The Freedom Ch. 05


I could feel their hungry gaze on me. My nipples hardened further and my pussy became hot liquid in response. I continued to dance, lowering myself down farther and farther until my knees hit the floor. Crawling towards Victor, I saw how he stared hard at my body, eyes focused on my gently bouncing tits, my high swaying ass. A throaty purr erupted out the back of my throat, both hot and creepy. Vic visibly shook though it was impossible to read if it was a reaction of fear or even further lust.

As I reached him, I sprung up, shaking my breasts just out of his reach. He growled in frustration, his handcuffs rattling as he pulled against his bonds. I laughed at his powerlessness, pinching my nipples and licking my lips. I twisted about, letting him see every part of my body. Completing the rotation, I dropped back down to my knees.

As I shook my hair in his lap, I opened his pants and pulled them, along with his underwear down to his feet. His cock sprung up, head glossy with precum. I whistled appreciatively, experimentally giving it a quick rub. He groaned and gripped the arms of the chair until his fingers went white with lack of blood. I raised my eyebrow inquisitively, making eye contact. The moment hung there, pregnant with foreboding. Then, I let my pink tongue free of my mouth and swirled it over the top of his dick, taking the precum all for myself.

"Shit shit shittttttt," he barked mindlessly from the moment my tongue touched him until the moment I returned to my mouth. As I turned the clear liquid around in my tongue, enjoying the sensation of it degrading and becoming one with my saliva, I gazed at him provocatively.

Eyes still on his, I swept the handcuff key and gun off the dresser and kneeled to his right. Gun trained on him, I clicked the key in and watched as his eyes crinkled in confusion. The look only deepened as I released the catch and sauntered to the other side, places the key in that set of cuffs. Again I released the catch. He stayed frozen his seat.

I straddled him backwards, my dripping cunt mere centimeters above his hard cock. I heard his breathe go triple time, quick gulps of panicked air. I l glanced over my shoulder and smirked slyly at him.

"Wanna fuck me?" I purred.

He swallowed hard and seemed to visibly try and gather his strength. "Like you care what I want!" he spat at me, venom in his tone, "You're just going to put that gun at me and force me to do it anyway!"

"Hmmm...I suppose this isn't very fair, is it?" I mused and then tossed the gun across the room. Both he and Ms. Bobbins looked absolutely befuddled in response.

"Now, Vic, you have a choice. You can take that beautiful cock of yours and slide it deep inside me. You can take me anyway you want me, use me to your full satisfaction, fill me with your cum or spray it all over me," I paused there, letting my words sink in.

"Or?" he croaked, sounding more like an 8 year old than a full grown man.

"Or you can shove me aside, free your wife, and call the police on me. Totally your call."

"What's the catch?" he hissed.

"No catch. Except this is your one chance."

"What...what do you mean?" he stuttered.

My body fluttered at the sound in his voice. The Freedom knew how weak Vic was and was more than happy to help him realize it too.

His wife saw the vulnerability as well and called to him from the bed, "Victor, just forget it. Come here and untie me."

I shushed her and answered his question, "What I'm saying, Vic Vic, is if you pass up on me now, you'll never get another chance to see this body naked."

I step away and began to move and sway slowly, letting him take my naked body in.

"You'll never be able to kiss these lips. You'll never be able to feel my tongue in your mouth. You'll never be able to experience the taste of my mouth on yours."

"Baby," Ms. Bobbins whimpered, "Don't listen to her. Just call the police and untie me!"

"Victor," I called, stealing his attention back to me, "These tits could be yours whenever you want them. To suck. To bite. To grope. To fuck. Anytime you want. But only if you take me now. You save your wife, you give up these tits."

"Stop paying attention to her!" Alice shouted.

He looked at her, helpless and panicked, sputtering. I pushed his chin back towards me. He looked upwards towards my eyes, allowing his stare to linger on my perfectly perky pink nipples. I lifted my leg, putting it on the arm of the chair. I spread my pussy further with my fingers, showing him the heart of my lust, pink and glistening, all there for him.

"You're staring," I whisper to him. He nods but makes no effort to look away.

"Close your eyes damn it! Victor, I'm not sure what's happening but you need to fight this!"

Impressively, he did, his eyelids sluggishly closing, fighting downwards as though invisible fishing line was pulling them in the opposite direction.

"Mmm, that's fine. Close those eyes. It'll make it easier to picture what I want you do to me. Think about just using my tight pussy, just fucking me as hard as you want. Harder than Alice ever lets you go. Picture all the dirty, naughty things you'd do to this coed slut. This little 20-something whore. Picture it all and listen to the sounds of me fingering myself. I know it's rude, but I am so damn wet...I just can't help myself."

"Please," whispered so quietly that it was barely a sigh.

"Please what?" I asked, innocently, three digits thrusting in and out of me, slick with my honey.

"My wife is right there. Please don't make me do this."

"I'm not making you do anything...I just want you to do what you want. And personally, I think it'd be hot to fuck you in front of your wife. Don't you?"

A strangled noise escaped him and he nodded. Tears flowed out of his tightly restricted eyelids.

"It's okay, Vic. It's okay to want what you want. She doesn't satisfy you, we both know that. She knows it too. I can satisfy you. You know it. You know I can suck your cock better than she can. You know my cunt tastes sweeter. You know I'd let you fuck my mouth, my tits, my pussy, my ass, whenever you want, in any way you want. There's nothing wrong with admitting the truth; in fact, isn't being honest best?"

"Why are you doing this to us?" Alice protested, hoping she could reach me since it was obvious her husband was nearly broken.

I looked at her and smiled. I brought my soaked digits to my mouth and licked them clean, slowly, as she watched. Against her will, she shook and arched, seeking anything to generate enough friction to get her off. She sobbed, "Stop. Why?"

"I'm offering him a gift, Ms. Bobbins. Can't you be happy for your husband?"

She grunted, half angry, half horny and pulled hard on the scarves. Once, twice, three times. Then, pink with frustration, she went slack, flopping back onto the pillow.

"This must be such a tough choice for you," I cooed, fingering myself once more. Vic nodded.

"You love your wife, don't you?"

"Yes," he hesitantly offered.

"A lot, I bet."

"So much."

"Tell her, tell her you love her."

"I love you Alice!"

"Open your eyes, look at her, and tell her."

He turned to his restrained wife and allowed his eyes to fly up like twin window shades.

"God, I love you so much Alice. I'm so scared. I care for you so much."

"Tell her why you are so scared."

"I'm scared Alice because...because..." he paused and gulped hard, "Because, oh god...Because I want her, Alice. God, I want her so bad!"

"Please, Vic...please. Just get up and walk away. Save us. We can put this all behind us, get her arrested. I can make you feel good, you know that. You don't need her. Just free me and we can get back to our lives. We can make love. You don't need her."

"Mmmm, well said, Ms. Bobbins. Beautiful, really. So, Victor?"

His eyes were wet and unfocused, his hairline dark with newly sprung sweat. He looked ill and confused. "I love my wife..." he mumbled.

"All right then," I announced brightly, bouncing away from him, "Looks like you win, Alice. Set me just get dressed before you call the cops, okay?"

It looked like I was cheerfully surrendering, but The Freedom was quietly guiding me, telling me exactly the strategy finally break him. As I bent at the waist to pick up my panties, his moan announced his weakness before he even spoke.

"Wait!" he shouted, too loud given the size of the room. He blushed almost red but did not stop talking, "Don't leave. Please. I can't...I can't not fuck you. If I don't have you...god, I'm sorry, Alice, I am. But...look at her. Smell her. Hear her. You know I have to do this."

"No you don't!" she yelled back, anger so hot you would sweat it was crisping the air between them.

"Yes, yes he does," I cooed, striding back across the room. "Right, Vic? You need to fuck my cunt more than you've ever needed to do anything, don't you?"

"Yessssssss," he hissed, eyes alight with lust, personality visibly being swallowed by pure adulterous need.

"How do you want me?" I moaned, lasciviously separating my labia and coating my fingers in my syrup.

" before. You sitting on top, back to me."

"You love my ass, don't you?"

He nodded, "It's incredible."

"You gonna watch it as I ride you?"

He nodded. Now that I had him, I was delighting in stringing it out.

"You want that now?"

"God, yes."

"In front of your wife?"

"Uh-huh," he admitted without hesitation.

"Mmm...good boy. Or bad boy, rather. But good for me."

I did as bid, pirouetting around so he could see my back. I felt his eyes lock in on my ass as I straddled him, grabbed his dick, and slowly lowered my oh-so-wet sex on to him.

As I mentioned before, there were moments in the thrall where I was able to see myself being this...creature of lust. To be a passenger in my own body. As Victor's hard, pulsing member split my labia and thrust inside me, it happened once again. I tried to will myself to stop, tried to scream out apologies to Ms. Bobbins, to warn her of what was to come. I could achieve nothing. Instead I cringed as I heard myself, in that thick, syrupy voice urge my former teacher to, "Watch me fuck your husband. Watch me and wish I'd let you strap on and take me at the same time."

I watched Ms. Bobbins' dull, glassy stare settle on my naked body, her soul being eaten out by the sheer level of pheromones in the room and her failed attempt to talk her husband out of taking me. As she receded deeper into the broken lust haze, I too slipped away, quietly and quickly, leaving only the immoral fuck device I had become. I would not return again until everything, the whole damn thing, was over. When the damage had very thoroughly been done. And even then...who's to say what came back with me?

But...we'll get there. In that moment, though, I was savoring Victor's dick burying itself deep inside me and the dead eyes of my former teacher, his wife, looking on.

He whimpered as I began to bounce up and down, a sound of despair and relief. He did not want this and yet, it was all he could imagine wanting. The longer he was inside me, the longer my pussy grasped at him, soaked him, the further the sound of despair went from him voice. Before long it was gone and all that could be heard from the sound of skin pushing against skin, our ragged breathing, and our repeated mocking insults being leveled at Alice.

"I'm a better fuck than your wife, aren't I?"

"God, Alice, she's so much tighter than you!"

"Get me pregnant, Vic. Show her what a real woman gives her man. Remind her of how barren her womb is."

"Oh yes! Never fucking that geriatric pussy again. So. Fucking. Good!!!"

"Watch us, Ms. Bobbins. Watch your husband throw away his vows for a little strange."

"Your tits are perfect...I never realized how shitty my wife's were until right now."

"See how easy I could take him away from you? How little he appreciates you?"

And so it went. Just pure, almost angry carnal fulfillment and hideous cruelty to Ms. Bobbins. It was intoxicating, feeling Vic inside me and gazing on the broken visage of his wife. She was so filled with pheromones, she could not even manage outrage. Her mind was no doubt a muddled maze of fantasy, hatred, disgust, and guilt wherein no single reaction could gain traction.

I hesitate to admit this now, but that moment was the happiest of my entire life. And in my mind, The Freedom gurgled pleasantly, triumphantly, praising me as its favorite. I believed it.

His hands mauled my breasts. They were rougher than when we first met. Apparently, one of his wishes for body improvement that The Freedom was honoring was having callused hands rather than the soft, smooth ones he had merely an hour before. It's odd what people dislike about themselves, what they think would make them sexier to others.

At my urging, he bit my shoulders, across my upper back. Not gentle, but hard, sharp, nearly breaking the skin. Each time I screamed in joy and then felt the skin healing immediately.

I bent over, grabbing my ankles and continued to fuck myself up and down on his dick. He appreciated the better view of my ass with a groan and rough slap on my skin. I demanded another, harder, and he did so without question. Soon, as my command, he was thumping my cheeks until they shone raw red. He paused for them to heal, then began anew.

"You're such a dirty boy," I moaned as his assault continued, orgasms rolling over me at an alarming pace. Without The Freedom, I do not think my body would've been able to experience the rush of pleasure, the sky rocketing heart rate, the thinning of breathe, without experiencing some sort of attack or shut down.

"Don't look now," I continued, "But I think your wife is enjoying the show. She likes her husband fucking her student for her viewing pleasure.

With a loud groan of excitement at the very idea of this, Victor came. I could feel the torrent of him fill me, soaking in everywhere, coating my hot, pulsing insides. I followed him moments later, climaxing with a full body throb that threatened to knock me out.

I stepped off him, feeling myself drizzle over his rapidly deflating dick and thigh. He halfheartedly reached for me, crumbling to the ground after he missed. On the floor, he sobbed. The Freedom had broken, as it did after each first, anyway. The guilt rushed in along with his returning reality and ability to reason. His weakness made me sick to my stomach.

I grabbed the gun off the floor before crawling up the bed to my true victim. Alice seemed near catatonic. I slapper her hard until her eyes regained some sign of intelligence.

"You bitch!" she spat, "What the fuck have you done?"

"I need you to focus here, Alice," I replied, ignoring her anger, "Your husband has been given a tremendous gift called The Freedom. He's like me now. Or he will be any minute now."

Her anger dissolved into sadness and terror, "How could you do this to him. To us?"

"Maybe we can talk about that some other time, Alice. For now though, I need your attention. Soon, that guilt that's got him on the floor there? That'll be gone. The Freedom will come rushing back and he'll remember how stupid guilt is. And he'll be turned on. He'll want to share the wonderful gift of enlightenment with you."

She gasped and shook in fear.

"Now, I'd love to stay and help him. You really do have an incredible body, Ms. Bobbins. But I have other things I need to do, so he's going to have you all to himself.

"Please..." she whispered beseechingly.

"I can tell how scared you are. I don't get it. I think you'd be excited to be liberated. I guess not though. So I'm going to give you some help. Here's the gun," I said, pressing it into her palm. "When Victor re-embraces his gift, he's going to be like an animal. He won't be reasoned with, he won't be gentle. If you are serious about staying chained to petty silly weak morality, you will need to shoot him. Try anything else, and he'll have you, over and over again, until your mind is just as filled with The Freedom as his or mine. So, it will be your choice. Shoot or fuck. Your call."

I heard her struggle with the weapon as I walked away. As I walked down her stairs, she barked out in frustration. She had gained control of the weapon, but I was already gone. She could not take her vengeance on me.

I slipped back into my dress downstairs, swept all their water bottles (only eight 16 ounce-ers? Seriously?) into a canvas bag, and left. Before I reached the corner, I heard the gun go off. Once. Twice. Three times. I smirked. Even if she managed to hit him, aiming and firing while tied up, I knew The Freedom would ensure it only brought him pleasure. If a knife to the belly gave me the best orgasm I had ever had, I could only imagine how glorious multiple gunshot wounds would be.

For a moment, I regretted not staying. But The Freedom need me...there was still work to be done. There'd be plenty of time to engage in some gun fun later. I smirked at the thought and sent my attentions on heading back to campus. It was time to check Mark's progress. It was time to bring the town a total infection rate. The Freedom was for everyone and I intended to see to that.

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