tagRomanceThe Fourteen Days of Valentine's

The Fourteen Days of Valentine's


On the first day of Valentines, my lover gave to me...

She watched from a safe spot as he approached the car. The rose under the wiper blade took him by surprise. He carefully picked it up and read the tag. Yes, it was addressed to him. He leaned to sniff it and there was a slightly familiar fragrance. That was when he realized the rose was silk. Then he took a closer look at the attached tag. She could tell he had realized exactly what he held in his hand when he quickly got into his car. She strained to watch as he tugged the strings that released the red silk bra and panties set that the rose unrolled into. She held back her giggles as he looked all around and then reread the note. "In 13 days, look forward to you seeing me in nothing but this. Happy Valentine's day!"

On the second day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

The day had been unseasonably warm for February, so he had left his windows cracked. Smirking, she watched as he opened the door and started to sit down, only to notice her little present. Clasping the pair of sturdy handcuffs he again glanced all around trying to find her. He read the attached note quickly. "In 12 days I look forward to one wild ride. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the third day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Since it was yet another unseasonably warm day, this time he looked before sitting down in his car and seemed puzzled. He held up two suckers in confusion, and then suddenly a closer look brought understanding and a smile spread across his face. Condom pops... flavored condoms all wrapped up like a sweet treat. He read the note and she saw a smile cross his face, "In 11 days, I look forward to rolling one of these on you and tasting your sweet cock. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the fourth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Today she mixed things up just a little bit. Eating lunch in the same restaurant, she slipped the hostess a large tip to silently deliver the gold wrapped candy box to his table. She could hardly manage to stay unnoticeable as he opened the lid and peeled back the paper. A shock as a dozen breast shaped chocolates, tipped with rosy nipples, met his eyes. He grabbed for the note. "In 10 days, I look forward to feeling your tongue on the real thing. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the fifth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Today she again waited in her hiding spot and watched for him to exit his office building. Instead of his treat waiting on or in his car, a delivery man met him at the door with a package. He was expecting something by now and hurried to the car to open it. A Kama Sutra Weekender Kit. He eagerly searched the brown envelope for the note. "In 9 days, I look forward to trying out each and every little bottle. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the sixth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

More flowers under the windshield wiper. He picked them up in confusion again and then realized they were made of feathers. Feather ticklers! He chortled and read today's note. "In 8 days, I look forward to finding your secret ticklish spot. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the seventh day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Halfway to the goal and she was already feeling the effect of all the gifts. He had to be by this point! She focused on the gifts bought but not yet given. If she gave the big one today, she wouldn't be able to give all the little ones! More fun to wait. Though she couldn't resist trying out today's gift before she gave it. She slipped the silver bullet into her dripping pussy before leaving for work. She had only ever read about these and heard such wonderful things! She flipped the switch and waves of pleasure instantly washed over her. She moaned and turned up the speed with a shaking thumb while pinching her nipples with one hand. She dropped the remote and reached for her clit. The waves of pleasure vibrating out were indeed incredible! Her fingers moved faster working her clit and nipple as she gasped for breath. In minutes, a screaming orgasm sluiced over her, easing the tension of earlier. She lay there a minute to recover, then quickly cleaned and wrapped the bullet, penning her note with shaking hands. The temperature had dipped, so she had to leave the small, brightly wrapped package under his wiper blade again. He picked it up eagerly and jumped in his car to open it. The small egg-shaped toy and wires leading to a remote was definitely a surprise. He read the note. "In 7 days, I look forward to using this while you are thrusting that sweet cock into me. I hope you don't mind I gave it a test run without you. Maybe you would want to do the same. Happy Valentine's Day!"

He sat there for a minute and then she saw him look around and seeing no one, undo his pants to release his rock hard cock. She couldn't see into the car well enough from her hiding spot to see it, but she knew exactly what he was doing. She imagined him placing the bullet just under his scrotum and turning it on as he stroked his hard meat. She saw the look of pleasure cross his face and his hand moving faster... faster... faster... until he, too, came to a shuddering release. Oh, yes, the wait was going to be so worth it....

On the eighth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Another lunchtime, a different restaurant. Chinese today! Just perfect for her plan. Another large tip slipped to the hostess with the Chinese take out pail full of special goodies. The box even came with its' own chopsticks! After the pleasure of yesterday, she could hardly wait to see what he thought of today's treat. He looked up in surprise when the hostess placed the box in front of him, then he saw the note in the now-familiar handwriting. He quickly opened the box and peeled back the paper. To his surprise, the box was filled with tiny chocolate pussies, each one perfectly detailed. The note. "In 6 days, I hope you find the real thing tastes as sweet. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the ninth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Rain. Damn the rain! It made it hard to see the front door to the office. Another messenger was due to meet him at the door and hopefully the rain didn't make everyone late! But, there he was, walking out and no messenger in sight. Damn! She should have counted on this! Wait... wait! There was the messenger! The messenger caught him up and handed over the package just before he got to his car. He quickly ducked into the car and ... damn! The windows were fogged, she could barely see! Then he turned on the car and specially turned on the wipers and the lights. She could see him now, checking out the jars of chocolate body paint, complete with brushes. Then he was reading the note. "In 5 days, I look forward to practicing my artwork with you. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the tenth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Another day, more rain. She sighed as she pushed her unappetizing salad around on the plate and waited for the host, who had been highly suspicious and unwilling to deliver the gift. She had finally had to unwrap the kiss shaped box filled with X's and O's to him before he would deliver it.

On the eleventh day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

She relaxed in her hiding spot as she waited for him again. Just a few more days left. He was going to be so surprised! He arrived at his car and quickly snatched the package waiting under the wiper blade. He jumped in the car and grinned at the collection of bath goodies. Body wash, bubble bath, and more, complete with a vibrating rubber duckie. He had to laugh at the duck as he read the note. "In 3 days, I look forward to getting all clean and dirty with you. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the twelfth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Another day of bright sunshine and he's left the windows cracked again. How delightful for her next gift. She waited in her usual spot for him to leave work. Just two more days and they could play with all these toys. Just two more days. She started to drift into fantasy of what would happen on Valentine's Day when a car door startled her out of daydream. He was opening the package she'd left! He smiled when he saw the set of dice inside, then his smile broadened as he realized that they were oral sex dice. Explicitly telling her what to do to him when rolled. The note. "In 2 days, I look forward to trying out every single combination. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the thirteenth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

Today she relaxed in a bubble bath, anticipating tomorrow. A dozen long stemmed roses in fiery red had been delivered today with the note, "Tomorrow I look forward to meeting with you for our very special Valentine's Day celebration. Look for me at lunchtime with a red rose. Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the fourteenth day of Valentine's, my lover gave to me...

She walked to his office a little nervous. Rather than the traditional nothing under it trench coat, she wore a simple short skirt, just long enough to be professional, with a silk blouse. Underneath that, she wore more silk; a red push up bra that showed her firm breasts perfectly, with the stockings, garters, and heels. She was hoping the lack of underwear would mean faster action on his part.

She knocked once, then pushed open his office door.

"Hey, stranger, got time for a quick bite?" she asked with a wink, twirling the rose in her hand.

He looked up in surprise, and then took in the rose in her hand. A smile spread across his face, "What did you have in mind?"

"I hear the Plaza serves an excellent lunch this time of year... Valentine's Special," she grinned at him.

Nothing was said on the drive over, but she could tell his anticipation by the bulge in his pants. She wriggled with anticipation. He noticed and his smile broadened.

Once inside the room, he took the time to lock the door and then grabbed her in a deep kiss. Plundering her mouth, he undid the back of her skirt and slid it down. She felt his smile when he felt bare skin. He kneaded the firm flesh and then wriggled a finger down her ass and to her pussy. She moaned and widened her stance, pushing back onto his finger. She grabbed at his belt and quickly got his pants down. It was his turn to gasp as her hands wrapped around his rock hard cock. He pulled back and smiled at her, then began working the buttons on her shirt. She returned the favor, divesting him of jacket, shirt, and tie. The later two being difficult, as he had bared her breasts and had begun kissing what the bra did not cover.

Pushing her back to the bed, he tugged a nipple free and began suckling on it. As they fell onto the bed and her shoes went flying, his finger found her clit and began to stroke it, dipping into her with each stroke, all the while suckling on her nipple. She moaned and writhed beneath him, her hand reaching out to find his throbbing cock and began stroking it. He let out a groan and suddenly pulled back with a thoughtful smile.

Leaving her on the bed, he went to his jacket and pulled out the handcuffs she had sent him. She blushed at the sight, but didn't say a word as he pushed her back and handcuffed her hands to the headboard. Then he moved between her legs and without a warning pushed deep inside her. She nearly screamed at the pleasure of finally having his cock deep inside her. Better than chocolate indeed!

With a growl, he gripped her hips and began fucking her, hard and fast. He dipped his head to bite and nibble at her nipples, using his teeth to bare the one still covered. She moaned and writhed beneath him, wanting to grab him and hold him. She found herself struggling against the handcuffs and he laughed. His cock plowed into her again and again, his teeth ground and her very stiff nipples, his fingers dug into her hips, holding her to the bed, his personal fuck toy. She screamed as she came without warning, the hardest she'd ever come and made even more intense by his hardness pounding into her. He growled with pleasure as he felt her ride out her climax, but didn't slow down his pace. Grinning, he paused to reach for his jacket beside the bed. He pulled out the silver bullet. Her eyes widened.

"It still smelled like you," he commented as he pulled his cock out to slip the vibrator inside her, "I had quite a mess to clean up when I got home, thinking of this deep inside your pussy, covered in your come. But you knew that. Did you set yourself off again as you watched me?" She shook her head, feeling almost drugged from the force of her orgasm.

He flipped the switch and resumed his pounding at almost the same instant. She found her self shoved over the edge again and was only able to hold onto the handcuffs as wave after wave of pleasure roared through her. He grunted as the waves of pleasure washed over him. He finally buried himself deep inside her as what felt like gallons of come poured out. Gasping for breath, he turned off the vibrator and collapsed beside her.

He looked at her and stroked one sweat-covered arm, "So, how about we try out that bath gel and repeat this again in the shower? I think I'll take the rest of today off so we can try out each and every little toy I found."

She turned her head to grin at him, shivers racing down her spine at his suggestion, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

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