tagHumor & SatireThe Fourth Trial of Cupid

The Fourth Trial of Cupid


"Order, Order, Order," the Judge yelled in the crowded courtroom. Within several seconds a faint resemblance of order began to reappear. The courtroom was full: twelve jurors, a half-a-dozen witness's, reporters, ordinary people, and a few of the Cupi, who could only be best described as Cupid's cousins. Amazingly Cupid was still sitting silently at his assigned seat next to his defense lawyer. Cupid's cousins on the other hand, took every opportunity to fly circles in the air above the courtroom.

"Must I remind everyone assembled here today that there will be no flying in my courtroom under any circumstances," the Judge was seconds away from achieving the quiet he needed to get started.

"Circumcises...Circumcises," the Cupi started a chorus of singing. It sounded like a nursery rhyme revolving around the word circumcise.

"ORDER!" shouted the distraught Judge.

"He yelled!," shouted the oldest looking of Cupid's cousins as they all stopped singing and slowly settled back down onto the central beam running across the chambers.

"Circumstances," the Judge directed himself pointedly at the Cupi seated on the beam. "One more outburst from you and I will have you tranquilized and hauled from my courtroom," he threatened as they settled down. They knew he meant it, Judge Wang, his predecessor had done just that at the last trial.

"Now, to continue, today we will attempt once again to determine if Cupid is guilty of the many charges leveled against him, mainly of public lewdness," the Judge was reading form the papers before him. Every trial was different, different charges brought against Cupid by the prosecutor. Each trial had ended without any judgment having ever been made. The Judge was convinced that this trial was going to be different. His predecessor, the late Judge Wang had just recently passed, likely from the efforts of trying to deal with Cupid and the Cupi for all these years.

For his part, Cupid was sitting silently, without his bow and quiver, at the defense table. So far so good, thought the Judge as he turned to the prosecutor.

"The prosecution would like to call its first witness," the prosecutor was standing now, aware from the Judges pretrial instructions that they should move things on snappily and not give Cupid any chance for his usual tricks and games. The prosecutor was the same one that had attempted to see Cupid locked up at all of his previous trials, and as such was eager to finally settle a case against him.

The courtroom was quiet as a stately, elder gentleman stood up, pulling the arms of a very comely woman from him as he strode quietly across the floor to the witness stand. Formalities were done by the bailiff and then the man spoke.

"I never got tickets for parking," he began, all the while looking at the lady whom he had left sitting in the stands when he'd come to testify. "And I didn't have any reason to get one on this day, the meter was still valid, but she had given me a ticket anyway," he was pointing at his companion. For her part, she was smiling and blowing kisses at him as he continued.

Everyone knew the background to this story, of how Cupid was looking the other way, trying to set a record for how many kids he could hit as they waited for the school bus at the downtown station to transfer them home. Newspaper stories had quoted Cupid as saying he was around twenty-one something when he'd heard the prostrations of Mr. Henry and had become interested.

Mr. Henry slipped back into time as he testified. He was at the day they first met, having just arrived at his car and been greeted by a parking ticket.

"But I can't get a ticket today," protested Mr. Henry to the meter maid as she started to get back into her little car-cycle and head off to the next offender.

"Well don't worry then, you're not going to get a ticket today," the meter maid smiled as she humored Mr. Henry. Her pause was just long enough for a smile of satisfaction to spread across Mr. Henry's face. "Because you've already gotten it, and I'm leaving to go on break," she said as she started up her truck.

"I'm going to have some lunch and you can just sit there and contemplate what's not going to happen as long as you'd like," she said as she started to pull away. Cupid's arrow hit her dead center right on the heart and she stopped before she'd even gone a foot.

"Or if you'd rather do something more fun," she was saying to Mr. Henry, "you could do me," she was putting the vehicle back into park and staring at Mr. Henry.

"Excuse me," said a befuddled Mr. Henry. He thought he had just heard the meter maid offer herself to him.

"You heard me right sweetie," she said as she started undoing her blouse, "I said 'or you could do me'," her hands were quickly removing her blouse and revealing her ample cleavage waiting beneath.

Mr. Henry just stared. He was almost sixty he thought, and yet this meter maid was undoing her blouse as if he was going to just hop in and give it to her. He laughed, realizing that Viagra might make it possible, but he didn't have any handy.

Her blouse was undone, and she was unhooking her bra. Her large chocolate colored nipples spilled out and stared right back at Mr. Henry. Mr. Henry looked at his hand, his ring, over thirty years invested and nothing like this had ever happened. It was rush hour and there were hundreds of people teeming about. She was attractive, and there was that exotic appeal to her dark skin he thought, but...

"I think you should get your clothes back on and get back to work," Mr. Henry suggested, trying not so much to be the gentleman as he was to keep his own focus. He turned to leave and was suddenly and powerfully overtaken by a new sensation. A faint high pitched giggled whispered at the edge of his hearing.

"Or, perhaps you should remove the rest of your clothes and prepare for the fucking of your life," Mr. Henry listened to himself in awe. He was walking back to the meter maid and realizing that he'd never heard himself say the word fucking so loud in public. Come to think of it, I've never said that word he realized as he stepped up to the door of the meter maid's car-cycle. With a deftness that defied his own understanding Mr. Henry seemed in a dream state as he pulled down his pants and presented his cock to the meter maid.

"Now that's what I'm talking about baby," she said as she pulled her pants down and was naked before him. She turned around and leaned over the seat, her feet on the pavement of the street between two parked cars as she grabbed Mr. Henry's cock and pressed it towards her sex.

Mr. Henry pressed himself into her offering of sex and then started to rock. The meter maid's car-cycle started to rock, and for all he knew the whole world was rocking.

People everywhere were stopping what they were doing and staring. It wasn't easy to avoid noticing what was going on, the meter maid's car was already causing a glitch in the traffic as it stuck out from the curve, and now it was rocking violently. From the curb anyone looking was getting both a very X-rated flurry of eroticism from their exhibitionistic coupling; and a dash of disgust at the naked ass of Mr. Henry. He wasn't in the greatest shape, and his ass hadn't seen the light of day in years. Now it was pumping hard, trying to keep up with his cock as it disappeared into her opening.

"Olivia," she offered as in way of introductions, "that feels so good, don't stop," her head fell forward as she arched her toes and back, trying to get even more of Mr. Henry into her.

"James," he replied as he reached around to shake her hand and then realize this wasn't the formal introduction he was used to. After a brief pause he placed his hand upon her breast and began to really enjoy what was going on. Mr. Henry was too focused upon Olivia to notice anything else, but if he'd looked around he would have been horror struck.

The entire street was grinding to a halt. Those people close enough to see what was going on were staring in amazement and shock. The people driving that weren't close enough to see anything were quickly creating a chorus of angry horns that marked time as James and Olivia fucked, and above it all Cupid was flying circles and laughing.

"Fuck my cunt harder," she screamed as James grabbed her breasts with both hands and pounded into her as fast as his pacemaker would allow. He could feel his body starting to complain about the incredible amount of effort that was being expended but he ignored everything except the velvety grasp of Olivia's moist pussy stroking his cock. He felt as if he was destined to do nothing except fuck her for the rest of his life. He was vaguely aware that his own orgasm was fast approaching.

"I'm going," he started to say as his balls tensed up and he felt his cock tremble for the first time in months.

"YES, fill me up with your love, sugar," Olivia was saying as her own fingers rapid rotations upon her clitoris were driving her to her own spiraling heights. The boiling point was coming quickly she realized and she'd love nothing more than to share it with her newfound love.

"Yes, that's it sweetie," she moaned as she felt herself go over the edge just as his cock swelled as hard as a rock and became quite big within her. "Fill up your sweet Olivia's pussy James," she was shouting in ecstasy as he spurted inside of her and their orgasms melded together as one. All life blanked out for both of them for a time.

"And I suppose you'd have us believe that the arrow that you shot both of them with was just your ordinary potion. It wasn't somehow magically enriched, and that you also hadn't added some type of Viagra supplement to Mr. Henry's arrow," the prosecutor was asking Cupid as he strode across the floor at the conclusion of Mr. Henry's vivid testimony.

For his part Cupid sat silently in his chair, looking nothing like the mischievous little devil he most often was. Mr. Henry was staring at Olivia, who was making obscene gestures with her body at him.

"The defense's witness," the Judge proclaimed. The defense lawyer just hung his head and nodded no.

"Your honor," said the most seductive voice in he courtroom, "if I may speak on Cupid's behalf," Venus was saying as every male member in the audience, and quite a few of the female ones as well, snapped to attention.

Venus as usual was dressed in an ethereally wispy material made out of some unknown fabric that defied definition. It also defied explanation. To the Judge without his glasses on, she looked as if she were naked and beckoning him on, promising him sexual fulfillment beyond his wildest dreams. Replacing his glasses he could see her more clearly, as she would appear to anyone that had not yet reached puberty. She was still dressed in shadows of material that were sexy beyond all belief, but in keeping with the conventions of the immortals she appeared not nearly as naked or revealing.

"Whoops," she was saying as she twirled and magically was clothed in a modest robe, "I forgot where I was," she was saying and smiling at the Judge. The Judge's glasses stripped away all attempts at visual deceit by the immortals. Through them he would see Venus as she truly was, and this was why when she had stridden across the room she appeared through the glasses as she would to a pre-pubescent male child.

Now that she had a robe on, everyone could look at her without fear of intoxication, except the Judge. He now saw through her robe, and through her clothing as if she were naked before him—and she knew it. The glasses were a gift from the God's to Judge Wang, and he had bequeathed them to him, hoping they might help with what he knew would be the further trials of Cupid. Now Venus's robe allowed her to titillate only the Judge as she frolicked before him.

"Please, if you think you could add some rational explanation to this, then by all means go ahead," the Judge was happy for the chance to watch her stride around naked. The Judge was also smart enough to realize that if one of the immortals thought they could help, he should listen.

Venus smiled as she approached the center of the courtroom and spoke, "There is no way that Cupid could have done the things claimed here," she started as she frowned at Cupid. "The potions I have given him have never been strong enough to elicit the actions that Mr. Henry claims. Beside, he would have run out of potion long ago since Cupid hasn't visited me in quite some time," she smiled at the Judge who was looking through his glasses and enjoying the very revealing view.

Venus turned away from the Judge and spread her legs slightly while arching her back. This position gave him more of a view than he could have ever intended and for a fleeting second he imagined himself alone in his chamber, with Venus, her naked ass bent over his desk as he...

"Yes...well...Venus...," the Judge stammered as he tried to collect his thoughts, "perhaps if you wouldn't mind sitting back down," he didn't know what to say.

She laughed as she realized that he had been watching her through the glasses and he could see everything. In different circumstances the Judge would have taken her up on the offered invitation to sex that she was displaying; today though he had a full docket.

"Your honor," the prosecutor said realizing that the Judge was wandering into dangerous territory as his glassy eyes convened a sense of what he was thinking while looking at Venus. "I think our next witness can shed considerable light on why Cupid hasn't been picking up any potion lately," the prosecutor wanted to keep the momentum moving while it was still accelerating.

"Yes," the Judge agreed, "Mr. Henry, you can go," the Judge had barely finished his dismissal before Mr. Henry was running to the waiting arms of Olivia. They embraced passionately as they started to leave the courtroom. Everyone knew what was going to happen next as the door shut behind them. They'd all seen the papers and even some of the film clips from the news choppers that had been overhead that day. Olivia and Mr. Henry were a major news story. Their sexual exploits had sent the city burning with a desire of its own, and they didn't seem to mind the spotlight even when what they were doing should have taken place away from the cameras, or at least not in broad daylight.

"Venus, if you want to help out, perhaps you could find an antidote for this potion that Cupid has created," the Judge offered hoping for a chance to talk with her privately later.

"I'm not sure that I would want to have anything to do with stopping a love as strong as what they share, your honor," she said as she twirled, giving him a splendid 360 degree view of her beautiful body before heading back to her seat.

"Your honor," the prosecutor was speaking again, "It should be entered on the record that Mr. Henry has had his personal life destroyed, his wife of over thirty years won't speak to him, his kids have disowned him, and he is homeless. Worse still, the effects of the potion still linger and he has not even the faintest concern for those that he once held in the highest esteem and with the greatest love. Cupids potion not only created an artificial magnetism between Mr. Henry and Olivia, but it destroyed their love for others around them," he paused at the thought that everyone was having. Mr. Henry had just turned sixty and Olivia was only in her twenties.

The prosecutor was looking at Cupid with disgust. Cupid for his part was smiling back and winking, miming shooting an arrow at the prosecutor and then another at one of the men in the jury box.

"Order, Order," the Judge banged his gavel as the courtroom broke into more raucous laughter at Cupids antics. "Cupid, one more outburst like that and you will be watching the rest of these proceedings via video link from a private cell in the basement. It was an empty threat the Judge knew, he couldn't contain Cupid even here in the courtroom without the help of the Gods, but it did the trick, Cupid was behaving—for a moment.

"Mr. Prosecutor," the Judge continued, "your next witness if you'd please," the prosecutor nodded and a very attractive woman in her late twenties approached the witness stand.

"I'd like to enter this as exhibit A, your honor," the prosecutor said as he held up for the jury's viewing pleasure, a poster sized picture that seemed similar to the lady now entering the witness stand. In the picture she had dark, brown hair that was pulled back tight against her head and tied into a very unbecoming bun upon the back of her head. She was dressed in an impeccable white lab coat that read, "Dr. Smith", across the lapel. She looked every bit the stuffy librarian type except for the white coat. The background of the picture showed a modern lab, complete with test tubes, and gizmos, ruling out the librarian stereotype offered by her demeanor

The woman that was actually sitting now in the witness stand had red hair and was wearing a sheer white blouse. It was quite obvious to everyone that she was wearing no bra and that her breasts seemed ignorant of the laws of physics. Sitting firmly upon her chest her breasts pressed upward and outward seemingly more so that should be possible. Her nipples were the crowning achievement, pressing through and distending the fabric as they brought all the eyes in the courtroom, including the Judges to focus on one thing at a time; first the left nipple, and then the right one. She was smiling at the Judge.

"This is the before picture of Dr. Smith," the prosecutor was saying as he walked before the jury box. The occasional quick glimpse at the picture were the only acknowledgement some of the jury members gave him, the rest never even bothered to look away from the woman in the witness chair.

"Before you is the after picture," some members of the jury were now studying the picture and Dr. Smith hard. If you looked close enough, you could just tell, by examining the eyes, the set of her cheekbones and the small scar barely visible on her chin that the lady in the picture was the same as the woman before you.

"Your honor, Dr. Smith used to be a prominent scientist working at a major university; she had her own lab and over thirty underlings helping her to study molecular biology and chemistry. The only interest she presented to Cupid was that she was a genius in her field of work and," he paused for effect and to gather the attention of those assembled, "that she dabbled in the chemistry of love. Cupid knew this and used her to meet his ends," the prosecutor returned to his seat and sat down.

"Please, Dr. Smith," the Judge was looking at her and she seemed to be eyeing him up, "tell us your story."

"Certainly your Honor," she began as she absentmindedly stroked the revealed skin of her neck and chest, directly above her breasts while looking straight into the eyes of the Judge. Her gaze never wavered as she told her tale.

She had spent years working her way through the trenches in a mainly male dominated field. Her research was not only cutting edge, but very fruitful. She had already delivered many promising solutions to the problems that had been vexing men for the last several decades. By her own estimations she was just months away from simultaneously curing no less that three varieties of cancer and possibly as a bonus, greatly clarifying the problems with Aids. She had never spent less than sixteen hours a day in her lab as of late, until he showed up.

He, was an undergrad student that was rotating through her lab for three months. She didn't even know his name. All she knew was that when her eyes first found his she had stopped everything she was doing to stare. A minute later she knew that she had to have him.

Ten minutes after he had first entered her lab, they were alone in her office, the shades were drawn and she was doing something so foreign for herself that she was startled even as a strange feeling of excitement forced her to continue. Reclined back into chair, her pants had been removed and her panties were pushed to the side. He had mentioned that his name was Randy, but it didn't matter at the moment, all that counted was his talented tongue. His tongue was teasingly licking soft circles on her clit. She had never felt what she was feeling now.

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