tagErotic HorrorThe Foursome Effect

The Foursome Effect


It was a mutual agreement between the four of us. There would be no anger or jealousy, no fallout the morning after we had our alcohol-induced foursome.

It happened last month over Memorial Day Weekend, at a party at Jeremy and Kendra's place. There were only a few people in attendance, mostly Jeremy's friends. Amanda and Kendra were co-workers and good friends; Jeremy and I were friends by default. That's not to say that I didn't like the man— we just had not spent that much time around each other.

I spent the majority of the evening standing in a corner, bored out of my mind, while my wife stuck close to Kendra, occasionally checking on me with smiling glances. I smiled back to indicate that I was surviving. And I was, perhaps only because the alcohol was free, and it was going down only too smooth.

By eleven that night, everyone else had cleared out, and only the four of us remained.

Amanda and Kendra were out on the patio (where they had spent most of the evening), and Jeremy and I were in the kitchen making insignificant conversation while finishing off the last cans of the last six-pack, as if the beer wouldn't keep beyond the evening. We never discussed the following events before they happened; it would have been too awkward, even with the assistance of alcohol.

The girls came inside and we were all in the kitchen, jabbering and laughing in our merry intoxication. At one point, Amanda made a harmless—or not so harmless—comment about Kendra's "boobs". I couldn't tell you exactly what words were exchanged, but the next moment the two of them were locked in a kiss. This was not just a quick, dare-me-to peck, but a long, wet, sensual exchange.

My heart sped, and a surge of adrenaline rushed through my body. Almost as soon as my eyes could process what I was seeing, I was surging beneath my jeans. Jeremy and I stood dumbly as our wives pulled apart and turned to us, smiling, their arms over each other's shoulders.

"You guys like that?" Kendra asked.

"Yeah," Jeremy managed.

I couldn't manage any words. I was trying to contemplate what had just happened, and more importantly, what that kiss may have been a prelude to. What had they set in motion with that intimate embrace?

Our wives looked at each other and whispered. Then they both pulled off their shirts, exposing one pink bra that held back a pair of very large breasts, and one white bra that cupped my wife's modest affections. I was at full attention now, pulsing with the excitement of the moment. My cock ached to be free from its confines.

This was uncharted territory.

Now, before I go on, let me just say this: I did enjoy myself. I enjoyed fucking Kendra a great deal, no question. However, having said that, it was hard to watch Amanda fucking Jeremy. Maybe it was because her reaction to him was much different than what it was when she was with me. She was more...happy? Watching the two of them, it was clear I could never measure up to Jeremy.

So, I suppose I was the first to break our mutual agreement before the night was even over.

I was jealous at my wife's initial reaction, as Jeremy's cock penetrated her. His cock was huge—not that I get off judging the girth of another man, but because it was impossible not to notice. I never had any complaints about my own manhood, but he easily had a full inch on me, perhaps a bit more, and he was noticeably wider.

I never had a complex until that moment.

Amanda and Jeremy sat in a chair, both of them facing Kendra and I—Amanda would later tell me that she chose straddling Jeremy that way so she could watch me fuck her friend. Jeremy held his cock at the base while Amanda lowered herself over his girth. Amanda's facial expression changed from pleasure to surprise, and then, when she finally rested on Jeremy's lap, to what could be best described as shock. She looked uncomfortable for a few moments, as if she was trying to adjust to his size. Then she slowly started to go to work.

Despite being uneasy from the start, I still proceeded to indulge myself. At the same time my wife was laboring with Jeremy's cock, Kendra and I began to fuck on the couch. Kendra was straddling me as well, but she was facing away from Amanda and Jeremy. I considered then, that this might not have been the first time her and her husband had participated in group fun. I wondered if this was this a regular thing for them.

Kendra was wet, sliding effortlessly down my surging shaft. I was already on the verge of blowing my load from watching Amanda, but I wanted to wait until they were finished. I did the best I could.

Kendra was noticeably heavier than Amanda, holding a little more weight in her hips and other places, but that is not to say she wasn't attractive. Quite the opposite, actually. She was the kind of girl who could give a man an erection while she was fully clothed. All one needed was a pair of eyes and a little imagination.

Kendra had obviously conformed to her husband's size, so not only did I have the hotdog-in-a-hallway sensation, but I felt it was highly doubtful that I could really be doing anything to satisfy her. Still, she moaned convincingly, and I tried to convince myself that the moans weren't forced out of politeness. Perhaps they were genuine, if only from the exhilaration of a new cock inside of her.

As for me, it didn't matter that she was loose; it wouldn't take much friction for me to come tonight.

Amanda was still riding Jeremy slowly, holding that look of discomfort, yet there were traces of undeniable pleasure in her face. Pleasure I had seen, but not to that extent. Her eyes were closed, seemingly forgetting why she had chosen that particular position. She may have forgotten anyone else was in the room. Jeremy reached around and took my wife's breasts in his hands, squeezing them and running his index fingers over her nipples. He swept back her curly brown hair, let it drop on her shoulders.

Amanda smiled at Jeremy's touch, placed her hands over his. She was lost in the moment. She was lost in him. I could deny the beauty of it no more than I could deny my own jealousy. Was that what made it so beautiful? The jealousy?

I couldn't hold out any longer. I put my hands on Kendra's buttocks and rapidly pulled her towards me to indicate that I was ready. She understood and complied, working her hips faster. She looked down at me with kind, innocent blue eyes.

"Yeah? Are you going to come for me?" she asked in a lustful whisper that seemed to contradict those eyes.

At that whisper, I took my attention away from my wife. I ran my hands over Kendra's generous breasts, kissing them and sucking vigorously at her nipples. I leaned back against the couch, still clutching at her breasts as I exploded inside her. Kendra moaned and tossed her head back, slowing her thrusts. I came with some force, so much so that it almost hurt. At that moment of ejaculation, Kendra and I were not just the only two people in the room, but in the world.

That's how it goes, though. A burglar could burst into your bedroom, point a gun at your head at the exact moment you were getting off with your partner, and you wouldn't be able to move, scream, or shit yourself until you were done spurting.

Kendra waited a few moments before she rose up, pulling herself off of my cock and hovering, letting my fluid run out, drizzling my diligent erection, down my scrotum and onto their leather couch. By the time I recovered enough to look around at my wife, they had switched positions. I suddenly felt foolish for shooting my load so damn soon. I hadn't even had the stamina to make it to a second position. Surely Kendra must have thought I was totally worthless—can't fill her up right, can't keep the cork in it.

Jeremy's back was to me. The position of his body blocked out most of my wife's petite figure except for her legs, which were wrapped tightly around his waist, and her hands, with nails that dug into the flesh of his lower back, leaving behind clearly visible red marks. Amanda sat low in the chair, taking Jeremy's forceful thrusts. She was trying to stifle screams with every determination.

I wanted her to just let go. I would have rather her admit with her cries and movements that this was the best sex she had ever had, as opposed to inhibiting herself for the sake of my feelings, after I had indulged in her friend with no reservations.

Pretending during sex is never a good thing, no matter whom you are trying to protect.

When Amanda did finally cry out, she yelled that she was going to come. With me, she hardly ever yelled. With me, she hardly ever came.

Kendra got off of my lap and sat next to me, put a hand on my thigh. Together, we watched our spouses fuck one another as casually as if we were at the movies, only lacking the refreshments.

Amanda must have come, because she fell silent— only occasional, quick breaths and strange, small squeaks that I had never heard her make before. Then, after a few moments, she unlocked her legs and put both feet down on either side of Jeremy. Jeremy pulled out and positioned himself over her in a way that made it clear what he intended. He put one hand on the back of the chair, urged himself on with the other. I couldn't see much from my vantage point, but I could tell when his breathing became heavy that he was coming on Amanda's breasts, perhaps on her face as well.

Amanda didn't like for me to come anywhere but inside her, but she made no motion to stop Jeremy. In fact, I'm sure I heard her moans of approval blended in with his.

Jeremy held that position for a long time while Amanda stayed still. When he was finished, he went straight to the bathroom, his shaved scrotum flushed, his cock glistening with a mixture of their fluids. He left the room without so much as a word or a glance at anyone.

Then there were three of us, sitting nude, staring dumbly around the room, unsure if it was okay to make eye contact with anyone.

I didn't make eye contact. I only looked at my wife's body— awkwardly positioned in the chair, semen streaking her left breast, dotting the right one. A couple lines on her chin. Watching Amanda's rising and falling chest, I realized I still had an erection. My wife may have noticed this, because got up and walked over to me. She rubbed her clit a few times before climbing on my lap, her breaths still coming faster than normal from her go with Jeremy.

My wife always shaved between her legs—at my request. I loved to watch her lips part as I entered her. Now those lips were a shade of red, and I felt another rush of jealousy. My cock strained in reaction.

Amanda was still wet. She rode me hard, and I hoped she wasn't still thinking about Jeremy. I wasn't really able to look past Jeremy's semen on her chest (she had already wiped the lines from her chin), and eventually I started to go flaccid inside her. That was, until Kendra leaned over and began licking the fluid off of my wife's left breast.

I hadn't been able to pull off a double orgasm since I was eighteen.


Roughly a month after our consensual foursome, Kendra committed suicide in her home.

It was my understanding that she hung herself in the garage. It was also my understanding that her husband came home and found her body, then proceeded to lose all sanity. Rumor had it that the police found Jeremy in the living room, stripped naked and bleeding from self-inflicted knife wounds to his entire body. Gashes from head to toe.

Jeremy wasn't in attendance at the funeral, as he was restrained by four padded walls.

Though there is no proof that the sexual experiment we all participated in that night had any bearing whatsoever on Kendra's suicide and Jeremy's subsequent breakdown, there is an unspoken concern between my wife and I.

Perhaps they had marital problems. Perhaps Kendra was headed for that manila noose regardless. Perhaps.

It never once occurred to me that night, as Kendra sat next to me after we were through, watching her husband fuck her friend—watching him come on her chest— that perhaps she didn't like what she was seeing. Maybe Kendra was jealous. Maybe there was fallout. Maybe that was why she didn't seem so into me. And maybe that was why she faced away from Jeremy.

I suppose I was too involved in my own feelings. Still, the act alone didn't seem like something that should cause one to go over the edge and take his or her life. So it stands to reason that there were other issues at play which we will never learn of. We will just assume.

My wife is understandably upset at the loss of her good friend. We don't openly venture to the night of our foursome. To each other, we pretend it never happened. But when she sleeps, sometimes I hear Amanda moaning. Not moans of distress, but sounds of pleasure. I wonder if she dreams of that night, of Jeremy or of me. I wonder if Jeremy left that kind of lasting impression, even after the tragic events of recent.

When I sleep, I sometimes dream of that night, though I doubt I make such pleasant noises.

In my dream, Kendra and I watch Amanda and Jeremy go at it from the couch. I notice I am still hard. I look at Kendra, thinking we can fuck again, this time in a different position. Kendra's face is purple and terribly swollen. Her long blonde hair is a matted with blood. Her hollow eye sockets are filled with buzzing flies, frantically and instinctively crawling over one another, in and out of her skull. There is a rope around her neck.

Only Kendra's arm moves, reaching over and taking hold of my cock with a cold, dead hand. Then she starts to jerk me off. Her touch is so cold...so cold that I shudder.

I look to Amanda, who is now giving Jeremy a blowjob. Jeremy sits awkwardly in the chair, naked below the waist. His arms and torso are concealed by a straightjacket. His face wears the blankest of expressions, his glossy stare off to the side of the room, his mind—what is left of it—somewhere else. Drool oozes from the corner of his mouth as my wife, appropriately positioned between his legs, greedily sucks away. I notice that blood drips from between Amanda's legs, spotting the carpet. The wound is a result of the sheer size of Jeremy's cock inside her, literally splitting her open.

Kendra's cold, dead hand gets me off. My wife gets Jeremy off, as indicated by a single, unenthused grunt.

I classify that dream as a nightmare, although I wake up each and every time with an erection.

These days, Amanda and I have a pretty interesting sex life. We try a lot of new, exciting positions. Amanda seems to enjoy herself more now. She makes more noise in bed, which is a boost for my self-confidence. We like to role-play sometimes, which is something we never used to do.

Amanda likes it when I talk dirty to her. She likes it when I tell her I'm going to split her wide open with my huge cock. I like it when she says nothing, and wears the sheet around her neck, fashioned into a makeshift noose.

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Short but horribly sweet.

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