The Freshman Ch. 27


Cecilia desperately resisted the urge to slip her fingers between her legs. That would only make things worse, and, even though the room was dark, certain to be noticed. Instead she grabbed Jason, noticing that he seemed aroused by Burnside's spanking as well.



Finally the spanking ended, with Burnside's bottom deep red from having endured 76 full-force slaps. She stood up, turned her back to her cheering spectators, and bent over. Dang, thought Cecilia to herself. That woman sure isn't shy. She's as bad as Jason...

The hot burning between Cecilia's legs only intensified. She wasn't going to be able to go back to the kitchen, not in that condition. There was only one solution, however risky it might be. She grabbed Jason's hand and led him to the spare bedroom. The bed was piled high with coats, which she dislodged with a huge push that sent them tumbling to the floor. She ripped back the cover and jumped on. Without saying a word, she reached up and grabbed Jason's hair, forcing his face between her legs.

Jason knew better than to second-guess his duty to her. When she was this uncontrollable, there was only one thing he could do. He had to make her climax so she could calm down. He dutifully began cleaning the wet juices of her arousal from around her vulva. He then inserted his tongue into her vagina, massaging and cleaning her, before finally moving on to her clitoris. She gasped with delight, but grabbed his hair and pulled on it as he continued licking her juices and striving to satisfy her.

Jason pulled his head up to catch his breath, and noticed a box of condoms sitting on the dresser. He spoke to Cecilia with a voice of authority that slightly unsettled her.

"Cecilia, I want you on your elbows and knees, properly presented to me. I want your bottom up and completely spread. Now it's my turn."

Seeing Burnside spanked and then tasting Cecilia's arousal in his mouth made Jason totally hard. He had a condom on within seconds, and then paused to enjoy the sight of the Dominican's exquisite bottom before entering her. He ran his hand over her lovely brown skin for a few moments, but then grabbed her thighs and pushed in. He thrust and thrust, as she squealed with delight and their sweat dripped onto the sheets.

Finally they calmed down and separated. Cecilia suddenly remembered their abandoned service in the kitchen. "Shit! We gotta get the drinks going!"

Reeking of sex, the two naked students pushed through the crowd to get back to the kitchen, where Lisa and Ken were waiting for them.

"Where the fuck have you..."

Suddenly everyone's eyes went to Jason's crotch. He still was wearing his condom. Definitely it was not one of his most dignified moments...


About an hour after midnight came the final public event of the Mardi Gras party. Burnside, still dressed in her revealing outfit, took the stage to announce Lisa's punishment of Ken. It was a bizarre turn of events for the guests, because never had any student hosts ever actively participated in the fetish demonstrations. Also of interest were the remnants of Lisa's two-day old welts, which contrasted with Ken's unmarked body. Ken and Jason moved the punishment bench into place on the platform, while Burnside and Lisa stood in front. Burnside introduced Lisa and announced that she would be giving a demonstration with the Danubian police switch. The professor briefly described the Danubian justice system for the benefit of the guests who had not seen her demonstration back in October, and added the detail that minors were only punished with 25 strokes instead of 50. She then ordered Lisa to turn around and present her bottom for the guests to view. She explained that the welts on Lisa's backside were administered two days before but still were visible.

The moment came for the introduction of Ken. He seemed reluctant to present himself to the view of the crowd. His posture indicated what was wrong: he was hunched over, trying to hide an erection. It was obvious that he was horribly embarrassed. It was equally obvious that Ruth Burnside had no patience for people who, through their own actions, had landed themselves in humiliating circumstances. This idiot is going to face the music, she thought sourly. She stepped back, grabbed his arm, and shook him to force his hands away from his penis.

"You got yourself into this, and we don't have time to deal with your bullshit," she snarled into his ear. "Now you are going to stand up straight and show yourself to the guests. I think everyone here has seen a boner before, and now they'll get to see yours."

Ken stood before the cheering audience with his face beet-red, and his penis sticking straight out to the amusement of everyone present. Burnside added to his misery by calmly explaining to the room that for some masochistic men, fear is an aphrodisiac. Ken's misfortune worsened as his intense humiliation made him even harder. When Lisa slashed the switch in front of his face, his penis began bobbing up and down, to the delight of the spectators. There was a final indignity awaiting him when Burnside forced him to turn sideways, to allow the crowd to admire his erection from the side.

In spite of her own situation, Lisa's internal desires and the pending fulfillment of a longtime fantasy began to release the inner animal in her soul. She grabbed Ken's collar and jerked him over to the punishment horse. He had a hard time positioning himself because of his intense erection, but finally he managed to push it to the side enough to be able to scoot forward and turn his bottom up. Lisa hooked his cuffs to the legs of the bench, immobilizing him and forcing him to spread his legs. She gently massaged his bottom, enjoying the feel of his sweaty, trembling skin. You're gonna get it, Ken, she thought to herself.

Lisa stepped aside and cleared her mind as she tapped the switch against the base of Ken's bottom. She planned to use the same technique on Ken that Burnside had used on her. She would start with fifteen even parallel strokes going from the base of Ken's bottom to the top, then lay the four strokes across the extreme upper part of his thighs to break him, and distribute the final six strokes across in the center to drive home the lesson.

She laid on the first stroke, striking hard and leaving an even reddish line across the base of both bottom cheeks. The room was absolutely silent as she struck again and again, slowly widening the red band of solid pain marking her victim's backside. About 10 minutes and fifteen strokes later, Lisa paused to study the rising welts on her boyfriend. She had struck as hard as Burnside would have struck, but so far Ken had managed to stay quiet. We'll see about that, you little bastard, thought Lisa to herself. She still had 10 stroke to go, and those were the ones that would cross the strokes she already had given him.

The pain Ken felt was far more intense than anything he had previously experienced. He was enjoying the experience however. The pain was so absolute that he felt like his soul was being cleansed, and felt that he could clear his mind of everything except the intense physical sensations of the moment. He also was faced with the challenge of not screaming, which was something he had set as a personal goal. No matter how hard Lisa hit, he was determined not to scream. It would be a victory over both her and his own weaknesses if he could take such a savage beating and not make any noise.

In the end, it was Ken who got what he wanted out of the beating, not Lisa. His bottom was in bad shape, crisscrossed with ugly purplish lines and blood blisters, but throughout the ordeal he managed to stay quiet. Lisa landed the 25th stroke and felt despair at the fact that her opportunity to break him had come and gone. He was not broken, and when she released him and they bowed to the crowd, it was him, not her, who they were cheering.

There was an intense sexual rush he was feeling at the moment that he desperately needed to satisfy. As soon as the cheering died down and they left the platform, Ken grabbed Lisa's hand and led her to the spare bedroom. The searing heat in his backside aroused him tremendously. He just had to take her. His senses out of control, he desperately kissed her. She quickly responded: her own instincts blocking out the recent humiliation of not having managed to force him to cry. She passionately pressed into him and ran her hands over his welt-covered bottom cheeks. As soon as she squeezed that sensitive area, his erection hardened. He pushed her on the mattress and enjoyed one of the best orgasms of his life as the searing heat from the switching pushed him to continue pumping semen into her.

Burnside knew what Lisa and Ken were doing, but was willing to excuse them for a while. She knew what it was to be caught up in a passionate high from the mixture of pleasure and pain. The sexual desire could be all-consuming and blocked out everything else in life. She knew that reality from her own experiences, so she actually was pleased to see how something as simple as a punishment could bring such intense erotic excitement into the lives of the two freshmen. Let them have their break and their fulfillment as a couple.

Anyhow, it was time to wind down the party, so the professor informed Cecilia that she was not to mix any more alcoholic drinks. Jason took the place of Lisa and Ken, moving about the living room with non-alcoholic beverages and collecting used glasses. Shortly thereafter Lisa and Ken re-appeared, just in time to help pass out coats to guests as they departed.

With four people to do the job, the cleanup went relatively quickly. Cecilia's efficiency continued to serve the group as she organized the others into an assembly-line to clear out the living room and then attend to the dishes. She stayed behind in the kitchen to finish cleaning it while the three freshmen moved the furniture back to its proper place. They were dressed and out the door by 3:30, the earliest that any group of student hosts had managed to make it out of Burnside's house after one of her parties.


Cecilia noticed, over the following week, that her efforts to help her professor at her Mardi Gras party had paid off. The change in Burnside's attitude her was subtle, but it was real. Cecilia was relieved. Anything to make her life easier...

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