tagGroup SexThe French Trip Ch. 01

The French Trip Ch. 01


copyright 2012 Johnnymax

Although they are young they are all over eighteen.

This is the first chapter of a multi-part story.


Lady Daphnes School for Ladies had a senior French class of nine young ladies with Mademoiselle DuPont as their tutor. They had been learning French for the five years they had been studying there and the girls had PLANS.

Carrie was the first to speak, "I think New Caledonia would be nice."

That got a few ums and ahs.

Then Penelope suggested "How about Tahiti?"

"O la la" was repeated around the group. "YES."

"Ok" said Penelope "I'll let David know." She picked up her cell phone and speed-dialed "Hey Bro, our decision is Tahiti. Start working on Monsieur Le Poof."

Mount Aspiring Grammar School for boys also had a senior French class with nine young men. Their tutor was Mister Granger who was, without a doubt, a teacher no boy could turn his back on. His nickname was very widely known and Mademoiselle DuPont had even used it on occasion.

The Felton children had decided over the weekend that the French classes needed to take a 'school trip' so they could practice their French in a native setting and with one of them in each school they felt it was totally logical for both schools to go together, now they just needed to convince the teachers.


Moorereo in Tahiti matched the brochures perfectly. A south seas paradise, now if they could just ditch their teachers they could have some fun.

The third morning Mademoiselle DuPont was passing through the lobby when she spotted a gentleman with some new pamphlets on attractions so she got one of each. At breakfast she looked through them and a plane trip around Tahiti in a 25 passenger float plane looked interesting. They could even stop at one of the islands for a picnic lunch. The price wasn't an issue with each of the students having paid more than enough to cover a few sight-seeing activities. A brief discussion with all the students and everyone was in agreement. She contacted the mobile number and was able to arrange the trip for the following day, departure 9:00am.

The pilot and co-pilot appeared very professional and the float-plane was in good condition so they had little hesitation in climbing aboard.

The plane settled gently onto the water and up to the beach. Everyone got out and stretched their legs, unloaded the picnic lunch and settled down. Some of the students wanted to explore (mainly the boys) while others wanted to lay back on the beach (mainly the girls). The pilot lifted the engine cowling and appeared to be inspecting the engine, although with no apparent urgency.

After lunch there was a surprise. The pilot and co-pilot pulled out guns and told them all to sit down.

"This could be called a kidnapping. What we are going to do is leave you all here on this deserted island and contact your parents to pay a ransom. When they have all paid then we will tell them where you are. Simple?"

Tears aplenty, protestations, but hard to argue with a gun.

The co-pilot collected all their passports, wallets, cell phones etc into the picnic basket. Then he turned to the pilot "The size of cell phones these days we can't be sure we've got them all, should we search them?"

"Um, he he, I've got a better idea." then he raised his voice, "Right all of you, your clothes in the basket as well."

He pointed as Mademoiselle DuPont "You first."

She looked horrified. "And if I don't?"

"Then I'll come and rip them from you, and investigate what you're hiding."

She shook until Penelope stepped forward

"I don't have a problem so I'll start the strip." And promptly removed her T Shirt, Shorts and her Bikini underneath. She stood there proudly with her firm breasts and shaved pussy on display.

There was a gasp from the other girls and a mew of fear from Mademoiselle DuPont. Penelope turned to the other girls,

"Come on you sluts, get your gear off. It's what you've been wanting to do since we got here."

She reached out to her teacher and looked her in the eye, "Come on, you can do it too, I'll help."

Penelope undid the buttons on her teachers blouse and slid it off her shoulders, followed by her bra. She knelt and undid her skirt and removed it leaving only the french cut briefs. With another look up at her teacher she hooked her fingers in the waistband and slipped them down. Mademoiselle DuPont stepped out of them looking at Penelope the whole time.

The boys had gone through many thoughts of trying to be heroes but realized the unlikelihood of that when there are two guns against you and so their clothes were also in a pile on the beach. They were all standing there with their hands hiding their cocks, very similar to the girls trying to hide their breasts and pussys.

The Pilot pointed to Maree and Sophie. "You two gather up all the clothes and put them in the basket, then put the basket in the plane."

Maree and Sophie struggled to pick up the clothes while trying to hide their bodies which was making the pilots laugh. They finally got the full basket into the float-plane and stood back with the other girls.

The pilot moved back to the plane, "Right, we are not totally heartless, when we have the plane ready to go, I'll drop a survival kit to you, fishing gear, that sort of thing."

The pilot started the plane and the co-pilot climbed in and tossed the kit onto the beach. He slammed the door and and the plane turned for the open sea and accelerated. We stood on the beach and watched horrified as the plane lifted off and left us behind. We watched as it ascended and banked to the left. It was starting to disappear in the distance when we saw a plume of smoke came from the engine and a loud bang. The plane seemed to hang in the air for a moment and then plummeted from the heights into the water well out to sea. We watched and watched for ages but we saw nothing come to the surface.

"Ooohhhh Fuck." came from David, "no ransom demands, no one to tell anybody where we are. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, this is a real life survival program. We have to get ourselves out of this pickle."

Penelope walked over to her brother and put her arm around his waist. "We have each other, as always, we'll work it out."

Mademoiselle DuPont was still shaking as Sophie took her by the arm "It will be Ok Miss, we're tough."

"M.. m... may maybe, but we're nnn... naked."

"But you've got pretty boobs, not like me with marbles on my chest, I look like a 12 year old."

"B.. b... but no-ones ever seen m.. m.. mine before."

"Well this is a day of firsts then isn't it, first time kidnapped, first time seeing a plane crash, first time on a desert island and first time naked in public."

Sophie's banter started to penetrate the fug that Mademoiselle was in and she was able to smile faintly.

David and Penelope had opened the kit and laid out the gear. There was some fishing gear, some rope, two knives and a machete. No matches and, of course, no clothes.

David called everyone over. "OK, my experience, along with Penelope, has been lots of camp outs on our estate, we've made many different shelters, and fishing has been our usual way of feeding ourselves. Anyone else got experience to call on? Oh also, we've spent quite a few holidays at nudist resorts which is why we're able to function."

A few mumbles around the group with one or two saying they had been in scouts or girl guides but nothing prepared them for this. Then Mr Granger spoke up. "I have no experience that would be useful in this situation, I feel David and Penelope are best qualified to be our leaders. There's no matches there but perhaps my glasses can act as a lens to start a fire."

"Thank you for offering, I had noted both you and Melanie have glasses. Priorities need to be food and water and a basic shelter. Who's gone fishing before, AND caught something."

A few boys had been putting their hands up until that last comment when they laughed. "I have caught a few trout but I guess this is ocean fishing."

The boys had spotted what looked like a fresh water spring when they went exploring so two of them went off to check it out along with instructions to check for any fruit trees.

One of the boys who had done fishing before went with Penelope and two other girls to, hopefully, catch some dinner. They headed off to the rocks at the curve of the lagoon to see if there were shellfish for bait and maybe enough to eat. David organized a group with the machete to start cutting thin saplings and others to start cutting the large leaves that abounded. The teachers were asked to start gathering firewood. That left him with three boys and three girls and they headed to the stand of coconut palms.

One of these girls was Melanie, who is the smallest of the group. David knew something about her that none of the others did, she did gymnastics.

"Right Mel, I know you are very good on the balance beam, here's one that curves upward. Think you can do it."

She looked suspiciously at the tree and we could see her mentally walking up it.

"I can get most of the way but the last bit is nearly vertical and I'm not Spiderman."

"I'm thinking as your weight goes on and if the other girls start up behind you then the tree should bend over a bit. I want all the boys under you as catchers because I don't want anyone injured. Want to give it a try?"

"OK, If I slip I'll try to fall flat so you can catch me easily. Oh, ah," A deep breath "If you catch me I won't be upset if you grab my tits but no trying to feel me up, OK?"

"But your pussy looks so juicy, if I can't suck juice out of a coconut then I'd like to try sucking your peach." That was Simon, Melanie's mouth dropped open and her face went bright red.

Sandra laughed and sang "Melanie and Simon sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G."

Melanie threw a coconut husk at her and ran to the tree, "Catch me if you can." And she started to dance up the tree. The girls also ran to follow her while the boys moved under Melanie and followed her progress. Of course with them under Melanie looking up they had a very good view which Melanie suddenly realized.

"Simon, are you waiting to catch me or are you checking out how juicy my peach is?"

We were in dire straits but we were able to find many things to laugh about. With laughter and things to do we were less conscious of our nakedness.

Davids plan worked and the tree bent just enough for Melanie to make it to the top. She had a knife and David told her to cut lots of the leaves down and then to chop the coconuts down. Suddenly it was raining coconuts and we all had to jump clear. David tossed the rope up to her and she put it over the top of the tree so we could hold it down while she came back down. We released the rope and gathered it up. We all gathered an armful of coconuts and started to head back to the others when David said.

"Hang on, Just back in here might be the better place to camp, its flatter and there is less scrub to cut away. Pile the coconuts here while we think about it."

That first afternoon was really busy, but by nightfall we had managed to make a rudimentary shelter near the coconut palms. It was a kind of an 'A' frame long-house with an entrance in the middle, boys to the left and girls to the right. Yeah right. Let's try horny teenagers anywhere they can be.

Penelope led a very successful fishing team who brought back six big fish, a whole lot of shellfish and some ideas for where fish traps should go. The girls had learnt how to weave some of the grasses into baskets so we were getting quite domesticated. Mr Graingers' glasses worked well so we were able to wrap the fish in leaves to cook it. That meal tasted better than many top class restaurants.

"Wh.. wh... what are we going to do about toilets?' asked Sophie, hopping from foot to foot.

"Simple," stated Penelope, standing up and moving out in front of everyone. "You do what the boys do. Come and stand in front of me Sophie." Sophie came over and stood facing Penelope with her feet a shoulder width apart. Penelope demonstrated "Point your knees outward, hold your lips apart and let go." Penelope's stream arced out and hit the ground between them, Sophie's did also although she protested.

"But, but , everyone can see me, ohhh what the hell, I can't stop now."

Penelope wiggled her hips slightly and her stream got close to Sophie's feet.

"Hey cut that out, or I'll pee on you."

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