tagNovels and NovellasThe Freak Ch. 01

The Freak Ch. 01


Sam was a freak and she knew it, how it happened she did not know but happen it did, how it was not picked up by a doctor or nurse when she was little she never was sure, her father had told her that mother was overprotective and probably did not let anyone near her baby. Of course, it was a different world then babies being born at home and rarely a doctor present, and probably the difference was not so noticeable back then.

How was Sam a freak? Well to look at her you would not think she was at all, Sam at eighteen was slim and attractive with small firm high breasts slim waist and long legs. Her face was pretty with wide set dark brown eyes a well-formed face with a sweet smile.

When Sam was just four her mother had told her she was special and told her why, she didn't understand then of course but after her mother died less than a year later she took the precautions her mother laid down for her without questioning them, until she was eighteen. Her father was not much help, after all it was difficult for a young girl to talk of intimate maters with a man like her father, there was not much kindness in him and far too much of a liking for the bottle so that his daughter was left to her own devices most of the time.

Looking back on her childhood, she was not even sure if her father even knew what it was that her mother had told her made her a very special little girl and she had certainly not told him.

So all was well until Sam was eighteen, she was proud of her secret and being slow to develop physically, she had not even the slightest worry about what she was able to do with it.

Then along came her first date, the boy was gorgeous and the evening had been the answer to every young girls dream, an evening of dancing and a romantic walk home. They stopped in the park for a while, sitting on the grass to kiss. Sam loved practicing her kissing skills, until things went wrong. The boy, Sean's hand slid smoothly up her long legs and Sam was enjoying herself so much she didn't think of stopping him, when his hand reached the top of her thigh all was fine but as he slowly moved his hand around to the front of her panties he jumped to his feet and starred at her in shock.

"Jesus Christ what the fuck are you." Sean shouted at her.

"Your some kind of freak you are." He continued and ran off into the night.

Sam just sat there in shock, her, a freak, was she?

After crying to herself for a while Sam picked herself up and went home.

That night at home, Sam looked at herself in a long mirror; her body was like most teenage girls as they start to develop, apart from her secret. Just above her sweet virginal pussy was the head of a boys cock, most of the time it was just that about an inch long and almost as wide, but sometimes at night or if she saw a cute boy or girl and was not concentrating it grew to a long thick shaft.

Sam knew other girls were different from her but until tonight she had never considered herself a freak but after seeing Sean's reaction to her she had no choice but to believe it was true.

Sam cried herself too sleep that night, the next day was a Saturday and Sam was glad her dad was working overtime, he would go straight to the pub after work and not come home until the pub closed. Moping around the house for the morning Sam decided there was no way she was going to be able to go back to school now, Sean was bound to tell someone and then shortly everyone would know she was a freak.

Sam went to the telephone and rang her aunt Jane. Telling her she needed a few days away from home and would it be alright if she came to visit, Aunt Jane agreed so that afternoon Sam left a note for her dad who would not be sober enough to read it until Monday morning.

Catching the bus to the city on her own was exciting to the young girl but she was glad her Aunt had taken the time to meet her at the bus station.

Aunt Jane was only about twelve years older than Sam was; her father described Aunt Jane as the slut because she was once a dancer at a nightclub. She referred to him as the drunken prick, Aunt Jane had only really kept in touch because she thought that Sam might need someone to turn too if her fathers drinking got much worse.

"Hi Aunt Jane it's good to see you." Sam said as she gave her Aunt a hug.

"It's good to see you too baby" Aunt Jane replied returning the hug. "But can we drop the Aunt it makes me feel old coming from a young beauty like you."

Sam grinned at her as they separated, "O.K. old aunty dear."

Jane made a playful swat at Sam's head and they both burst out laughing.

Eventually they got to Jane's car and drove off.

Jane looked at her niece as she drove, she noticed that Sam had grown it a very attractive girl and because they were related knew she would have to try to control her attraction to the pretty teen. Jane couldn't help noticing how much she looked like her mother and had a suspicion she knew what Sam's problem might be. Just thinking about Sam's mother made Jane hot and she wasn't sure how much self-control she had.

"So what's the big problem?" Jane asked as she drove. "Is the prick even worse that normal, if you can call him normal."

"No it's not that Aunty, I had my first date yesterday and it all went wrong, and I cant face going into school on Monday, I've passed all my exams anyway I was only still going to keep out of the house when he's drunk."

"I thought I told you to knock off the Aunty bit, call me Jane or I'll start to call you Samantha."

Sam grinned at her "O.K., Jane."

"So what went wrong with the date did some ape try to force himself on you?"

"No it wasn't like that, I wanted something to happen, but well when he got so far he ran away and called me a freak." Sam was blushing deeply at this admission.

"Well, that ain't exactly friendly, what was his problem."

Sam was still blushing and looking down at her hands, "I can't really explain, but I can show you when we get to your flat."

"O.k. if that's how you want it sweetheart" Jane was intrigued and could work out what could have caused the boy to act so outraged. Jane was getting very wet and knew she wouldn't be able to restrain herself just as she was so tempted by Sam's mother years ago.

They drove the rest of the way in silence.

Arriving at Jane's flat and carrying her bags into the spare room, Sam quickly stripped off her panties and looked at her secret, it was standing out erect and Sam realised she was quite excited at the thought of exposing herself to her Aunt. She was also extremely nervous, worried that her aunt would reject her as a freak as well.

Returning to the living room where Jane was seated watching her return with an odd expression on her face. Sam stood in front of her and raised her dress; it surprised Sam when her aunt didn't look at all surprised.

Jane began to reach out with her hand very aware that her own pussy was getting very wet, Sam was built just like her mum and the sight was so erotic Jane just had to have this girl and hope everything worked out alright.

"May I?" She asked indicating with her hand towards the large prick and damp pussy lips.

Sam swallowed hard and nodded to her aunt.

Leaning forward, Jane firmly grasped the shaft working her hand up and down it's length, Sam groaned aloud and her knees began to buckle. Jane quickly guided her to the chair she had been sitting in earlier. Still grasping the base of the shaft Jane lowered her head and took the prick between her soft lips. Sam's moans increased as Jane began to work her head up and down on the ten inch staff she ran her tongue around the cockhead before pushing the full length into her throat until her lips were pressed up against the soft wet pussy lips of her niece.

As Jane gave the young girl an expert blowjob, soon Sam erupted down Jane's throat, Jane remembered that it tasted different to a man's cum, thicker and sweeter it slid down her throat like nectar.

Lifting her head, Jane smiled up at Sam as she continued to stroke the still hard cock.

"How many times can you do that and keep it up baby?" She asked the panting girl.

"I don't know I've never done it before." Sam admitted. "That was fantastic. I thought you would be freaked out by me, especially after last night."

"Well I have been told I give good head" Jane grinned at her " and I think look so sexy like that, we can talk about that later, right now aunty needs fucking as hard as you can."

Jane quickly stripped off as Sam admired her Aunt's figure, Jane had large breasts capped with thick nipples, her slender waist with wide hips her legs were long and slender, and her pretty face was framed with long curly ginger hair.

As Jane removed her panties Sam could see that Jane had shaved all the hair off her pussy her swollen labia were wet with her own excitement.

"It's time for you to fuck me with that thing." Jane told her kneeling down on the floor.

Sam moved behind Jane and looked at her cute ass, Her asshole was pointed straight at Sam's face and Sam could see that it was slightly open as if it was showing it's arousal as well as the wet pussy below it.

"I'm not quite sure how to do this, do I just push it in?"

"Place the head at my pussy lips and press gently forward." Jane assured her.

Sam did as she was told and slid the full length of her cock up the wet pussy of her aunt, when she was buried to the hilt Sam paused to enjoy the sensation of her cock buried in a hot wet pussy. Jane sighed filled with ten inches of ridged cock, the thought of whose cock it was just made it even more erotic to the older woman.

"O.k. baby just start pulling back until just the head is in and then push forward again"

Sam quickly established a smooth rhythm allowing her to slide her full length in and out of her aunts sopping cunt, before long Jane started moaning and writhing on the sofa as Sam's fucking brought her closer to orgasm.

On a whim, Sam reached under Jane and started pulling gently on the large nipples swinging under her aunt.

"Oh yeah that's good pull harder baby" Jane moaned as got closer to cumming.

Sam could feel her own orgasm approaching and began ramming her aunt hard as she pulled as hard as she could on her aunt's turgid nipples, Jane shrieked as she came her juices squirting past the thick cock impaling her and mixing with the copious juices dripping from Sam's pussy. With a yell Sam let loose and flooded her aunt's squelching cunt with her spunk and spraying cum from her pussy at the same time.

After a few more strokes Sam pulled out and turning onto her back slid her head under her aunt, careful probing with her tongues told her that her Aunt's cum filled cunt tasted good so Sam dove in licking and sucking at Jane's loose sopping pussy. What she lacked in experience Sam easily made up in enthusiasm and intuition and within a minute Sam's face was sprayed with Jane's musky girl cum as Jane reached her second orgasm.

The women lay on the carpet for a long time kissing and fondling each other gently. Occasionally one or the other would begin to moan as their passion began to mount but by unspoken agreement they just kept teasing each others bodies and then letting the passion subside before stroking the other as far as they could without getting carried away.

Eventually Jane rolled away and reaching into a drawer pulled out a tube of lubricant, taking hold of Sam's hand she squirted a large dollop of the gel into her niece's hand and another load into her own hand. Jane crawled over so that her ass was level with Sam's head "work that into my ass honey, nice and slowly."

Intrigued by what her aunt had in mind Sam gently worked a greasy finger into Jane's tight ass, as she worked the finger in and out she could feel Jane quivering with every stroke of the finger, after a few moments her aunt told her to add another finger. Sam obeyed her aunt's instructions and worked another finger into the tight hole, which soon began to open up as Sam carefully stroked her fingers into the hot ring.

Sam felt the cold gel in her aunt's hand as it was lovingly applied to her hard cock when it was well coated with the lube Jane told Sam to add another finger to the ass probing and then as soon as it felt right put in a fourth.

As Sam squeezed a third finger into Jane's ass it seemed to open quicker this time and she shortly added the fourth finger to her Aunt's overheated anus.

"O.k. now get behind me and slide that beautiful cock up my butt." Jane instructed her niece, Sam willingly complied and her slick prick slid smoothly into her Aunt's dilated asshole. "Oh god that's what aunty wants, fuck my ass hard" Jane shouted at Sam

Happy to oblige Sam set up a quick pace ramming her aunt's ass as fast as she could enjoying the slick feel of her Aunt's back passage, for Sam this felt even better than screwing Jane's pussy.

Sam pounded away at her Aunt's ass for a long time as Jane came again and again until at last Sam blew a large load of jism deep into Jane's bowels. Sam thought it would probably gross her aunt out but she couldn't resist putting her mouth to Jane's gapping ass and thrusting her tongue into her shit hole dug as much of her cum out as she could. Far from being repulsed, Jane went wild and raising herself up forced as much of the spunk out of her ass as she could into Sam's waiting mouth.

As soon as Sam pulled away Jane turned round and kissed the young girl deeply tasting Sam's cum and her own ass on her new lovers tongue.

After a few minutes rest the women made their way to the bathroom and enjoyed a long cuddly shower together although Sam's cock was still ridged. After their shower Jane led Sam to the kitchen still naked.

Sam sat at the table while Jane made them a snack. Seating herself beside Sam, Jane pointed down at the firm member, "does that thing ever go down" she asked with a grin "most men would kill for one that stayed up that long"

Sam looked down at the thing that had caused so much problems and caused her to run here but had also given both her and Jane so much pleasure today, then grinned back at her aunt "Well it always goes down when I tell it to like this"

A frown crossed Sam's pretty face as she concentrated on her penis and shrank rapidly until all that remained was the thick cockhead which looked about the same size as it did when erect.

"God that's handy, it looked like that sank inwards instead of the way a guy's sort of deflates, but it will still leave a slight bulge in your clothes"

"Yeah it usually works but sometimes when I see a man or woman that looks kind of sexy I have to concentrate like hell to keep it down and even then it doesn't always work."

Sam looked unhappy "That was what happened on my date, I tried to keep it under control but when the guy got his hands down there nature took over and he ran off like a hare."

"I can't go back there now, it will be all over the school by Monday."

"Don't worry honey you can stay here as long as you need to, any way you are old enough to move out on your dad now and you don't need to go back to college so why not. You will have better job options here anyway."

"I will have to ring your dad tomorrow to let him know you are staying here" Jane smiled at her niece "now cheer up or I might think you hated making love to me."

Sam blushed as she gasped out, "Oh no I loved it but wont I be in your way?"

"Look love I have a partner that lives here and she also knew your mum intimately I know she will love you and love for you to make love to her, but you are under no pressure whatsoever, whether you sleep in the guest bedroom or in with us is up to you. But she wont be home until tomorrow so tonight is just for us. O.k."

"I don't think I want to sleep alone at the moment if you don't mind?" Sam looked serious again "Do you have to tell dad about things I don't think he knows about my problem."

"Don't you believe that for a minute Sam, look I need to tell you a few things."

"I didn't know your mum too well before you were born, I guess I was a bit younger than them so I didn't move in the same circles, but about a year after you were born one day your mum turned up back home where I lived with your granddad at the time."

"She was upset but as she had no family or close friends I was the only one she could confide in, she told me about her body which was the same as yours, she was proud of herself and showed me her pussy and cock. She told me when she first got together with your father their sex life was great, apparently he liked her to fuck him up the ass with her dick even more than I loved yours up my ass."

"But more than a year before you were born he stopped touching her altogether." Jane smiled wryly "Genetically he is not your dad, the sperm and the egg were both hers."

"I didn't realise at the time but with hindsight it is obvious that you would be built the same, he kept quiet about it but then for him it was not something he was going to advertise and let him lose face when his drinking buddies found out he had married a chick with a dick."

"But what had really got her upset was that he had started insisting that she get "that thing" removed" Jane concluded softly

Sam gasped and reflexively put her hands defensively in her crotch " he couldn't, that would be horrid."

Jane looked sad, "Well he did, I don't know what happened after that for a couple of years I rarely saw your mum without your dad being near her but her smiles seemed forced to me and I was sure she was unhappy but I was only fifteen what could I do about it."

"I don't know if your dad has ever told you anything about how your mum died?"

"He said she died in hospital after an operation. Didn't she."

"She died in hospital yes, your dad brought her into casualty bleeding heavily and covered with a homemade bandage."

"Apparently she had tried to remove her own clitoris whilst your dad was out." Jane sighed, "I know he is my own brother but the things I heard in the inquest led me to truly believe he cut her prick off."

"Oh no" Sam gasped, "surely he couldn't have."

"Well it wasn't proven that he had done anything but questions were raised, and some weren't, like her true nature was never mentioned, it wasn't a clitoris that was removed but there was no evidence of a dick being found at the house."

Sam suddenly got up and rushed from the kitchen, Jane followed her and found the girl being noisily sick over the toilet. Jane tried to comfort the sobbing girl after her retching had turned to dry heaves. Jane led the girl to the sink, gave her some water to wash her mouth out, and then led her to the sitting room.

Jane hugged Sam and tried to comfort her until her tears subsided. "I'm sorry maybe I shouldn't have told you, but I thought you needed to know you aren't alone in having had this problem, but you mustn't deal with it the way your mother did."

Sam tried to pull herself together, "No your right I did need to know, but what am I going to do if that's what happens when you try to have a 'normal' relationship with anyone, I can never be normal."

"I can't tell you what is right for you, but I did think after your mothers death that it could of been very different if she had found someone like her to love. I think she probably would have found it easier with another woman than with a man, no penis envy to deal with, but she fell in love with my brother. And he's a shit"

"There are others like me?"

"Well, for obvious reasons I had an interest so I have read up on it quite a bit on it, your are like an Hermaphrodite, there are different levels of this, some are almost all male with just a trace of a pussy, others are the opposite almost all female but with a vestige of a penis."

"They can appear to be male or female in appearance, all are sterile as males and most are sterile as females. However, you and your mother are different, you are fully fertile and self-fertile which is most unusual, you also both have this retractable penis what other differences there are I don't know.

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