tagGroup SexThe French Maid Ch. 12

The French Maid Ch. 12


One Friday I was told that two men had requested me to go for a car ride in the hotel's very large Rolls Royce. I was told who the men were, I had seen them at breakfast. They were both in their thirties, average build, short hair, and quite good looking. Naturally I agreed. I was given a new outfit to wear, a body hugging short black dress. I decided that bra and panties would spoil it, so I went out to the car just in the dress.

They were waiting for me. I climbed in and sat between them as the car started off. We travelled for a while before anything much happened. We chatted about the area and the hotel in general. I noticed that the man on my left, John, had slipped his hand on to my leg. His fingers were tracing little circles on the inside of it. The man on my right, Peter, now slipped his arm around my neck. I settled back a little in the large soft seat, enjoying John's fingers touching my leg.

He then leaned over and kissed my cheek. I turned a little so that our lips could meet. His tongue pushed into my mouth. I felt John's hand touch my breast, cupping it within the tight dress. John's hand meanwhile was slowly moving up my leg, drawing patterns as it made it's way upwards towards the hem of the dress.

I broke away from John and turned to Peter who was ready to kiss me too. Our tongues played as our lips fused together. His hand clasped my breasts tightly and then I felt his fingers slip into the top of the dress, pushing past the top of my breast until they touched the nipple which he then proceeded to rub with his finger. John's hand was now high up my leg, his fingers just reaching my pussy.

My head lolled back as his finger slipped into me and started to stroke my clit. John then popped my right breast from my dress and his mouth sucked on the hard nipple. I felt his teeth clasp it and his tongue jabbing at the nipple. I reached down with my hands in to their laps. I could feel two hard cocks as I rubbed the front of their trousers. John's seemed the biggest, while Peter's felt very long and thin.

Peter pulled his hand away from my breast. I decided I needed to see these cocks. I leant forward and over to Peter's lap. My fingers fumbled with his trouser zip but soon I was tugging it down. I slipped my hand in and got hold of his cock still hidden in his pants. Fishing it out I pulled it through his trouser fly. It was really long, with a small head at the end, partly hidden by skin. I pulled back on the shaft, allowing the head to pop out. Leaning down some more I stuck my tongue out and ran it around the top of his cock head. There was a little moisture there which I lapped up. My tongue run around the head before my lips sunk down over his shaft taking half of it in straight away. I felt his cock head nudging the back of my mouth as my tongue swirled around it. My hands were digging into his trousers, gently lifting his hairy balls free which I started to squeeze and stroke.

Behind me John had pulled my dress up over my thighs and was busy caressing and touching my bare bottom. His fingers ran around the cheeks and then in between, after which he started to slide them into my pussy from the back. Peter's cock was rock hard in my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down. He was laying back in the seat now, one hand on my head, leafing through my hair, the other wrapped around my breast, squeezing and clasping it; pinching the nipple between his fingers.

I slowly pulled my head off his cock, letting my tongue lick around it before sitting up. I kissed John and then slid down to his lap where I found he had already undone his trousers and his thick fat cock was sticking straight out. I opened my mouth and with my lips only began to move my head up and down so my lips were rubbing against the mushroom head from the tip of it to the large rim. When that was all wet I then slid his cock into my mouth, my lips sliding down his shaft. The large head filled my mouth, I could feel it scraping past my teeth as it slid in. All I could do was flick my tongue at the head.

I felt Peter's cock push against my bottom and then slip between my legs. After a second or two he managed to get it into my pussy where he slowly started to thrust in and out. Because of the angle it wasn't the most impressive performance but he did what he could. I could feel that long thin cock sliding deep inside me, and then thrusting in short sudden movements.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible to take as much of John's cock in my mouth but it really was too big and there was very little I could do with it. So I contented myself with sliding my lips up and down around the shaft. He had both his hands on my head, gently holding me down. My tongue kept up it's assault on the head, lashing away at it. I could taste some pre cum in my mouth, it sort of just appeared there. Peter's hands were holding my hips and he was moving me gently into a kneeling position onto the seat so he could thrust his long thin cock into me from a better angle. He finally made it too. It must have been uncomfortable for him, his head bent right over by the roof of the car. But the feeling of that long cock now thrusting in me as nature intended was lovely. I could feel his balls slapping against my legs with each thrust. I could feel the wetness of my pussy on his balls and hair.

It was so good in fact that I had to take my mouth off of John's cock. I settled instead for biting and licking his furry tummy, matting his hair as it got wet with my tongue licking around it. I wanked his shaft by my face with my hand. He had one hand under my chest and was helping himself to my little breasts, both of which had now fallen out of the dress which was all bunched up around my waist and tummy. He held the left breast in his hand while the right one trembled and shook with every thrust from Peter.

The men decided to swap places, John knelt on the floor between the drivers seat and the back one. He pulled me backwards on to his lap, his cock slipping straight into me. I felt it slide into my pussy, the mushroom head pushing past the walls as it made it's way deep into me. Peter sat on the seat directly in front of me. I rested my cheek on one leg, sticking my tongue out to caress the inside of his other leg. His balls were near my forehead.

With his hand he bent his cock down to his legs so the shaft caressed and pushed against my nose. His big cock was sliding in and out of me really slowly as he pushed and pulled me by my hips. With Peter's cockhead pointing down by my mouth I settled for licking that instead of his leg. I took long licks at it, running up the shaft as I arched my head back. Finally I managed to slip the head of his long thin cock into my mouth and suckled on it like a baby on a breast. He massaged it with his thumb and forefinger, pushing the skin back and forth, wanking it into my mouth. My tongue swirled around the head, licking at the eye, tasting the pre cum that his hand action was forcing out.

Behind me John was holding my hips really tightly as he thrust his large cock in and out of my pussy. By now the car had stopped, but I didn't really think anyone had noticed.

I twisted around a little and slid up along Peter's legs taking his cock into my mouth properly. My hands went under him cupping his bottom. He kept his hand on the lower part of the shaft, wanking it gently.

I suppose it was the event that had made me so horny but I really wanted this right now. I wanted someone to cream in my mouth, to fill my mouth so it overflowed, and I wanted someone fucking me hard. I never knew a car ride could be so sexy. My bottom was now slapping hard against John's tummy with each thrust of that massive cock. Peter's cock meanwhile was securely trapped in my mouth. I no longer moved my head back and forth, but just held it there while my tongue played and caressed the small head engulfed within my lips. I suddenly noticed that Peter's head was thrown back, and before I realised what was going to happen great gushes of cum were pouring out of his cockhead and running over my swirling tongue, filling my mouth up. I swallowed some but there was loads of it. Hot sticky stringy cum just pouring out the little head. I opened my lips and let some of it slide out over his cock and down his shaft, running over his fingers were it started to drip off. More cum oozed out, it was now everywhere, all around my teeth, all in my mouth, sliding down my throat, dripping over my chin and all over his shaft and hand. Finally the fountain ceased and it started to shrink. I played with it with my cum covered tongue until it was too small and it popped out of my mouth.

I heard John moan behind me and suddenly he pulled his cock from me. Within seconds I felt long trails of thick gooey cum landing on my back from my shoulder down to my bottom. He must have fired off about six times, totally covering my bottom cheeks in the stuff as well as soaking parts of the dress and leaving long lines of it along my back which soon started to run to my sides. He sat back against the drivers seat and I knelt up and then sat against the door.

"Beats the taxi." Peter said.

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