and then who knows what might happen. He thought maybe he would buy her a drink. The closer he got to her, the more random thoughts went though his head. He was beginning to get nervous. Her dancing and moving had Meg facing away from Tobias. He could see her back and shoulders. She was moving her body to the beat of the music. She was not dancing with anybody in particular. She was just in a group of folks that were dancing together. Tobias was close to her now. He could see her ass shaking and could see no visible panty lines. He reached out and tapped her on the shoulder. As if in slow motion she turned around to face him. Her face lit up upon seeing Tobias. They both had big smiles upon seeing each other.

"Meg, I did not know you did the club scene," Tobias said loudly over the music as he moved to the beat of the music with her.

She moved closer to him so he could hear her over the music. "Some friends told me I needed to loosen up and get a life." He nodded and they danced together moving and shaking to the beat. Meg moved her body sensually from left to right closer and closer to Tobias. She was so close that he could smell the perfume she was wearing. Her dress hugged the curves of her chest and hips. Her arms were in the air moving to the audio rhythms. Tobias was moving his arms and hips in sync with her movements. It was as if they had been dancing together for all eternity. The DJ in the club brought the song to a close and started up a slower song. Tobias and Meg stood staring into each others eyes. Then together they embraced and danced close and slow. Tobias had his arms wrapped around Meg's waist. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and her head was resting on his shoulder. The perfume he smelled earlier was stronger. It was intoxicating to him. His heart was racing as they stood there slow dancing together. Since his walking up and tapping Meg on the shoulder his dick had been stirring in his pants. Now that they were close and touching, he knew she could feel his hard member as she brushed against it to the subtle movements of the song. Tobias was elated in the feel of Meg's breast pressing against his chest. His hands slowly moved up and down the small of her back. He did not want to press his luck with his boss but he was enjoying himself.

Meg's arms were around Tobias' shoulders and she was resting her head on his chest. She could hear and feel the beating of his heart. She breathed deep, taking in Tobias smell, a masculine, strong smell that lit a fire between her legs. Her chest was rubbing against his and the material of her dress was making her nipples hard. As they swayed to the slow music she could feel his hard dick rubbing against her. She moved her hands slightly on his neck, messaging his neck ever so gently. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She tried to grind her chest into his chest as hard as she could. She let a small moan in her throat reverberate to his chest as he moved his hands up and down the small of his back. She raised her head slowly from his chest and looked at him. He was looking at her, their eyes meeting in the smooth easy motions of people dancing slowly. Meg moved her head close to his. Her lips close to his lips. She kissed him pressing her lips to his. He returned the kiss with passion.

Meg's lips were soft and moist. Tobias had moved his hands to Meg's ass and was gripping it as they kissed. His strong black hands held her butt cheeks and squeezed them gently as his lips explored her lips. As he held her close and pulled her ass to him he was grinding his hard dick into her love tunnel. She was responding with low moans and added pressure and passion from her lips. They stood there among the crowd lost in each others lips and embrace. Slowly their kiss softened and released freeing their bodies of the soul sharing embrace. They stood for a moment looking at each other. Meg leaned close to Tobias's ear.

"I would like to go, and I would like for you to come with me." He leaned close to her ear and sucked on her earlobe. A soft moan escaped from her lips.

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