The Freshman Ch. 27


Burnside badly wanted to rub Lisa's bottom and tease her between her legs, but figured that she was pushing the girl hard enough as it was. She quickly clipped Lisa's cuffs to metal rings welded to the legs of the punishment bench, and thus immobilized her.

Burnside moved in front of Lisa, cruelly slashing the air with the switch.

"Lisa, my understanding is that you wanted to give Ken a full criminal's punishment of 50 strokes. Is that true?"

Lisa shook with fear. Yes, that was indeed what she was planning to do. She struggled to catch her breath as she nodded.

"Please answer me properly. I don't accept you moving your head around as an adequate response."

"Y...yes ma'am. I...I was gonna...h...hit him 50 times."

Interesting, thought Cecilia. She's never called anyone ma'am before.

Burnside slashed the switch through the air as she continued:

" Fifty times. A bit extreme, don't you think? Maybe, now that you face 50 strokes instead of him, perhaps that might be a bit severe?"

"I...I...'spose so, ma'am."

"Well, the deal is, whatever I'm giving you is what I'll allow you to give him. You're not doing anything to him that you haven't experienced first. Do you understand me?"


"You're calling me 'ma'am' now, aren't you? How fascinating. You weren't calling me that a few minutes ago. I suppose our changed circumstances has made you re-assess how you should address me?"


"Very well. Here's a few more facts about punishment in Upper Danubia. Criminals get 50 strokes when they're over 18. Minors, people under 18, also can get the switch, but the maximum punishment for a minor is just 25 strokes. I think that's what we'll do. We'll start you out as a minor and I'll stop at 25 strokes. Then I'll give you the choice of whether or not we shall continue."

Burnside stepped off to one side and measured her distance. Then she calmly and expertly drew back and laid a fearsome blow across the base of Lisa's bottom, marking both sides with a straight, even line that quickly darkened.

" God..."

"Kinda hurts, doesn't it? Now I don't want you making a bunch of noise. If you want to play the Danubian criminal, you will make it a point of honor to stay quiet. We got 24 to go...or 49, if you so desire."

Even after just one stroke, it was obvious from the expression in Lisa's face that she'd be damn lucky to make it to 25 strokes. 50 strokes was out of the question.

Burnside twisted back and laid a second harsh blow, very close to the first stroke. Lisa gasped and grunted. Already she was clenching her teeth and tears were flowing down her cheeks. The professor paused, waited for the line to darken, and struck again. She leisurely struck Lisa a fourth and fifth time, each stroke laid perfectly parallel to its predecessor and almost, but not quite touching it.

By the end of the fifth stroke, Lisa had a solid band of pain, about two inches wide, crossing the lower part of her unprotected bottom. Her legs were shaking and her buttocks were quivering. Burnside stopped to take up position in front of her.

"What you will notice is that I'm laying the strokes perfectly parallel and not crossing them. When you use the switch, you have to be very careful to minimize crossing the strokes so you don't make your victim bleed. You have a lovely bottom, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would permanently mark it, right?"

"Uh...Ahh...Uh...Yes ma'am."

"Very well. We're pausing a bit to let what we've done so far sink in. I want you to feel the punishment, so I can break you with fewer strokes. I think that's a misconception about a severe punishment like this. I plan to break you, but I want to do it with as little injury to your body as I can. That's why I need to spread out the strokes, to make each one count and let the passing of time, not additional blows, wear down your resistance. I'm under the impression you didn't understand that when you were planning to switch your boyfriend. Now, I'm going to continue. You've got a nice red strip across your bottom. I'm going to be adding strokes above in the same pattern: parallel, very close together, but not touching each other."

Burnside slowly worked her way up Lisa's bottom to the top of her crack. She took nearly 10 minutes methodically laying 10 strokes to cover all of Lisa's backside with cruel reddish lines. Sweat trickled down Lisa's body and her voice was breaking as she desperately tried to breathe without screaming. Burnside stopped for a minute to admire her work. Then, tapping the switch in her hand she addressed Lisa again.

"OK. That's the first part of the punishment, covering your entire butt with one layer of welts. Now comes the fun part, the strokes that'll break you. The way I'll be doing that is going to be to start with a nice severe stroke at the very upper part of each thigh. The next stroke will be in that tender spot where your thigh ends and your bottom-cheek begins. From my experience, that's the one that usually gets a girl screaming, because there's a lot of nerve endings there. It's a sensitive area. Then I'll have six more strokes to distribute around your sore bottom."

Burnside had read Lisa perfectly. She struck hard at the tender skin that joined the girl's left thigh with her bottom, setting off a high-pitched scream. The scream died down to desperate sobbing. There was another scream when Burnside struck the other side in the same spot. There were only six strokes to go, but Lisa now was broken. She screamed each time the switch landed and sobbed loudly in between.

Cecilia's feelings about the entire affair were complex. On the one hand her heart went out to Lisa, who was suffering horribly and undergoing a very traumatic experience. Her self-assuredness was gone, along with the over-confidence that landed her into her situation in the first place. She had learned the hard way that no, just because the professor was a fellow dominatrix did not mean Lisa could treat her as an equal.

At another level Cecilia was glad to see Lisa being so humbled. The Californian's arrogant attitude had irritated her, and it would be nice to see it go away for a while. Also, Burnside had saved Ken from Lisa's unreasonable expectation that he could tolerate 50 strokes. There was no way Lisa could withstand anything more than 25 welts, so that would be the maximum that Ken would have to endure.

Burnside laid the final six welts across the middle of Lisa's already marked bottom. The new welts, laid on top of old ones, quickly turned dark and looked very painful. Lisa was sobbing uncontrollably, but Burnside showed no sign of being ready to release her. Instead she walked around the punishment bench in circles, slashing the switch through the air.

"OK. That's the punishment a minor gets in Upper Danubia. Is that going to be good enough for you, or would you like to continue with a full adult's punishment?"

"'am...I...I'll hurts so bad...Ah..."

"Then you understand that'll be the cut-off when you punish your boyfriend. 25 strokes. That's it. You understand that, right?"

"'am...I understand."

"OK, Cecilia. You take it from here. Go ahead and release her. She'll need you to comfort her, so please hold her and be patient."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

Cecilia unclipped the hooks that attached Lisa's cuffs to the punishment horse, and then grabbed her arm and helped her stand up. Lisa truly was broken, her face distorted with misery and pain. That switching was more painful than anything she could have imagined and left her completely traumatized. The Californian fell into Cecilia's arms, still sobbing uncontrollably. Burnside went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, which she brought out and set on a buffet in Cecilia's sight. As soon as Lisa stopped crying Cecilia would try to get her to drink, which would help calm her nerves.

Cecilia thought that Lisa's sobbing would go on forever, as she struggled to support the weight of the taller woman leaning against her. Finally she managed to calm down. The glass of water calmed her down even more. Burnside directed Cecilia to take Lisa to the guest bedroom and let her lie down for a few minutes to recover. Once Lisa was safely deposited on the bed, lying face down, Cecilia took a better look at her badly marked bottom. The final strokes, crossing the earlier ones, had left brutal-looking dark red lines across the middle of her backside. Cecilia flinched at the sight of the cruel marks and decided to offer Lisa the opportunity to exchange her skirt for freshman's tight jeans to ease the pressure on her welts when they left Burnside's house.

Cecilia returned to the living room. Burnside offered her another cup of tea, which she nervously accepted. She was not sure what to say to her professor. There was nothing about what had happened to Lisa that particularly surprised her, but still, it was very unnerving to actually witness it.

Burnside's mood had shifted. She calmly talked about the upcoming party, signaling her gratitude that Cecilia and Jason had offered to help out. Of course Lisa and Ken were still welcome to help as well. Burnside promised that she would give Lisa a half hour to punish Ken, starting at about 1:30.

"She's earned it, and I'm not one to go back on my word. If she shows up, I'll set aside the time for her."

A few minutes later, Cecilia returned to the guest bedroom to wake up Lisa and get ready to go back to Huntington Hall. At first Lisa sullenly refused Cecilia's offer to lend her the skirt she was wearing, but the moment she felt her tight jeans pressing on her welts, she changed her mind. Cecilia took off her skirt and passed it to Lisa, and then put on the jeans. She had to roll up the legs to accommodate the long pants on her own short legs. Fortunately Lisa's waist was only slightly bigger than her own, so the pants did not look too bad on her. The two women left Burnside's house and made their way back to the university. Cecilia had a comment:

"You understand that Dr. Burnside had to do that to you. You didn't give her any choice, 'cause she's not takin' attitude from a freshman. You understand that, don't you?"

Lisa gave Cecilia a hostile look, but didn't say anything. Cecilia continued.

"So, still bringin' Ken to the party and whippin' his ass?"

"Oh yeah, I'm bringing him. I didn't go through all that for nothing."


Two days later the students prepared to return to Burnside's house. Cecilia took control of the expedition, sharply explaining what was going to happen and how, since there were four of them, they would divide the work. The guys would take care of anything having to do with moving heavy items at the beginning and the end. Lisa and Ken would serve drinks to the crowd, while Cecilia and Jason would concentrate their efforts in the kitchen. There was another detail that Cecilia decided to take care of before they left Huntington Hall; the shaving of their pubic hair. She told the men to go to the bathrooms and shave, while she snapped her fingers at Lisa and ordered her into the women's shower for the same thing.

The two women stood next to each other in the shower as they shaved off their hair. They inspected each other to make sure neither missed any spots. Of course Lisa's backside still was badly marked from the welts she had received two days before, but to Cecilia the marks complemented her friend's attractive body. Lisa was very sexy, especially with the added detail of the purplish lines crossing her shapely bottom. Lisa, on the other hand, was not at all thrilled about the pending public display of the markings. She didn't know what to make of the RA's comment: "those markings look good on you."

Cecilia called all three freshmen into her room. Then she ordered them to stand straight and listen up.

"OK, tonight's gonna be a bit weird, but I think we can have some fun with it. But there's somethin' I want you three to understand. As far as you're concerned, I'm the one who's runnin' the show. I'm takin' orders from Dr. Burnside and then passin' them along to you. You got any problems, you're tellin' me, not her. And if any of you don't do what I tell you, I'm gonna fuck up your night, and I guarantee that. You three get it?"

Jason and Ken immediately responded "Yes, Cecilia."

Cecilia gave Lisa a cold look. "Lisa?"

"Yes, Cecilia, I get it."

A few minutes later the four students were on their way to Burnside's house in Ken's car. As soon as the students entered, Cecilia took charge. She asked Burnside for paper bags to put their clothing into, and then casually undressed along with the others. The Dominican then ordered Lisa and Ken to carry the bags to the back bedroom, while she picked up the bondage cuffs from a coffee table they were laid out on.

Burnside watched saying nothing. Instead she quietly enjoyed Cecilia's display of confidence and dominance. The scholarship student directed Jason to put the cuffs on Lisa and Ken, and finally on herself. Then she put the final set of cuffs on Jason. She then asked Burnside what items she wanted to remain in the living room and which ones needed to be taken to the back bedrooms. Upon getting the professor's response, the two guys began moving the furniture. The three women stood watching them for a few minutes, enjoying the sight of the muscles in their bare bodies straining and their penises jiggling as they moved one heavy piece after another out of the living room.

Cecilia and Lisa set up in the kitchen, but ultimately Cecilia wanted Lisa to serve the guests so that everyone could see her punished backside. She would keep Jason in the kitchen with her to assist in preparing drinks and organizing serving trays. She also would have him wash dirty dishes as they came back in, in order to cut down on that task once the party ended.

The four freshmen hung up Mardi Gras streamers and various glittery decorations while Burnside changed into her favorite fetish outfit, the one that looked like a leather two-piece swimsuit from the front, but left her almost completely exposed from the back.

Dr. Halsey showed up in an outfit that looked like a leather police uniform. He handed the hostess a gift, gave her a very sharp slap on the bottom, and asked how his naughty birthday girl was doing. Cecilia thought to herself, hmm...naughty birthday girl. I wonder if that's gonna mean anything later on...

As the guests started coming in, Cecilia directed the three freshmen to gather up coats to take to the back rooms. The students made a very strange sight, three freshmen, all of them wearing absolutely nothing but metal collars and bondage cuffs, being directed by an equally naked sophomore. Another detail that made the sight so strange was the fact that Cecilia was by far the smallest in stature of the four students, but clearly the one in charge.

Once the guests were safely accommodated in the house, Cecilia and Jason went to the kitchen, leaving Lisa and Ken to shuttle trays of drinks and empty glasses to and from the living room. With ruthless efficiency Cecilia took charge of mixing the drinks by jumping from blender to blender, quickly distributing the contents into waiting glasses, and reloading ingredients for the next batch. Meanwhile she kept Jason very busy loading trays and cleaning dirty glasses. Burnside later would comment that Cecilia ran the most efficient operation in the kitchen she had ever seen at one of her parties.


Burnside and her lover Jim Halsey commanded the evening, obviously enjoying themselves in their roles of mistress and master of the strange group of fetish enthusiasts gathered in the house. They always provided some form of pain-related entertainment, as well as directed guests experimenting with Burnside's large collection of discipline implements.

Cecilia did not have the chance to see Burnside in action that night, because she had chosen kitchen duty for herself and her boyfriend. However, Lisa got a chance to see Burnside close-up. She was impressed by the older woman's charisma, but even more impressed by her ability to balance play-acting with maintaining tight control over 200 adults. Burnside set the mood in the over-sized living room and somehow, just through her presence, made the party what it was. She knew how to distinguish between wanted and unwanted sexual degradation and kept a close eye to make sure no play-acting crossed the line. Above all, she was concerned about safety and quickly intervened in any situation she thought might risk injury to a guest. That was to be expected, but the way she did it, using the subtle force of her personality to avoid offending anyone truly impressed her student.

At about 11:00 p.m. Dr. Halsey took his lover's hand, led her to a raised platform, and called out to the group.

"Attention! Attention!...As most of you know, Ruth's birthday is coming up. She'll be 38 years young next week."

There was a loud cheer from the room.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, what do you propose we should do about it?"

"Birthday spanking!" shouted several people in the room. Suddenly the entire room began shouting:

"SPANK!... SPANK!... SPANK!... SPANK!... SPANK!..."

Halsey placed his hands on his lover's shoulders and gently turned her around, placing her uncovered backside on display.

"Yes, indeed. I would say the owner of this lovely bottom has been quite naughty over the past year. I don't know. 38 swats...doesn't seem like too much for this lovely bottom. Perhaps...perhaps we should make it a double-dose...38 nice sharp spanks on each side instead?"

The room started chanting "DOUBLE DOSE!... DOUBLE DOSE!... DOUBLE DOSE!..."

Cecilia and Jason, upon hearing the chanting of "SPANK!... SPANK!... SPANK!..." left the kitchen to see what was going on. They pushed their way through the crowd, who stepped aside to let the student hosts slip by. Then they saw their professor, her attractive bottom on full display and the crowd chanting its approval of the upcoming discipline session.

From the reaction of Burnside and the interaction with the crowd, Cecilia could tell that the birthday spanking was an annual event. Ever since they started their relationship, the two professors publicly spanked each other close to their birthdays. Burnside got her spanking in March, while Halsey got his in July. In both cases they were relatively mild over-the-lap hand spankings, although this year Halsey had decided to give his lover a double-dose to put some color in her bottom. Of course paybacks are hell, and there was no question he would face a double dose in July.

The older man sat down in a wooden chair and drew the middle-aged woman across his lap. The room fell completely silent. Burnside closed her eyes, but from the expression on her face Cecilia could tell that she was enjoying the experience. Halsey began a spanking Burnside with a double-slap, one swat on each side, which counted for one year of Burnside's life.


The crowd began counting:






Cecilia watched the entire affair with absolute fascination. She never could have imagined her fearsome professor meekly going over anyone's lap, much less enjoying it. She also had not really noticed how attractive Burnside's body was. For a woman who was 38, the professor had done a fantastic job keeping herself in shape.

Cecilia felt the wetness and burning building between her legs. Her heart pounded and she began to sweat as she realized that she was intensely aroused by the scene that she was witnessing. Somehow, the sight of her professor submissively lying across her lover's lap, her red bottom on display to a room full of cheering spectators, drove her sexual instincts wild erotic desire. She badly wanted to be on that platform, but couldn't figure out whether she wanted exchange places with Burnside, or exchange places with Halsey, with Burnside's body draped over her lap and the woman's firm red bottom bouncing under the vicious slaps of her hand.

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