tagBDSMThe Friday Affair

The Friday Affair


Rachel stared at Liam. She couldn't help it. He wasn't necessarily your typically attractive man, but he had... Something. She inspected his features closely, as she did nearly every week, to try and work out the attraction.

At 48 he was nearly 20 years her senior but he held his age well. He had few lines in his skin obviously not damaged by too much sun, drinking or cigarettes. His brown, reddish hair was speckled with grey and cut very short. He wore a beard, which he also kept trimmed short. His eyes were a deep dark brown. He had a maturity and confidence in the way he spoke and held himself.

Today he wore his usual Friday afternoon uniform, dark slacks and a light blue collared shirt with three buttons open revealing a hint of hair on his chest. His body appeared strong and solid, not too slim but not overweight.

"Unlike myself!" Rachel thought, tearing her eyes away from Liam and back to her customer. "$87.50 please. Do you have a member's card?"

Later, after her shift, Rachel was up in the locker/ lunch room getting her stuff ready to go home. From her boring job to her boring husband. She sighed as she thought about going home. She cared for her husband but didn't feel love for him. He was a good guy, but young and irresponsible. Rachel wanted a man, one who would take care of her, look after her and one whom she could please in return.

Rachel went to the bathroom to change out of her uniform. She looked at the clothes she had brought with her and felt silly. Just as she did every Friday, she had packed her sexiest, yet still casual clothes. Sometimes she even went shopping and bought new clothes for Fridays in the hope Liam would do more than his usual friendly chat on her way past his office.

Sighing again (she seemed to do a lot of that lately) Rachel started dressing. She put on her tight well cut jeans, which gave her ass a nice roundness and slimmed her down a bit making her look slightly smaller and taller. She adjusted her black lace bra and put on her tight black, v neck top, showing off what she thought was her best assets, her breasts. They were large and even after having children still round, firm with pretty pink nipples.

After checking her make-up in the mirror, brushing her long dark wavy chestnut hair Rachel went to leave work for the day. Rachel worked part time at the office supplies chain working Fridays and weekends when she was in charge of the front end and the cash office. Liam, the store manager worked only week days, making Fridays the only day she saw him.

Taking a deep breath she popped her head into the door of Liam's office. "I'm off now. See you next week."

Distracted by his work, Liam hardly looked up as he said "Yeah uh, bye." An even worse response then last week! Rachel thought disappointed. But Liam's head suddenly snapped up, "Oh Rachel it's you! Don't go".

Rachel was taken aback and didn't know what to say. "Uh, what?" was all she could manage.

Liam laughed. "Oh sorry, that sounded strange. I mean I need you." Rachel blushed and tried to say something and Liam laughed again. "That sounded stranger didn't it? I mean Lindy had to run home sick so I need someone to man the cash office for a couple of hours and close up with me."

Rachel couldn't believe it! In the 10 months since Liam started at the store she had never had the chance to be alone with him. The one weekend he had worked to cover another manager who was sick, she was on holidays! "Oh sure, I'll just call my husband and let him know I'll be late and I'll change back into my uniform."

"Ok do what you need to do, but don't worry about getting changed. It's only a couple of hours and you'll be in the office most of the time. Besides you look really good in that outfit".

Blushing again Rachel said "Er, thanks. I'll get back to it" and she practically ran away.

In the cash office she began going over the tills and totals for the day balancing each one before the last couple would come in after closing. It was easy, mundane work. Rachel was smart, probably too smart for the job, but she sacrificed a career for a family. As she worked her mind kept drifting to her earlier conversation with Liam and how she wished wasn't too shy to say the things she wanted to or to flirt with him.

She imagined walking into his office, closing the door behind her, walking straight up to him and kneeling before him. In her fantasy he would swing his chair around to face her. She would be bold enough to reach up to his pants and unzip them. She would pull his cock out and start to pull it gently and carefully until it was hard. She imagined Liam saying "Rachel, I didn't realise what a slut you were. Suck my cock for me, slut." and she would. She would open her mouth and put his cock in deep. Her mouth would be open wide, teeth not touching and her lips clamped nicely around his shaft. She would move her tongue up and down his cock in time with her lips. She would hear him moan and the thought of him enjoying her pleasing him excited her to no end.

The fantasy had such an effect on her that Rachel didn't realise that she had a hand between her thighs and her legs were open wide. "Should I?" she thought aloud. She knew there were no cameras in the office. She checked the clock and she had about 30 minutes until closing time.

"Fuck it" she said and undid her pants.

Liam considered his position. He knew it was risky but he thought it was worth it.

Liam was married and unsatisfied. His wife was very vanilla and his tastes were a little more intense. He wanted a slut. A horny slut who would submit to him and let him use and abuse her. He had had a few women who thought they could give him what he wanted to give them, but it never worked out. Some were too demanding, wanting him to leave his wife. Some were just boring, not getting into it and not being slutty enough. He even tried paying for it, but he wanted a woman who wanted it. He thought he had finally found one. By tonight he had hoped he would know for sure.

The thought of Rachel made him hard instantly. She was so attractive to him. She seemed so shy and innocent but he could tell she only needed a push to turn her into a slut. He saw the way she dressed up for him and fixed her make up. He knew it was for him. Through discreet inquiries he found out that on the weekends she wore her uniform home.

Liam shifted in his seat, his cock pressing uncomfortably against his pants. She turned him on so much with her innocence, her beauty and her youth. She was much younger than him at 29. Her face was pretty and fresh, her skin was fair with just a sprinkle of freckles on her nose making her look even more youthful. He loved the way her cheeks were pink and flushed around him and he enjoyed saying things to watch the blush grow on her cheeks. He loved her body too. She was a larger girl, curvy and nicely plump. She had a round ass, big hips and a small waist. Her tits were large and round, still sitting high on her chest. He wondered what her nipples would feel like in his teeth.

He knew he had to have her and he didn't think he'd get a better opportunity to seduce Rachel.

He tried to get back to work for the last few hours. He kept checking his clock at the bottom of his computer screen. One by one the staff left until he went to the front to close the last register. His excitement was mounting. He knew he was hard and hoped that the last few staff members didn't notice as he locked the door behind them. He took the tills with him to the cash office and pulled out his key, opening the door.

Before he opened the door he wondered if she had noticed that he had put the clock back 30 minutes.

What he found when he opened the door truly surprised him. He had hoped just to make her jump and be on edge by changing the clock but instead he found he on the edge of her chair, her pants lowered to just above her knees exposing her ample, milky white thighs. He noticed her face was flushed again, even a few drops of sweat forming on her forehead. He watched as her chest rose and fell as she breathed. But most of all he saw her hand between her legs. It was all he could do to not drop the till.

Rachel jumped up trying to pull her pants up "I'm so sorry" she said. "I didn't think you be here for a while. I've never done this before I swear. I..."

Regaining his composure quickly he said to her firmly "sit back down." Rachel kept pulling her pants up. "Leave them where they are."

He watched as Rachel's eyes widened but she did what she was told. He put the till down and stood in front of her. "What were you doing?" he asked.

"Nothing! I..."

"Don't lie to me slut!" It was a risk to call her that. But her reaction would quickly tell him what she was prepared to do.

She looked up at him; her sea green eyes were wide and large as she spoke to him. "I was... Uh... Touching myself." Oh my god, Liam thought, she does want it.

"Good girl. Where?"

"My pussy."

"Show me." Liam took a step back and motioned her to continue. "Show me how a horny slut like you fucks herself."

Rachel was frozen in place. She so badly wanted to be slutty for Liam but she was scared. So many what ifs ran through her mind. What if he doesn't like what he sees, what if he is put off by the noises she makes... Just do it, she thought.

She looked up at Liam and for the first time noticed that his cock was hard. Maybe he does want me, she thought. She felt a tingle if excitement. She looked into his brown eyes staring expectantly at her and moved her hand down between her legs to her smooth warm pussy.

Liam smiled a wide smile showing his straight and white teeth. Not Hollywood white which she thought looked so fake and awful, but real white like he took pride in his appearance "Good slut." He said and Rachel smiled back.

She put her two middle fingers inside her pussy to wet them again and started to rub her clit with them. She liked the way her pussy looked and felt. Her outer lips were bigger than her inner lips and sometimes hid her hole from view. Her clit was smallish and her flesh was pink and bright. She liked the way it was like a package all neatly contained. She moaned instantly, she had been close to orgasm when Liam came in so it didn't take much for her to feel close again.

Her moans grew louder as she watched Liam start to rub his cock through his pants. She wet her lips hungrily.

"You want this cock?" he said.

Rachel nodded. "Yes please," and she did. Badly. She wanted to please him, to do whatever he asked of her.

Liam pulled his cock out of his pants. "Then suck it, don't stop playing with your cunt," he said as he pushed himself into her mouth. His cock wasn't too big, but still larger than she had expected, with a good girth and pointing straight up. He was cut and his skin looked clean, smooth and inviting. He had neatly trimmed his hair around his cock making it look even more erect and large.

As in her fantasy she started to suck him in the way she hoped he would like. Liam played with her long hair as she did, stroking it. "Hmmm, you're good at that, I knew you were a dirty whore. Only whores can suck cock like that. Are you going to be my whore baby?"

Rachel nodded enthusiastically, not stopping her fingers or her head moving for a second.

Liam tightened his grip on her hair forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. My god! She thought as she gagged on his cock. She was suddenly afraid of him. She looked up at him and saw the look in his eyes. There was an intensity she had never seen before. She didn't think she could breath. He seemed to sense this and relaxed his grip and let her recover for a moment. Just a moment though and he pushed her head towards him again.

A strange thing was happening to her. Her fear seemed to be turning her on more and she felt a familiar warmness start to overtake her body and realised she was about to cum. She tried to cry out but the cock in her mouth stifled it. Her hips jerked as the spasms started and her clit was quickly too sensitive to touch.

"Did you cum my pet?" Liam asked withdrawing his cock so Rachel could speak.

She worked her jaw up and down a moment and quickly sucked in as much breath as she could before answering, "Yes, yes I did. Thank you." She didn't know why she said that but it felt right.

Liam looked at her surprised. Again this girl surprised him with her sluttiness and eagerness to please. She thanked him and he hadn't even asked her to. He loved watching her bee-stung lips move up and down his cock. He could see bits of her dusky pink lipstick on his shaft. I wonder what else she will do he thought.

He looked down at her smooth pussy glistening with her cum. It looked so cute and inviting, her little clit engorged and standing out. How he wanted to pound that pussy, to hurt it, to make it cum again with his cock.

He ran his eyes up and down her body. "You're wearing too many clothes slut. Take them off."

Rachel stood up slowly. Oh she's still shy, Liam thought, but she's doing it. She kicked off her shoes then bent over to take her jeans off. She did it slowly and watched his reaction as she did. Liam showed her he was pleased by rubbing his cock, keeping it hard. As she stepped out of her jeans she stood up and in one quick motion pulled her shirt up and over her head. She wore a black lacy bra which held her tits nicely. Her tummy hung slightly, but not too much, her hips were very generous. She put her hands behind her back, unclipping her bra. She hooked her thumbs under her bra strap and pulled her bra off. Her tits were gorgeous, round and big with pink hard nipples.

He resisted the urge to bite Rachel's nipples and took a walk around to have a look at her ass. It was just as he liked it, round and big. Liam smacked her ass to watch it wobble and move. Rachel jumped but didn't protest. His hand instantly left a red hand print on her very fair skin. He stepped in close behind her, his cock resting against her ass. He placed his hands on her hips and started to feel her body.

Liam moved his hands up Rachel's hips, to her waist and up to her tits. Her skin felt soft and warm. He cupped her tits feeling the weight of each one and enjoying how they felt so full and heavy. He gently caressed her nipples, they were hard and he didn't try to fight the urge to pinch them. Rachel moaned as he applied more pressure to her nipples and she pressed herself into him. Her body rocked from side to side, her ass rubbing against his cock. He let one nipple go and used his free hand to push aside her hair from her neck. He placed a few kisses on her neck and caught a whiff of vanilla from her perfume. A perfect scent for her, he thought, youthful and inviting, it made his mouth water as he inhaled deeply. He bit her neck, gently at first, and then began working his teeth deeper into her flesh. More moans came from Rachel and one of her hands came up to pinch her free nipple.

He placed her other hand onto her other nipple and moved his hands down to her pussy. He pushed his knee between her legs. "Open up slut," He said and she quickly did.

Liam pushed Rachel over until she was bent over the work bench. He looked at her ass again, seeing her pink tight hole and her pussy, still shiny from her cum, peeking out from between her wide open thick legs.

He grabbed her thick and silky hair pulling her face up and to the side so he could look into her big eyes again. Her dark mascara was starting to run making dark circles around her eyes. She looked so innocent with her wide big eyes and flushed skin. How he wanted to do mess up that pretty face, to own it and see his mark on her. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy feeling the heat and wetness. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes please." she said.

"You want a man who is not your husband to fuck you?"


Liam smiled, "Then what does that make you?"

"It makes me a slut". And with that answer Liam pushed his whole cock deep inside her. Her pussy was tight on his cock, he could feel the walls of her holding him tight as he thrust into her. Rachel cried out in surprise.

"Yes it does make you a dirty filthy slut doesn't it?" Liam continued to fuck her cunt getting harder and harder with each thrust.

"Oh god yes," Rachel panted. "Please, harder, please fuck me harder!"

Her begging turned Liam on even more, unsure if he could hold on much more before needing to cum. It had been a few days since Liam had come so he thought he would be able to go again. So he let himself start to orgasm.

He felt the semen rise up from his balls and up his shaft and just as he was about to explode he pulled Rachel's head right up to his cock. He watched as his whore opened her mouth, pink tongue out ready to catch his load. He came on her tongue and face, squirt after squirt going all over her pretty young face.

When he had stopped his whore swallowed up what was in her mouth and smiled at him. He loved seeing his load on her face, it was like the sick pleasure one would have destroying a priceless painting. He found he wanted to destroy it even more. Liam smiled back and started to clean his cum off her face, chest and even a small bit on the bench. He fed each bit to his whore, greedily she sucked every drop he gave her.

"That's it whore, eat up all my cum. Taste good whore?"

Rachel hungrily sucked Liam's fingers. She was surprised at how much she wanted to clean up every bit, not waste a drop. "It tastes so good," she replied to Liam's question.

He let her head go and she stood up and started to wander over to her pile of clothes. She had enjoyed the sex with Liam a lot, but she tried not to hide her disappointment that it was over.

Liam's hand suddenly grasped her wrist and pulled her in close to him. She closed her eyes expecting a kiss. Instead he slapped her cheek. It stung immediately and her free hand went up to feel the damage. Her tongue felt the inside of her cheek and found that it had started to bleed slightly.

Rachel tried to take a step back from Liam, afraid of him again. He held her arm firm. She tried to pull away but he was too strong. "What did you do that for?" she asked still struggling. He raised his hand again, Rachel covered her face but this time the slap went across her breasts. Her eyes widened and she really started to struggle trying to get away from him.

Liam did not let go. He grabbed her other wrist and pushed her back against the wall. He held both her wrists above her head with one of his hands, leaned his body weight against her, effectively pinning her to the wall. She wanted to scream but as she went to Liam forced three fingers down her throat stifling any attempt to cry out.

"Here I was thinking you were such a good whore. I thought you'd need no training to satisfy me properly, but already you disappoint." Liam must have seen the confusion on Rachel's face because he continued. "A good whore will be appreciative. Will say thank you when showered with cum and will express that thanks straight away. Are you a good whore?"

Rachel nodded. She found she did want to please this man and, understanding her transgression, accepted that she deserved the punishment she was receiving.

Liam kissed her cheek where he had slapped her. "Good whore, now show your appreciation." Liam withdrew his fingers from her throat.

"Thank you for cumming on me and allowing me to taste you." He smiled and for the first time kissed Rachel's lips.

The kiss was amazing, lips firm and hard and his tongue soft, finding hers and playing with it. She kissed him back, with a passion she hadn't felt in years. She wrapped a leg around his hip trying to pull him in closer to her. She found that he must have enjoyed it too because his cock seemed to be getting harder again.

"Get down on the floor, on your back." Liam instructed and let her arms go.

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